Friday, June 17, 2011

The Affair - Chapter 9

"And that's why I put her into these mittens," Gail said, bouncing Barbara on her lap and holding up one of her hands. "Since she had them with her things, I'm sure she didn't mind too much anyway, but I just didn't want her scratching her poor little tushy. And if she's not going to change herself while I'm away and let her butt get that sore, well, she doesn't deserve her hands, don't you think?"

Sasha giggled, more than a little drunk again. "I don't think she could scratch herself even without those mittens," she said, reaching over and poking the triple diaper, barely hidden under a very short, pink plaid skirt, that had made the walk to Claire's poolside so difficult. Barbara supposed she should be grateful she'd had her ankle cuffs removed, at least. Or that she'd at last gotten her diaper change, followed by a long shower, before being lifted into a high chair, hands clipped beneath the tray, ankles to the legs, where she'd been force fed a large bowl of thick, pasty oatmeal and several bottles of "orange juice" that, judging by the texture, were at least enhanced by a few scoops of Metamucil. To top it of, of course, had been another breastfeeding. She should be glad that, after an equally unappealing lunch that had ended much more pleasantly, with a slice of cake, which was then followed by another, and another, she'd gotten changed from her wet diapers, and dressed in some actual clothes.

But, as she'd lain in bed the night before, wet, messy and humiliated, Barbara had made a decision. She wasn't going to be grateful for any of this - why should she be? It was her right not to be stuck in diapers, used or not, not to be used at this crazy bitch's whims. As much as she'd wanted to just give in, do whatever she could to make this new life of hers easier, she refused to do it. She may not have the means to really fight back, but she could show Gail that she wasn't her doll. After all, who wanted to keep a broken toy?

Of course, there was only so much she could do. She'd tried to refuse her breakfast, but that had made Gail all the happier, getting to see her with her face and chest covered in oatmeal, and more than enough had made it down her throat. She'd considered running away during the walk, but only until she realized she was staying in all three of her diapers for it. But she was sure of one thing she'd be able to do, when the time was right.

"You know," Yvette said sagely, "the best cure for diaper rash is a bare bottom."

Gail rolled her eyes. "If you want to let her run around your house naked, be my guest, but I'm not cleaning up the puddles." Barbara blushed despite herself as Sasha laughed. "Or worse..." Gail bent forward slightly, sniffing the air dramatically. "Oh, Barbie! Poopy again?!"

It was the moment Barbara had been waiting for. Sasha was, of course, quite tickled at the thought of Barbara messing herself, so she waited until the woman had calmed down to declare, as sweetly as she could manage, "No, I'm not, mommy."

Anger flashed across Gail's eyes for a split second before she chuckled it off. "See how much of a baby she is? She can't even tell!"

"Yes, I can!" Barbara protested, trying to scoot her way off of Gail's lap. She hated the thought of anyone else seeing her diapers in more detail, much less looking into them, but for a chance to embarrass Gail, to break her precious rule and show her as a liar, she was willing to do it.

Gail's arm tightened around her waist, pulling her backward, her other hand reaching for the pacifier on the table and shoving it hastily between her lips before also finding its way around her middle. "You hush up," Gail ordered. "The grown-ups are talking. It's a good thing I brought your diaper bag today, isn't it?" Barbara shook her head, only encouraging Gail to squeeze harder. Barbara bit down into her pacifier, the increased pressure doing its job quite well. Her body was quite ready for her to make another mess, but she was determined to do it on her own time.

"You do it right now," Gail hissed quietly into her ear, "or I swear, I'll let one of them change you."

Barbara blushed deeply, looking around at the other women. She didn't want another strange woman seeing her naked, wiping her dirty bottom... But was it really that different from letting Gail do it? It wasn't as if she knew her, and she certainly didn't like her, any better. She shook her head.

Gail's arms coiled ever tighter around her like an anaconda, while she chatted on casually with her friends as if nothing strange was going on. Barbara held on for as long as she could, but she could only fight nature for so long, especially when she was sure everything she'd been fed that day was for the purpose of helping nature along. She let out a light gasp into her pacifier as it started, fighting to keep from showing any other signs of what was happening. She may have wanted to embarrass Gail, but now that the moment was here, she was sure letting all these women know she was pooping her pants right in front of them would be more humiliating for her. So she tried to keep from squirming as she felt the mass pushing its way into her wet diapers, prompting Gail to start bouncing Barbara on her lap, to the girl's dismay.

"I knew you'd have more in there," she chirped. "Come on, then, get it all out!"

Barbara looked down at the ground quickly, trying to pretend the women weren't staring at her, all knowing full well what was going on. She wanted to tell them it wasn't "more", that she hadn't been messy before, but she was afraid she'd start crying if she opened her mouth. Gail had outsmarted her, quite easily. And now she was in poopy pants for the second time in two days. She was glad that this time, at least, they were in public, so she doubted she'd be treated to a horsie ride, or that Gail revel in her excitement quite so blatantly as she had the first time.

"Are you done?" she asked the blushing girl on her lap, bouncing her again. She looked up at her friends with, "I think she is," and gave a long-suffering sigh. "I dont't suppose you ladies would care to clean her up for me? I just had to deal with this last night, and..."

"I'll do it!" Sasha offered enthusiastically, standing from her chair with a wobble.

"Not in my house, you won't," Claire sniffed. "Do you even know how to change a diaper?"

"It can't be that hard," Sasha pouted as she sank back down into her chair, crossing her arms. "Babies do it, don't they?"

"I wish," Claire said wistfully. "And I've dealt with more than enough of those in my time, Gail, sorry. I'm done with that."

"How about you, Yvette?" Gail asked. Barbara dared to look up for the first time since Gail had announced her "accident", studying Yvette's face, at least as well as she could without her contacts. Surely she wouldn't be interested, would she? She didn't seem the type, and didn't even appear to approve of all this, certainly not as much as Sasha, though her significantly lower blood-alcohol level was probably a factor in that.

"Do it!" Sasha goaded her. "Claire won't let me have any fun, so you should!"

Yvette hesitated. Barbara's heart jerked inside of her for a moment, thinking of how mortifying this would be, only for her mood to brighten as she thought again about the woman's resistance to this whole idea. Maybe she was the key to getting out...

"Please, Auntie Yvette?" she begged, spitting out her pacifier onto her lap.

"Now, how are you going to say no to that?" Gail smiled. Barbara was glad Gail replaced the pacifier in her mouth, as she was afraid she'd start laughing without it, feeling a sense of satisfaction that she'd re-turned the tables.

"Fine," Yvette sighed. "I guess it won't kill me."

Sasha cheered as Yvette walked over to take the diaper bag and Barbara's hand, as she was given each in turn by Gail. Claire instructed her on which bathroom to use, and to stay quiet so as not to wake up her kids, and then they were off.

Barbara began thinking quickly, trying to think of the best way to approach this. She could try just coming out and telling Yvette the truth about what was going on, but that would be in complete contradiction to everything Gail had said... And who was Yvette more likely to believe? Someone she'd known for years, or a girl who had just shown up, in diapers, the day before? No, her best bet would be to play along with Gail's story.

She was so caught up in her thoughts, she didn't notice the step up into Claire's house from the outside, tripping and nearly falling on her face. She probably would have, had Yvette not still been holding her hand, which she used to catch the girl before half-pushing her into the house. "Pay attention to what you're doing!" Yvette snapped at her, making her blush as they made their way through the house. It was quite fancy - probably no more so than Gail's, to be honest, but Barbara had seen very little of Gail's house for comparison's sake - and made her feel like even more of a child, knowing there was no way she could ever afford something like this.

"Come on," Yvette hissed, tugging her hand. "Stop gawking! Or do you like walking around in stinky diapers?"

"N-No!" Barbara protested, shaking her head.

Yvette sighed, stopping to pick up the pacifier Barbara had dropped. "Shh! We're trying not to wake the kids, remember?"

"Sorry...." Timidly, Barbara kept silent for the rest of the walk, sticking to Yvette's side as much as she could for fear of getting lectured again.

When they got to the bathroom, Yvette closed the door behind them and locked it, then set the diaper bag on the kitchen sink before reaching down, unhooking Barbara's skirt and taking it off, folding it up and putting it beside the bag.

"You know, I could take care of this," Barbara offered. "I think she put the key for these mittens in that bag, and..."

"I can see why she gives you this," Yvette said, rinsing off the pacifier and popping it into Barbara's open mouth before expertly starting to untape her diapers. At first, Barbara was too taken aback by the actions, and then she was too embarrassed at having another woman seeing her naked and wiping her most private parts clean with a series of cold, wet baby wipes, that she couldn't even try to start her plan.

Yvette was very quick and efficient, helped by the fact that she wasn't chattering the whole time, trying to humiliate Barbara further. In a strange way, it was almost worse this way - with Gail, Barbara knew that she was being seen as the adult she was, as surely nobody would treat an actual child that way. With Yvette, she wasn't sure. The only thing she said, once the old, soiled diapers were cleared away and a fresh one had been laid out, open, on the seat of the toilet, was, "I can't believe you let that rash get so bad."

Barbara tried to push the pacifier out and explain, but Yvette saw what she was doing and held the thing in place, leaving her unable to do anything but mumble incoherently as Yvette set her down and started to sprinkle baby powder onto her red skin. It felt rather bizarre to be sitting on a toilet, so close to being able to use it, and yet to have a diaper between her and it, a diaper she knew she'd be using instead of it if she didn't do something.

She spat the pacifier free once more, blushing as that caused a line of drool to drip from her mouth. Yvette glared up at her. "Barbie, I swear... I don't believe in spanking children, but..."

"No, please listen!" Barbara sputtered. "I'm not trying to be difficult! I just... I wanted to say... To let you know..." Yvette stood, putting her hands on her hips and staring down at Barbara, which only made it harder to think of what to say. "I thought about what you said," she finally managed to get out, "yesterday. And I think you're right. Someone my age shouldn't be acting like this... I shouldn't try to run away from my responsibilities like this. So, I was wondering..."

"Usually, I would agree," Yvette nodded. "But I think, for you... This is just what you need."

Barbara's eyes widened as the pacifier filled her mouth again and Yvette reached down, pulling the diaper tight between her legs. Yvette picked her up, setting her down on her feet. "I'm not sure you need quite so many diapers at once," she mused, "but if your mommy decides you do, I think we can trust Sasha to handle that much. And won't she be thrilled?" Yvette rolled her eyes, gathering up the things she'd brought in and starting to lead Barbara back outside.

Barbara stared over at her skirt, draped over the top of the diaper bag. It wasn't much, but it was better than nothing. She mumbled for it a time or two with no response, then started to reach for it, only for Yvette to yank her away, keeping her firmly on the other side of her body. "I really should have a good chat with Gail," she said to herself, as if Barbara either wasn't there, or wasn't capable of understanding her. "If she's going to re-raise someone, she ought to do it right. She's not nearly strict enough."

Barbara whimpered unhappily, wishing now she hadn't been so eager to have Yvette be the one to change her, and hoping she wouldn't find the opportunity to have that talk with Gail. That was the last thing she needed..

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  1. Poor Barbara I don't think she will get much help from her "Aunties" :D Great story and I have enjoyed a couple of others that I have also read.

    After "The Hunt" and now this I think that poor Barbara is destined for very long childhood.