Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer's Vacation

Chapter One

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me!" Summer rolled her eyes, flopping down onto her old bed, formerly so familiar, yet now so strangely unlike the one in her dorm, with a sigh. "I've been here five minutes, and you shove this off on me?!"

"You've been here two day. And it's not that bad," her mother tried to tell her. "Really, you're making a very big deal about this. It would take one afternoon, sweetie, and then you can spend the rest of the week doing whatever you want."

"Umm, no, I can't," Summer reminded her. "Because I'm already spending every day with her."

"We can hire a babysitter," her mother sighed. "I just thought it would be good for you to spend a little time with her, if you didn't have anything else to do. You two really haven't spent that much time together since the wedding, you know, and she is your little sister now."

"You know, my friends went to Myrtle Beach this week," Summer pouted.

"And your friends have jobs," her mother said. "Or rich parents. You have neither."

"Why do I have to do this?" Summer whined. "It's not like she actually needs a training bra yet. She's nine - she's still flat as a board."

"Her friends are starting to wear them, and she's feeling left out. And I thought it would be a nice thing for you to do because maybe it wouldn't be as embarrassing for her that way. I'm sure you remember how shy you were when I took you to get your first one... Wouldn't you have liked to have a big sister to take you instead?"

Summer sighed. "Step-sister," she corrected unhappily. "I guess..."

"Good," her mother smiled. "She'll be thrilled!"

"Aren't we all?" Summer grumbled sarcastically as her mother left her room. This was not how she'd wanted to spend her spring break. She'd been mentioning the Myrtle Beach trip to her mother every time she called her since she'd heard about it, way back at the beginning of the school year, hoping she would get the hint, give her some plane tickets and hotel reservations for her Christmas present, to make her first year at college really special. But, of course, there had been a new kid in the family that year, an actual kid, and she'd been the one to get the cool presents.

"Oh," her mother popped her head back into the room, "and the office called and said I needed to come in for a little while today, so could you be a dear and keep an eye on Val for me?"

"Fine," Summer pouted. "But you'd better hire that babysitter for the rest of the week!"

"Of course, dear. Have fun!"

Summer threw a pillow at her closing bedroom door in frustration. This was all so unfair! Not that she really had anything else to do - none of the colleges her friends from back home went to had spring breaks that lined up with hers, so none of them were home. And her mother was right, in that she didn't have a job, so she couldn't really go shopping. Maybe she could insist that her parents pay her for watching Valerie, though, at least enough for her to pick up a new blouse at the mall later that week.

She heard the sound of her mother's car pulling out of the driveway and got up, shuffling her way down to the kitchen, still in her nightshirt and sleep shorts, expecting to find Valerie, if she was even up, dressed the same. Instead, the girl was fully dressed, clad in a pair of faded, well-worn jeans and a long pink T-shirt. Summer looked her over as she grabbed herself an apple for breakfast, reaffirming her assessment that the girl had no need whatsoever for a training bra, but decided it would be best not to bring that up with her. She wasn't a bad kid - Summer felt a little empathy with her, being saddled with a name like that - but she never really knew how to talk to her. She was a smart kid, and rather shy a lot of the time, neither of which were things Summer would consider herself.

"Morning," Valerie told her, looking up from her cereal, her legs swinging back and forth under her chair.

"Yeah, mornin'," Summer nodded. "So... What are you up to today?"

"We're gonna play some softball," Val said. "You could probably play, too, if you wanted..."

"Umm, no thanks," Summer scoffed. "You play softball?"

"Not very well," the girl admitted with a blush, "but we're the only ones in the neighborhood with a big enough backyard. And mom said it would help me make friends, so..."

Summer bristled slightly at hearing this kid call her mother 'mom', biting down into her apple. "Well, be careful," she told her. "Don't try to catch the ball with your head or anything." She took the apple back up to her room to finish it, flipping open her laptop to check her e-mail and Facebook.

She hadn't realized just how much time had passed until she heard a frantic knocking at her door. She blinked her eyes, which felt rather heavy again already, and glanced down at the taskbar, surprised to see that it was almost noon already. "Chill out, there's leftovers in the fridge for lunch," she called through her door.

"Summer, please, you have to help us," Val begged, sounding on the edge of tears.

Sighing, Summer got up from her desk and walked over to her door, pulling it open. The smaller girl burst through, latching her arms around her waist, sniffling. "Jeez, calm down," Summer told her, patting her back a little awkwardly. "What happened? Did you guys accidently kill a drifter and you need my help to hide the body?"

"It's not funny!" Val declared, pushing away and staring up at Summer, seemingly shocked, and a little hurt, at her reaction.

"Sweetie, I'm sure it's not nearly as big a deal as you're making it out to be," Summer said. "What happened?"

"Well, we were playing, and I was in the outfield, because I can't really throw, and Billy was up at bat, and he hit a ball right in my direction, but I wasn't really paying attention, so I didn't catch it, and it just went zooming past me, and over the fence, and..."

As Valerie paused for a moment to catch her breath, Summer filled in the rest of the details for herself. "That's why you set up the diamond the other way! You never hit, or kick, or throw, or anything, towards her house! What's the matter with you?!"

Valerie blushed, staring down at her feet. "W-Well, I didn't know! I haven't lived here all my life, I don't know all that stuff..."

"It's common sense, Val! Jesus!" She sighed as she watched the girl's face crumple up, rolling her eyes. "I'm sorry. I should have told you. So, what, ball went in her window?" Valerie nodded. "And nobody else had another one you could use?"

"Well, Johnny has another one, but the one we lost was Anita's lucky one, and she got real mad at me for not catching it, and she said if I don't get it back, she won't let me sit with her at lunch anymore..."

"Do you like sitting with her?" Summer tried to remember which of the neighborhood kids Anita was. She couldn't quite picture her, but she was pretty sure she remembered her being a little snot.

"Not really," Valerie admitted, "but it's better than sitting by myself..."

Summer began to ask if she didn't have some other friends, then decided that pointing out how pathetic her social skills were wasn't the best way to comfort her step-sister, who looked to be on the verge of tears. "Oh, calm down, you little cry-baby. Why does she have a lucky baseball anyway?" she grumbled, digging through her drawers for an outfit to throw on.

"Well, she got it when..." Valerie piped up helpfully.

"Rhetorial question, Val," Summer held her hand up to stop the yapping. "Look, go wait in the kitchen, and I'll be down in a minute." She pulled on a short denim skirt and a white, midriff baring, tank top, then made her way downstairs. Valerie tagged along silently behind her as she left the house, walking across the yard. The other kids had already scattered, making Summer feel even more annoyed about having to do this.

The house next door was old, shutters just barely held on, a porch out front that looked as if it would collapse as soon as anything set foot on it. If Summer didn't know any better, she'd have assumed it was abandoned, had been for years. She might also have thought that a baseball sized hole in the window would only add to the place's mystique, but she knew better than to mention that to the owner.

With any luck, she wouldn't be in, though with the way Summer's day was going, that was quite unlikely. The woman looked just as old as the house, if not older, and had ever since Summer had been old enough to look for her. She came outside only every now and then, usually to yell at some kids for misbehaving, with lungs much louder than you'd expect from a person who looked so withered and decrepit otherwise. As with any creepy old woman, the children in the neighborhood had branded her a witch. Summer knew that was ridiculous, and yet she couldn't help but feel the slightest bit nervous as she pushed open the gate, stepping into the woman's yard.

She turned back, seeing Val standing on the other side of the fence anxiously, edging slowly closer. "Just wait here," she said, watching the look of relief flood over the girl. "Don't say I never did anything for you," she mumbled under her breath, wondering if she could use this as leverage to get out of the shopping trip later that week, as she marched up to the front door and, gathering her courage, knocked.

Chapter Two

At first there was no answer, making Summer begin to debate whether it would be better to leave right away, and have Val tell Anita to buy herself a new lucky baseball, or find some smaller, more convenient, lucky charm, or to break in and hope that the lack of answer was from the old woman being on one of her few outings into the wide world beyond her own home. She knocked again, then reached down for the doorknob to see if it was locked.

Right before she touched it, it, and the door attached to it, swung open, making her gasp slightly. She wondered if the woman had been watching her, waiting for just that moment to announce her presence, though a quick glance revealed that the window nearest the door was boarded up, and there was no peephole in the door itself.

"What do you want?" the woman asked, squinting at her. She looked the same as she ever had to Summer, which was to say old. She was leaning on a large wooden cane that looked very much like she'd just pulled a limb off a tree and gotten rid of most of the larger protruding branches. When she'd been young - if she ever had been - she seemed like she would have been quite tall, but now, hunched over her walking stick as she was, she had to glare up at Summer. When she spoke, Summer could see the few remaining teeth in her mouth, seemingly stuck into her jawbone at random angles and intervals.

It was enough to make the smile Summer forced onto her own face quite a chore to maintain. "Hi..." she said, holding out her hand for a moment, then pulling it away, not knowing if the woman would want to shake hands with her, or, if she did, if Summer herself actually wanted to touch her. "I live next door, and some of the kids were playing in my yard earlier..."

"Yes, I heard them," the woman's voice creaked. "You could have told them to keep it down some."

"Well, I wasn't watching them," Summer told her quickly, "but you know how kids are."

"Who was watching them?"

"What? Well, that's not really the point..."

"They were in your yard... Shouldn't you have been paying attention to them?"

Summer's smile began to quiver, as she fought to keep the annoyance from her voice. "Well, it's my step-sister's yard, too, so I guess she was in charge." She turned, gesturing behind her, only to see that Valerie had run off. "What a little wimp," she rolled her eyes. "Anyway, she's the reason I'm here... See, I don't know if you heard or not, but during their game, one of the kids hit a ball through one of your windows. And my sister was supposed to have caught it, but she's too much of a chicken to do it herself, so she made me do it. Now, I'm sure you can talk to my parents, and they can dock her allowance for a little while to pay for your window, but for now, I was hoping I could just get the ball."

"I know you..." the woman said, having seemingly not heard a word Summer had just said.

"I've lived next to you all my life," Summer reminded her, "So, yeah, you do... But, like I was saying..."

"Oh, yes," the woman nodded, hobbling slightly closer, Summer backing away as much as she dared without seeming rude. "You're that Autumn girl..."

"Summer," she corrected automatically.

"That's right," the woman nodded again. "I remember you... Your mother used to let you toddle around the backyard in just your diaper..."

Summer blushed. "I guess.... That was a while ago, though..."

"And I remember you and your friends covered my house in toilet paper on Halloween one year... A nasty prank, it took me days to get it all cleaned up..."

"What?" Summer shook her head. "No, I would never do that!"

"I saw that, and I thought that surely anyone who would do such a thing must just not know the correct usage for toilet paper... Why, I'm sure if we took that skirt off you right now, we'd see that your panties are quite a mess, aren't they?"

Summer's face turned red, hardly able to believe the turn this conversation had taken. When she'd come to the porch to ask about the baseball, she never expected her underwear to be a topic of conversation, and she had never expected to be discussing that topic with any old women. "That's none of your business," she said quickly. "And it's not the point, because I had nothing to do with that!"

"But that's only to be expected," the woman droned on. "Someone like you who tries to push the responsibility for what happened to my window off on your poor little sister is surely not mature enough to keep her panties clean."

"That isn't my fault! I'm HELPING that little cry-baby by coming here, when I could have just sent her!"

"It's funny... I thought those days of you toddling by in your diapers were a long time ago... But maybe I'm wrong, if you aren't old enough to be more responsible than your nine year old sister..."

"I'm more responsible than her!" Summer protested. "I was just busy this morning, and didn't have time to watch a bunch of kids play softball. Nobody got hurt, just your stupid window, now will you please just let me have the ball?!" She was really starting to get frustrated now, on the verge of stomping back to her own house and making Valerie continue this conversation if she really did want the baseball returned.

"Clearly you aren't," the woman said, tapping her cane on the porch in a way that made Summer back a few more steps away, scared her feet would be caught under it. "You can't even make it to the bathroom on time without her help."

Summer's head swam for a moment, until she shook it, telling herself she was just dumbstruck by the sheer absurdity of what the woman had said. "Umm, excuse me?"

"You're excused," the woman told her, hobbling back into the house and closing the door behind her. Annoyed, Summer beat on the door with her fist, trying to make her open back up, but there was no response, no matter how long she waited. Finally, with an impatient growl, Summer turned and walked back home, slamming the door behind her.

"If you want it, go get it yourself," she told Valerie, who was sitting at the table eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

"O-Okay," Valerie stared up at her, eyes a little wider than usual. Summer realized she had been yelling, but couldn't bring herself to apologize for it.

"I see you found some lunch," she said instead.

"Uh-huh," Valerie nodded. "But we're out of bananas, so I haven't had any fruit..."

"There's apples," Summer pointed out.

Valerie squirmed on her seat. "They're not cut..." she whined.

"Eat them whole."

Valerie blushed slightly. "Umm... Well, that's how I lost my first tooth, when I was in first grade, so I... umm... I don't really like to eat them that way anymore..."

Summer rolled her eyes, barely suppressing a, 'Seriously?' as she stared down at the little girl who was obviously quite serious about this. "Well, you do know how an apple goes from being whole to cut up, don't you?"

"I'm... not really supposed to use knives...." Valerie blushed again at the look Summer gave her. "I mean... I could probably do it, but..."

"No, no, I wouldn't want the baby to hurt herself," Summer snorted, getting out a knife and slicing an apple into several slices. "Is this good enough, or do I need to grind them up into baby food?" She tossed the knife into the sink and headed upstairs, hardly able to believe that anyone, even a senile old woman, could so much as suggest that Valerie was more mature than her.

Chapter Three

Summer started to go into her room, then decided to make a detour, the old woman's crazy accusation that she was incapable of making it to the bathroom without the help of her little step-sister, not even half her age, still echoing in her mind. She did have to pee, a little anyway, although she probably would have waited if it hadn't been for what the woman had said. There was no reason it should have bothered her so much, that she should have thought of it as anything more than senile rambling, yet, for whatever reason, it did.

So she felt unjustly proud of herself when she stepped into the bathroom, closing the door, nowhere close to having a problem with making it there on time, without anyone's help. "Stupid old bitch," she shook her head with a sneer, starting over towards the toilet, not noticing the bar of soap on the dish by the sink starting to shake slightly. "Talking about me in diapers... Hell, I bet she wears 'em..."

It would have been impossible to tell, with the huge, billowy, flowered dress she'd had on, but that thought amused Summer, bringing a small smile to her lips, even though she knew it was wrong. It lasted until she reached down with one hand to toss open the toilet lid. "Huh?" She tried again, with the same results - the lid wouldn't budge. Brow furrowed, she squatted down a little to get a better position, putting one hand on each side, but no matter how hard she tried, it wouldn't lift so much as a centimeter, almost as if the whole toilet, seat, lid, and all, were all a single piece, some strange sculpture meant only to appear to be functional.

Except of course, that she knew that wasn't the case. She'd used that toilet a thousand times, at least, and never had any sort of problem like this. It had to be some kind of weird practical joke, she thought - maybe Valerie had made up that story about the baseball to get her out of the house while she superglued it all together. Summer couldn't imagine the girl as a prankster, but perhaps one of her supposed friends had put her up to it. Either way, she was going to be in big trouble when her dad got home and she had to explain this.

She jumped a little as she straightened up, feeling the towels hung on the rod behind her brushing against her, having not realized she was so close to them, rolling her eyes at herself for being so jumpy. This was annoying, sure, but ultimately not a huge deal - she'd just go to the bathroom in her mom and Donald's room. She might get a lecture about paying closer attention to what Valerie was up to when she was alone with her, though after she explained what she'd been doing instead, she was sure at least her mother would understand why she hadn't that time.

She opened her mouth to shout down and tell Val that her joke wasn't funny, and she wouldn't be covering for her, only to nearly gag as she felt something large forcing its way into her mouth. Her eyes went wide and her hands leapt upwards, only to be jerked backwards roughly as she felt soft fabric wrapping around them. She tried to let out a scream of panic, not knowing what in the world was happening, but with her mouth stuffed as it was, hardly any noise was able to get out.

She turned her head, trying to get some idea of what had grabbed her, a little shocked to see that it was only the towels, having somehow gotten twisted around her wrists. She tried to pull a hand free, then nearly fainted from surprise as she watched the towel jerk back, pulling her closer to the wall. This couldn't be happening, it had to be some strange dream, and yet she could feel it all, including the increasing tightness around her wrists, and could taste whatever was in her mouth. It was an odd taste, fresh, but chemically, and it wasn't until she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, saw the bubbles at the edge of her mouth, that she realized it was soap.

That glance confirmed that there was nothing behind her but the towels, too, no matter how absurd that seemed. She squirmed against their grip again, skin crawling as she felt them wrapping around her arms, slithering up them like snakes, then let out a muffled yell as they spun her around so she was facing the wall. It was then that she felt the soap spring to life inside her, rather than merely serving to keep her quiet. It flopped inside her mouth for a moment like a large, square fish, then slid out a few inches, just enough to make her believe she had hope before going back inside, where it made a full circle, lathering up her tongue, pushing out her cheeks, sudsing up the roof of her mouth, before coming back out and repeating the whole thing.

To make things worse, she saw something else moving from the corner of her eye as she was trying to cope with that, and she turned her head to see the hand towel floating towards her, coiling itself into a cloth snake. She didn't have time to process how absurd this whole thing was, how impossible it was, only to whimper as she worried about what it was going to do as it flew behind her. She felt its "head", such as it was, worm its way into the waist band of her skirt, and then into her panties, leaving her squirming and whimpering helplessly.

A moment later, she felt a rush of cool air on her bottom as the hand towel zipped downward, taking her clothes with it, leaving her pale, tender ass on full display. She tried to beg for mercy - though who she was asking, she didn't know - but managed only to dribble a trails of suds down her face, dripping down onto her shirt. Behind her, the towel wriggled out from under the skirt and floated back up. It brushed up against her bottom again, pausing as she flinched, then coiled itself tighter, one end moving away from her. It stayed there for a moment, then flicked inwards rapidly, leaving a red mark across Summer's backside.

Summer clenched her teeth in pain, managing to trap the soap for a second or two before it managed to dislodge itself, plenty slippery now with her saliva. She wasn't sure how long the punishment went on, until, at last, the door opened and she found herself shoved outward by the towels, landing on her stomach in the hall as the bathroom door slammed shut behind her.

"Are you okay?!" Valerie yelled from downstairs.

Summer could hear her feet coming closer, made herself calm down, delay the freak-out that she could finally have with her mouth free, long enough to call, "I just slipped, I'm fine!", though it took her a few tries, the first couple interrupted as she gagged on the soap suds still filling her mouth. She scrambled to her room, hands shaking as she shut her door and looked down at herself.

Her top half of her shirt was soaked and soapy, and her skirt was still around her ankles. Wincing, she turned to get a look at her bottom in the mirror - it could definitely not be called pale anymore, as it was now glowing red. She pulled up her panties and skirt, whimpering as she saw that the marks of her punishment extended down below the hem. She couldn't even think about sitting down, so she laid down on her stomach, hugging her pillow to her fearfully. "What the hell is going on?" she wondered, shivering from the shock of what she'd just been through.

"That was impossible... Impossible..." There was no way anything like what she'd just seen could possibly happen, and yet, she had the marks to prove that, somehow, it had. It was almost like magic, but that was, of course, ridiculous. Except that she'd just had an argument with someone rumored to be a witch... She shook her head at the very thought, knowing that was all just the talk of dumb neighborhood kids, though she had to say the words, "There's no such thing as witches," out loud to reassured herself of that fact.

She hadn't been expecting a response, so her heart nearly stopped as those words seemed to get a good chuckle out of a disembodied voice. It was too old to be Valerie, though she thought it sounded a little too young for the old woman. And it was most definitely not her, which was the most worrisome, seeing as she was the only person in the room.

"Oh, God," she whimpered, squeezing the pillow tighter to her. "I'm going crazy..."

Chapter Four

She laid on her bed for several minutes, recovering her breath and, hopefully, her sanity, as she felt the stinging in her bottom slowly turn into a dull ache that made it slightly more tolerable. Finally, she started to sit up, then thought better of it and got to her feet, where she began to nervously pace back and forth beside her bed, trying to come up with a rational explanation for what had just occurred.

She did have to admit that it was awfully convenient that it had happened right after she'd visited the old woman, who had made such a big deal about her bathroom habits. But, barring actual magic, there was no way she could be behind it. Summer thought back to their talk, and she was certain that they'd never so much as touched, so she couldn't have injected her with any drugs. And she hadn't offered any food, not that Summer would have been stupid enough to eat any.

In fact, the only thing she'd eaten that day was an apple. The only bad thing she'd ever heard of happening with apples was razors being put in them... Well, and the witch's apple from Sleeping Beauty, but she hadn't fallen asleep. More likely, if this thing was food related, it was because she was hungry, but she'd never heard of hunger hallucinations causing the kind of pain she was feeling.

Actually, as far as she knew, no kind of hallucination caused that. Something had actually gone down in that bathroom, whether it had happened just as she though she'd seen it or not. Much as she liked to think it had been her imagination, or the effect of someone dosing her with something strange, there was no denying the red hue of her bottom poking out from her skirt every time she walked past her mirror.

Was it possible the house was haunted? She didn't really believe in ghosts, but she still found them more realistic than witches. Except that there had never been any other kind of haunting stuff going on, and she'd lived in that house all her life. And, other than the laugh she'd thought she'd heard, which she was willing to admit could have just been in her mind, it seemed to be localized in the bathroom, which seemed odd. She was sure her mother would have told her if someone had gotten murdered in the bathroom since she'd been away at school.

As much as she wanted to deny it, and as crazy as it sounded, everything seemed to be pointing towards that old woman actually being a witch, but Summer just couldn't accept it. If she really could use magic, why live in such a crappy house? Why put up with the neighborhood kids making fun of her? And why, when she got tired of that, would she decide to take it all out on Summer, of all people?

No, there had to be something more to it. Summer shook her head with a sigh, glancing down as she heard her stomach growl. Perhaps she should re-think the whole hunger pangs thing... Maybe she'd been so hungry she'd passed out and fell on her tailbone hard, and the rest of it had been a weird dream before she woke up. She wasn't sure how likely that actually was,  but it was at least something she could solve. She started to head out her door and down to the kitchen for some lunch, then remembered the state of her backside. Not knowing whether Val was still in the kitchen or not, she decided to change into something a bit more concealing, slipping into a pair of capris, and, as her shirt was still quite wet and sticky, a T-shirt.

She was quite glad she did, as, sure enough, Valerie was still pouting at the kitchen table. She glanced up when she saw her step-sister enter the room, cocking her head to one side. "Did you change?" she asked.

Summer couldn't help but blush, feeling rather embarrassed to be standing there, in front of a little kid, having just, at the very least, imagined that she'd been punished like a child by a bunch of inanimate objects. "No," she lied, hurrying to the fridge and pulling out some chicken, left over from the night before, putting it onto a plate and sticking it into the microwave. She got herself a glass of water, then had to fight not to spit the first sip back up automatically, as the water, infused with the bits of soap still stuck in her mouth, reminded her that the spanking was not the only thing she'd been through. Not only did that make her passing-out theory seem less likely, it also made the thought of eating less appetizing, but the microwave was pinging at her to tell her it was done, and Valerie was already staring intently at her, as if she knew Summer was hiding something and was trying to work out what.

"Why don't you go to Anita's house and apologize?" Summer suggested as she realized the girl would only get more suspicious if she didn't sit down when she ate. "I'm sure she's had time to cool down, and she'll understand..."

"She's hanging out with her friends today," Valerie said sulkily.

"And you're not one of them?" Summer asked.

"I don't know," Valerie shrugged, "but her other ones are mean."

"I'm sure you just need to get to know them." Trying to kill time until she could get rid of her sister, Summer started putting salt and pepper onto her food, and digging through the silverware drawer as if she couldn't find one of the dozen forks right in front of her.

"I do know them," Valerie pouted. "They're in a higher grade, so they don't eat lunch with us, but they always make fun of me if they run into me in the halls, or the bathroom."

"Ah," Summer nodded, remembering the training bra she'd reluctantly agreed to help her buy. That must be the real reason. "Well, go play outside, then, it's too nice for you to be all cooped up."

"I was outside this morning," Valerie pointed out. "And you've been cooped up all day..."

"I'm older," Summer said, starting to get annoyed. She moved on to getting out the bread and some cheese and making a sandwich, "I've already gotten plenty of sun in my lifetime. And I'm not growing anymore. Go on."

"I'll go out later," Valerie shrugged. "Do you want to watch a movie or something with me while you eat?"

"Not really... But you go ahead and watch something."

"Oh," Valerie's face fell. "Well, I don't really have anything I want to watch, I just thought..."

"You know what? I think I'm gonna eat in my room. I'm working on some homework, so... Yeah, I'll be up there," Summer declared, grabbing her sandwich and hurrying back up to her room.

She regretted giving up that way a moment or two later, however, as she bit into the sandwich, finding that, like her water, it tasted much like the soap that had been forced into her. She considered going to grab her glass of water from the counter, but didn't want to look like even more of a ditz to Valerie. She considered just not eating the rest of the sandwich, but, unless Valerie really did go out to play, she might see Summer taking the remainder into the kitchen, and would surely hear the garbage disposal in the sink running and wonder what was going on. And they'd had ant problems before, so she wasn't about to just let it sit around in her room. She briefly thought about throwing it out her window, but that seemed risky, too. Sure, someone dog could wander by and get rid of the evidence for her... Or it could just sit there until her mom got home, and then she'd have to think of some reason for it to be there, right under her window.

So she choked down her soap-tinged chicken, standing up, starting to squirm as she got closer to finishing, the need to pee that had led her into the ambush in the bathroom getting slowly more urgent. She still had no idea what had happened, but, despite herself, when she went out and stood in front of the bathroom door, her heart began to pound wildly and her palms began to sweat. Would it happen again? She wasn't sure if she could take any more...

After a minute or two of procrastination, she decided to go to the bathroom in her mother's room instead. It was smaller, made even more so by the questionable decision to put the linen closet in there, with a walk in shower instead of a full bathtub, but there was a toilet, and that was all she really needed. She slipped into the bedroom, closing the door behind her, and then into the bathroom, pulling the pocket door shut as well. She felt a bit silly as she did it, as if she were hiding from her own bathroom, but she couldn't help it, and even found herself tip-toeing to the toilet.

She reached down to pull open the lid, only to let out a desperate, "Son of a bitch," when it didn't budge, just like the other one. Quickly, she turned and ran for the door, only to be stopped dead in her tracks, arms nearly pulled out of their sockets as a towel wrapped itself around each of them, tugging her to a stop before she could do so herself. She let out a gasp of pain, at which point she found her mouth once again filled with a bar of soap. She grunted and groaned helplessly, struggling to break free as she felt the towels pulling her backwards.

She wasn't sure where they were taking her until she had gotten past the door of the lined closet, and it swung open. Towels began to tumble out onto the floor, where they wriggled to life to her horror. The first two stayed on the floor, where they slithered toward her like a pair of cloth snakes. She shifted her feet to try to keep away, but with her arms being held, she couldn't get away, and she felt them wrap around her ankles, pulling them apart, leaving her standing in the middle of the bathroom, spread eagle.

The next two sprang to life as they hit the floor, seeming to almost bounce back up, floating like a pair of ghosts toward her. She began to cry as she saw them, not knowing what they could they planning to do, yet knowing that, no matter what it was, she couldn't stop it. Held as she was, she could just barely wriggle her middle, and move her head, neither of which were likely to dissuade them. Sure enough, they almost seemed attracted to her thrashing pelvis, flying right up to it. She let out a quiet but desperate wail as the first snuck its way down the front of her capris and she felt it inside her panties, against her sensitive skin, sure that this was the prelude to another spanking.

To her surprise, she was wrong. Instead of pulling her pants down, the towel simply continued creeping its way inside them, sliding further into her panties, past her still hurting bottom, and out the other side, where it turned around and did the same from the other side, doubling itself up. The second towel did the same, leaving her with a noticeable bulge in the crotch of her pants, and the rather uncomfortable sensation that she had something alive in her panties - which were straining to contain the bulk, leg holes cutting into her skin almost painfully - with her.

She was so busy gawking at that, she didn't notice the final object to make its way out of the closet until it was hovering right in front of her. She glanced up in surprise as she saw it, wondering what the feather duster was planning to do, then began to fight against her bonds as she saw it push itself against the hem of her shirt and then rise up, leaving her tummy exposed. A moment later, it started to tickle her mercilessly, as she laughed into the soap in her mouth, no matter how hard she tried not to.

The towels in her underwear were helping, too, squirming and brushing against her, leaving her whole body squirming as much as it possibly could in the position it was in. The result was inevitable - she couldn't do anything to stop it, couldn't even cross her legs or clamp her hands between them to try to delay it - but no less humiliating for that, as her near-silent pangs of laughter were cut short as her bladder gave way, warm urine cascading into the thick, soft cloth between her legs.

She began to cry again, hardly able to believe what she had done, been forced to do. She began to shout a series of swear words into her makeshift gag, the only way she could think of to release some of her anger, although, unfortunately for her, those seemed to wake the it up, earning her another soaping despite her protests.

She wasn't sure how long it lasted, only that, while it was going on, she couldn't wait for it to end, but when it did, she found herself wishing it hadn't, as it stopped only when she heard a knock on the pocket door. She gasped through her mouthful of suds, trying, unsuccessfully  to call out that she was in there. She felt the towels around her limbs moving, shoving her down onto her bottom, where the towels in her pants were now wet and squishy, and not nearly thick enough to keep the very act of sitting from being uncomfortable. Unused to the bulk, she found her legs spreading out naturally in front of her. There was another knock, as she watched the towels hang themselves back up, or float back into the linen closet.

The last thing to return to its rightful place was the soap, right as the door began to slide open, leaving Summer no time to request just another minute, or to do anything but sit there and drool onto her already damp shirt, legs splayed, the thick padding between them clearly visible, as her mother stepped into the room.

Chapter Five

"What in the world is going on?!" her mother insisted a few moments later, after a look of shock froze itself on her face for just long enough to worry Summer that she'd given her a heart attack or something.

"I, uh... I can explain..." Summer said feebly, though, obviously, she couldn't. What was she going to say? The bathroom made her do it? If she told her mother what had actually happened, she'd probably find herself in an insane asylum by the end of the week, rather than back at school. Her mother glared down at her, arms crossed, waiting for Summer's brain.

"It's simple, actually," was the first thing to pop out of her mouth. "See, Valerie was in the other bathroom, and she was just taking forever... So I came in here..."

"I don't care that you used my bathroom," her mother told her, exasperated, "if you'd just used it instead of your pants." Summer looked down, wondering how her mother knew that, as she hadn't come up with any ideas to explain the towels, only to see that there was a small wet spot on the crotch of her capris, making her blush. "And... Are those my towels?" Summer's mouth opened, but this time nothing came out at all, as her mother pulled her to her feet, then yanked open the front of her pants. "Summer! What is the matter with you?!"

Tears sprang to Summer's eyes, though she had to admit she was starting to feel a bit cried out for the day. "It was just... I mean..."

"Go to your room," her mother ordered.

"Mom, I'm eighteen, you can't..."


Summer jumped and scurried off to her room, the towels feeling rather thick and bulky between her legs, not to mention wet. She thought about taking them down to the laundry room, but, despite her protest that she was too old to be sent to her room, she was afraid of what would happen if she wasn't in there when her mother was ready to talk to her again, so she kept her whole shameful ensemble on.

There was no doubt in her mind now that, somehow, this really did have to be magic, something she knew absolutely nothing about. That was something she needed to rectify, so she could have some shot at defending herself, so as she waited, she got onto her computer and started Googling. She got a lot of pages telling her how to pull off card tricks, as if she were going to be entertaining a bunch of six year olds at a birthday party, and the pages of some lame magicians, but nothing terribly useful.

There was one site that seemed like it might be a good place to start, one for a school that claimed to train wizards and witches. It featured a rather beautiful, and strangely familiar looking, old castle on its main page, and declared that, just by finding this page, she was eligible to be taught there. Despite herself, she got excited for a moment before continuing to read on, the whole thing sounding more absurd with every paragraph, until she decided where she was sure she'd seen the castle before - in the Harry Potter movies. Annoyed that she'd gotten taken in by some strange role-playing group, or whatever's, webpage, she clicked away.

Before she could find anything else, she heard a gentle knock on her door. She quickly closed her laptop and went to the door, heart pounding a little faster. She was sure her mother was still annoyed, but she was hoping the softness of the knock meant she was mostly calm, not so mad that she was moving delicately so she didn't break anything. Luckily, it seemed to be the latter.

"I'm sorry I acted the way I did," were the first words out of her mouth as she came in, sitting down on Summer's bed. "I shouldn't have done that... I want you to be able to tell me anything, but I know you won't if that's the way I act when you try. I mean, I've heard about this sort of thing, I just never expected to see it in my own daughter. Not that it's bad! If it's what you enjoy, you're perfectly entitled to it, dear."

"Ummm... Thanks?" Summer forced a smile, wanting to show that she was grateful for the acceptance, even if she had no clue what it was for.

"I was shocked to find out this way, too, of course," her mother continued. "Like I said, you're allowed to enjoy whatever you like, as long as it isn't legal... But I'd prefer if you leave my towels out of it."

"Yeah, I guess," Summer chuckled, still uncertain what her mother thought was happening, but going with it, letting her fill the blanks in herself.

"I do wish you'd told me on your own, though." Summer shrugged, squirming a little in her now clammy get-up. "If you'd just let me know why you wanted me to hire a babysitter this week, I'd have done it."

"I didn't want to be trouble..." Summer was now totally lost, and starting to worry that she'd been going along too easily.

"Don't worry about that," her mother smiled at her. "Now get yourself changed, sweetie. We're going shopping."


"Yes, remember? Valerie needs a training bra. And you need some training pants."

Summer's heart stopped for a second. "Tr-training pants?"

"We can go with diapers if you want," her mother backpedaled. "I just thought those would be the best to start with, so you can still wear them and be a big girl if you want."

"I don't... Umm... What are you talking about?"

Her mother smiled sadly at her, reaching out and taking her hand, patting it. "You don't have to hide it anymore, sweetie. I know you're an adult baby, and I'm okay with that. I just need you to be a big girl until we get to the store, and then you can be little just as much as you want this week. It is your vacation, so you should get to spend it however you want."

Summer was still flabbergasted by all this, almost too shocked to even form words. "But I... This isn't... I..."

"You don't need to say anything," her mother told her, standing up and kissing her on the forehead before heading towards the door. "Just put your wet things in the washing machine, and we'll get them cleaned while we're out."

And then she was gone, before Summer could protest. Of course, even if she'd had the chance, she wasn't sure what she'd have said. This was ridiculous, of course, and yet, what was she going to come up with that was any better? After the way she'd been found, there weren't many options, and her mother really seemed to be all right with this one... So wouldn't it be best to just go with it, at least for now? She didn't want to wear training pants, but it wasn't like she had to. What was her mom going to do, check her?

So she changed her clothes yet again, this time going with jeans and another T-shirt, not feeling like dressing up, especially knowing that anything too short would reveal her red bottom, then took her old outfit down to the laundry room, wrapping the towels gingerly up in her capris, wanting to touch them as little as possible. Her mother came in as she was dumping them into the washer, her face brightening as Summer turned around.

"I knew you had some cuter clothes somewhere," she cooed as she started measuring out the laundry soap.

Summer glanced up at her, confused, then looked down at herself, which only made her feel more disoriented. Her plain, black T-shirt was now light blue, featured the Powerpuff Girls, and left her belly button exposed, and her jeans had shrunk into shorts, mercifully long enough to hide her aching bottom, if only just, with a ladybug embroidered on one leg, and ruffles around both leg holes.

"How...?" she began to ask despite herself, unable to keep her disbelief quiet. Her mother turned to look at her, curiously, making her blush again and sputter, "How... How do you really like it?"

"It's adorable, dear," her mother told her. "Now run along upstairs. I'll be there in a minute."

Summer did as she was told, fuming, still confused. She wasn't sure who was doing this, or how, but she was going to find some way to make them sorry. This, she was sure of, even before she and Valerie were ushered into her mother's car - her in the back seat and Valerie in the front - for the trip, where she got to listen to a long lecture to Valerie on how she was the big sister now, but she wasn't to make fun of Summer for it.

Chapter Six

"So... She wants to be treated like a little kid?" Valerie asked, still mulling the news over, while, in the back seat, Summer squirmed uncomfortably, wondering if this was some special kind of hell, created exclusively for her for some major sin she hadn't even realized she'd committed.

"Do we really need to talk about this right now?" she asked uncomfortably. "With her?"

"She's your lit... your big sister now, dear. And she's going to be at home with you all this week with your babysitter. She's going to find out, so I think it's only right that she be allowed to ask all the questions she wants now, to get them out of the way."

Summer sighed, rolling her eyes. "Fine... But I don't really need a babysitter, you know. I just wanted one so..."

"Yes," her mother said, ignoring her, turning to Valerie, "she's just a little girl now. How old do you like to be?"

Summer glanced up at the rear view mirror, seeing her mother's eyes staring back at her. She shrugged, not having any idea how she should answer that. "Umm... I don't..."

"We'll just say a toddler," her mother answered for her.

Summer heard a small gasp from the seat in front of her as her step sister realized something. "Does that mean she's gonna wear diapers?"

Summer fidgeted in the back seat with a quick, "No!", even though her mother's correction came as no surprise.

"Not right now," she said, "she's going to be in Pull-Ups for now."

As she heard Valerie giggling in front of her, Summer wished she could call this whole thing off right now, but that still left her with no reasonable explanation for what she'd been caught doing. "Now, now," her mother lectured, "no laughing at her, remember."

It was quite a relief to pull into the drug store's parking lot, even if that meant they were one step closer to her in training pants. Summer had hoped they'd get Valerie's shopping done first, to postpone all this, but clearly that was too much to ask for. Reluctantly, she got out of the car, following her mother and sister into the store, back to the baby aisle, where they honed in on the Pull-Ups right away. Summer stared at them disdainfully - the designs by themselves, with the Disney Princesses, were more juvenile than anything she'd worn in at least a decade, even if you ignored what they were meant to be used for.

"Those aren't going to fit me," she protested, standing behind them and whining. "Let's go to the adult diaper section, they'll have something..." Something plain, she finished, in her mind. Something humiliating, but just a little bit less so.

"Oh, these will be fine," her mother told her, picking up one of the packages. "You're not that big!" Summer wasn't a large girl, no, but she was sure she was too big for them. As they were heading for the checkout, her mother stopped for a moment, then turned and grabbed a pacifier. "Every little girl needs one of these," she said, then picked up a large, pink plastic bib.

The only silver lining Summer could find in this dark time was the fact that the cashier would surely assume that, if these things were for anyone currently there, they had to be for Valerie. She did her best to stand there, nonchalantly, while they were rung up, to keep the woman from suspecting otherwise, pretending to be bored, rather than horribly anxious. It went well enough, until her mother concluded the transaction with the question, "Do you have bathrooms here?"

Summer found herself being unhappily led to the doors the cashier had indicated. "Now you can go change!" her mother announced, far louder than Summer would have preferred.

"Umm, I can wait until we get home..." Summer told her, glancing around, glad that the store was empty other than them and the employee.

"Nonsense! You should get started just as soon as possible, and that's now!" Summer rolled her eyes, but before she could protest, her mother had ripped open the pacifier and popped it into her mouth. It had looked almost comically small in its packaging, yet as it was shoved into her mouth, it seemed to grow, the rubber bulb expanding to fill her entire mouth. "Now run along! You go with her, Val."

Summer's mother shoved the bag into her hands, then sent her into the bathroom with a pat on the bottom. She tried to spit out the pacifier to answer, but it wouldn't budge, leaving her with no choice but to go in. She was a little worried that the place would come alive, that somehow she'd find herself attacked again, but it just seemed like a normal bathroom. Maybe it was just their house that was cursed, she mused.

"Go get yourself changed," Val instructed her, giggling, as she went into one of the stalls. Summer sighed from behind her mouthful of pacifier and went into the other, setting the bag on the floor and squirming out of her shorts, hanging them on the hook on the back of the door. She stood there for a minute, staring down at herself in her panties, then, reluctantly, took those off as well. Somehow, it felt like it would be a long time before she saw that sight again, even though she planned on changing back into them as soon as she got back to her room.

"Hurry up, slowpoke!" Valerie encouraged her, as the toilet beside her flushed. Summer sat down for a moment on her own toilet, but after her accident, there was nothing in her bladder to expel, even with the sound of the sink running as her sister washed her hands to encourage her. Finally, she stood back up, tearing open the package of Pull-Ups, and, despite how bad she didn't want to, put it on. It looked just as childish as she'd imagined, if not more-so. It was strangely thick between her legs, making a slight crinkling noise whenever she moved, even her slight, embarrassed fidgeting as she looked at herself. Even though the shorts weren't much better, she hurriedly grabbed them to put them back on just to cover the sight.

"I'll be outside," Valerie said, and Summer heard the door open and close. Sighing, she picked up the bag and headed out of her stall, feeling rather silly. All of the sudden, she felt the pacifier pop out of her mouth, though, to her surpise, it didn't fall to the floor, but, instead, started to float away.

"Oh, shit," she breathed, hurrying for the exit, but when she reached it, the door wouldn't budge. She fumbled with the locks, but none of them did any good. What was going on? Everything had been fine until now! It wasn't fair! She looked around, trying to figure out what was going to happen, what would attack her, only to see her pacifier, floating beneath one of the soap dispensers, nipple side up. Somehow, it had split open at the top, and was filling with soap from the dispenser, growing larger and larger until it looked like a tick about to pop.

"Please, no," she begged, knowing just where this was going. There was a sudden whir of air as all the hand dryers turned on at the same time, though, strangely, they sounded somewhat different than usual. It only took her a moment to realize it was because they were sucking air in rather than blowing it out, as the force of it pulled her off her feet, throwing her to the ground, leaving her scrambling to keep from being pulled closer to the machines. She could feel her clothes being sucked in, moving further down her legs, her Pull-Up stopping at her knees while her shorts just seemed to keep going, making their way down the rest of her legs, over her shoes, and then off.

She twisted to look behind her, watching with dread fascination as her shorts twisted themselves in an all too familiar way, before flying up, against the wind, hovering over her still cherry red bottom. She winced as they cracked down on her, leaving fresh marks on her. It wasn't as intense as it had been earlier that day, but enough to ensure that the rest of the car ride would be extra uncomfortable.

As she opened her mouth to give a cry of pain, the pacifier reappeared in front of her, dripping with soap, and reinserted itself, and then, as quickly as it had began, the whole ordeal was over. The air stopped, her shorts falling over top of her, and she could hear a faint knocking as her mouth declared, "Do you need any help, sweetie?"

Summer tried to answer, but any movement of her mouth squeezed the bulb of her pacifier, giving it leave to fill her with soap. She wrinkled her nose at the taste, trying to spit it out, yet completely unable to do so. So, instead, she quickly got up, pulling up her Pull-Ups and getting back into her shorts before her mother could check on her. She could feel herself trying to keep herself from swallowing the soap, but that only caused her to send a wave of sudsy saliva back into her mouth, where it oozed out from around her pacifier, making it look like she was drooling. She rubbed her mouth dry before leaving the bathroom, but her mother still noticed.

"Looks like you need this already, too!" she announced happily, taking the bag back from Summer and removing the bib, tying it around her daughter's neck. Summer squirmed unhappily, glancing over to see the cashier staring at her, obviously wearing two of the things they had bought. The woman had to suspect that she was wearing the third, too, which was enough to make Summer's cheeks burn as they made their way back to the car.

So much for her hope that it was only their bathrooms that this happened in... But it still didn't answer why it had taken so long for her punishment to start. Was whoever was doing this just waiting for Val to leave so she wouldn't see? But, as Summer thought about it, squirming painfully in the backseat, every bump in the road reminding her of her freshly re-spanked state, she recalled what the old woman had said to her. She had said that Summer couldn't make it to the bathroom without Valerie's help... And with Valerie in the bathroom with her, everything had been fine...

Summer let out a muffled groan as she put the pieces together, resulting in another rush of soap into her mouth, which only served to get her bib all the wetter. The only way she was going to be safe in the bathroom, any bathroom, was if she asked her little sister to accompany her there, as if she were a toddler, still being potty trained, or too scared of the monster in the toilet to be with it alone. Suddenly, the thought of wearing diapers wasn't so bad.

Chapter Seven

Of course, it would be preferable not to have to do either. Everything was already messed up, and if this continued, it would only get worse. Summer resolved to go straight to her neighbor's house as soon as they got home so she could apologize, or beg, or whatever was necessary, to get this whole thing reversed before she wound up standing in front of her little sister, begging her to take her to the potty, the fate of her underwear - and her poor, sore bottom - at her mercy. She'd likely still be stuck in Pull-Ups for the rest of the week, but she could live with that.

Unfortunately, they weren't going back home just yet. The idea of going anywhere else dressed like this was mortifying, but she was left with no choice. Any attempt at asking for help only resulted in a rush of soap into her mouth, leaving her drooling like an infant into her bib. She tried to find a way to work around it, but the bulb was simply too large to allow for even the smallest syllable to escape.

She was, at the very least, grateful that her mother decided against shopping at the mall, where most of the cool clothes stores were, and where she was almost guaranteed to see someone from high school. And, seeing as she'd been head cheerleader her last two years there, she was sure she'd be recognized by any of them, even with a pacifier in her mouth. Instead, they drove on a little further, to her mind's joy and her bottom's lament, to the Kohl's a few miles down a rather bumpy road past the mall. Summer had nothing against Kohl's, though if her mother had been taking her clothes shopping, and had passed by the other options to go there, she might have been pissed. Still, Valerie didn't seem to mind, since she probably didn't have any idea what was cool anyway.

Summer would have liked to have stayed in the car, but she knew that wouldn't fly, so she got out, nervously scanning the parking lot for familiar faces, just in case. "Now, I want you to hold your little sister's hand," her mother was saying as she looked around, "so she doesn't get lost."

Had her mouth been free, Summer would have reminded her mom that Valerie wasn't four, that she was capable of keeping up on her own, before turning her attention back to her. By the time she did that, however, Valerie had already taken her hand, holding it tightly, making her realize that she was not who those instructions had been aimed at. She blushed, reluctantly following them into the store.

She was still trying to get used to the feeling of her Pull-Ups, that strange bulk between her legs making her move a little slower than normal, so that she lagged behind enough to need a tug from Valerie every now and then to keep up as they made their way to the girls' underwear section. It was somewhat startling for Summer when they arrived, and she found herself in an aisle filled with panties, thick cotton, decorated with Dora, Barbie, anything a freshly potty trained little girl might like, only to realize that they were all, somehow, more mature than what she had on beneath her shorts.

Of course, that wasn't what they were here to look at, she knew, and she was more than glad to tear her eyes away from the packages that seemed almost to be mocking her, turning instead to the training bras her sister was standing in awe of. "You're becoming a young woman," her mother was lecturing, and if it hadn't been for the pacifier, Summer would have had to stop herself from snickering. "Especially now that you're a big sister... So if you want to start wearing a bra, you can."

Valerie dropped Summer's hand as she gave her mother a big hug, grinning. Summer didn't remember being nearly as excited about this, but then, she'd waited until she actually needed one, so she was a little older, and loads more mature. Valerie began poring over the packages, searching for the perfect one, and, as Summer preferred to look at those than at the panties, she did the same. She was surprised at how many kinds there were, and how juvenile some of the designs were, clearly designed for very young children, even younger than Valerie. With how skanky some kids' clothing was nowadays, Summer knew it shouldn't be shocking, but she was still a bit taken aback. There had certainly been ones with designs when she'd done this, but now she saw some that featured Dora, which certainly didn't seem like something a kid old enough to need a training bra would still watch.

Finally, Valerie chose hers, some plain pink and white ones with tiny cute little bows, then, as they were starting to leave, stopped and turned, pulling a package down from the shelf. Summer hadn't noticed them, could have almost sworn they weren't there before, yet there was no denying that they were sitting there in her step-sister's hand. They were pink, too, but not plain - instead, they were emblazoned with a picture of Sleeping Beauty that looked strangely familiar. Before Summer could place it, Valerie had gleefully pulled down her shorts, right in the middle of the store, showing off her Pull-Up, making her blush and reach down to tug her pants back up, though not before she saw that the design on her underwear did, indeed, match the training bra, to her chagrin.

"Look, they match!" Valerie declared. "Can we get them for her?" Summer found herself with another large mouthful of soap as she wasn't quite able to stop herself from trying to scream no, to try to berate her mother for not immediately dismissing the idea, to protest the unfairness of them discussing this as if she really were a toddler. Still, Summer was sure it wouldn't matter, as surely her mom would realize they would be far too small to fit her.

"Sure, why not?" she said instead, smiling. "How adorable! Oh, we should go to the toddler section!"

Summer began to feel rather grateful for her bib, as she was sure that, otherwise, her shirt would be soaking by now as she silently tried to protest this. Luckily, they made it only as far as the dance section, where a lavender tutu with a huge satin bow was found and tucked into their basket, before their mother's phone chirped.

"Sorry," she told them, looking at the screen and sighing. "It's work. Make sure she doesn't run off, Val." She handed the basket to Valerie, then flipped open her phone, wandering off to a quieter part of the store to talk.

"Should we get you a leotard, too?" Valerie mused, mostly to herself.

"If she's going to take classes, she'll need one," a voice came from behind them, frighteningly familiar. Summer tugged at Valerie's hand, wanting them to ignore the girl watching them, surely smirking, but Val didn't seem to notice.

"Well, I don't know if she will or not," she said, turning around, making Summer do so as well. Summer hesitated, but knew she couldn't put it off forever, though the look of glee that fell over Heather's face as she saw the bib and pacifier made her wish she could have.

"Well, I actually assistant teach a ballet class for girls her... age... so I could see about getting her a free lesson, just to see if she'd like it." Heather grinned at Summer, the sight making Summer's stomach churn. She knew full well about that - Heather had told her all about it every time she'd tried out for cheerleading. Summer didn't have anything against the girl, and she was sure her dance background could have even helped her, but there had just been something about her that had made Summer pass her over every time. She'd always said she understood, but every time, Summer could just tell that was less and less true.

"Oh, that could be fun!" Valerie gushed, squeezing Summer's hand and turning to look at her, unperturbed that she looked far less enthusiastic about the prospect. "We should probably ask mom, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind..."

"Wouldn't mind what?" Their mom breezed back in, looking a bit annoyed, though she brightened at the suggestion, as Summer squirmed helplessly, realizing how bad things were getting, and how little she could do to stop it. "But you'll have to give me your number, dear, because we really have to run. There's an emergency at work, and..."

"I'm sure Summer has it," Heather interrupted.

"Oh, are you friends?" Summer's stomach fell even further as her mother's eyes lit up. "Are you on spring break this week, too? How would you like to make a little money?"

Chapter Eight

"My, my, you're a wet little thing, aren't you?" Heather cooed, making Summer squirm and blush as the other girl stared down at her while her mother walked away, having disregarded the muffled protests that had caused the latest deluge on her bib, not understanding Summer's pleading not to hire this girl as her and Valerie's babysitter. Summer could see the sudsy saliva collecting in the pocket at the bottom of her bib, though she had to admit it was better to have it there than soaking into her shirt. "Are your little panties wet, too?"

Valerie giggled at that, shaking her head. "She doesn't wear panties anymore," she announced, reaching out for Summer's shorts again. Now knowing that her little sister had no problem with the idea of pulling her pants down in public, Summer reached down as well, only to have her own hands slapped away, much to her surprise and dismay. It wasn't enough to hurt, just to make her pull away long enough for her shorts to be tugged down.

"How adorable!" Heather gushed, bending down a little. "Oh, my little two year old sister has those same Pull-Ups! But they look even more adorable on you." Summer bashfully pulled her shorts back up, staring down at the floor to avoid having to see the other girl's predatory grin. Suddenly, she felt herself being spun around, then let out a tiny gasp at the feeling of the back of her shorts, and her Pull-Up, being tugged backwards. She was being checked, like a toddler! She was mortified.

Her pants were let go, snapping back into place as Heather gave her a pat on her sore behind, just hard enough to make her wince a bit. "Since I know you're still not quite potty trained, I have to check you," she explained, though Summer, still pacified, obviously hadn't questioned it. "Good job staying dry! Though it looks like you've been quite the naughty little girl, haven't you?"

Summer blushed again, as Heather grinned and Valerie, confused by that, went back to looking at dance clothes. Heather, satisfied that she had humiliated Summer enough for the moment, went to join her. Summer watched them, feeling slightly sick to her stomach. Just that morning, she'd been a normal young woman, an older sister... Now she was the baby of the family, in training pants, silenced, dominated, helpless to stop any of it.

She stared at Heather as the girl talked to her little sister, marveling at how much taller she seemed now than when they'd been in school together. Heather was a year younger than her - she was a senior in high school now - but she was built like the dancer she was, with long legs, while Summer had gotten started in cheerleading because she'd been told her petite frame would be a big benefit. But dressed like a toddler, with the Powerpuff Girls, rather than the team name, emblazoned across her shirt, and without the authority that came from being head cheerleader, their size difference seemed bigger than ever. She really did feel like this girl could be her babysitter, and that wouldn't be so absurd. Except, of course, that she knew she didn't need a babysitter, not to mention that she was older.

Finally, Heather seemed satisfied, and came back around to collect her, grabbing her hand and leading her to the checkout counter, letting Valerie carry their purchases. Heather paid for them with the money their mother had given her, then, still in line, loudly asked Summer if she needed to go potty. Summer blushed, feeling like the cashier, and everyone waiting behind them, was staring at her, but she nodded anyway. She didn't have to go that bad, but it was enough that she'd rather not wait, in case Heather decided to take a random detour on their way home.

"Good girl," Heather smiled down at her, patting her head, then taking the bags and handing them to Val. The three of them walked over to the bathroom, where, to her horror, Summer watched Valerie sit down on the bench outside.

She mumbled a request, then, when that had no effect, broke free of Heather's grip and ran over to Valerie, tugging on her arm. "It's all right," her younger sister giggled at her desperation. "Heather won't let anything happen to you. I don't have to go. I just went at the last store, remember?"

Heather grabbed her hand again and started dragging her towards the bathroom, as she shook her head, deciding it would be better to wait after all. "You just told me you had to go," Heather reminded her. "Did you already have an accident?" Summer shook her head, but of course Heather had to check her anyway, turning Summer's cheeks bright red as she felt a pair of invading fingers wriggle their way into the leghole of her Pull-Up. "Well, let's get inside before you do," she said, tugging at Summer's hand again, and then, when she still resisted, she bent down and scooped the girl up.

Summer let out a gasp, too surprised at Heather's strength to try to wriggle free until she had been carted into the bathroom and set down. "I'm sure you know what to do from here," Heather told her, patting her bottom roughly again before vanishing into a stall.

Summer looked around nervously, wondering when it would start, what the spell would do to her this time. Everything seemed normal, the hand dryer staying shut off, her pacifier staying firmly in her mouth, nothing flying about. Perhaps she was wrong, and, despite what the woman had said, it wasn't Valerie specifically that had to be in there with her. She let out a sigh of relief, one that was cut short as her gaze moved towards the sinks a final time.

She was standing there, in the reflection, but, to her delight, she was wearing her normal clothes, the jeans and shorts she had put on before her outfit had transformed itself. There was no bulge beneath her pants, no pacifier in her mouth, no sign that any of the weird events of that day had taken place. Even though she could still feel her Pull-Up, and taste the soap of my pacifier, she still found herself staring down at herself, hoping to see the same thing there as in the mirror. She was quite disappointed.

When she stared back up at the mirror, it had changed again, this time revealing her sitting there, on the floor, naked except for a diaper - not a Pull-Up, a diaper, one with the white and purple color of a Pamper, Elmo displayed across the front, though this diaper was far thicker than any real Pamper ever was, leaving the her in the mirror unable to press her legs together at all.

There was a sudden rush of vertigo as the whole room seemed to jerk upwards. She felt as if she were falling, except at the same time she noticed that, she had already hit the ground. And there she was, sitting on the floor, diapered. Her eyes went wide as she stared down at the thick garment around her waist. It was thick, stiff... She touched it experimentally with one hand, but could barely feel the pressure beneath, no matter how hard she pressed. She tried to stand, and then just to press her legs together, but the diaper kept her as she was, legs open.

It was then that she noticed the wet feeling on her chest, realizing that she'd been drooling the whole time, even though there was no pacifier in her mouth. Her attempts at stopping it were as useless as trying to stand up.

She jumped as she heard the bathroom door open, turning to see Valerie stride in, looking around, and then down at her, shaking her head. "What are you doing in here?" Valerie demanded. "I've been looking all over for you!" Summer stared up at her, dumbly, unsure if she could have spoken even if she'd have known what to say.. "Why would you even come in here? It's not like you even know what to do here..."

As her sister spoke, Summer began to squirm, feeling a sudden fullness in her belly. By the time she recognized it, to her horror, her body had begun to lift itself up off the floor, only slightly, but enough that she could feel a rush of warm mush flowing out into her diaper. She fidgeted, trying to fight it, trying to do anything, but her body was determined to finish. Her face went red, from humiliation and strain, as the backside of her diaper ballooned outward, much to Valerie's delight.

At last, it stopped, and, exhausted, she sat back down, wrinkling her nose as her bottom sank into the mess, squishing it beneath her. "See?" Valerie said, smiling. "That's all you know how to do. Now come on, we need to go home." Summer tried again to stand, but the extra bulk of her accident made it even more impossible, and, finally, she simply leaned forward, getting onto her hands and knees to crawl. She wanted to ask for a change, so she wouldn't have to go home like this, but all that came out was cooing and gooing.

"You're such a good girl," Valerie praised her, patting her bulging diaper gently."Aren't things so much better this way? I've always wanted a baby sister, but the problem with them is that they always grow up... But you won't have that problem, will you? You'll be my little baby Summer forever."

Summer jumped as she felt someone tapping her shoulder, then stumbled forward as the world shifted again, and she found herself standing in the middle of the bathroom, still in her shorts and shirt, and just a Pull-Up, which she'd never have imagined she'd be so grateful for. In the corner of the mirror, she could see the other her crawling out the bathroom door and then vanishing before the reflections shimmered, returning to showing a normal version of their surroundings, showing Heather standing behind her. The spectacle, and the memory of the feeling of her dirty diaper, had made Summer feel a little sick to her stomach, its message clear - This could be your future. Or maybe it already was.

Before she could think too much about which it was, Heather asked, "What are you doing? You have to go into the stall. That's where the potties are." Heather grabbed her shoulders, pushing her away from the mirrors and into one of the stalls. Summer stood there for a moment, shaking, before finally starting to slip her shorts down her legs, but only after Heather told her, "It doesn't count as using the potty if you're still in your Pull-Up when you go."

She stared down at the Pull-Up between her legs, waiting to see if the bathroom was going to do anything else horrible to her. When everything stayed calm for a moment, she reached down for the waistband of the undergarment to tug it down, relieved that she'd actually be able to use the bathroom like a grown-up, especially after what she'd just experienced.

The Pull-Up wouldn't budge. She pulled down again, but it was just as useless, and this time, she felt something writhing around her legs. She whimpered as she looked down, seeing her shorts twitching and moving their way closer to her feet. When they got there, they twisted and turned for a moment, like a snake she'd stepped on, and then jerked backwards, sending her falling to her knees.

"What are you doing in there?" Heather demanded. Summer couldn't answer, couldn't do anything but kneel there, watching as her shorts floated upwards, hardly noticing her bib turning itself around on her neck. The shorts dangled above her head for a moment, then made their way over the toilet. She reached up for them, having a good idea what was about to happen, trying to catch them before they plummeted downward.

She didn't manage to, however, because at the moment they fell, she was distracted by the feeling of the back of her Pull-Up tugging itself outward, followed by something wet being poured into it. She jumped, squirming, grabbed for the shorts a second too late, then reached back to try to clamp her Pull-Ups closed, right after her bib had been emptied completely, and began to spin back around to its rightful spot.

"What is going on in there?" Heather asked, banging on the door of the stall now. Summer quickly got up, wiggling her bottom slightly, feeling the new dampness in her Pull-Up, then grabbed for her shorts, pulling them out of the toilet just as the door burst open. "What are you doing?! Why are... What did...?" Heather was speechless, at least until Summer turned to face her. Then she grinned, reaching down, cupping the crotch of the Pull-Up in her hand and pressing up. "Just what I thought," she announced. "You couldn't make it, could you? You were already going when you tried to take off your Pull-Up, and you got your shorts wet, so you thought you'd act like you somehow dropped them in the toilet. How dumb do you think I am?"

Summer tried to argue that this wasn't, at all, what had happened, but, of course, just wound up with a soapy mouth. "And look, your flowers are all faded." Summer looked down, a bit dismayed to see that the designs on her Pull-Up had, indeed, turned fuzzy from the wetness inside. "My sister's kept her flowers for almost a whole week... And look at you. When did you get those, again?" Even though she knew it hadn't been her fault, Summer couldn't help but blush. "Jeez, how did you make it through your little halftime routine without peeing your pants? Or did you wear a diaper under your uniform?"

Heather left her standing there, sniffling, as she walked out of the bathroom, only to return with an empty plastic bag, taking Summer's shorts from her and dropping them inside. "Go wash your hands," she instructed, pointing to the sinks. Summer walked over to them, defeated, the wet padding giving her Pull-Ups extra bulk, making her waddle a little more. She reached up to the soap dispenser and pressed it, but none came out. Furrowing her brow, she tried again and again before moving to another. She could see that they were both full, but nothing was happening. Or so she thought.

"Hurry up!" Heather told her impatiently. She began pressing the plunger faster, only then noticing that the pacifier in her mouth was growing ever so slightly larger with each pump. She stopped immediately, blushing, and went about washing her hands with just water, annoyed and embarrassed that she'd just partially refilled her pacifier on her own, even if she hadn't known what she was doing.

Heather took her hand as she came toddling over and led her towards the door. Summer grumbled wetly, shaking her head, not wanting to go out with no pants, but Heather was tired of her, and picked her up again, carrying her out. Her cheeks burned as bright a red as the skin peeking out from beneath her Pull-Up as she hid her face, then closed her eyes, praying nobody else she knew was around, while Heather carried her outside, Valerie walking beside them, listening as she was told how her older sister had supposedly wet her training pants.

Summer was surprised when, after they finally stopped and she heard the car being unlocked and a door opening, she was set down, not on a regular seat, but hard plastic one. It was covered in worn cloth padding, but not enough to disguise, even before she opened her eyes, that this was a carseat. She opened her eyes in time to see Heather adjusting the straps, then pulling them into place, snapping them all into place, leaving her held to her new seat by her shoulders and hips, with a final strap pressing the damp material of her Pull-Up up against her crotch a little more tightly than she really thought it should be.

It took her a moment beyond that to realize that there should be no way she should fit into a child's car seat - but then, she shouldn't have fit into that Pull-Up, either. She squirmed as much as she could, tied into place as she was, then, as Heather closed the door and started to get into the driver's seat, reached for the buckle. It was no real surprise that it didn't respond to her touch, but it was a disappointment all the same. Frustrated, she tugged at the straps, then, when that didn't help either, broke down into tears.

"What's wrong?" Valerie asked, turning around in her seat.

"Oh, she's fine," Heather told her, turning on the car. "She's just cranky. We'll get her home, into a fresh Pull-Up, and put her down for a nap, and then she'll be all better."

Chapter Nine

The ride back home was far less pleasant than the one to the store had been, the combination of the damp padding of her Pull-Up, the much harder seat beneath her giving little relief to her aching bottle, and her soapy pacifier, somewhat deflated inside her mouth now, yet still full enough to keep her drooling, making it an experience she didn't much want to repeat. It didn't help that, as was inevitable with the passing of time, her bladder was beginning to feel full. The idea of actually going to the bathroom in a Pull-Up was so strange, so gross, yet she wasn't sure that there was anything she could do to stop it, just postpone it as much as she could.

After what felt like an eternity, Heather pulled her car into the empty driveway of Summer's house, then, as Valerie got their bags out of the back seat, unbuckled the straps holding Summer in place. Summer hopped down gratefully, feeling her Pull-Up sagging beneath her, but, at least for a moment, she didn't care about that - she was just glad it wasn't being held against her so tightly. As soon as that moment passed, however, she realized she was standing in the driveway, where anyone could see her, in just a shirt and Pull-Up.

Blushing, she scampered up to the front door, cupping her padded bottom with both hands, hoping that would be enough to keep anyone from seeing what she had on. "Come on," she urged Valerie impatiently as her little sister fumbled with the bags while trying to dig through her pockets for the key. Summer had brought hers, too, of course, but it had been in the pair of jeans she'd originally put on. Once those had changed to shorts, her keyring had apparently vanished, taking her house key with it, along with the keys to her car.

Her car! She turned, staring at the driveway, blushing a split second too late and moving her hands in front of her. There were no cars there, other than the one they'd just arrived in... But shouldn't hers have been there? She thought back, but she didn't remember seeing it there when they'd left... But, then, had she seen it there that morning, when she'd gone over to confront the old woman about the baseball? She wracked her brain, trying to remember if she'd seen her car or not... And then, after some consideration, she tried to remember just what her car looked like to begin with, but it was all just a blank.

She did have a  car, didn't she? She couldn't recall her mother or Donald coming to pick her up for spring break. But, then, thinking back, she didn't quite remember driving herself, either. But she had to have done one or the other. Either way, she knew that she really should know whether she had a car or not, and yet she didn't, no matter how hard she thought about it, and that lack of knowledge gave her a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach, a nasty taste in her mouth, besides the soap. Hadn't her mom asked her to take Valerie training bra shopping? She'd done that, sort of, but she thought the initial request, back before this whole mess had started, had seemed more like she was meant to do so on her own...

"Are you going to stand out here all day?" Heather asked, snapping her out of her daze. Summer blinked, looking around to see the front door open and Valerie inside, setting her bags by one already sitting on the floor, filled with a package of Pull-Ups - her mom must have dropped them off on the way back to the office. Heather was still standing outside, waiting expectantly on the other side of the door as Summer, who quickly made her way inside, blushing.

"Hey," Heather said as she also came inside, grabbing Summer's arm before she could make her way to her room. Summer turned her head, only to find that she was talking to Valerie. "How would you like to learn to be a babysitter?"

"That'd be great!" Valerie exclaimed. "Until my daddy got remarried, I was an only child, and until... Well, this..." Summer blushed again, squirming in Heather's tight grip, not liking that reference. "...I was the youngest. So I don't really know any of that kinda stuff... But I'm almost old enough to be a babysitter, right?"

"Sure!" Heather agreed, as Summer scoffed behind her pacifier, unable to imagine anyone even thinking of hiring Valerie for many years. "You can make tons of money at it, if you're good! And it's never too early to start learning! Now, she..." she said, swinging Summer around, putting her in between herself and Val, "is wet. She didn't quite make it to the potty in time. You can tell from the way she's fidgeting, like she's got ants down those cute little panties of hers, and not just pee-pee." She patted the back of Summer's Pull-Up roughly, making it difficult for her to keep still, as she'd resolved to do after having her squirming pointed out.

Valerie nodded, taking it all in. "Also," Heather went on, "you can see how her Pull-Up droops in the middle, there, where the padding is all matted and wet. And, of course, on these, you can see that the flowers on the outside are all faded, or gone, but you won't always have those. More mature kids will tell you when they need a change, but babies like her won't, so you have to keep an eye out for stuff like that, or else they'll wind up with diaper rash, and then the parents will get mad at you."

"Makes sense," Val said sagely.

"Why don't you go ahead and change her? It's very easy... The sides of her Pull-Up rip, so you can just grab them and tear them apart. Go on." Summer gave a muffled, wet protest, one that only accomplished having Heather tighten her grip. She looked down in horror as her little sister walked closer to her, hands moving to the side of her underwear that, humiliating as it was, was still better than being seen naked.

"Like this?" Val held the Pull-Up between her hands, as Heather nodded and Summer shook her head. For a moment, Summer thought she had gotten through to her step-sister, and then there was a rip, and she could feel a rush of cool air on her skin. Val quickly moved to the other side, ripping it as well now that she'd gotten the hang of it, and then tugged the Pull-Up away, leaving Summer mortified and half nude, wishing she could vanish, or just die, as she heard Heather chuckling. It wasn't until she dared to look down that she realized what had tickled the other girl so, her eyes going wide as she looked down at her bald crotch. It didn't even look as if it had been shaved, just that there had never been any hair there to begin with. "What's so funny?" Valerie asked as she returned from throwing the Pull-Up away, not liking being left out of the fun.

"Oh, nothing," Heather shook her head. "I just remembered a joke somebody told me the other day... Anyway, now you need to clean her up."

"Okay!" Valerie chirped, going to the bag with the Pull-Ups and taking out a tub of baby wipes. "With these, right?" Summer blinked, staring at the wipes. She didn't remember her mom picking those up... But, then, maybe she'd just been distracted by humiliating it all was... Before she could figure out what was going on, she was jumping and shivering at the cold touch of the wipe on her sensitive flesh.

"Don't be afraid to really get in there," Heather encouraged. "You want to make sure she's nice and clean before you put her in a fresh diaper... I mean, Pull-Up..." Though she knew the difference was rather small, Summer was still annoyed by the slip-up, which, she realized when she looked up to see Heather's smirk, was the point. "You know, since we're putting her down for a nap, we might as well take this off, too," Heather said, then, before Summer could figure out what was going on, she felt Heather's hand moving from her arm, traveling to the bottom of her shirt.

"Upsy-daisy!" Heather called, yanking the shirt up and off Summer's body before she could stop her, tossing it to the floor. The bib came off with it, leaving her in only her bra, but not for long. Summer's cheeks glowed red as she felt Heather undo that, as well, casting it aside, leaving her standing there, naked as the day she was born, sucking on her pacifier in horror and anger. She saw Heather raise her cell phone and leapt into action, trying to cover herself as much as possible, but Heather seemed satisfied with the shot she'd gotten anyway, smiling as she walked back around behind her. Summer jumped as she heard the phone's camera go off again, not having even thought about Heather caring to take a picture of her other side. "My, my," Heather teased, "you really were a naughty girl, weren't you?"

Summer found herself being spun around, her red bottom patted for emphasis. "You can always tell a kid's going to be a troublemaker if their backside looks like this," she lectured. "Of course, when they're your sibling, you don't really have a choice most of the time, and you just have to take care of them anyway." Summer was turned back around, arms moving back into place to shield as much as they could from view. "If you sit for a baby long enough, you can sometimes get a sense of their bathroom habits, and know when it's all right to let them run around without a diaper for a little while. It isn't something you should do too often, though, no matter how cute they look, toddling around like that." Summer shot Heather a dirty look, which the other girl just laughed at. "But with a baby like this, who you just can't trust, it's best to get them padded back up as soon as possible. So, if you would..."

Valerie nodded, scurrying back over to the bag of supplies and taking out a Pull-Up, opening it as she brought it back over. "You can just have her step into those," Heather suggested, "like big girl panties." Valerie spread them out, held them down at the floor, and Summer, sighing, let herself be put in them, glad for at least something to cover her, even if it did feel thick and bulky.

"Good job!" Heather praised Valerie, giving her a high five. "Now, take her up to her room and put her down for her nap." Valerie looked up at Heather, confused, for a moment, until the older girl grabbed Summer's hand, holding it out to her. Smiling, Valerie took it and started off through the house, up the stairs to Summer's bedroom, Heather following behind them, amused.

"I can help you with this part," Heather said once they'd gotten to the room, scooping up the surprised Summer and depositing her on the bed, pulling the blankets up over her and tucking them in tightly. "If the baby doesn't have a crib, you want to make sure they're in there nice and snug, so they won't fall out," she instructed. "Night-night, Summer," she smiled down at the girl, patting the front of the Pull-Up through the covers. "Don't let the bed-bugs bite. And try not to leak all over your nice sheets."

Valerie went over to the window, closing the heavy curtains to block out the sunlight, before making her way to her sister's bedside, kissing her forehead gently. "Have a nice nap!" she said cheerfully, then switched off the light and closed the door behind her, plunging the room, and Summer, into darkness.

Chapter Ten

Summer gagged as she felt the soap draining from her pacifier make its way down her throat, courtesy of her position on her back. She tried to spit it back up, and then to turn her head to give the sudsy saliva somewhere to go to, besides further into her body, but as she'd been concerned with that, she hadn't noticed her blankets slithering further up her naked body, settling up to her chin, holding her in place.

She tried to thrash and squirm her way free, but the blankets wouldn't so much as budge, leaving her trapped in one place, with no choice but to swallow the contents of her pacifier, no matter how disgusting they tasted. Luckily for her, it had been nearly drained before she was put to bed, so, before long, she was finished. Now, however, she had nothing to occupy herself with besides staring up into the darkness surrounding her in her room, so, despite herself, she soon fell asleep.

The next thing she knew, she was feeling the confining pressure of the blankets being tossed away a moment before her light was turned on, leaving her blinking and disoriented. "Look at that!" Heather was declaring, staring down at her. "You actually kept yourself dry all the way through your nap! I'm surprised! Maybe you're almost ready to be a big girl after all." Her eyes moved up Summer's body, though Summer wasn't sure exactly where they'd wound up until she said, "Well, maybe not that big," which left her sputtering and blushing, raising her arms to hide her breasts. They weren't huge, but she didn't think they'd qualify as small, either, but the implication that they were still stung, whether it was true or not.

Of course, she should have known better than to show just how much it hurt. Heather grinned down at her, grabbing her arms and pushing them aside. "Oh, don't worry... There's nothing worth hiding there," she said, then grabbed Summer and picked her up, carrying her to the living room, where Valerie was watching TV. "Look who's up!" she announcing, plopping her load down on the floor. When Summer tried to get up to sit on the couch, she found herself picked right back up and put in the same spot. "If a baby isn't potty trained yet, you really shouldn't let them on the furniture," she told Valerie. "No matter how hard you try to keep an eye on them, they'll always choose the worst possible time to spring a leak and get everything all wet."

Valerie nodded and giggled, while Summer sulked. She was glad her pacifier had run out of soap, at last, but she was still unable to take it out to speak, leaving her unable to point out that she was potty trained. "Hey," Val said once she was done being tickled at that, staring over at her sister thoughtfully. "Should we get her dressed?"

Heather shrugged. "We can if you want. She's just a baby, so it's okay for her to run around like that, but if you want, you can dress her up."

Summer never thought she'd feel so grateful towards her step-sister. She'd been expecting to be dressed in nothing but a Pull-Up and pacifier for the rest of the day. Valerie hopped up and scurried off, as Heather also decided to get up, picking Summer up on her way into the kitchen. "We don't want you getting dehydrated, now do we?" she asked, setting the girl down in front of the sink as she began to rummage through the cupboards, finding a bottle rather quickly.

She went to the fridge, pulling the door open and looking through the contents before finding a jug of apple juice, which she grabbed, filling up the bottle before setting the jug on the counter. "Open up!" she said with a smile, reaching down to grab the pacifier. For a moment, Summer wondered how she would react when she found that it was stuck in her mouth, no matter how hard she tried to remove it. But when she got ahold of it, it popped right out, just the way it should, and Heather set it on the counter, next to the juice.

Summer took a deep breath, surprised at how good it felt after having her mouth held shut for so long, moving her jaw back and forth. It was such a relief, but it was also quite short-lived, as a moment later, Heather had shoved the bottle in there. Summer found her hands raising up to grab the bottle from her, one on each side. Just like with the pacifier, when she tried to pull it out of her mouth, it wouldn't budge.

The first mouthfuls tasted almost more like soap than apple juice, a taste she was all too familiar with. It became less pronounced as more and more of the liquid made its way around her mouth, rinsing it out, though the aftertaste never quite went away. Those mouthfuls came rather quickly, she thought, even more-so than she would have expected when coming from a baby bottle, at least until she realized how hard she was sucking on it. She tried to slow herself down, but it was no use.

"Somebody's thirsty," Heather teased, tapping the bottom of the bottle with her finger. "I guess you want those training pants of yours nice and soggy, huh?"

Summer glared at her from behind her bottle, only to find her attention drawn to something else. As she watched, her pacifier - so small looking now that it was empty - began to tremble and shake on the counter, before rolling off completely. Instead of falling to the ground, though, it froze in midair for a moment before floating away, towards the still open fridge.

Summer wanted to point it out, to show Heather, as much to make sure anyone else could see it, and she wasn't just going crazy, as to show that there was something going on her besides her supposed desire to be a kid again. But, occupied with sucking and swallowing, her mouth couldn't call out, and her hands wouldn't move from the bottle, as if they were glued there. When she tried to walk over to the fridge, to draw Heather's attention there that way, Heather just grabbed her, holding her in place.

"Stay here and finish," she commanded. Summer had little choice in the matter, especially the latter part, as her body seemed determined to make it happen, whether her mind wanted that or not. So, unable to stop it, she could only watch, eyes wide, as her pacifier made its way into the fridge, bobbing here and there before finding what it was looking for. It seemed to enchant the bottle, one Summer didn't recognize at first, until it began to float as well, turning so that she could see its label, which left her whimpering and whining in between gulps of juice.

That did nothing to stop what was going on, as the lid of the castor oil bottle unscrewed itself, moving aside so the pacifier could sit over top of the bottle. As one, they turned over, castor oil pouring into her pacifier and making it swell until it couldn't hold anymore. Silently, the bottle of castor oil went back to its place in the back of the fridge, lid screwing back on as it went, and the pacifier floated back to the counter, swollen, waiting for her.

"Good girl!" Heather praised her, making Summer notice that she had finally drained the bottle. Heather took it from her, just in time for Valerie to pop into the kitchen.

"There you guys are! I was looking for you!" she pouted.

"Sorry, hon," Heather shrugged. "I thought I should get Summer here a bottle. She was looking thirsty."

"Ooh!" Valerie's eyes lit up. "Can I feed it to her?"

Heather glanced down at Summer, smiling at the panicked look on her face. "Well, sure!"

"No!" Summer protested. "I not fiwsty!" She gasped as she heard herself speak, hands shooting to her mouth. What was wrong with her?!

"Isn't she cute?" Heather cooed. "She's just so into it!"

"Nooo," Summer complained, wishing she could get them to understand that she wasn't playing along, that this wasn't supposed to be happening.

"Don't worry," Heather told Valerie as she went about re-filling the bottle. "You can't trust kids about this stuff... You can't risk them getting dehydrated, so sometimes you just have to make them drink."

"Not baby!" Summer stomped her foot in frustration.

"Of course you're not," Heather said patronizingly. "You're wearing your Pull-Ups, just like the big kid you are. Here you go. Just pop it in." Heather handed the now full bottle to Valerie, who took it eagerly, advancing on the unhappy Summer.

"Vaw, no," she sniffled, backing away. Valerie took that opportunity to do as her teacher had told her, and, to her dismay, Summer's jaws began working right away, giving no regard to how full she was already feeling from that first bottle.

"See? I told you she was thirsty. She's just cranky. I thought the nap would fix it, but I guess that's just how she is." Heather patted Summer's head as she went about putting the juice back in the fridge before leaning against the counter, watching the show. She noticed the pacifier sitting there and smiled, picking it up and playing absentmindedly with it. When the second bottle was finally finished, leaving Summer feeling as if her back teeth were swimming in the stuff, Heather moved forward quickly, shoving the pacifier into her mouth. "That's why we use these," she explained. "To keep cranky babies quiet."

Chapter Eleven

Before she could stop herself, before realizing that it was already too late, Summer began to protest, to beg for mercy in her mangled voice, only to stop quickly as that produced a burst of castor oil in her mouth, enough to leave her wrinkling her nose at the foul taste, nearly gagging. She began to drool again, though this time she meant to do it, trying to push as much of the oil out around her pacifier as she possibly could, leaving the slick, clear stuff running down her chin rather than her throat, though there was still  plenty of it getting in there, too.

"We'd better make sure to put her bib back on her," Heather said, taking a washcloth from the sink and wiping Summer's face. "Did you pick something out for her to wear?"

"Uh-huh!" Valerie nodded enthusiastically. "I thought she'd want to try on her new clothes!"

"Oh, that's a great idea!" Heather praised her. "Good thinking!"

Heather grabbed Summer's hand, leading the miserable girl out of the kitchen. The castor oil, being much thinner than the soap, was running out of her pacifier much faster, and there was no way for her to get rid of all of it. And, as if that wasn't bad enough, all the apple juice was making her feel very full and uncomfortable. She wasn't sure what she'd done to deserve all this, but she was more than willing to apologize profusely for it, swear never to do it, do whatever she had to in order to make up for it, if she could just talk.

Somewhat surprisingly to her, her misery did not go unnoticed. "What's wrong, Summer?" Valerie asked, sounding rather concerned as they got into the living room. Heather let go of her hand and turned to take a look at her, also noticing the sour, unhappy expression on her face.

Heather tugged out the back of the Pull-Up, then slipped two fingers into the crotch of it, just to be sure. Summer found herself squirming slightly, but, otherwise she was more bothered by how much she was getting used to this invasion of her privacy already, resigning herself to it, since, at the moment, there was nothing she could do about it. "Well, she hasn't had an accident," Heather said, "and she just had a bottle and a nap... Maybe she's just in a bad mood. Sometimes babies are just like that. You try and try to figure out what's wrong with them, but there just isn't anything. Don't worry about it. I'm sure she'll perk back up soon enough. Now, let's get busy!"

Summer groaned as the other two girls began to get things ready, squirming in place, pressing her fingers against her padded crotch as her overfull bladder spasmed. Reflexively, she bit into her pacifier as she fought to keep her body under control, sending a fresh wave of the disgusting oil into her tummy. Heather turned around first, grinning as she spotted Summer's position, but rather than saying anything about it, she firmly moved her hands aside, finishing right before Valerie could see them.

"Arms up," Heather commanded. Summer obeyed, not wanting any more trouble, staring upwards as she saw Heather starting to pull the Disney Princess training bra that had been bought for her down over her arms. She was sure that it wouldn't fit, that there was no way. At first, it was, indeed, a tight fit, though Heather just persisted through it, tugging it further and further down. "Almost done!" she declared as she finally managed to get it all the way down her arm. This was where Summer was positive it had to stop, as there was no way something like that, designed for flat-chested pre-teens, could fit on her.

And then Heather began to tug it down and over her breasts as she watched, horrified as the cloth seemed to grow, getting larger and larger until, finally, it was big enough, and Heather let it snap down into place. Summer let out an involuntary gasp as the thick cotton pressed down against her tightly. Her breasts pushed against it, but the training bra pushed back harder, compressing them down almost painfully, forcing the air out of her lungs. It took her a moment or two to feel as if she could breathe normally again, as she regained her composure, enough time for her to feel a small spurt of pee make its way into her Pull-Up, a dash of warmth and wetness around her crotch. She stared down fearfully at the feeling, squirming, glad to see that, while one of the flowers on her Pull-Up did look a bit smudged, it wasn't terribly obvious what had just happened in her pants.

She was less happy about what she saw a little higher up on her body, however, the same picture from her training pants staring at her from her chest, her breasts straining against it unsuccessfully, smashed down so that she looked almost totally flat. Her stomach, which normally was quite flat, from years of exercise to get, and maintain, the perfect figure for cheerleading, seemed to puff out slightly in comparison, making her look as if she was still holding onto a bit of baby fat, even though she'd worked so hard to rid herself of that years ago. It was, most definitely, not the, "Perfect fit!" that Heather declared it, and was almost physically disorienting to stare down at, leaving her too stunned to do anything but stare at it as Heather took another picture of her on her phone.

"Look at you," Heather cooed, stepping in closer. "In your little training panties and training bra... They fit you so well, sweetie, because you're just so clearly not ready for the real thing, in either area."

"And this!" Valerie broke in, holding out the tutu.

"Of course!" Heather nodded, taking it and having Summer step into it resignedly, the nearly transparent, pink tulle falling down over her Pull-Up, flouncing out, doing almost nothing to hide what was underneath. "And we need to give her this back." She picked up the bib, wiping Summer's damp face with it before tying it back around her neck. "Hey, do you want to do her hair?"

Valerie nodded eagerly, then rushed upstairs to retrieve the supplies Heather told her they'd need. Heather then turned to Summer, grinning. "Oh, just look at you," she said, poking her tummy. "The big, bad head cheerleader... I've got girl in my ballet class who look more mature than you. Hell - I think all of them do. I can't believe I let a little brat like you push me around in high school. You know, I was even a little afraid of you. How ridiculous is that? Me, afraid of an overgrown toddler like you?"

Summer sniffled, feeling a little scared now, unsure what this girl was going to do to her, blushing slightly as another rush of pee escaped her bladder. It was quite a relief to hear Valerie bouncing back down the stairs, knowing she was at least relatively safe. "Sit down on the floor," Heather instructed her as Valerie came over to the couch. Summer complied, feeling the now slightly more damp padding squelch slightly beneath her.

"Go ahead and brush her hair," Heather told Valerie, who was quick to comply. Summer squirmed on the floor, doing her best to keep her Pull-Up from getting any wetter, being scolded every now and then to keep still. Heather guided Valerie through a few more steps, and then, satisfied, stood Summer up and led her over to a mirror. "Now, don't you look precious?"

Summer kept her strawberry blonde hair fairly short, not even shoulder length, but it was just long enough to pull into a pair of tiny ponytails, held in place with pink ribbons. Combined with the rest of her outfit, she really had no choice but to nod in agreement. If she saw this girl in the reflection out somewhere, she'd have had no choice but to tell her mother that her daughter was adorable. But this was no little girl... This was her. That fact was almost impossible to accept, but after all she'd been through that day, she knew she had to. Like it or not, this was who she was now. And that thought just made her all the more determined to get back to the old woman's house and beg for forgiveness, before it was too late.

Chapter Twelve

Unfortunately, that wasn't something she was going to be able to do anytime soon. Heather and Valerie were far too happy with their new plaything to think about leaving her alone long enough to sneak off, much less to run upstairs to throw something on so she wasn't running around outside dressed as she was and then sneak off.

Heather grinned at her in the mirror, while she squirmed, staring at the terrible reflection of what she'd become. She let out another muffled gasp as she felt her bladder spasm again, before she could stop it, watching as that one flower on her Pull-Up grew more and more fuzzy. She glanced up at Heather nervously, hoping she hadn't noticed, but the other girl just grinned, patting her padded bottom and guiding her back to the center of the living room.

"So," Heather said to Valerie, sitting down on the couch, "how do you think we should keep little Summy entertained now?"

Summer fidgeted helplessly, wondering what her step-sister would choose, almost not noticing the nickname she'd been given. She could feel her bladder seeming to get fuller ever moment, as her pacifier got more and more drained, leaving her chin wet, but not enough, as her stomach was already beginning to churn worryingly. She bent over slightly as her Pull-Up grew a little more wet, whimpering - her accidents were getting closer together now, and it was harder to stop them each time. Before long, she wouldn't be able to stop it once it started. If only she could go to the bathroom...

And then she had an idea. Waddling over to Valerie, she grabbed her hand, tugging at it urgently, trying to will her into figuring out what she wanted. All she needed to do was to have Val take her to the bathroom and take her Pull-Ups down. Humiliating, yes, but now that she was on the verge of a real accident, she thought she could live with it, especially since Valerie had already changed her, and likely would be doing so again if she didn't make it to the toilet.

"See?" Heather said, reaching out and taking Summer's hand, pulling her away from her sister. "She's getting bored. You have to keep babies entertained all the time, or they get fussy." With that, she pulled Summer over to her, attacking her exposed tummy with tickling fingers. Summer tried to squirm away, her Pull-Up growing more saturated as she failed, eyes growing wide as she wondered if this was it, if she'd be unable to close the floodgates now... But Heather stopped before that could happen, letting her go. She stumbled away a few steps then clumsily fell down, onto her bottom, already far too squishy for her liking. That one flower was gone now, erradicated by her accidents, and she could see another starting to go. Blushing, she tried to gather the crinkly lavender fabric of her skirt up, use it to cover that up.

"I know!" Valerie declared. "Why don't you dance for us? You're all dressed up like a little ballerina already!" Summer stared up at her, slightly shocked at this. Of course, her sister didn't know how full she was feeling after all that juice, how close she was coming to catastrophy, any of that...

"Perfect!" Heather exclaimed, getting up and helping Summer back to her feet. "We'll see what she can do, and then I'll see if she's ready for my class, or if she'll need some private lessons first. And it's always good to keep toddlers moving around to burn off all that excess energy, isn't it?" Summer moaned behind her pacifier as another few drops of urine dribbled out of her as Heather tickled her again, starting to wonder if she really would wind up having a big accident, or if it would just squeeze its way out of her a little at a time, until her bladder was empty and her Pull-Up full and sagging.

"Now, let's see... Here's some music from the Nutcracker," Heather said, digging her cell phone out of her pocket and scrolling through the music files she had stored on there, then handing it over to Valerie. "I'm sure you know some basic stuff, don't you? Let's see... Do you know what first position is?" Summer bit her bottom lip uncertainly, feeling like she should, but unable to think of it. "Come on, you know it," Heather encouraged her, then shrugged as Summer just stood there. "All right, put your feet together, then turn them out so they make a nice, straight line."

When Summer made no move to follow instructions, Heather knelt down beside her, pushing her feet together gently and then fanning them out. "There! Now, here's second position!" Summer found herself growing wetter as she nearly fell over while Heather tugged her feet apart. "See? Same thing, you just spread your feet! That's not so hard, is it?" Summer wobbled again as Heather began moving her around, keeping her feet pointing out in opposite directions, but putting one in front of the other. "There's third! Are you getting this?"

While Summer would have preferred not to have to do this, or, at least, if she did, to be shown what she had to do rather than having it done for her, she nodded anyway, feeling a bit annoyed at the implication that she might not be able to figure out something so simple.

"Good girl!" Heather praised her, before suddenly jerking one foot forward a few inches, leaving Summer's arms windmilling to keep her balance. "Fourth..." Heather said. "Just one more and you'll have all of those down! You're doing so good! Now, this one can be tricky..." Summer's feet were pushed together again, then slid across the floor until the ankle of one foot was right in front of the toes of the other. "Fifth!" Heather declared it, as Summer struggled to stay standing.

Heather straightened up, staring down at her. "Now, I'm sure you know what a plie is, don't you?" Summer had heard the term, certainly, but she couldn't match it to any particular move. "All right, go into first position." Summer didn't move until Heather started bending down again, then put her feet out, heels touching. "Good job!" Heather praised her. "Now, just bend your knees. Go on." Summer bent her knees a little, wondering if this was right. Heather came over to her, putting one hand on each shoulder, firmly pushing her down further.

"Good," Heather said. "This is a demi plie. Can you remember that? Because this next one is a plie, too... It's called the grand plie." Heather kept pushing her down. Summer could feel her heels starting to lift as she got down far enough, and she could feel her tummy rumbling, as it felt her getting into what seemed like a squat. Heather held her there for a moment, wobbling on her toes, watching her squirm, then let go of her, letting her stand back up. "Not bad," she nodded. "Now, let's see... I know you're not ready for a pirouette... I don't know if you're quite flexible enough for a developpe... Oh, I know! Let's do a rond de jambe! Doesn't that sound fun? Even the name is great! Can you say it?"

With her pacifier in, obviously she couldn't, but Summer perked up slightly, wondering if this would be a good way to get it taken out. She pointed up towards it hopefully. "Oh, I know," Heather said, patting her head. "You like your paci too much, don't you? Well, it's fun to do, too. Back in first!" Resigned to her fate, Summer put her feet back together. "Now, point one foot forward!"

Not quite sure what she was talking about, Summer turned her right foot so it was facing forward, glancing over at her teacher uncertainly. "No, no," Heather shook her head. "Keep it pointed out... Just slide it forward..." She knelt back down, grabbing Summer's foot and pushing it forward, then lifting her heel slightly. "There we go," Heather said, then began to slide her foot across the floor, making an arc until it was to one side, pausing for a moment and then finishing the movement until that foot was behind Summer, then swept it forward again, so that it was pointing forward.

"There!" Heather declared. "Now, after that, tendus are simple! You're almost doing a front one right now! You just start in fifth position, then slide your foot forward like that... And to do a side one, you slide out to the side... And do you know how to do a back one?" Summer, of course, did, but couldn't answer, which made her blush as Heather admonished her, "Oh, you silly goose! It's so easy! You just slide your foot back! Now, I'm just going to teach you one more thing, and then we'll get started. You can't really do a full eleve, but you can do a bit of one... Now, get in second... Good... And just get up on your toes! Lift your heels! Good!"

Summer couldn't help but feel a bit proud at the praise. This was all so easy... No wonder little kids could do it! "Okay, I just want to review the grand plie one more time," Heather said. "Do you remember how it starts?" Summer nodded, putting her feet into first position. "Now, plie!" Summer began to bend tentatively, feeling a slight cramp in her stomach. "Not quite," Heather said, walking to her and pushing her down again, holding the squirming girl there. Summer blushed, and Heather grinned, as she heard a low rumble coming from her as she wiggled. "Got something brewing in that tummy, too, do you?" Heather whispered to her deviously, letting go of one of her shoulders and patting Summer's stomach
with that hand. "Oh, isn't that a cute nickname?" she asked as she got back up, leaving Summer to do the same on her own. "Summy the Tummy!"

Summer's cheeks burned red as she heard it, wanting to die. She preferred that, if people mentioned her stomach at all, it was to comment on how toned it was, a connotation one often didn't associate with the term tummy. She was certainly sure that wasn't what Heather meant, even before the girl grabbed her and patted it. "She's got a cute little one, doesn't she? Summy Tummy... Sum-Tum..." Summer squirmed, whimpering, as Heather began to rub her stomach as Valerie giggled, nodding her approval, her only relief coming as, at last, the castor oil ran out, leaving her with just a plain pacifier in her mouth. It still wasn't ideal, but it did make her situation slightly more tolerable.

At least until Heather at last let her go, standing up and backing away. "All right, let's see what you learned, Summy-Tum. Valerie... Press play."

Chapter Thirteen

"Now... First!" Summer, still feeling somewhat distracted by all the commotion that had just stopped, could only stand there dumbly for a moment, until Heather repeated, "First position!" Summer quickly slid her feet into position. "Good! Now, second... No, no..." Summer looked up, confused, sure that she was right. "You have to feel the music, Summy! Move with it! Restart the song for me, Valerie!"

The music started again, and Heather again barked, "First!" Feeling a little more self-conscious now, Summer started to fan her feet out, only for Heather to shake her head. "What are you doing? Don't take all day! Didn't you ever work with music on your little cheerleading squad?" Summer blushed as the music stopped and began one more time. "First!" Heather called, and Summer tried it again, trying to match how she'd done it the first time around. It was apparently good enough, as Heather didn't make her stop again, though she was a bit surprised by the next move. "Now, demi plie! No, even a demi is deeper than that!"

Summer squatted down further, feeling a bit flustered, having been preparing to just slide out to second position. She began to stand back up, only to be told, "Stay there! Hold it..." The words turned out to be quite apt, as a moment later she felt her bladder evacuating itself just a little more. She wobbled as her hands shot down to her crotch, blushing as she felt how soggy her Pull-Up had gotten during her little lesson.

"No, no, your hands don't go there!" Heather snapped at her. "I know we didn't talk much about that, but even a little baby like you must know a lady never touches herself like that! Certainly not while dancing!" Blushing, Summer moved her hands, wishing she could at least cross her legs, but of course that wasn't a ballet move. "One more time, Val!"

Summer straightened back up quickly, gasping as more pee trickled out of her and into her Pull-Up as she moved, starting to ignore her inner pleadings with her bladder now. She pressed her thighs together as she waited for the first few notes of the song to ring out once more, knowing she had to contain herself before that, or, most likely, the battle was over.

"All right, we know you can do first position," Heather said. "Let's start with second this time." Summer whimpered softly as another cramp hit her bladder, making her squeeze her legs tighter together, rather than spreading them apart. "Don't tell me you've already forgotten it!" Heather shook her head, starting to walk over. Summer tried to protest that she hadn't, that it would just take another moment, but Heather was already in front of her, kneeling down and grabbing her feet, twisting and pulling them into place, forcing them away from one another.

Summer gasped as, at last, her bladder gave in altogether. This time, it wasn't a trickle that made its way into her waiting padding, but a flood, soaking her Pull-Up all at once as she stood there, stunned at how helpless she was to stop it now that it had begun. She was sure all the flowers were swept away now, as the Pull-Up felt heavy and droopy between her legs. She knew that Heather noticed, too, by the grin on her face. She blushed, squirming slightly, then turned an even brighter red as she felt a drop of urine begin to run down her inner thigh as Heather let her go and she pulled her legs back into their normal standing position.

Heather shook her head as she stood back up, looking over at Valerie. "She's just not ready yet," she told her. "I can keep giving her private lessons, but I think it's going to be quite a while before she's ready for real classes." Valerie nodded, though she looked rather disappointed at the news. "It's a lot harder than cheerleading, isn't it, Sum-Tum-Tum? It's not just wearing a short skirt and jumping around and trying to show your panties off to as many people as you can, now is it?"

Summer glared at her, wishing she could ask why Heather had wanted so badly to be in the squad, if that's all she thought it was. Instead, she felt her eyes go wide as Heather roughly patted her bottom, forcing several more drops of moisture out of the sodden padding and down her legs. "Oh, no, Summy!" the other girl exclaimed in mock surprise. "Look at this!" she declared, flipping the tutu up, showing the soaked Pull-Up off to Valerie as Summer stood there bashfully. "Guess we didn't do so good of a job at checking her, or taking her to the potty, did we? Look at how soaked she is!"

Summer could have died as Valerie pointed at her, saying, almost excitedly, "Look, she's leaking!"

"Oh, this just won't do," Heather fretted. "Let's get her up to the bathroom before she makes a mess all over."

Valerie was all too happy to do as she was told, getting up from the couch and grabbing Summer's hand, leading her upstairs as Heather trailed behind. Summer could hear Heather pressing numbers on her phone... As much as Summer didn't want to know who she was calling, she was feeling just as nervous about who it could be. There was very little chance that it would be good news for her.

"Get her into the tub, we'll change her there," Heather instructed. "I'll get the supplies."

For a moment, Summer had a flash of hope. She would be alone with Valerie in the bathroom! If she could just get her to take her Pull-Up off before Heather got in, she'd be able to use a toilet like a normal person! Except, of course, that her bladder was already empty, and, as much as her tummy was beginning to feel upset from the castor oil, she was pretty sure it didn't work fast enough that she'd be able to empty them yet. So all she could really do was stand there in the tub staring at Valerie, who was standing in front of the toilet she wanted so badly to be able to use again, someday, feeling awkward, until Heather came in.

"Sorry to bother you," she was saying into her phone. "I just thought I'd tell you that you should probably pick some diapers up for Summy... Well, she's an awfully heavy wetter, so I think it would be a good idea for her to wear them at night, at least, to protect her mattress. Yes, no problem!"

Summer fumed and whined behind her pacifier, trying to make herself heard. She even tried to reach out and grab the phone from Heather, but she just swatted her hands away absentmindedly, as if she really were just a little toddler. She tried to defend herself, to tell them that the only reason she'd wet so much was because of all the juice, but nothing but soft, babyish sounds made their way out from behind her pacifier. She felt tears of frustration forming in her eyes, running slowly down her cheeks, to match the liquid making its way down her legs.

"Hmm... I think Pampers would be good, don't you, Summy-Tums?" Summer shook her head vehemently, feeling her tears begin to fall more quickly as Heather simply ignored her, lying, "Oh, she loves that." It just wasn't fair! Summer wished she could believe that Pampers wouldn't fit her, but by now, she knew better. She stomped her foot, trying to get her mother's attention on the other end of the line, as if she'd know just what that meant - Heather was already hanging up, anyway.

"All right, you can go ahead and start getting her undressed," Heather said to Val. Valerie was eager to do so, pushing the tutu out of the way and ripping the sides of the Pull-Up, letting it fall to the tub with a dull, wet splat. "See? It's a good thing we had her in here, or that might have gotten the floor all wet!" Summer endured the cold baby wipes, squirming at their touch, and sulkily stepped into her fresh Pull-Up.

Valerie took her hand and helped her out of the tub, reaching out and tickling her belly once she was on solid ground again. Summer was very much not in the mood for this, so she tried to push her sister's hands away. When Valerie persisted, however, she reached out for her sister's shoulders, shoving her away by them instead, a little too hard. Valerie stumbled backward, slipping on the linoleum floor and falling backward, head bouncing against the wall.

Immediately, Heather leapt forward, grabbing Summer's arm roughly, giving her a shake whenever she tried to pull away, then holding her other hand out to Valerie. "Are you okay, hon?" she asked as the dazed girl got back up, sniffling softly.

"I-I'm all right..." she said uncertainly. Heather had her sit down, running her fingers over her head gently, cooing softly at her as she fought back tears.

"Come on, let's go sit down in the living room," Heather told her, helping her up again and shepherding her out of the room, Summer still in tow. Once Valerie was sitting, Summer found herself thrust in front of her. "Apologize to your sister," Heather ordered her.

While Summer was upset about what was going on, and not happy with Valerie for how she was contributing to it, she would have gladly done so - she hadn't meant to push her quite so hard. But, of course, she couldn't, not with the pacifier still firmly stuck in her mouth. She tried pointing that out, but Heather didn't take it so well. "Yes, I see your pacifier, and I know you're just a little toddler, but even you must know you can't act like that!"

Summer stomped her foot, her hands clenching into fists. Why could they not understand what she was trying to say?! Of course, that only made things worse. "Don't you throw a tantrum, young lady! I'm sure your mommy doesn't let you act like that when she's here, and you sure aren't going while I'm around. You apologize right this instant! I'm not playing with you!"

Still unable to do as she was told, Summer just glared at Heather, willing her to figure out why she was staying silent. Instead, Heather dragged her over to Donald's armchair. Summer knew what was going on even before Heather sat, and was trying to thrash her way free even before she was pulled over her lap. "One more chance," Heather told her. Summer shook her head desperately, trying to stop it, to give herself more time to find a way to get one of them to take her pacifier out.

Then she felt Heather's hand, swinging down hard against the back of her Pull-Up, against her all too well spanked bottom. Summer's pained yelp was lost in her pacifier's bulb, though tears quickly sprang to her eyes as Heather continued the spanking, her hand somehow finding all the most painful spots to hit. If it hadn't been for those other spankings earlier in the day, Summer was pretty sure this one would barely have hurt at all, especially not through her Pull-Up. Now, though, it left her sprawled across this younger girl's lap, bawling her eyes out.

Finally, Heather seemed satisfied, and she got up, guiding Summer over to the corner of the living room and putting her nose into it. That was almost as bad as the spanking had been - here she was, an adult, made to stand in the corner like a naughty toddler, red bottom clearly visible around the edges of her Pull-Up, face still wet with tears, on display for two younger girls. If the pacifier, and the wet Pull-Up, and her ride in the car seat, hadn't been enough, this was definite proof that she was just a little kid now. And not a particularly well behaved one at that.

After what felt like hours, Heather let her out of the corner, sitting her down in the middle of the floor. Valerie was still sitting on the couch, sulking, glaring at her every now and then. A few minutes later, she perked up at the sound of a car pulling into the driveway. Summer's stomach, which was already churning from the oil, gave a lurch as she wondered who it would be. It was somewhat of a relief to see her mother walk in, even if she was carrying a bag that she knew had a package of Pampers in it, Pampers that she would eventually find herself in.

"Why don't you run these up to your little sister's room?" she suggested, holding the bag out to Valerie, who was all too enthusiastic to do so. "I want to thank you for this," she said to Heather once they were 'alone', as Summer was sure her presence there didn't really count. "I know it was short notice, and a little strange..."

"Oh, trust me," Heather smiled. "It was my pleasure."

"Well, good," Summer's mother nodded. "Because it would be great to have you for the rest of the week. Now, if you need to run, I understand, but you're more than welcome to stay for dinner. My husband will be home soon, so you'd only have to watch the kids for a little while longer, and then you can relax."

"No problem," Heather said. "I'd love to!"

Sure enough, just a few minutes after her mother vanished into the kitchen to cook, and Valerie came back down from her room, Summer's stomach flip-flopped again as another car roared to a stop outside the house. Donald was a nice enough guy, but he had always seemed to her to be trying too hard to be getting on her good side, even once he and her mom were married. She'd just met him too late in her life to be able to think of him as her father, something she knew he hated. Would he make a big deal out of this, as some kind of second chance to build a relationship? She hoped not. There were already far too many people making a big deal out of her new status. She didn't need another one.

He came in, walking behind the couch to give Valerie a kiss on the top of her head, and when she saw him look at her, Summer knew she'd been right. He walked over to her, swooping her up into his arms, then sat down in his chair, setting her down on top of him, her legs straddling one of his, wordlessly accepting it all, as if there was nothing strange about it. She winced as he began bouncing her up and down, one arm around her stomach, sore bottom thudding against his leg, as he began chatting with Heather, asking her what grade she was in, how she was doing in school, all the normal things she could imagine him asking any babysitter they hired if he had a moment alone with them.

It was only once her mother called them all in to dinner that he gave any indication that he hadn't just been enchanted to believe she really was a toddler, and always had been. He paused for a moment while Heather and Valerie hurried into the dining room, giving her one final bounce. "Your mother told me about all this," he told her, rubbing her back. "And, I must say, you're even more suited to it than I expected. It'll be nice having a toddler around the house again." With that, he stood up, with her in his arms, and carried her to the table, setting her down at her place. And, though the hard wooden chair beneath her made her squirm in pain, she was quite relieved not to have found a high chair waiting for her there.

Chapter Fourteen

After the other, rather humiliating, events of the day, Summer was a bit surprised at how subdued things were. She had her bib on, of course, though she'd nearly forgotten about it, since she'd been wearing it for quite a while, but other than that, the rest of what she was wearing, and the pain in her backside, she could almost have forgotten what had happened to her that day as she sat there, staring down at her plate of food.

Except, of course, that she couldn't actually eat any of it. She grumbled behind her pacifier, stomach growling, and not just in protest of the castor oil doing its work in there. It had been a while since she'd eaten lunch, and even that, she remembered, she'd barely touched because of how badly her mouth still tasted of soap. If nothing else, the two bottles of juice had taken care of that. But, as much as she wanted to dig into the plate of pork chops, pasta, and green beans in front of her, and as glad as she was to be allowed to do so herself, she couldn't do anything about it.

At least not until Heather giggled at her, leaning over. "Silly baby," she chastised her. "I know you love your paci, but you have to take it out to eat!" Summer blushed as she felt the pacifier being removed, but felt quite grateful to the other girl, no matter how much she'd tortured her that day.

Picking up her fork, she looked over her plate, then speared a few noodles, lifting them up to her mouth hungrily, only to crinkle her nose in surprise as they went in. It was as if her mother - always a great cook - had overdone them completely, to the point where they were just barely keeping their shape. She swallowed it, giving her food a closer look. The pasta didn't look overdone, and her second forkful, like the first, now that she thought about it, didn't disintegrate when she jabbed it, like she'd have expected it to do. Yet by the time it got to her mouth, the noodles had become a pile of mush.

Deciding to move on to something else, she cut a piece of her porkchop and tried it, but the disparity in texture between what she was expecting and what she got was even greater. It wasn't that it, or the pasta, tasted bad, it was just a very strange experience to expect to have to chew it, only to find that it was, somehow, pre-processed. Almost like... Her heart beat a little faster for a moment as she thought of it, getting herself another bite. This time, she brought it up to her mouth more slowly, watching it, and, sure enough, right before it went in, she could actually see her fork transform into a spoon, saw the pork on it liquefy into baby food.

It was impossible, of course, but no more so than the rest of her day had been. Still, knowing what was going on only seemed to make the food paste taste worse, and, hungry as she had been, she found herself stopping after a few more bites. Heather noticed this, too, though Summer was much less happy about that.

"Come on, you have to eat up all your food, sweetie, so you can grow up to be a big girl!" she encouraged her.

Summer blushed, squirming back into her seat as she felt the eyes of her family focus on her. "Aren't you feeling well, honey?" her mother asked. She shrugged uncertainly, not wanting to say anything, sure her voice hadn't gotten back to normal, and not sure what she could actually say anyway.

"I know..." Heather declared, sliding Summer's plate closer to her, taking her fork and knife as well and starting to cut her food up into bite-sized chunks.

"I should have thought of that!" her mother said, shaking her head. "So silly of me... Oh, you don't have to do that, Heather, I can..."

"No, it's all right," Heather told her, smiling. "I like to help."

Summer's stomach turned as she watched, knowing each of those bites was another spoonful of mush she was going to have to force down. "Aren't you going to thank her?" her mother asked her pointedly.

She withheld a sigh, and a refusal, sure both would land her in more trouble, and, instead, gave a quiet, "Fank you," blushing again at her mother's coo of approval.

"How sweet!" she exclaimed, getting agreements from the rest of the table.

"No problem, Summy," Heather grinned at her, sliding the plate back towards her. When Summer made no move to pick up her fork, Heather scooted her chair a little closer. "Do you want me to feed it to you, too?"

Summer shook her head, quickly grabbing her fork, getting a piece of green bean, then doing her best to smile as she downed the pulped form it morphed into. She reminded herself that it would have just ended up like that once she'd chewed it anyway, but it was still difficult to get used to not having to do that. Every time she slowed her eating down, Heather would inch her chair ever so slightly closer to her, the threat obvious, and she'd make herself swallow faster. Heather looked rather disappointed that Summer managed, if only barely, to clean her plate, though she took that as an opportunity to go into the kitchen, coming back with a bottle of milk.

"Not fiwsty," Summer protested as she saw it.

"Now, now, you need to wash your dinner down with something," Heather told her. "Just have a sip." She pushed the nipple into Summer's mouth, and, just like earlier that afternoon, Summer felt her lips begin sucking at it automatically, her hands reaching up to take it. Even though her stomach already felt too full from her dinner, she couldn't help herself - her body just wouldn't stop drinking until she'd drained the bottle completely, leaving her sitting there feeling bloated and lethargic, like a tick about to pop, not even trying to bat away the pacifier, though as soon as it was in, she wished she had. Her nose wrinkled as her mouth was bathed in another flavor, one the pacifier had apparently acquired while she'd been eating, not paying attention to whether it was lying still on the table or not. It took her a moment or two to recognize it as prune juice. It was better than castor oil, she supposed, but it was just one more thing added to the list of indignities she'd suffered that day - one too many.

She sniffled softly, feeling tears start to run down her face. "Aww, there, there," her mother comforted her, hurrying to her side and giving her a hug. "It's all right... You've had a big day, huh?"

"You should probably put her to bed," Heather suggested helpfully. "I can give her a bath tomorrow, so you don't have to worry about doing that tonight."

Summer shook her head, but her mother just chuckled, squeezing her again. "I know you don't like them, but you have to have a bath sometime!" she told her. "Now, come on. Your babysitter's right, it's bedtime!"

"I can help," Heather offered, scooping Summer up into her arms.

"You don't have to do that," her mother said. "You've already been here most of the afternoon, and I'm sure you have better things to do..."

"No, I want to," Heather shook her head. "She's just too precious! I can't tear myself away!" She laughed as she watched Summer squirm when she poked her stomach. "Besides, I have my class I have to teach tomorrow night, so I won't be able to put her to bed then."

"Well, if you want," Summer's mother shrugged, ignoring her daughter's attempts to get her attention. "You know where her room is, I'm sure. Come on, Valerie, isn't it your turn to clear the table?"

Summer squirmed desperately in Heather's arms, watching powerlessly as she was taken away from the dining room, up to her bedroom, where she knew there was a fresh package of Pampers waiting for her. She still remembered that terrible vision in the bathroom, and, while she hoped it wasn't a true premonition of her future, she had to admit the fact that she'd been wearing Pampers there, too, made her nervous. Prune juice cascaded from her pacifier down her throat as she thrashed, until Heather finally grew tired of it and gave her bottom a slap, which calmed her down quickly.

"You're going to be good," Heather told her, "or I will spank you again. And don't think I won't go find a hairbrush to do it with this time."

Summer was sure that she'd do it, so, much as she wanted to delay the inevitable fate she was being taken to, she made herself stay still, not daring to move at all, lest Heather take even the slightest twitch as an excuse to carry out her threat.

She was set down on her feet when they got to her room, her tutu removed and set aside before Heather checked her, sounding almost disappointed when she announced, "Guess you managed to be a big girl for an hour or two, anyway," though she perked right up as she saw the bag waiting on the bed, patting the back of Summer's Pull-Up and gleefully watching her blush and squirm. "Too bad your little bottom's still going into a nice, thick diaper anyway. Right where it belongs."

Chapter Fifteen

As much as she wanted to run away, Summer found herself rooted to the floor in fear as she watched Heather pull what appeared to be a pink blanket out of the shopping bag, though when she spread it out on the bed, running her fingers across it, it made a plasticky rustling noise that helped Summer identify it as a changing pad. When she was satisfied with that, she turned to face Summer again, reaching towards her, fingers sliding under the bottom of the training bra and then pulling it up, raising Summer's arms as it went, tossing it to the side with the tutu.

It was quite a relief to be free of its crushing embrace, and she managed a small sigh of relief. She glanced down at herself, glad to be able to see her breasts again, and not just a flat expanse of Disney decorated cloth, though she was a bit surprised to see her stomach still sticking out slightly, having thought for sure that was the result of the training bra. She thought she might have gained a little weight at school, but it hadn't been that much, had it? The food there must have been really good for her to overindulge like that, she thought, resolving to work out more once she got back there.

But as she stared down at herself, trying to remember what the food at her school tasted like, she found she couldn't. She wasn't even sure if it really was good, as she assumed it must have been, or just all right, as she could clearly remember the food in her high school cafeteria being. And, while she could picture that cafeteria clearly, despite not having been there in nearly a year, when she tried to recall what the one at her new school looked like, she could only draw a blank. Her stomach lurched slightly, feeling almost as if this break in her memory was an actual chasm she was standing at the edge of, staring down into.

'It's just stress,' she told herself, mostly to keep from freaking out. 'And I'm just a little bloated from that meal tonight... That's all...' She didn't know how true any of that was, but she had to believe it, for the time being anyway.

"Here we go!" Heather exclaimed, picking her up and depositing her onto the changing pad, pushing her back so that she was lying down. "You know, while we were at high school, I thought of a million ways to cut you down to size... But not a single one of them was half as good as this." She reached over, taking the package of Pampers out of the bag and ripping them out. Summer gulped as she watched, and not just to avoid drowning in prune juice, staring at the rows of diapers sitting inside, just waiting. Heather pulled one out and opened it, sniffing at it. "There's just nothing quite like the scent of a fresh Pamper," she said, holding it out to Summer.

Summer tried to squirm away, but couldn't avoid that strange, sweet, utterly babyish smell. "You know, I have a baby sister, and I still haven't smelled this in a long time. To tell you the truth, I was a little sad when we stopped buying these. Pull-Ups are cute and all, but they just aren't the same, huh?" Summer mumbled and burbled in horror behind her pacifier, sniffling as she stared up at the thing. "Oh, you don't know? Well, I'll just have to show you, then."

Heather set the Pamper down beside Summer, then ran her hands over her stomach, tickling her slightly, moving them to the waistband of the Pull-Up. Summer glanced at the door, half expecting to see Valerie there. What would happen if she wasn't around to take off her Pull-Up? She was sure Heather was going to be surprised when it didn't come off. Maybe she'd even go so far as to remove her pacifier and ask for an explanation. It would be tough, but Summer was already thinking of how to explain this to her. She didn't expect much sympathy, but maybe it would be enough to stay Heather's hand for a minute or two. Well, it would have to be - she'd have to wait for Val, or take her to see the witch. Summer began trying to figure out how to get the latter to happen, how she'd beg for mercy once she was over there and hopefully get rid of this curse once and for all.

Then she felt a strange coolness against her crotch. She stared down at herself in surprise, shocked to see her Pull-Up already halfway down her legs, and going further as Heather tugged on it, feeding her feet through the leg holes and then tossing it to one side. Maybe, Summer reasoned, there was an exception for the spell in this case, since Heather was putting her into a diaper. Or maybe she'd just misinterpreted the rules in the first place, and the only one who couldn't take off her underthings was her.

"Lift up," Heather instructed, picking the diaper back up. Summer whimpered, but when she didn't obey, Heather just grabbed her feet, pushing them in towards her body and then up, lifting her whole backside in the process, high enough to slide the diaper underneath. Summer winced as she felt herself being lowered onto the garment, but once she was on it, she had to admit that it wasn't nearly as bad as she'd expected. In fact, she was pretty sure it wasn't any thicker than her Pull-Ups had been. She'd just been worrying about it too much, that was all.

"Let's get you powdered up!" Heather said, taking a container of baby powder from the bag next, sliding open the top and shaking it over Summer's crotch. Clouds of white powder drifted down onto her, their scent soon permeating the room, mixing with the smell of Pampers, still fresh in Summer's nose, combining into the perfect baby perfume. Valerie had been well out of diapers by the time her mother had met Donald, and she was never one for babysitting, so it wasn't often that she'd been around babies, much less smelled them, but this was strong enough that she instantly recognized it, and began to cry as it really hit her that it was coming from her.

"Aww, it's all right," Heather said comfortingly, rubbing her stomach gently. "We're almost done. You'll be in your nice diaper in just a jiffy! I just want to make you smell nice and sweet... Not that it will last long, will it?" Summer whimpered as the massaging fingers pressed in deeper into her rumbling tummy, turned from a circle into a kneading motion, as if Heather was trying to form her belly into a ball of dough. But Summer knew all too well that wasn't what she was doing. "I'm sorry I'll miss that. But I doubt it will be your last, will it, Tummy? And I'll be over first thing in the morning, so I'm sure I'll get to see you in it... I'm just sad I won't get to watch you wriggling around on your bed, your face all red... Oh, well. I'm sure it'll be quite the show."

Summer sniffled miserably as Heather's fingers moved downward, to her crotch, rubbing the powder into her skin before wiping her hands off on Summer's leg. "One more dash!" she announced, picking the powder back up and giving it a squeeze before grabbing the front of the diaper and pulling it upwards. It was then that Summer's fears came to life, as she could feel the diaper growing as it moved, somehow becoming bigger, enough to fit her, and thicker, much thicker. She felt her bottom being pushed upwards from her bed as it grew beneath her, her legs being forced apart as it was brought up between them. She squirmed helplessly as she felt the thick padding pressing against her sensitive areas, as unsexy a thing as she could imagine to have covering them, yet inescapable. She felt like she was being engulfed by it.

She felt the last of the prune juice drain out, thankfully, as she tried to beg for mercy when she heard, and saw, the first tape being undone, pulled tightly across her stomach, then fastened shut. It was just tape, and really only designed for toddlers, yet she knew that it might as well be a steel band welded around her waist. She fidgeted, squirming in the other direction, trying to get out before it was too late, but Heather was already working on the other side, and, before Summer knew it, she was feeling Heather's fingers pressing down on the tape, sealing her in.

It was over. She - an adult, a college student, a former head cheerleader - was diapered, nay, Pampered, and that wasn't changing until someone else decided it was time. And she couldn't even speed that time along, as she was gagged, all but completely silenced, by her pacifier.

She lied there, on her back, stunned, while Heather tugged the changing pad out from under her, putting it with the other supplies in the shopping bag and setting them on her dresser, then set about putting away all the clothes she'd cast aside during the diapering. "It's pretty warm out tonight," she commented as she worked. "I think you'll be fine in just a diaper."

Even if she'd had a free mouth, Summer wasn't sure if she'd have been able to answer, but that was all right, as Heather didn't seem to expect one. She walked back over to the bed and plucked Summer off, setting her on her feet as she straightened the blankets, then pulled a corner of them back. Summer found herself having to stand bow-legged, the thickness of her diaper keeping her legs well apart. She was sure that, if she tried to walk anywhere, she'd have quite a pronounced waddle, perhaps enough to make it easier to crawl.

She whimpered, that thought triggering her memory of the vision in the bathroom mirror again. No, she wasn't going to crawl. It would be hard, but if she had to get anywhere in this diaper, she'd walk on her own two feet, like the woman she was! No matter how hard it was.

Heather picked her up, sliding her into her bed, then taking a quick snapshot of her with her phone before tucking her in tightly, as she had for her nap earlier that day. She untied the ribbons holding Summer's ponytails in place, putting them on her desk, then walked back over and kissed her forehead. "See you tomorrow, baby," she promised, though it sounded more like a threat to Summer.

After a few minutes, the rest of her family made their way in, each telling her goodnight. To her dismay, Valerie brought her another bottle of juice, apparently having taken Heather's advice about keeping her hydrated quite seriously. She was pleased to see Summer eagerly drain it, not knowing that she had no choice in the matter, then, before Summer could try to explain things to her, she made sure the pacifier was back in place.

As she made her way out of the room, Valerie turned off the light and closed the door, signaling the official end of Summer's day. It had been a long one, an exhausting one, an utterly humiliating one. What might be the worst part, Summer mused, was that it wasn't really over. She knew it couldn't be later than 7 - there was no way she could get to sleep for several hours. And from the grumbling sounds coming from deep inside her, she could tell that they were going to be far too eventful.

Chapter Sixteen

Summer found herself sweating almost instantly, squirming uncomfortably beneath her restrictive blankets. It was worst for her poor bottom, hot and red and still slightly stinging from all the abuse it had suffered that day, encased not only beneath her covers, but also the thick padding and crinkling plastic of her Pamper. The rest of her body was warm, too, as the day's heat had yet to really begin to fade away, since it was so early, but her crotch felt like it was in a sauna.

"Please let me out," she begged quietly from behind her pacifier, figuring it didn't matter if her words were heard or not, since she was desperate enough to try talking to an inanimate object, thrashing against the blankets practically chaining her to the bed. It could have been her imagination, but they seemed to feel less tight to her now than they had at naptime, giving her a little - though not much - hope. She whimpered softly as a sudden cramp ran through her body, one that signaled the inevitable, horrible result of that castor oil she'd been force fed earlier that day. She knew she couldn't hold it back forever, or, judging from her vague memories of the times when she'd been a kid that her mother had made her drink the stuff for constipation, very long at all, but she wasn't about to give in so soon. She bit down hard on her pacifier, eyes tearing up slightly as she fought with her own body, forcing her muscles to calm back down.

She did it, but only barely, and she knew that the next time, or, at the latest, the time after that, she wouldn't be able to, not like this. She stared down at herself in the darkness of her room, her eyes having adjusted just enough to show her the outline of her own body under her covers. "Get out," she urged herself in an indecipherable mumble. "Get free." She focused on her right arm, watching the corresponding lump in her blankets while she wriggled it. At first, she could see no movement, but, just as she was about to give up, she saw the slightest twitch in the fabric.

Delighted, and a little shocked, she began to work again, concentrating more and more on the struggle, charting the slow progress. It felt like swimming through Jell-O - no, not even that, swimming through a solid steel wall - but she could see her arm getting  closer and closer to the top of the blanket, to freedom. She began to worry that, even if she managed it, she'd be too tired to do anything more, as she was practically soaked in sweat from the exertion of freeing just this one arm, but she knew she had to try.

Unfortunately for her, it was right in the middle of this exercise that her bowels made their next attempt to expel themselves. Before she could truly register what was going on, she felt a rush of thick, warm mush push itself into her diaper, pressed tightly against her bottom by the thick, snugly secured padding. "No," she whined, immediately ignoring her arm and going back to working at controlling this other part of her, refusing to soil herself any further just yet. She sniffled softly as she felt the mess growing slightly, wondering if it was, indeed, already too late, then was overcome with relief as the wave of filth stopped. She lowered her head back onto her pillow with a sigh, feeling worn out. This was all an awful lot of work, she thought. And for what?

But just giving up meant filling her diaper like the toddler this spell so wanted her to become. The fact that she'd been able to resist this much gave her hope, made her think that, despite how apparently hopeless it had seemed before now, that there was a chance that she could break free on her own. She went back to the work of wriggling free, feeling almost like a mother giving birth as she watched in amazement while her arm popped out from under the covers.

From there, things got a little easier. Having one limb free, she was able to use it to help herself pull her other arm free. It was a definite improvement, though still not good enough. Taking care to put as little of her arms beneath the blankets as possible, she grasped her covers in her hands, and tried to pull them back, gasping with the wasted effort. While they had settled in to fill in the space left by her arms, the covers were, otherwise, not moving. She thought for a moment, trying to decide what to do.

Her bottom contracted again, and she quickly moved her hands down her body pressing in on her crotch from the outside, crinkling her nose as the movement squished the mass in her diaper around. Otherwise, it didn't seem to do any good, though she wasn't sure if that was because of the thickness, and stiffness, of her diaper, or the covers. Still, once again, by some miracle, she managed to delay full release, winding up only slightly messier.

She grasped the tops of her blankets again and tried to yank them aside, but still, they refused to move. She mused for a moment, then began to push on them, as if they were the lid of a coffin, which produced an identical effect. Luckily, that was just what she was hoping for. While pushing on it from the outside, she wriggled the rest of her body, trying to find the leverage to push herself up and out from the inside. She was thrilled to find that it seemed to work, though less so to feel another part of her body join in on the pushing, pumping another round of mush into the seat of her diaper, making her exodus all the more disgusting as her bottom slide across her sheets, slowly making its way out, a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

She barely had room at the head of her bed to sit - square on her squishy, stinky bottom, though she knew there wasn't anything she could do about that, much as she would have liked to - as she began the final part of the ordeal, getting her legs free, but she managed, just barely to contort herself enough to do it. Every part of her felt sore as she popped out from under the oppressing blankets, and the air felt cool and refreshing against her bare - other than around her diaper, which felt warmer than ever - skin. She wasn't sure what she was going to do from there, but whatever it was could wait a moment while she relaxed, she was sure.

The blankets had tightened down around the bed now, giving her a nice, smooth surface to stretch out onto, without having to worry about accidently sliding back underneath them and finding herself trapped again. She closed her eyes for a moment, trying to catch her breath, formulating a plan. By now, Valerie was probably reading in her room, like the little nerd she was, so if she could just get up and make her way there, maybe, just maybe, she'd find a way to convince her to take her to the bathroom and un-tape her diaper, just long enough to prevent a full-scale accident. Of course, she had no guarantee it would work, but it seemed like her best bet.

She squirmed slightly as she felt something rubbing against the skin of her legs, tickling her just a tad. For a moment, she just assumed it was the cat, jumping up to see her, and it was another couple seconds before her eyes shot open in alarm. They didn't have a cat. They never had.

What she saw instead made her want to cry. Her blankets had begun to raise on their own, levitating up from the corners, and in between her legs, leaving her lying in the middle of what could almost be thought of as a hammock. "Let me go!" she mumbled, trying to sit up, to get away before they did whatever they were plotting. As if they were waiting for her voice to strike, they fell in, wrapping her up. She thrashed and fought against them, not wanting to be trapped again, feeling their soft, firm embrace against every part of her below her neck. All of that had been for nothing... No matter what way she moved, she could still feel them against her.

But she could move, she realized after a moment. Glancing down at herself, she realized that she hadn't just been wrapped up in the blankets, like she'd thought. The blankets had transformed into a thick, footed sleeper. She could see a row of snaps in the crotch, and as she reached down to touch them, she saw that, in addition to the feet, the sleeper had mittens, too, and the cloth on them looked especially thick. While she had no doubt she wouldn't have been able to un-do them anyway, her every attempt at grasping the snaps, or the flap they held closed, was foiled by the mittens. She didn't see a zipper, and assumed there was one on the back, but she doubted she'd have been able to get ahold if it, either.

Summer groaned in frustration. Could she even open her door with this thing on? She didn't think so. So much for looking for help from Valerie... Or even trying to sneak out and over to the old woman's house to beg for mercy. She was just as trapped as she had been before, except now she had the pointless comfort of being able to move around, even if it was just a little.

Still, she wasn't about to have let herself go through all that without at least attempting to take advantage of her newfound mobility. She stared over at her door, gritting her teeth in resolve, and sat up, starting to spin around and off her bed. The change happened so fast that, when she felt her feet smack against something - cushioned somewhat by her sleeper, though it was still painful - she had no idea what it was, not even able to acknowledge the existence of the bars that had sprung up from the side of her bed out of nowhere for another few seconds.

When she did, her eyes grew wide, and she rolled over to the other side of her bed, only to find them there, too. Anxiously, she scrambled, clumsily, to her feet, whimpering as she stared up at the top railing, seemingly still as far above her head as it had been while she was lying down. She was in a crib now, and she wasn't getting out. She was still reeling from that when the next cramp hit her, and, stunned as she was by the thoroughness of this latest trap, it barely even occurred to her to fight against it. She felt her body squatting down slightly, felt her bottom open up, felt her diaper begin to fill, in earnest this time.

By the time she snapped out of her funk, into a full, and horrifying, realization of what was going on, it was too late to stop it. Any attempt at stemming the flow only seemed to encourage it to go faster. She felt the thick paste covering what felt like every inch of her skin, before it started pushing outward, forming a large lump in the seat of her diaper, ballooning the back out with its mass.

As it finished, her body, worn out with the effort of that, and her other ultimately futile struggles, gave out, knees buckling and dumping her straight down onto her bulging bottom. But it wasn't until her bladder let go as well a moment later that she burst into tears. She tried to tell herself that crying wasn't going to solve anything, but she couldn't help it. She was hot, tired, humiliated, and messy. She was sure that there was no way she'd be able to get to sleep like that, though, despite what she'd thought, she found her tears helping after all, as it was far easier to cry herself to sleep, lying on her tummy, than she'd expected.

Chapter Seventeen

"Oh," said the voice, sounding somewhere between bored and upset, "You're here."

Summer sat up quickly, head spinning slightly as she looked around, nothing seeming right somehow, but in a way she simply couldn't put her finger on. "Umm... Yes, I am? Sorry, I must have just fallen asleep... There's a lot of steps in this place, and I was carrying all my stuff up by myself, and..."

"Carrying?" the other girl snorted, drawing her head back slightly as if the very concept were utterly disgusting to her. "You DO know where we are, don't you?" A Siamese cat hopped up onto the other bed in the room, rubbing its head against the girl's leg before giving her a stare that felt almost identical to the girl's.

Summer blinked a time or two, not quite sure how to answer that. She knew she should know, and it felt like it was right on the tip of her tongue, yet at the same time, she wasn't sure at all. Before she could say anything, the girl shook her head. "Oh, that's right. You're a first year."

"Uh-huh," Summer nodded. "And you're a sophomore, right? That's what I thought I read, but I wasn't sure, because it seemed odd that they'd pair us up, but then I thought it was cool, since I really don't kno..."

"Yeah, yeah, just cool it, Sabrina. I'm not going to be your mentor or anything dumb like that. I live here, and you... Also live here. That's it. I'm sure one of the other freshies will snap and you'll be moved in with their roomie before long, so I wouldn't get too comfortable if I were you."

Summer opened her mouth to at least correct the girl on what her name was, but she was already gone. "Okay," she called lamely, waving to the door as it swung closed. "See you later, then!" She rolled her eyes and added a quiet, "Bitch," under her breath. She wasn't used to that sort of thing - someone else acting all high and mighty towards her. She liked to think she was fair towards her squad, and most of the rest of the girls at her high school, but she certainly had enough power that she didn't have to tolerate anyone treating her like that, and didn't. This was a whole different world, though. Nobody here cared that she'd been head cheerleader, least of all, apparently, her roommate.

"You're not going to start crying, are you?"

"Screw you, I'm allowed to be homesick," Summer sulked, crossing her arms. "My mom couldn't even help me move in, because..." She glanced up then, still not quite sure why exactly her mother hadn't been there to see her off, until she remembered her roommate had left, and she saw who had just spoken to her. It was the cat, sitting on the other bed, calmly licking its paw.

"Sure, you're allowed to do anything you want," the cat told her, sounding as close to a shrug as she could imagine any voice with no physical actions to back it up could sound. "I just can't imagine anyone in their right mind being disappointed about NOT being somewhere they aren't allowed to be their true self."

"I was my true self!" she insisted.

"Oh, really? Then why are you still wearing their clothes?" Summer glanced down to find herself in her cheerleading uniform, even though she was pretty sure she hadn't been wearing it a second ago, since she felt quite sure she'd left it in her closet at home. "Instead of your uniform?" Summer's head shot up as she saw a spark of light from the corner of her eye, not quick enough to see anything besides the red and white of her uniform melting into a solid black.

She looked back down, seeing a short black dress on herself now, the hem jagged, the sleeves long and large, hanging down from her wrists like the dark, unfathomable mouths of a pair of caves. She reached up, unsurprised to find a large, pointy hat on top of her head to complete the look. "I don't think this is right," she said, setting the hat down on the bed beside her.

"It must be," the cat countered. "Didn't the website say you had to be qualified in order to see it?"

"Oh, the website," she nodded, suddenly remembering it, at least in a fuzzy sort of way. "That wasn't real, though."

"Good point. I guess this is all you're qualified to be, then." Light seemed to gather in the cat's eye for a second, then Summer gasped as she felt something growing between her legs, head tilting downward yet again to watch the skirt of her dress being pushed up as a diaper appeared beneath it, growing out from her crotch like an inflating beach ball. She tried to protest, only to feel her mouth filling with the taste of rubber as what turned out to be a pacifier when she tried, unsuccessfully, to take it out, sprouted from there. She reached down to try to tear off her diaper, but it just kept expanding relentlessly, pushing her further and further off the bed. While she still could, she stood up, legs feeling oddly short and stubby now, with so much padding between them.

She only stayed standing for a few seconds, at best, her new position giving her diaper even more room to grow, which it took advantage of gladly, inflating quickly enough to knock her off her feet. She squeaked from behind her pacifier and fell...

Right onto the pile of mushy mess in the seat of her diaper. Her eyes sprang open at the sensation as she fought to catch her breath. It was only a dream. It said something about how absurd her real life had become that the dream had felt almost more like reality than anything she'd experienced the day before.

She squirmed as she sat there, considering that, nearly gagging as she felt the contents of her diaper squidging between her legs. She could understand why babies cried to be changed now, almost wishing she could do the same. Instead, she clumsily got to her feet, steadying herself on the bars of her crib, and waited for someone to come check on her. It wouldn't be too long, she was sure - as much as they'd been treating her like a toddler, surely they wouldn't let her go too long without making sure she was all right.

The diaper sagged heavily between her legs, a constant, humiliating reminder of what she'd done before going to sleep the night before, as if she needed more of one than the fresh reminder of what it had felt like to sit in it, or the constant feeling of the Pamper pressing it against her skin. It didn't help that her skin - everywhere, but inside her diaper especially - already felt gross and sweaty from having spent the night trapped in the heavy sleeper. The fabric itself felt slightly damp from the inside. The inside of her gloves was almost as wet as her diaper, the extra thick padding making her palms sweat extra hard, so that she had a feeling that, if the confining mittens vanished, she'd still be unable to do anything with her hands for a few minutes.

She realized nobody was coming at about the same time that she felt her bladder start to beg for relief. She started to reach for her crotch, but couldn't bring herself to try to press her hands there; she started to press her legs together, only to think better of it. Much as she hated to admit it, her diaper was already well-used. It was no use torturing herself trying to avoid adding a little more waste to it. Before she could think too much about exactly what she was doing, she squatted down and, closing her eyes to pretend she was in the bathroom, let go. As soon as the stream of urine began, she stopped it automatically, wrinkling her nose as she felt the mess closest to her skin turning softer and squishier.

She looked over towards her window, cursing the heavy curtains for doing their job. She had no idea what time it was, whether it was still the middle of the night, or if it was morning already. As early as she'd been put to bed, she couldn't imagine herself sleeping too late, but after the day she'd had, it wasn't entirely out of the question. While she wasn't looking forward to what this day had in store for her, she didn't want to be stuck waiting for hours before being changed, either.

She managed to get a few more drops of pee out, but her bladder had turned shy all of the sudden, or self-conscious about what it was being asked to do. Sighing, she lowered herself back onto the mattress of her crib, grabbing her pillow and hugging it to her chest as she lay down on her stomach. She tried to go back to sleep, but any time she got close, her bladder would start to ache again, only to refuse to empty more than a short, unsatisfying burst, seemingly just enough to keep her from bursting. After all that work to keep herself from wetting her Pull-Up the day before, it was hard to believe how annoyed she was getting over not being able to do so now.

After what felt like hours of squirming on her stomach, her body finally got desperate enough to move beyond that initial spurt, though at first it didn't seem as if it would. Her bladder hesitated again, as it had been, only this time it was just a pause, and a moment later it started back up, soaking into her already heavy diaper, flowing towards the front because of how she was positioned. She wrinkled her nose and sat up, but it was already too late. Sighing, she lowered herself back down, staring out towards her door, bored and hot, stinky and uncomfortable, helpless to change any of that, wondering how much longer she was going to have to wait.

Chapter Eighteen

At long last, a sliver of light cut into the darkness. Anxiously, she pushed herself onto her hands and knees, staring at it, almost wishing she could run into it, if only because it was something new, something different from what she'd been stuck with since she'd woken up however long ago that had been. She was also hoping that, with someone else to witness its existence, the crib would melt back into her actual bed - still not ideal, if it did that every night, but it was less humiliating in a way if she was the only one who knew what she was sleeping in.

Unfortunately, as that tiny line of light paused, then began growing bigger, nothing else seemed to change. The bars stayed up, and solid, and the sleeper stayed wrapped around her in its warm embrace. She could see a figure standing in the doorway, though she couldn't make out who it was while her eyes still struggled to get used to illumination again. She wasn't sure who she hoped for, but it wasn't the person she heard speak.

"Oof... I guess I was right. I bet you wish you smelled like baby powder, huh, Miss Stinky-Drawers?" Summer winced as Heather's features became clearer as she made her way into the room before flipping on the lights. She looked ever so slightly taken aback by the sight of the crib, and the sleeper, but it took only a moment for the shock to turn to pleasure. She walked up to the crib, reaching in between the bars to pat the back of Summer's diaper through her sleeper. "That feels nice and full," she commented, laughing at Summer's angry glare.

"Don't give me that look, little lady, or I'll leave you in here until noon. Is that what you want?" Even though she had no idea how long that would be, Summer found herself shaking her head vehemently, not wanting to stay here any longer than necessary. Even if it meant letting Heather see her dirty diaper, change it, wipe her filthy bottom, she wanted out of the crib.  And preferably the sleeper. And, ideally, diapers, or Pull-Ups, or any kind of disposable undergarments, though she was sure that would be happening.

"Well, I guess I could let you out," Heather pondered to herself, tapping on the crib bars thoughtfully, "but I think you should do something for me."

Summer hesitated. There was no way anything Heather could request would be pleasant. On the other hand, she was her only chance of escape. Val might come check on her, but Heather could easily say Summer was sick, and she didn't want Val to catch whatever she has. She was sure Heather would have no problem extending the sentence from noon until whenever her mom got home, too, if she wanted to. Wearily, Summer nodded.

"Great!" Heather exclaimed, ducking back out into the hallway for a moment, bringing in a rocking horse. It was pink, plastic, and clearly well-used and well-loved. Summer had no doubt it belonged to Heather's sister, or that even she had outgrown it. "I know it looks small," Heather said as she set it down on th bedroom floor, "but I have a feeling that won't be a problem for you, now will it?"

Summer's blood ran cold for a moment as she stared up at the girl, wondering if she'd misheard the words, or misunderstood them. Up until now, it had seemed like, no matter what crazy stuff was going on, everyone just seemed to ignore it, to see the result of the spell rather than the magic in motion. Was she wrong? Did everyone know that she'd been cursed somehow? Why weren't they helping her?!

She heard some clicks from above her as Heather unlocked the side of the crib, sliding it down. Even without getting out, Summer felt a hundred times less claustrophobic - not that she normally was, but after spending so long stuck in there, she felt like she was getting there. She found herself squirming away from Heather's hands, not wanting to go along with this now that it was actually showtime, but there was nowhere to hide.

Sure enough, when Summer was plopped down onto the hard plastic seat of the rocking horse, it seemed to expand, making itself just big enough for her to fit on. Only just - she felt the mess in her diaper being forced up against her not only from below, but also from the front and back, and she had a feeling she couldn't have squirmed her way free from the horse's tight grip even if she fancied the idea of trying to make a break for it past Heather.

"Well?" Heather said expectantly. "Ride."

Summer pouted up at her for a moment, then, reluctantly, pushed the contraption forward. Immediately, it sprang to life, rocking back and forth as usual, but also twisting and bucking beneath her, like a real horse, throwing her up off her seat with the force of its movements, just high enough that the landing sent the contents of her diaper squishing about. She thought she'd felt messy before, but now she was sure there was no part of her beneath that diaper that wasn't completely filthy. She had to admit she was, for once, glad that she was almost certainly not going to be trusted with changing herself.

Heather was, of course, snapping pictures, but she didn't seem completely satisfied. After a few minutes, a lightbulb seemed to go off in her head, and she snatched Summer up off of the infernal horse, plopping her back down onto her feet and spinning her around. Summer heard a zipper being undone, felt the welcoming sensation of fresh air on her skin, hardly even caring about the increased odor from her diaper as Heather tugged the sleeper down off of her. It was like being reborn, almost, like shedding her skin. She desperately wanted a shower, or at least a towel.

Instead, she got only Heather. "My, my, look at how warm baby was... What did it for you, baby? Was it spending the night in a crib? Or in a full diaper?" Summer bit into her pacifier as Heather's hand pushed up roughly on the crotch of her diaper. "Or maybe it was that nice horsie ride. I know little girls love horsies... I thought your face was looking flushed when you were on there. You were loving that, weren't you?"

Summer shook her head frantically, not least of all because, despite being grossed out by the effect the ride was having on her diaper, she hadn't been able to deny her body finding an automatic joy from the movement going on between her legs. It was very faint, as it was hard to feel much going on outside her thick Pamper, but she couldn't deny it had been there. She was, for once, glad for the pacifier, as it kept her from having to try, beyond moving her head.

"You naughty, naughty girl," Heather chastised her, seeing through it instantly. "Well, I suppose it's to be expected from a dirty little girl like you, isn't it? After all, who would love a poopy Pamper little girl like you, except her trusty horsie? He doesn't care that you filled your little diapie right up, now does he? Well, far be it from me to keep you two apart." Summer squirmed as she felt herself being picked up and put back on the horse again. This time, she didn't dare move at all, not wanting to start it back up, so Heather reached out with her foot and pushed the front of the horse up, letting it rock back down, then spring into action.

Summer whimpered behind her pacifier, wriggling in humiliation and, yes, the first stages of ecstasy. It was the closest she'd had to intimate contact at least since she'd come home for break, maybe even longer, as she couldn't remember if she had a boyfriend at school or not. Despite herself, despite trying to concentrate on the feeling of her mess being made even messier around her, she found herself getting turned on. That, more than almost anything else she'd been through, made her want to cry. How could she be enjoying any part of this? Even knowing it was just from the physical stimulation she was getting, it was still horrifying to consider, especially as she heard the clicking that indicated the whole thing was being photographed.

Finally, Heather seemed to get tired of it, and, once again, pulled her off. This time, she nearly fell down, her knees shaking as they were asked to hold her weight. Heather rolled her eyes and picked her back up, resting Summer's diaper on her hip, one hand beneath it, her legs splayed to either side of Heather's body. "All right," she said, bouncing the girl a couple times. "Let's go get you some breakfast!" Summer tried to shake her head, to beg for a diaper change, but Heather was having none of it. "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day," she lectured. "Oh, don't worry, if you're a good girl, I'll let you ride on your horsie some more later."

Chapter Nineteen

Summer really began to squirm as she was taken out of her room, not knowing what time it was, who in her family would still be around, or even awake. They'd all already seen far too much of her - being seen in this shape would be horrible. Her heart began pumping faster as they passed the living room and she saw Valerie sitting there, watching TV, but was quite relieved when she didn't look up, and Heather didn't call out to her. The world outside the windows looked bright, but she couldn't guess what time it was from that.

The dining room was empty, with no sounds coming from the kitchen either, so Summer guessed that her parents had already gone to work, thankfully. She could see a plastic bowl sitting in front of the chair at the head of the table, the one she was plopped down in. Heather stepped back once she'd set her down, looking around. "You know," she said, "this doesn't seem quite right, does it? A baby like you, eating in a normal chair... Why, what if you were to fall out and hurt yourself? That would be just awful, wouldn't it?"

Summer felt the chair shaking beneath her and whimpered, afraid she was about to have a repeat of the horse from upstairs. She started to try to hop off, only to look down first. Her head swam as she saw that the floor now looked like it was several feet further away, grabbing the arms of the chair to try to make herself feel more secure. Except, of course, that the dining room chairs didn't have arms.

She watched in horror as those arms continued to form, growing and stretching out in front of her, forming a little tray in front of her. She was so busy paying attention to that, she didn't notice the belt slithering around her waist until it happened to slide up her diaper a little too far and brush against her skin. She jumped at the unexpected feeling, but by then it was already almost all the way around her, and a second later, before she could even try to stop it, it clicked shut around her waist, a third strap jutting up from the seat to tightly secure her crotch, pushing her against the back of the chair.

"Hey, Val, can you come in here?" Heather called as she stared up at her handiwork, smiling proudly. Summer's stomach churned, not sure if this had all been Heather's doing somehow, or if she was just taking advantage of it. Either way, she knew it couldn't mean good things for her.

Valerie poked her head in the door. "What?"

"You don't think your parents will care if I use this high chair, do you? I just happened to find it, and I thought..."

"Umm... No..." Valerie shook her head. "It's hers, so I'm pretty sure they won't mind..." Summer's eyes went wide as she heard this. She'd been wondering what Val's reaction to seeing an oversized high chair suddenly appear in the dining room would be, but she hadn't imagined this. "She got it... A couple years ago, I guess. You should have seen how upset she was when she couldn't take it to school with her."

Summer shook her head, trying to deny it, to get her sister to take back that lie. This couldn't be happening...

"I bet she was more upset about leaving her crib, though," Heather suggested casually.

"Oh, yeah," Valerie giggled. "She threw a tantrum and Daddy had to spank her. Even then she pouted for the whole last week before she left."

Heather chuckled, nodding her head slightly. She picked up the bowl from the table and set it on the high chair tray, pulling Summer's pacifier free and setting it down beside it. "Eat up," she instructed.

The bowl was full of oatmeal, and there were no utensils in sight, but even if neither of those things had been true, Summer would have felt more like throwing up than eating. "Nuh-uh, tha's not twue!" she protested, kicking her legs against the chair, eyes watering in frustration.

"That's right," Valerie smiled deviously. "Daddy had to spank her again to make her stop sulking."

"I bet she gets lots of spankings, doesn't she?" Heather asked, reaching beneath the tray to pat Summer's bulging diaper. "But she just never learns, does she?"

Valerie shook her head, then stared up at Summer. "You want me to get her bib?" she offered.

"Nah, that's all right," Heather told her. "She's going to need a bath anyway. She made a messy, messy diaper last night."

Valerie rolled her eyes, putting her hands on her hips as she stared up at her former big sister, as Summer wondered if, with Val's new memories, she'd ever really seen her that way. "Summer!" she said sternly, "You know you're not supposed to do that! You don't want to get back in the habit of that before you go back to school, do you?"

Summer's stomach churned as she saw Heather's eyebrow lift. "Oh, she's not supposed to make poopy diapers?" she asked, patting Summer again. "Well, she sure broke that rule, didn't you? I think somebody needs a spanking after her bath." Summer could see Heather's eyes dart over toward Valerie, waiting to see if she would say anything about it, but the girl just nodded slightly, as if that were perfectly normal. "Now, will you eat?"

"Spoon," Summer said, holding out her hand.

"You don't need a spoon," Heather brushed her off. "But if you don't finish that up soon, you'll be getting spankings before AND after your bath."

Summer whimpered, staring down at the unappealing gray mush in her bowl. Reluctantly, she reached out for it, poking at it. It wasn't quite all the way cold yet, but it was only slightly warm to her touch. Sighing, she reached into it, scooping some of it up into her hand and bringing it to her mouth. She wasn't entirely sure if she should try to eat it from her hand, or try to dump it into her mouth, so she attempted the latter, which resulted in more of the stuff sliding off her face and onto her bare chest than made its way down her throat. She looked up at Heather pitifully, hoping for a reprieve, but she just snapped her fingers to hurry her along.

No matter how much she was tempted to, Summer was sure letting Heather know how much she hated her would be grounds for an immediate spanking, one that likely wouldn't even take the place of the other two she could be getting. Sniffling softly at her plight, she dug back into the oatmeal for another try. It felt strange and slimy and sticky between her fingers, but even more so squishing from the sides of her mouth, running down her body, over her breasts. By the time she finished, her whole body felt dirty; she wanted nothing more than to get clean again, all over, so she had shoveled the oatmeal in more and more quickly, resulting in more and more of a mess. She barely even noticed Heather ducking out of the room and returning with a bottle full of purple liquid.

"I brought you some nice grape juice to wash that down," she said, holding it up, bringing it closer and closer to Summer's face. Summer was quite sure this wasn't grape juice, though she had a feeling that had been said for Valerie's benefit, so she wouldn't know that Heather was trying to get her in trouble. But, of course, she couldn't say that without leaving her mouth open for the nipple.

"Come on, don't be stubborn," Heather chastised her as she sat there, mouth clamped shut. "You have to drink, Summy-Tum, or you'll get all dehydrated!" Finally, seeing that didn't work, she reached out and pinched Summer's nose closed. Summer thrashed about for a few moments, trying to reach up and pry Heather's hand away, but all her struggling just made her need to breathe more, and, before she knew it, her mouth was opening, just a tad, more than enough for Heather to jam the bottle inside.

Summer whimpered as her mouth sucked on the bottle, pulling the contents into her. It wasn't grape juice, of course, but, try as she had to prepare herself for it, the taste of the prune juice still made her gag slightly. Heather reached down and grabbed Summer's hands, placing them on the bottle. Summer sniffled softly as she drank the stuff, staring down at the bottle as it was rapidly drained into her belly, staring at the streaks of oatmeal her fingers left.

She was fully expecting another dose of prune juice, or castor oil, when Heather shoved the pacifier back into her mouth as soon as she extracted the empty bottle, so it was something of a shock to feel her mouth fill with soap instead. It had been a while since she'd experienced that, but the memory came back quickly as she did her best to keep herself from having to swallow any of the stuff, resulting in a fresh, new line of drool running down her face to complete her makeover into a toddler in desperate need of a bath, something Heather was eager to document with her phone, both while Summer was sitting in the high chair and when she was standing on the floor a few moments later, glad to be free, but afraid of what was coming next.

"Why don't you go get her rinsed off in the shower," Heather suggested, "and start filling the tub if you have time, and I'll get things cleaned up out here."

"Okay!" Valerie agreed eagerly. She started to reach for Summer's hand, then thought better of it, herding her towards the bathroom with a swat to her diaper instead. Summer wondered how many times Valerie thought she'd done this before... And, even worse, how many times it would happen again if she didn't stop it.

Chapter Twenty

It was more than a little scary how efficient Valerie was, how unbothered she was by all of this, when, just yesterday, Heather had been giving her tips on babysitting. Now there wasn't a hint of the respect she'd used to have for Summer in her eyes, none of the feeling that, despite how she was dressed, she still looked up to her step-sister in some way, simple because she was older. All of that was gone, no matter how hard and desperately Summer searched her expression as she stared down at her while standing in the tub, getting her diaper untaped by her.

"What a stinky little girl!" Valerie exclaimed, wrinkling her nose as she pulled the diaper off and rolled it up. "Mommy and daddy are going to be so mad when they hear... You know you promised them you'd stop that when they let you go away to school." Summer could hear the glee of having something juicy to tattle about in Valerie's voice, and she thought sullenly about how that was probably why the girl had so few friends at school. She was too eager to get other people in trouble for the teachers' praise.

Summer, absorbed in her bitter thoughts, didn't notice Val turning the shower on, jumping and biting down into her pacifier to fill her mouth with a new burst of soap as the cold stream hit her. "Turn around," Val ordered her, "we have to rinse off your bottom so you can have a bath."

Even though the idea of being bathed by her little sister, and, eventually, Heather, was very unappealing, she did want rather desperately to be clean. Just having her heavy diaper taken off her had been a nice escape, but not as much as she'd have hoped, since she was still filthy from her ride, not to mention having spent the night in the diaper. She let out a sigh of relief from behind her pacifier as she felt the water, slowly growing warmer as it continued to run, washed over her, making her feel fresh and clean, two sensations she'd started to wonder if she'd ever experience again.

After a few minutes, Valerie had her turn around so the water could work its magic on her front as well, before raising the showerhead to get some of the oatmeal off her as well, then made her step out as she rinsed the tub before putting in the plug and starting to fill it up. Sure the bathroom wouldn't let her escape, or, if it did, that either Val or Heather would catch her before she was able to do anything, Summer just stared at herself in the mirror. Now, without her diaper, with only the pacifier and resulting line of drool, a few extra specks of oatmeal still clinging to her chest, and her bald crotch, it was hard to believe all this stuff was happening to her. She looked normal enough, certainly not like a baby. After half a day of seeing them squeezed into near-oblivion, she was glad to be able to admire her breasts again, still as big and perky as ever, not the most impressive set around, but still nothing to scoff at. Unfortunately, she could also see that she did, indeed, have a bit of a tummy developing, making her all the more resolved to get more exercise when she was safe back at school.

"Get in," Val told her a few minutes later, snapping Summer out of her daze. The tub was already full, a thick layer of bubbles over the top of the water, popping intermittently. Obediently, she stepped inside, sliding down into the water that she had to admit felt very nice and relaxing. She hadn't taken a bubble bath and a long time, and while it wouldn't be the same with someone else doing the bathing part for her, she was still definitely enjoying it.

After a minute, she felt a washcloth being run over her arm, and, lazily, she lifted it up from the water, giving Val easier access to it while she leaned back, letting her eyes close slightly. It was a strange feeling, but not in a bad way, like she'd been expecting. It was, at the very least, more restful than the night she'd just had. This was one aspect of the curse that she could live with.

At least until she heard Heather come in. Her eyes opened again as she stared up at the girl, looking much larger and more ominous than she normally did. "Good job!" she complimented Valerie. "You got started already!"

"It's not that hard," Val shrugged, blushing a little at the praise, while trying to sound modest. "I do it all the time..."

"Well, then do you mind if I watch?" Heather asked, sitting down on the toilet. "Not that I don't think you know what you're doing..."

"No, it's fine!" Val nodded, giggling. Summer squirmed as she felt the washcloth being rubbed harder against her skin now that there was an observer. Val also started going back over the same places she'd already washed, as if afraid she hadn't done a good enough job the first time. Even if she closed her eyes, Summer still knew that Heather was there, watching her, which made the experience much more unnerving, as she was instructed to raise her legs. She blushed as Valerie started to wash her chest, the cloth scrubbing away to oatmeal still encrusted there, but Val didn't seem to find it any different from the rest of her.

Finally, Valerie glanced behind her, over to Heather, to get approval that she was done. "Good job," the babysitter praised her. "But... She stood, then knelt before the tub, gently taking the washcloth from her. "You have to make sure to get her bottom, too, or she might get a rash. Up, baby." Awkwardly, Summer maneuvered herself, rolling herself over and getting up on her hands and knees, cheeks red on both ends as Heather thoroughly scrubbed her backside, then patted it to signal her that she could sit again, assuming this was done.

She was wrong. "You also don't want to forget to wash down here," Heather instructed, running the washcloth up Summer's leg, all the way up. Summer looked up at her pleadingly as she began to rub the cloth there, leaving her squirming, and, surprisingly, Heather stopped after a minute. "Do you know how to do her hair?" Valerie shook her head. "That's okay, you have to be careful, or you'll get water in her eyes." She reached behind her, picking up a cup Summer hadn't noticed her setting down when she came in. She scooped up some of the water, then, shielding Summer's face with one hand, poured it over her hair. After another, she started to shampoo her hair, then filled the cup from the spout to rinse it out.

"And there she is, all clean!" Heather announced, pulling the plug and letting the water start to drain away. "You did a great job, Valerie! Now we'll just rinse her off," she was already turning on the shower again to do just that, having Summer stand to get the bubbles off her, "and dry her, and then she'll be ready for her spanking!" Summer whimpered, having almost forgotten about that, but neither of the other girls noticed, or cared.

Heather took a towel from the rack, wrapping Summer in it and patting her dry before lifting her out of the tub. "What a naughty little lady!" she said, punctuating every word after naughty with a swat. "You know you're not supposed to go poopy in your pants! I have half a mind to put you right back into your Pampers after this, but that would make it even easier for you to have another accident, wouldn't it?" Heather shook her head disgustedly and sat back down on the toilet, dragging the wriggling Summer down onto her lap and administering a quick, but effective, spanking that left her sniffling and sore as she was marched over to her room, where she was put into a pair of Pull-Ups, a training bra that, once again, to her dismay, hid her cleavage all too well, and her bib, which Heather then wiped her face with, as her muffled cries had sent waves of soapy saliva squishing from her mouth.

Summer didn't even try to fight any of it, knowing that, humiliating as it was, it wouldn't do her any good to struggle. She did find some small comfort in the relative thinness of her Pull-Up, though she couldn't help but wonder how small her real panties would feel now, after spending a day and night so thickly padded. Heather started to pull Summer's hair into a pair of ponytails, then stopped.

"Do you think your mom would mind if we gave her a bit of a make-over?" she asked Valerie. "Not much, just a little trim."

Valerie shrugged uncertainly. 'I guess it would be fine..." Heather grinned, then scooped her victim up into her arms, sweeping her off to the dining room, where she strapped the girl into her high chair.

"I think this look will suit her better," she said, continuing to fashion Summer's hair into the tails, but this time leaving some hair in the front free. She brushed it forward over Summer's face with her hands, sending Valerie off to fetch a pair of scissors, using them to give Summer bangs, curling up over her forehead.

"That's much cuter," Val nodded in agreement, while her big sister squirmed and blushed in her highchair, sure now that her hairstyle was exactly how it had been when she was a toddler. She hadn't worn bangs since she'd been old enough to tell the stylist what she wanted herself, rebelling against her mother, who had always made her get them up until then. She was sure her mother wouldn't mind this at all... She'd probably be thrilled.

After that, she was lifted down from the high chair, set down again in the living room, in front of the TV, which was turned on to cartoons and left there as the two younger girls started chatting with one another, all but ignoring Summer's presence. Clearly, as a baby, she wasn't worth conversing with - all she was good for was sitting there and drooling, two duties she found herself fulfilling quite well. She certainly felt much better now that she was all cleaned up, but the quick succession of the spanking, dressing, and haircut had reminded her of just how helpless she was.

A little while later, she squirmed as she felt a pair of fingers poking through the leg holes of her Pull-Up. "Good job!" Heather praised her, patting her head. "Now you stay her for a minute while Val helps me decide what to make you for lunch. If I find out you moved from this spot, it's another spanking for you!"

Summer watched in surprise as the two walked off, leaving her, for once, completely alone. She couldn't help but wonder if it was some kind of a trap, but as she felt her heart start to pound harder and harder in her chest, she knew that was a chance she had to take. This might be her only chance to stop all of this before it got any worse.

While she was starting to feel suspicious of Heather, she still couldn't shake the feeling that it was the old woman who was behind the curse. It felt more like Heather was taking advantage of it than causing it herself... And if it was Heather, it would be easier to talk to her alone, though much harder, she was sure, to get mercy from her.

She stood up carefully, peering off towards the kitchen, making sure they weren't returning yet. She looked down at herself, blushing at the figure she cut, little more than an oversized toddler. She couldn't afford to run up to her room and find something to put on over her underthings, so she grabbed the afghan from the back of the couch, wrapping it around herself and hoping it would be good enough. She gave one final, anxious look back, then hurried across the living room to the front door.

Chapter Twenty-One

Being an attractive teenage girl, not to mention a cheerleader, Summer was not unaccustomed to wearing relatively little in public. There was a difference between a short skirt and a blanket clutched desperately around yourself, however, that made her feel incredibly nervous, even disregarding what she was wearing under that afghan, what would be revealed if it slipped.

The sidewalk was warm beneath her feet, not quite to the point of being uncomfortable yet, though, as there were no clouds and the sun was shining quite brightly, she had a feeling that would have changed if she'd waited much longer to make her move. Despite the discomfort at her state of dress, she decided to take that as a sign that she'd made the right choice. Of course, the fact that she might not have another shot that day helped things along, too... After lunch, she was sure she'd be put back in her crib for a nap, and then the girls would play with her... Since her mother was likely to be home for dinner, as she usually was, the chances of her two sitters both going off at once to get ready for that were pretty low.

She wished the afghan was long enough to drape over her head, to hide her face, but doing that would have left her Pull-Up in full view, so, instead, she had to endure letting anyone walking past seeing her with her pacifier, drooling especially fast from her quickened breath. There was a group of neighborhood kids, most of whom she'd known pretty much all her life, screwing around on the sidewalk, and she could feel their gaze on her as she shuffled past, picking up speed, though not too much, since that would only draw more attention to herself.

The gate to the old woman's yard wobbled as she leaned on it, encouraging her to get back up and go through it rather than stand there, worried about what was going to happen in this encounter. She didn't need to push the thing down and land herself in even more trouble, after all. And she still had plenty of time to fret as she made her way across the overgrown front yard.

Had it really been only a day since the last time she'd made this trip? It didn't seem possible, and yet, it hadn't been much more than twenty-four hours ago that Val had come to her with her sad little tale of baseball, and how Summer just had to help her, or she'd be stuck eating lunch by herself for the rest of her life. It was just pitiful enough that Summer couldn't quite bring herself to blame her step-sister for everything that had followed, even if she had set this whole chain of events in motion. Still, if she could do it over again, Summer would have just told her Val to find some better friends.

The porch was old, and looked as if it was practically decaying. She stepped carefully, afraid she'd wind up with a splinter in her foot, then stood in front of the door with a sigh. Despite trying to get here for quite some time, she still hadn't exactly planned out what she was going to do now that she was here. Would her appearance there be enough? Would the woman recognize that she'd suffered more than enough and let her go?

Before she could think of what to do if that wasn't the case, the door swung open, much as it had the day before. And there she stood, just as hunched and ancient looking as she had always been, though, somehow, she managed to look much taller than she had at the last meeting. "Yes?" her voice crackled.

Summer's heart began to pound wildly. What if she was wrong? What if this old woman had nothing to do with this, and she had just risked getting into trouble to show herself to some poor, half-senile person who had no idea what she was talking about? Had this been a huge mistake?

"Well, what is it?" the woman asked, making Summer jump as she pounded her walking stick on the porch. Summer whimpered, trying to push the pacifier from her mouth to explain, only to find it just as stuck as always, managing only to dampen her chin even more. Her heart sank and she nearly burst into tears, certain that she'd screwed up, that she should have been trying to beg Heather for mercy after all.

Then the old woman smiled her crooked grin. "Oh, that's right, you can't talk like that, can you, dear?" She reached out, plucking the pacifier from Summer's mouth. "Well?"

"Fank 'oo!" Summer said, still on the verge of crying, now from relief. "I'm so sowwy, pwease..."

"Oh, that's so annoying," the woman shook her head. As she did it, Summer could feel something changing in her tongue as it became somehow less stiff, more like its old self.

"Thank you!" she exclaimed, the wave of relief at being able to finally speak normally again nearly dropping her to her knees, even if she was still stuck with the aftertaste of soap in her mouth. "Please... I'm so sorry about TPing your house! It was me, I admit it, and I'll never do it again! Just, please, you have to undo all this!"

The woman stared at her with a smirk. "I have to?" One eyebrow raised, and she started to push the pacifier back towards Summer's face.

"N-No, you don't have to, of course," Summer corrected herself quickly. "But please...."

"Why should I?"

Summer's mouth flapped open and shut a time or two, not sure what kind of an answer the woman was looking for. "B-Because I've learned my lesson?" she tried hopefully.

"Have you? You just demanded I fix all this, even though you clearly have no leverage over me, or, for that matter, anyone."

"But... I-I didn't mean it that way!" Summer pleaded. "It's just a saying..."

"I don't know," she shook her head. "I think you're still too big for your britches, even when they're these." Summer blushed as the woman lifted her cane, using the end to push aside the afghan and reveal her Pull-Up.

"Please," Summer sniffled, letting go of the blanket to clutch her hands together. "I have to go back to school at the end of the week..."

"I wouldn't count on that. Your family already thinks you've been like this for years now, and they barely let you go off on your own. Tomorrow I think they'll believe you've always been this way, that you never went away to school because you're just a big baby, and you have no use for that sort of thing..."

"No!" Summer shook her head, tears starting to flow down her cheeks now. "Please, don't do that..."

"It's too late to stop it now," the woman shrugged. "It was already set in motion when I started the spell yesterday. The only way to keep that from happening is to destroy the spell completely."

"Then will you do that?" Summer asked hopefully. "Please, please..." She fell down onto her knees, afghan sliding all the way off her shoulders. She hoped nobody happened to be watching this conversation, but she knew she couldn't afford to be modest now, if that's what the cost would be. "I swear, I'll... I'll help you out around the house whenever I'm home for breaks. I'll fix this place up, and... And I can buy your groceries and stuff for you then, too..."

"You think my house would look like this if I didn't want it to?" The woman cackled. "You're even stupider than I thought. You're nothing but a silly little infant."

"You're right!" Summer agreed eagerly, although it pained her to do so, making her cry all the harder. "Th-That's all I am!"

The woman paused for a moment, staring down at the sobbing girl at her feet. "Well... I suppose I could break the spell," she told her after a moment.

Summer sniffled and looked up, hardly able to believe her ears. "R-Really?"

"Yes," the woman nodded. "IF... And only if... You get everyone else involved in that little prank of yours to apologize to me. In person."

"How am I supposed to do that?" Summer whined, thinking of how closely she was usually watched, how unlikely it was that she'd be allowed to make a phone call.

"I think you'll get a little help with that," the woman grinned. "But in the meantime, to make sure you don't forget what a helpless brat you admitted you are..." She reached out with her cane again, this time tapping the Pull-Up. Before Summer's eyes, the garment began to expand, padding swelling up around her, the princesses and flowers that decorated it morphing into Elmo. From the corner of her eye, she could see her training bra transforming as well, though it wasn't until she actually looked at it that she saw it also had Elmo on it, matching the Pamper she was in now perfectly.

"Now, toddle on home," the woman instructed her, pushing the pacifier into her mouth. Even before the soap began to flow again, Summer could feel her tongue growing thick and awkward again, and knew that she'd had the power of normal speech snatched away.

But she didn't dare protest any of it. She nodded, sniffling, as she stood, looking around for the afghan, only to find it gone. Cheeks flushing red, she braced herself and stood with as much dignity as she could muster, turning and starting to walk away.

"There we go," the woman called. "That's much better! Just like old times, isn't it, Summer?" When Summer turned, the woman was already gone, though she was sure she was still watching her. She didn't like the sound of this "help" she was supposedly going to be getting, but if it got her out of diapers, it had to be worth it, right?

She didn't have long to worry about that, as a few moments later, she felt a hand clamping around her wrist, and she looked up in surprise to find Heather standing there. "You're in big trouble, young lady."

Before Summer could even try to protest, she was being dragged back across the old woman's yard, and then down the sidewalk, where her now even more humiliating attire was on full display for the neighborhood kids, who started laughing hysterically as soon as they saw her. She was sure she could feel her whole face turning red as she was pulled past them, only one hand free to try to hide what she was wearing, even though there was no use in bothering with that. They'd seen, they knew... And soon, she was sure, the rest of the kids on the street would hear how an eighteen year old was being led through the street like a naughty toddler, in a diaper and training bra and pacifier.

Valerie came jogging up to them from the opposite direction as they reached the house. "Oh, good, you found her," she said, slightly out of breath.

"Yeah," Heather nodded, turning to see the group of kids that had followed them. "She's in for quite a spanking for this!" she announced, loud enough for them all to hear and start giggling as Summer was pushed into her house. She knew it had to be her imagination, but she was sure she could still hear them laughing a few minutes later, in between her own whimpers and the sound of Heather's hand slapping across her wriggling, red backside.

Chapter Twenty-Two

It was only once Heather started to re-dress Summer, taping the diaper back up over her freshly warmed bottom, that she noticed her change in apparel. "When did you change?" she wondered out loud.

"Hmm?" Valerie turned back around from heading to the dining room.

"No, not you, her," Heather said, nodding down at the sniffling girl on her lap. "She was wearing a Pull-Up earlier... I didn't think she had enough time to diaper herself and run away..."

"What?" Valerie's eyebrows furrowed. "I don't think you did, not unless you brought one of your little sister's... We don't have any Pull-Ups. Summy gets all upset when mommy tries to buy them for her, and throws a tantrum, so we just stopped trying."

Summer's eyes went wide at this news and she shook her head, for all the good that did her. She had a terrible feeling that if she were to look in her room now, Valerie would be right, and it hadn't been just the Pull-Up she was wearing that got morphed into a Pamper. Much as she disliked her Pull-Ups, the thought of losing them, like a small child who claimed she was ready for potty training but just couldn't pull it off yet, no matter how hard she tried, was like a punch in the gut, nearly knocking all the air from her lungs. It did manage to cause a hard bite on her pacifier, forcing the last of the soap out.

Heather seemed more than a little surprised by this news as well, though not nearly as much, of course. "But she still goes poopy in the potty?" she ventured a guess.

"She's supposed to," Val rolled her eyes at Summer. "Though you wouldn't have guessed it by how she acted this morning. I swear, it's like she doesn't want to go back to school." Summer shook her head, trying to deny it, but her step-sister took it another way. "Then why don't you just tell mommy and daddy that, Summy-Tum? They were so nervous about sending you in the first place, you know they won't mind if you decide you're not ready yet. You don't have to prove it, you know... It's not like we want to deal with your messy butt."

Summer sniffled poutily, silenced by her pacifier, unable to clarify what she meant, or even deny any of what Valerie was saying about her in a way that she could make the others understand. This must be what it felt like to be a toddler, she realized - thinking what you're trying to convey is obvious, only to find that nobody gets it the way they're meant to.

"Aww, it's okay," Heather told her, patting Summer's head. "We don't mind it THAT much, stinky. But we do mind you running off when we told you not to, so you're going to sit in the corner until your lunch is ready." Heather escorted the unhappy Summer to the corner of the room. Summer was confused when she saw no chair waiting for her, and started to sit on the floor, only to have Heather grab her arm and pull her back up. "Hold on, I'll be right back with your seat. Luckily, I had a feeling you were going to be a naughty little girl again, so I brought you another present."

That didn't sound good at all. Summer's stomach churned anxiously as she listened to Heather's feet retreating across the house, and then outside. She started to turn around, wondering if she could use this time to try to call one of the other girls who had TPed the old woman's house with her, but Valerie was sitting on the couch, watching her. "Nose in the corner," she said sternly, with the air of a person all too used to having to say that. While it might not be by all that much, Summer was bigger than Val, and could have taken her if need be, but it would still take time, probably too much to do that and make a call, and then she'd be in even worse trouble. She couldn't help but wonder just where this supposed help she was meant to be getting was. Sullenly, she turned back around until she heard the front door opening again.

She couldn't help but sneak a peek at what Heather was bringing in, sure it wouldn't be good. She was right. Heather was carrying what looked a lot like a combination of the car seat she'd been put in the day before and the seat of her high chair, a cloth-covered plastic seat with a tray in front, though this tray had various toys sprouting from it, flowers and blocks firmly attached that no doubt spun or lit up, or something like that. The seat had legs attached, stretching down to a circular base with wheels on it. The thing was all pink and white, very feminine and cute, and, undeniably, infantile.

"Doesn't this look fun?" Heather asked as she set it down next to the pouting Summer who couldn't help but stare at the contraption. "You can't play with any of it now, but once your corner time is over, there's all these toys attached, and if you're big enough, you can even run around a little... Though not outside, like you did before. That's bad." Heather wagged her finger at Summer, then plucked her up, setting her into the walker.

Summer could see it growing beneath her as she was lowered into it, hoping that it wouldn't get too big. Like the car seat, the padding on the plastic was well-worn, leaving little protection for her sore, twice-spanked already that day, bottom, and while there were no straps to keep her in, there was a barrier of plastic between her legs that forced them even further apart than her diaper. Unlike the car seat or her high chair, she slid right in, in more of a standing position than a seated one. The whole thing sank slightly as she was put inside, giving her a second of hope that it would break before it rose back up, bobbing gently. Even when she was at the lowest part of her bounce, however, her feet just barely brushed the floor, certainly not enough to find any sort of purchase.

"Aww, still too small," Heather shook her head with a giggle. "Well, that's all right. It'll make you easier to keep track of. Now, sit there and think about what you did until your big sister tells you your punishment is over."

Summer sniffled, doing her best not to start crying until Heather had walked away, though a few tears did manage to escape despite her best efforts. What was she going to do now? She knew there would be no getting out of this thing on her own - it didn't stop her from making a few futile attempts at pushing herself up and out - and even if Heather or Valerie was stupid enough to leave her right by the phone, it was mounted too high up on the wall for her to reach this way. Maybe she'd be able to reach the phone in Heather's pocket if Heather was standing close enough and not paying attention, but she wasn't even sure about that. It wasn't fair! She'd been given one way to get out of this horrible situation, and now there was no way she could do even that?

"Hey, what's wrong?" she heard a few minutes later, through her tears. She looked up to find Valerie kneeling next to her, looking concerned. "It's all right, Summy... Don't be sad. Look, your punishment is over now, okay?" She spun the walker around so it was facing the main part of the living room. "You can play now. Look, isn't this fun?" She reached over and spun the head of the flower on the tray, making it cycle through several colors before landing on purple. "Don't be sad." Valerie stood back up, pushing down on the seat to start it bouncing.

Summer waited for the motion to stop, but after a minute she realized that wasn't going to be happening. She just kept going up and down, unable to halt it, or even slow it, not even when Val gave her a bottle of apple juice to drink, trapped in her seat until, at last, Heather came and picked her up, carrying her to the dining room, where she was strapped into the inescapable seat of her high chair, where the tray was soon filled with a plate of fish sticks, tater tots, and peas, the first two cut up into tiny bits. She was, again, given no silverware, but she didn't mind it nearly as much this time around, except on the peas. They could be tricky enough to try to corral on a spoon; she was surprised to find them just as difficult to catch by hand. Still, the meal wasn't nearly as messy as breakfast had been, and she barely had any need for her bib, at least until Heather took away her plate and came back with "dessert".

"You'll never believe what I found in your fridge!" Heather exclaimed as she set it down on the tray. "Or, I guess you will, won't you? Since Val told me you buy it for yourself... And isn't that sweet? But since you were such a good baby, eating your big girl food, I thought I'd let you have some of this as a treat."

Summer shook her head as she stared down at the little jar, managing to get out, "Fuww...", only to blush at how difficult even that had been to say. Was it getting even harder to speak?

"Nonsense," Heather shook her head. "You're never too full for dessert." Summer wrinkled her nose, watching as Heather unscrewed the top of the jar, revealing the yellow mush inside. "Here you go!" She got a big spoonful of the stuff out, piling it high, then pushed it towards Summer's mouth. Summer shook her head, but Heather didn't stop at her shut mouth, pushing the spoon in between her lips, smearing the stuff all around her mouth. "What a messy eater!" she exclaimed. "Is she always like this?" she asked Val.

Valerie, sitting at the other side of the table, watching with a slight smirk, shook her head. "No, she's just being cranky. She probably needs a nap after this."

"You're probably right," Heather nodded. "Now, come on, Summy, let's fill up that tummy with yummy bananas! Then you can go back to your nice, safe crib!"

Summer shook her head - the crib would be even worse than her walker! She tried to think of something to say, or do, that would keep herself out of either of those things, that would keep her free to do what she needed, but there was nothing. If she misbehaved, it would just be seen as more crankiness, and, at worst, would still land her in bed, but with an even redder bottom. She couldn't claim she wasn't tired, because that would just prove to the girls that she was.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a sudden burst of tickling at her sides, and she started to laugh despite herself, only to find that interrupted, in turn, by a mouthful of baby food. She wanted to hate it, but she had to admit that it really wasn't all that bad, despite the texture. Still, she didn't want to eat anymore of it, so Valerie stayed posted behind her, ready with a poke or a tickle whenever she was being too obstinate. Try as she might, she couldn't resist forever, and always wound up with the spoon in her mouth. Sometimes, her giggles would send some of the stuff down her chin and onto her bib, but in the end, most of the jar of baby food wound up in her already full tummy.

"All done!" Heather announced, to Summer's great relief, washing Summer's face and bib off with a damp washcloth.

"All done!" Valerie parroted, then started tickling again. Summer squirmed in her seat, unable to escape her sister's fingers, or to stop giggling, even as it escalated. Valerie moved from behind her to in front, reaching under the tray to attack her belly, which left Summer fidgeting even more desperately, as that had always been her most ticklish spot.

"S-Stop," she tried to beg, though she wasn't sure if the word could be understood through her giggles. She looked up at Heather, hoping for some help, but she was enjoying the spectacle. Summer felt tears squeezing from her eyes, and she tried to swat away her sister's hands, knowing what would come next, but Valerie was having too much fun, laughing nearly as much as she was, and barely noticed the feeble attempts.

Moments later, wetness wasn't just leaking from her eyes, as Summer managed to get a gasp in between chuckles as her Pamper started to grow warm and squishy beneath her. Within seconds, that slow leak turned into a flood, washing through the thick padding of her diaper. Her laughter started to die down, and then at last Valerie's fingers slowed as well.

"All right, enough fun!" Heather declared. "It's naptime! Come on, silly girl!" Summer's eyes widened as she saw her pacifier being held up, able to see it bulging from its contents, the nipple slightly discolored purple. She was expecting more prune juice as it was pushed between her teeth, only to be surprised that what came out was much thicker and slushier, not juice, but more baby food, and, from the size of the pacifier, likely another whole jarful.

Heather picked her up, resting her on her hip, then patted her bottom a time or two. "Are you wet?" she asked, then slid her fingers into the diaper before waiting for any kind of answer. "Aw, just damp... You should be fine for a little while. Say night-night to your baby sister."

"Night-night, Summy," Valerie said obediently, watching as Heather carried her away, up the stairs to her nursery. And by the time they got there, it really could be called a nursery. Her crib was still there, of course, and the rocking horse, and now, in place of her dresser, there was a changing table, complete with thick, black straps hanging from the side to keep her on in case she got too rambunctious during a change. She couldn't help but wonder how long ago Valerie thought she'd bought that.

"Oh, that's good," Heather said when she saw it, sounding only the tiniest bit surprised, not that Summer could blame her. After everything else, what was a changing table. "I'm sure that will come in handy later." She set Summer down in her crib, pulling the side up, then stood there, staring at her. Summer's face was scrunched as the purple mush was being forced down her throat, wriggling unhappily, tears still glistening at the corners of her eyes. "You're not sleepy, are you?"

Summer looked up at her, more than a little surprised. Did Heather actually care? Had she grown tired of all this? She shook her head, hoping for a reprieve from naptime. Instead, Heather grinned, and right away, Summer knew she should have nodded instead.

"I know what will wear you out," Heather told her, pulling the side of the crib back down, lifting Summer out and putting her on her rocking horse, her damp diaper squishing beneath her. "A nice horsie ride..." Summer shook her head, but Heather had already nudged the horse with her foot, getting it started. The wet, but not thoroughly used, padding pressed up against her much differently than the diaper she'd been wearing that morning had, in a way that might have been described as good, if her situation wasn't so humiliating. She moaned behind her pacifier as Heather pushed the horse again, speeding up both the rocking and the thrashing it was doing between her legs. She could feel the baby food gushing out from the edges of her mouth as the shameful pleasure made her bite hard into her pacifier.

"Come on," Heather urged. "Show me how much you like being this little helpless baby. Come on, Summy..." Summer flushed, horrified to feel her body obeying, her hips starting to thrust and twist in response to the horse's movement, her mind losing control as her carnal enjoyment of the moment took over. She tried to beg her body to stop, while, at the same time, all she wanted was to keep going. She was breathing heavily now, made all the harder by the pacifier, and having to swallow mouthfuls of the disgusting mashed prunes to kep from drowning in them. All of the sudden, as she took one last heaving breath, she stopped, a wave of pleasure racing through her body as she sat there, her and the horse still now, not as much as breathing.

Then she slumped forward, still riding the aftermath, and exhausted by it. She barely felt Heather pick her up and deposit her back in her crib. "That's what I thought," she said gently, though Summer hardly heard it. "I'm sure your friends will find that video very interesting..." She started to raise the side of the crib, only to stop and stare down at Summer's face. "What are you eating, Summy-Tummy?" she asked playfully, bending over to look at the mess around Summer's mouth. She plucked the pacifier from Summer's lips, leaving her free to pant as Heather examined it, pushing the nipple experimentally, taken aback as she saw the baby food come out.

"Well, now," she said with a smile, wiping Summer's mouth with her bib before giving her back her pacifier. "Isn't that interesting? You finish that up, sweetie, then have a nice little nap. I have another surprise for you when you get up."

Summer couldn't even try to speculate on what that was. She was too exhausted to do anything but what she'd been told, curling into a tight ball and drifting off to a deep sleep.

Chapter Twenty-Three

Summer found herself once again waking up well before anyone was ready for her, lying on her back in her crib with no hope of escape until somebody came in to fetch her. Had the old woman been messing with her when she mentioned help? Or had she just not counted on Heather's meddling running so thick?

At the very least, Summer was glad not to have been put into the sleeper again. Just lying there on top of the blankets in her training bra and diaper, she could almost pretend she was in her real bed, at least until she moved and heard the crinkling of the mattress beneath her. Or when she moved even further and kicked one of the bars accidently. With her eyes closed, staying completely still, and ignoring the now cold, squishy sensation between her legs, it was almost as if none of this had ever happened.

She would have had a lot of time to lie like that, too, waiting for Heather or Valerie to come release her, trying to go back to sleep, except for the ominous rumbling that started within her. All those prunes she'd been force-fed that day were taking their effect already, she realized unhappily, unable to doze back off, or even stay still for too long, as the discomfort quickly built within her.

Letting Heather watch her fill her diaper would have been the last thing she wanted to do, if the thought of voluntarily pooping her pants - in her crib again, like the night before - wasn't so repellant. And being found in bed in a messy diaper twice in the same day wasn't much better than letting Heather watch the show. Heather would probably even assume that Summer had done it just to avoid letting her see... Which would have been true, but she didn't want Heather to know she had so much power over her, or give her an incentive to try some other method of watching her poop her pants. She told herself she'd figure this out, find out how to get ahold of everyone and make them apologize, and do it all before she had to use her diaper again, but the longer she waited, lying there in the dark, the less she believed it.

She was tired of crying, since it not only didn't make her feel better, it made her feel more as if she fit into this nightmare world she'd fallen into, yet she couldn't stop herself from doing so as she waited, squirming on her back, knowing every uncomfortable minute she spent here, in the diaper she had not only wet, but been forced to an orgasm in, was one more minute she wasn't able to try to contact her old teammates. She supposed most of them would be seniors this year... It had been an initiation thing, making them TP the old woman's house. She wasn't even supposed to be there, but she'd been able to tell from the time she announced it that she'd have nobody new on her squad that year if she left things as they were. It was ridiculous, but then, she was sure the legend of the witch was stronger the further you got from her house, the less you saw of her. So she'd decided to be a good captain, announcing that she'd be going with them. She still had a couple girls who couldn't bring themselves to do it. The squad had made their lives miserable the rest of the semester. She was really regretting that, now that she knew what the old woman could do. Clearly, they were right to be afraid.

Without even noticing it at first, she found herself sucking at the bulb of her pacifier as she fretted, thinking about days past and what she should have done differently. It was unusual for her to have the pacifier in with nothing in it. It was no surprise that it was more pleasant that way, but she was surprised to find herself calming down a little, only to realize, after a few minutes, that it was because of her paci. She'd even be tempted to call the sensation she was getting from it downright soothing, if not for the thought that she couldn't take the thing out herself. She stopped sucking at first, in defiance, then reluctantly let herself start again. It was there, after all, and it wasn't going anywhere. She might as well get something out of it.

Finally, a few moments later, she heard her door creaking open, along with a light rustling noise. She turned her head to look through the bars, wondering which of the girls she'd find there, only to see both. "Aww, isn't she sweet?" Heather cooed. "Look at her, lying there, sucking her paci... It's almost a shame to get her up." Summer blushed, not having noticed she hadn't stopped using her pacifier, just as she hadn't noticed when she'd started to do so. She forced her mouth to go still, but it was already too late, of course.

"She has visitors, though," Valerie said, making Summer's heart stop mid-beat. "She has to get up."

"You're right," Heather nodded. "Now, where did you say it was?"

The two came the rest of the way in, flipping on the lights and heading to Summer's closet, which Valerie started to dig through in a way that made Summer think that she was quite experienced at it, despite Summer having told her to keep away from her things while she was at school. She was in no position to be upset at her sister for that now, however. She raised herself to her knees, clutching the crib's bars as she stared out at them, wanting to be able to ask who her visitors were, beg them to make whoever it was go away.

It wasn't until Heather turned around, holding Summer's old cheerleading uniform, that she realized who they must be, and why they were here. This was her "help"... At the very least a few members, at worst all, of the squad were, most likely, waiting downstairs for her. The meaning of Heather's words after filming Summer on her horse hadn't exactly been cryptic before, but now they held a new horror as she realized it, along with the pictures Heather had been taking the past few days, could have already been seen by her squadmates. They could already think that, not only was she now an oversized toddler, but she liked it, she had been for years and had simply been hiding it from them. And how was she to argue? Even empty, her pacifier was still making her life miserable by robbing her of the ability to tell her side of the story.

She scooted backwards as Heather advanced on her, red and white cheerleading uniform clutched in one hand. From the corner of her eye, Summer happened to catch a glimpse of the ribbons in her hair, realizing they were red, too. Was that a coincidence, or had Heather been planning this all day?

"Come on, Summy-Tumbler, you have to get ready. It would be rude to your guests not to go greet them, now wouldn't it?" Summer shook her head, sniffling. She knew it was stupid, that this pretty much had to be the chance she'd been promised to make this all right, to end the curse. Even so, the thought of walking downstairs, clad in a diaper - and a used one at that, if Heather didn't change her, which seemed unlikely - pacifier plugged securely into her mouth, with her childish hairstyle, facing all the girls she'd had such power over just months before, whose lives she'd made, if not miserable, at least more unhappy than they would otherwise have been, was horrifying. She couldn't do it. She wouldn't.

"Maybe I let you nap a little too long," Heather mused. "Do you need another horsie ride to calm you down?" Summer's eyes went wide, then darted over towards Valerie. Surely Heather wouldn't dare do that in front of her! "Val, could you go make sure our guests are doing all right? Tell them our guest of honor will be ready in a little bit." Valerie scurried off, leaving Summer alone, staring up at Heather, who had put her hands on her hips and was glaring down at her. "You come here right now, or I'll do it. And I'll make sure everyone knows just what I caught you doing when I came up here to fetch you, you dirty, naughty little girl!"

Summer whimpered, defeated. Really, there had been no way around this from the start. She should have learned by now that she had no more power over her life than a real toddler; every time she tried to deny it, she just wound up in more trouble. When she reached the front of the crib, Heather lowered the rail and pulled her out, draping her outfit over the rail before giving the back of Summer's diaper a hard swat, hard enough to feel even through her thick Pamper, though the already sore state of her bottom certainly helped in that regard. "That's for shaking your head at me." Summer sniffled, nodding her understanding.

Summer had always worn her uniform tight, showing off her flat, toned stomach and her perky breasts. But now, with her chest flattened by her Elmo-branded training bra, and her tummy starting to bulge out, the top fit all wrong, leaving her belly button exposed, yet at the same time still giving the impression that she was playing dress-up with an older sister's clothes.

"What do you cheerleaders call these?" Heather asked, picking up the hanger Summer's skirt, which she already knew would be far too short, was on, yanking off the pair of bloomers also hung there, holding them up for Summer to see. Summer's cheeks flushed red as Heather grinned. "Oh, that's right... Spankies, wasn't it? Weird name, huh?" Summer couldn't help but nod. "These ones are nice and red, too... I bet they match how your bottom looks after all of your other spankies." She chuckled as Summer's head bowed from the embarrassment of it all. "Do you want to wear them?"

Summer looked up, surprised at the question, not having expected to be given a chance. She nodded enthusiastically. "Hmm... I dunno..." Heather said. "How about you ask me?" She reached out, removing Summer's pacifer.

"Can I weaw 'pankies?" Summer asked quickly, not wanting this opportunity to slip away. Sure, it would still be pretty obvious what was under them, but the thought of having some kind of layer between her Pamper and all those prying eyes was a blessed relief nonetheless.

"Do you want them?" Summer nodded. "No, use your words..."

"I wan' 'em," Summer managed to say.

"What do you want?" Summer pouted at her, sure the girl was just enjoying seeing her struggle with speaking, not noticing her hand sneaking into her pocket, raising something out just a tad.

"I wan' 'pankies," Summer declared.

"Hmm... I don't know..." Heather waffled. "Right now?"

"Wight now!" Summer said, frustrated with Heather's game. "I wan' 'pankies wight now!"

Heather laid the bloomers over the crib rail, picking up the skirt instead. As expected, the normally short skirt rose up even higher from the bulk of her diaper, leaving the bottom, drooping ever so slightly from her wetting, exposed. Summer sniffled, reaching up for the last piece of her uniform sadly.

"'pankies?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

"I think I've heard enough from you for now," Heather said, swatting her hand away and re-plugging her mouth, picking her up and setting her on the changing table. "Stay here," she ordered, walking back over to the door and picking up the bag she'd set there when she came in. Summer would have liked to have disobeyed her, but since she would have had to go through the door Heather was in front of, she knew it was futile.

"I got these just for you!" Heather announced, holding up a pair of frilly white ankle socks before putting them on Summer's feet. "You don't have to thank me, I know you love them. But you're really going to like these..." Next, she revealed a pair of brand new, shiny, white patent leather Mary-Janes. "Oh, aren't they just precious?" Like the socks, the shoes were clearly meant for a toddler, judging from not just the design but the size as well. Unlike the socks, when the shoes took quite a bit of effort to yank into place, and felt heavy and strange on her feet.

"There!" Heather declared, lifting her down. As soon as her feet hit the floor, she could feel the shoes moving beneath her, forcing her toes, and thus her knees as well, inward. "Now, let's make sure you're ready..." Summer gasped as she felt Heather push her diaper down, sticking a finger into her bottom. She squirmed uncomfortably, blushing even after Heather removed the offending digit, examining it and then wiping it on the inside of Summer's diaper before pulling that back up and into place. "Oh, you're nice and full," she said, patting her bottom. "Now come on... Everyone's waiting for you. And I think you're going to give them quite a show."

Chapter Twenty-Four

It came as no surprise to Summer to find her living room full of cheerleaders, all girls she'd ruled over for at least a year, most even longer than that, all in their uniforms, which fit them all far better than hers now did. Still, even though she wasn't shocked at the sight, actually seeing it still gave her a bit of a fright, making her try to hide behind Heather as they walked in, sure every eye was on her, especially as a wave of giggles began spreading through the group.

"Don't be shy," Heather told her, pulling her in front and pushing her to the center of the room. The heavy shoes made her stumble awkwardly, as she'd been doing the whole walk downstairs, nearly tripping her before she came to a stop in the center of the girls. Summer sucked hard on her pacifier, looking around nervously as she tugged at the hem of her too-short skirt. She'd never felt so small. She knew they were all staring at her now, could see them practically licking their lips as they remembered everything she'd put them through, all the extra long practices, not letting them out until they all got it exactly right, all her angry speeches when one of them messed up a cheer in the middle of a game, all the initiations she'd made them go through just to get on the team... It had all been to make them better, of course, but she'd always wondered how much they really understood that.  She had a bad feeling she was about to find out.

Her face flushed bright red and she bowed her head, staring down at her white Mary Janes, the same ones that were forcing her into a pigeon-toed stance. She could hear whispering starting to spread through the group, until, at last, one of the girls stepped forward. Summer let herself look up slightly, just enough to see that it was Marilyn, the girl who had replaced her as squad captain. Without a word, Marilyn reached down, flipping up Summer's skirt and smirking.

"It is a Pamper!" she announced gleefully. Marilyn pressed the fingers of her other hand into the crotch of the diaper, letting them sink into the squishy padding for a moment before declaring, "And it IS wet!" The mumblings of the other girls only got louder and easier to make out, much as Summer didn't want to hear them, to have to listen to all these people say how well this fit her, how she deserved it, how she wasn't so big and bad anymore.

"Of course she is," Heather said, stepping forward. "Our little Summer is just a big ol' baby, and she was the whole time she was captain of your squad. It's why she was always so tough on you... She was afraid if she wasn't, that you'd somehow figure out her secret. But now that she's gotten a little older... physically, anyway... she's been able to look back and realize how wrong she was to do that, which is why she had me invite you all here. So she could apologize."

Heather chuckled, patting Summer's bottom. "I'm sure you never would have guessed it from how she used to act, but she's a shy little thing, so she was afraid she wouldn't be able to actually give the speech she had all planned out for you girls. She asked me to record it, but I'm afraid my phone acted up on me while I was doing it, so I missed most of it. It was very sweet, though, all about how she wanted to make it up to you all however she could, but she just didn't know how. She did have one good idea at the end, though, and that is one part I did manage to get."

Summer's eyes went wide open as she stared at Heather, suddenly, horribly aware of what was about to happen, and how she'd contributed to it herself, like an idiot. Sure enough, a moment later, she heard her own voice, babified as it had become, blaring over the speaker of Heather's phone, practically begging for what she knew would be interpreted as a spanking. Her butt hurt already, just from the thought of it, not to mention every other spanking she'd gotten over the last two days.

"Now, I don't know if you want to do that," Heather shrugged. "As her babysitter, I've had to spank her, and it doesn't seem like she enjoyed it, but you all saw her riding her horsie... She does seem to like part of this. But you heard her. All I can tell you is that she really did seem like she wanted to make up for things."

Marilyn stared down at Summer with an expression that let her know that there was no way she was going to get out of this, even though she said, "Well, I suppose we should put this to a vote. How many of you think we should do what she says and let her off with a spanking?" To Summer's surprise, and relief, only three of the nine other girls raised their hands.

Among them was Olive, a shy girl Summer had never expected to make it onto the squad, and who she'd never really thought fit in. She was also one of the girls whose initiation had been the one to land Summer in this position. That, really, had been the only reason Summer had let her in, because she knew Olive was quite superstitious, and was sure the very idea of going near the witch's house would make her drop out before a single practice. And yet, despite other girls doing just that, Olive had hung in there and gone through with it, at which point Summer couldn't bring herself to kick her out. Perhaps that would pay off now.

"Who thinks we should give her a spanking, AND come up with something else for her to do?" Eight hands, including Marilyn's and one of the girls who had already voted, shot in the air at that, dashing Summer's hopes instantly. "That's what I thought," Marilyn grinned. "Now, is there a nice, wooden hairbrush around here? If we're going to do this, we should make sure she definitely won't enjoy it."

"Val?" Heather said, sending the girl scurrying up to the bathroom, returning with Summer's own brush. Summer's eyes began to water as she fully comprehended what was about to happen to her, and how little hope she had of escaping her fate. She was surrounded, stuck in these shoes that kept her from running, or even walking quickly, without falling on her face.

"This will do nicely," Marilyn nodded, examining the brush before turning back to Summer. "Aww, crying already, little one? Just you wait." Marilyn grabbed her hand, leading her over to a chair, the other girls parting to let them through, rearranging themselves to watch. Marilyn sat, positioning Summer in front of her. "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this," she told her, reaching out and poking Summer's tummy, making her squirm away from any kind of pressure on her full stomach. "Look at you... We'd have been kicked off the team if we let ourselves go like this." Summer shook her head, but Marilyn was having none of it. "You think I don't remember Rose? She was a damn good cheerleader, but as soon as she gained five pounds, she was gone. And as if that wasn't enough, you made us oink at her when we ran into her in the hall and you were around. You're a real piece of work, you know that? There's no way this will make up for everything you did, but it will be a start."

Summer felt herself being tugged forward, slung over Marilyn's lap, but she was too deep in thought to notice, or try to resist, having to clench her backside as Marilyn's knee dug into her belly. Marilyn may have remembered Rose, but, until then, Summer hadn't. That had been her sophomore year, back when she'd still been afraid the team didn't respect her as much as they should. It had been a power play, sure, a demonstration that she was in charge of them whether they liked it or not, yet, as time had gone by, it hadn't even been important enough to her to file it away in her memory. Had she really been that callous?

"Diaper on or off?" Marilyn was asking, in the midst of Summer's introspection.

"Better keep it on," Heather advised. "Wouldn't want her to have an accident."

"All right," Marilyn nodded. "Just have to swing all the harder."

And she did. Summer's thoughts were interrupted by the harsh slap of the brush against her diaper, a swelling of pain spreading across her backside even through the thick padding, bringing her to full-blown tears almost instantly. It was different than all her other spankings, far worse... And yet, try as she might, she couldn't quite shake the feeling that maybe she deserved this, or at least some small part of it.

Each girl got only a handful of spanks, but it was more than enough. The pain was nearly enough to keep her from continuing her fight to keep her diaper clean, but she knew she couldn't let that happen. Being seen like this was bad. Being spanked by all of them was worse. But actually letting go, filling her Pamper in front of them? That was just too horrible to comprehend. And yet, she could feel the contents of her bowels struggling to get out every time she was put over another girl's knees, every time the brush slapped against her, and every time, it got harder to stop.

Olive was last, hanging at the rear of the group, looking uncertain about the whole thing. She almost didn't get a turn at all, but one of the other girls, Clara, spotted her there and pushed her forward as Summer was standing there, face soaked with tears, hoping it was finally over. "Olive didn't have her turn!" Clara announced.

"I think that's probably good enough..." Olive said bashfully.

"It wouldn't be fair if you didn't take your turn," Marilyn told her, pushing her into the chair, shoving the brush into her hand. "Don't be shy, I'm sure you've wanted to do this for a while now, too."

Summer was maneuvered over one final lap, gasping for air from behind her pacifier, trying to prepare herself for one final round, unsure if she could make it. Then, to her surprise, the pacifier fell out, onto the floor. She sucked in one big lungful of air, letting it out in a choked sob as she fought to maintain her composure. This was it, she was sure of it, her one chance to fix this, the help the old woman had told her was coming.

"Owive, pwease," she begged, fighting to keep her infantile speech comprehensible around her sobs.

"You asked for this," Marilyn reminded her, kneeling down to pick up the pacifier. Summer didn't have time to deny that, to try to tell them what really happened. She barely had the strength to bat the pacifier away as she tried to form her next words.

"Owive, you hafta apowogize," she sniffled.

It was the wrong thing to say. "Apologize?" Olive's eyebrows raised as she glared down at the squirming girl on her lap. "Me?"

"N-No," Summer protested, trying to make herself understood. "I mean..." Her words turned to a pained yelp as Olive swung the brush, even harder than the other girls had. Fresh tears flowed from her eyes, her voice turning to frightful whimperings.

"You don't get to tell me what to do anymore," Olive told her. "I was fine with you just being gone... You're the one who wanted this!"

The second spank was even harder than the first. Summer's back arched, and she felt her bottom contracting, trying to let go. She squeezed her eyes shut, forced her hands into fists, used every muscle in her body to stop it. "No," she whimpered again. "Not you, Owive, evey'won. You hafta apowigize to the witch, ow I'ww be stuck wike 'dis."

"Nice try," Olive shook her head. "But I don't believe in witches anymore. Don't you remember how you told us we were all idiots for being scared of her? I think the exact phrase was 'dumb babies'... Isn't that ironic? You said we were all acting like dumb babies, believing she was going to curse us if we did anything to her house. Well, who's the dumb baby now?"  Olive let loose with another spank to make sure Summer knew the answer. "And you expect us to believe she really is a witch now? You must really think we're idiots, don't you? Even now."

"It's twue!" Summer wailed desperately. "She cuwsed me and made me wike 'dis! She won't 'top it 'less you all apowogize!"

To her horror, she heard her own sniffles turn to grunts after the next hit, as, at last, too worn out physically and emotionally, her body stopped responding to her. This time when the cramp hit, there was no stopping it, and she could feel her diaper puffing out behind her.

"Ew, gross!" she heard one of the girls say.

"She really is a baby!" another said, sounding just as disgusted.

For her part, Summer could say nothing. Not only could she not stop it, she was being forced to help it, to push and strain to let it out into her tight diaper. She could feel the hot mush forcing its way into every crevice of the diaper, pressing up against her sensitive, sore flesh, reminding her that, as one of these girls she'd used to be in charge of had declared, she was, indeed, a baby.

She felt a hand against the back of her diaper as she finished, pressing the mess against her, then there was one last spank, the worst yet, before she was pushed to her feet. She wobbled for a moment, then stood there, a bow-legged, pigeon-toed, droopy-diapered mockery of the person she'd used to be. None of these girls would ever see her as their captain again. She might never see herself that way again. Olive took the pacifier from Marilyn and shoved it into Summer's mouth, and this time, it didn't come back out. She'd had her chance, and, as far as she could tell, had blown it.

Heather stepped forward, patting the seat of Summer's bulging diaper. "What a bad little girl... She knows she isn't supposed to go poopy in her Pampers. Her mommy and daddy are going to be mad now... Can you believe they let this big baby go off to school by herself? I bet that will be changing when they come home to find her like this."

"Good," Marilyn smiled, "because I think I've come up with the second part of her punishment. I think little Summy here should be our squad mascot. I think she should come to our practices and cheer us on. And I'm sure we'll all be much happier to get to see her like this while we work, won't we? And I bet the football players would get a kick out of seeing her like this, too... Maybe we'll even let her come to the games, too. Won't that be fun? She can pretend she's a big girl again! What do you say, girls?"

This time, all of their hands shot up. Summer could even see Valerie, standing at the back of the room and grinning, raise her hand gleefully.

"And I'm sure none of us want to change... that..." Marilyn continued, poking Summer's diaper, taking delight in watching her fidget uncomfortably. "So, Heather, how would you like to join our team as her official babysitter?"

"I'd love to," Heather said. "She never would let me join the squad when she was captain... I bet she never thought she'd be the reason I finally got in."

Chapter Twenty-Five

Summer felt numb as she was led through the crowd, clumsily waddling past her former team. When she'd been the captain, her size had never bothered her. As a petite girl, she was perfect for throws, for the top of the pyramid... And she knew they all realized she was in charge, because she made sure of it. Now, like never before, she felt truly small next to them, and powerless. These were girls she'd known for years, who she'd formed a sort of family with. Having been an only child until her mother had remarried, she'd never experienced this before, but she supposed this must be similar to having older siblings. She couldn't help but feel bad at how she'd treated her own little sister... Had she felt this bad when Summer had made fun of her, had been mean to her, hadn't let her do stuff with her? She comforted herself with the thought that it couldn't have been that bad, since Val hadn't had to go from being the big sister, or even the mother, to baby sister.

As she finally got past the squad, she found herself at the front door, where she could see her walker sitting, a full bottle of apple juice sitting on the tray. "Come on," Heather said, giving Summer's hand a tug as she stopped in her tracks. "You're going to be a good little hostess and tell all your guests goodbye."

Summer shook her head, which, of course, did her no good as she was picked up and plopped down into the plastic seat anyway, which was immediately set to bouncing, ensuring every inch of her sensitive, aching skin down below was thoroughly covered in the contents of her diaper. Her pacifier was replaced with the bottle, her body eagerly draining it as the cheerleading squad filed past her, one by one, promising to see her at practice, patting her head as they left, whispering and giggling to one another.

Olive, again, was last. She hesitated for a moment as she stood in front of Summer, staring down at her quietly, watching her face, constantly scrunched in reaction to her seat's bouncing, struggling to swallow the juice fast enough. After a minute, she shook her head and walked out.

Summer was almost relieved when Heather came over to her, even when she saw her carrying the full looking pacifier, if only because she was sure it would mean a change. Instead, Heather just took away the empty bottle, dangling the pacifier in front of Summer. "You want this, sweetie? I made something nice for you... My own special recipe of all your favorite baby foods... Banana, and pea, and of course some prune, drizzled with a light glaze of castor oil. Yum, yum." Before Summer could even try to protest, Heather grabbed her nose, forcing her, after a minute, to open her mouth to gasp for air, allowing her to fill that mouth.

Summer felt sure that the pacifier was stretching out over time, getting bigger, as she couldn't remember it bulging against her cheeks quite so much. She sniffled, staring up at Heather pitifully, but the girl just looked more pleased with herself. She grabbed the seat and wheeled it across the living room, back to the corner. "Now, since you were a bad girl and filled your Pampers again, you're going back to the corner. And you're going to stay in this diaper until your mommy gets home. As much as you claim to be a big girl, I'm sure she wouldn't believe just how much of an accident you had if I were to just tell her, so I'll let her see for herself."

She stared forward at the walls listlessly, her brain still unable to fully process the idea that this was it, this was her life from then on. Left in a crib until someone decided to get her up and change her, then plopped into her bouncer until it was time to be strapped in her high chair. Then back to her crib for a nap, back to her bouncy chair until time to be taken to cheerleading practice. There, at least, she might not be trapped in some giant version of baby furniture, but there was little chance for escaping with the whole team and Heather around. Then it was back home for supper, and back into her crib to start all over again. Her world had become very small... She had no control over anything anymore, except when she used her diaper, and even that could be encouraged with bottles and pacifier-delivered doses of laxatives.

No, she decided, shaking her head as the disgusting mix of babyfood and castor oil flowed down her throat, pacifier still taking up too much of her mouth to allow any to escape down her chin and onto her bib. Even if her old squadmates wouldn't help her, she wouldn't let this happen. She'd get back to the old woman's house, somehow, and she'd beg again. She'd beg harder, she'd promise her anything.... She would make her end this, somehow.

But, of course, she had to get out of the corner first. She wasn't sure how long they made her stay there, but her pacifier was nearly empty by the time Valerie swung her seat back around, giving her enough time to think up a hundred different scenarios for her next meeting with the woman, most of which, admittedly, ended in failure, but at least they were something to try. And if she had to, she'd try them all. Even if her whole family thought she'd never grown out of this stage, that she'd always been a baby, at least at home, the old woman would know the truth. She'd keep finding ways to sneak out, keep thinking of new ways to phrase her apologies, keep doing it until she hit on just the right one, or she managed to wear the old bitch down. She didn't care if she wound up in the corner with a warm bottom every time, she'd keep at it. She had to. It was her only hope.

"I think you need some sunlight," Valerie told her, patting her head. "I know you were outside today, but since then you've been in that dark corner, or taking a nap... Let's put you over here."

Summer mumbled her protests anxiously as she was wheeled closer and closer to the front window, shaking her head desperately, only for her step-sister to ignore her. "Here you go!" she exclaimed, walking off for a moment and returning to flop a coloring book and box of crayons onto the chair's tray. "You should color mommy a nice picture... Maybe she won't be as mad at you for having an accident that way."

At first, Summer had no intention of doing that, but as time went on, and more kids starting running up and down the sidewalk, playing, she found herself staring down anyway, trying not to meet their gazes, not wanting to know how many of them noticed her there, in the window. She had never been one for coloring, but she had an especially difficult time of it in the walker with its eternal bouncing, which made it nearly impossible for her to keep within the lines. The first few times, she just turned to another page, refusing to let anyone see how messy her artwork was, but she gave in finally, accepting that there was no way to completely avoid it.

She was about halfway through that picture - a puppy and kitten sleeping all curled up next to one another - when she noticed the commotion. She ignored it at first, as she'd been training herself to do, since looking up just gave gawking neighbors a better look at her pacifier, but she could tell this time was different. Slowly, she started to lift her head, trying to peek out the window and see what was happening, to make sure it wasn't just a whole group of kids watching her.

As soon as she got a glimpse, her head shot up and she let out a gasp from behind her pacifier, which, if it could have, would have dropped right out of her mouth.There was an ambulance on their road, not far away... In fact, parked right at the house next to hers - the old woman's house. She turned as much as she could in the seat, trying to see if Val and Heather were watching too, but she couldn't see them.

She swallowed nervously as she saw a paramedic make his way out of the old woman's front door, nibbling at her pacifier. There was a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach that told her she already knew what she would see next, but she couldn't accept it. It couldn't be true. He walked back into the house, carrying a stretcher this time, then, a tense minute or two later, he and his partner came back out. There was a form on the stretcher now, not moving, covered from head to toe in a white cloth.

As she watched the ambulance pull out, down the street, and away, she couldn't respond. Even beyond the normal ramifications of what had just happened - had she been the last person to see the woman alive, other than perhaps a 911 operator? - she could feel all those plans she'd been making falling apart on her. She couldn't apologize to a dead woman. She couldn't beg for mercy... She really was trapped now. She tried to cheer herself up by telling herself that could mean the spell would break on its own, but if that was the case, why hadn't it already?

The spell continued for the rest of the slow afternoon, as her mother and Donald got home, finding nothing odd about her high chair, or the fact that she was in a walker once Heather explained she had brought it, getting upset only at her messy diaper, which Heather had been happy to offer to change once they'd both seen it and told her how disappointed they were in her over it. In her fresh diaper, stripped of her cheerleading uniform, she was put straight into her high chair and fed her dinner, again by Heather, before she had to leave to go teach her ballet class.

"I can't believe you!" her mother said, once Heather was gone. "We agreed to go along with all this baby stuff because you promised you could keep it in moderation! Is this moderation, young lady? Pooping your pants in front of your babysitter? You shouldn't even need a babysitter! You should be watching your sister, but it's a good thing I knew I couldn't trust you to do that, isn't it?"

Summer couldn't reply, could only listen, eyes watering again, as she thought back to the day before. She'd made such a fuss at the idea of being made to babysit Valerie during her spring break. She had been acting so selfish... She realized it now, but it was too late. Now she was the one being babysat.

"And did you really think I wouldn't find your grades from last semester? You kept telling me you were doing fine, that they didn't send that sort of thing out... Well, guess what I found in your backpack?!" Summer's heart stopped as her mother held up her grade sheet. It seemed impossible - she knew she'd thrown that out - but there it was. "You barely passed a single class, young lady! Clearly, you aren't ready to take your schooling seriously. Well, if you think your father and I are going to spend another dime on you going to that school, you are sadly mistaken. While you were getting changed, I called your school and notified them that you will not be returning. Once this week is up and Heather has to go back to high school, I'll be finding you a nice, strict nanny to take care of you while I'm at work. When she thinks you're ready, I'll let you go to daycare, and maybe, once you're able to graduate from there, we'll talk about letting you go back to a real school, but not a moment before. Do you understand me?"

All Summer could do was nod meekly. "Good. Now, I was going to let you stay up a little later tonight, but not anymore. Come on." Her mother lifted her down from her high chair, leading her towards the stairs, clutching her hand tightly.

Partway there, she heard the doorbell, then Val eagerly announcing she'd get it. A moment or two later, she heard Olive's voice, faint but clear. "Hi, Valerie," she said. "I was thinking... Well, I was wondering if I could come in and talk to Summer for a minute about something..."

"Sorry," Valerie told her. "It's already past her bedtime, and she's in trouble, so I don't know if she'll be allowed to have visitors tomorrow... Maybe you can just talk to her at practice?"

"Yeah," Olive said. "Maybe. It probably wasn't a big deal anyway. You know what, it was dumb. Sorry to bother you."

Summer sniffled softly as she was guided up the steps, hearing the front door close. Why couldn't Olive have come earlier? She had to have had second thoughts about ignoring Summer's talk of curses... But even if she'd been allowed it, it wouldn't have made any difference. Ding, dong, the witch was dead... And so was nearly every chance she had of getting out of this mess. The only thing she could hope now was that when she woke up, the spell, rather than intensifying the final time, would fade away, follow its caster to the grave. She wanted to believe that would happen, but she knew by now it was silly to get her hopes up.


She was having the dream about the school again, the one with the talking cat. She'd been having them more and more often lately. She liked to think there was some deeper meaning to them, but she knew it was just wish fulfillment. If she were going to that school, that silly, made-up school for witches, she could have avoided this whole thing. Zapped away the curse herself or something.But life wasn't that easy.

"Time to get up, little one," came the voice, cutting through her dream, bringing her back to reality, to the world where, rather than learning magic, she was the victim of it, lying there in her crib in an oversized Pamper and training bra. She blinked, rubbing her eyes as she rolled over to watch her nanny dig through her closet, unsure what the woman was looking for until she saw her pulling it out.

She had no idea what the woman's name was - she was only allowed to call her Nanny, and even that only happened on the rare occassion her pacifier was out of her mouth. She was a middle-aged woman, quite tall and strong, who didn't even seem to notice that Summer wasn't actually a toddler. As bad as Heather's treatment of her was, it was almost worse to have someone, other than her parents, acting like this was all normal.

Just as the witch had predicted, her family seemed to have woken up the next day believing she'd never fully outgrown this phase. She wasn't sure exactly how that memory worked, since her mom seemed to remember her being a cheerleader, since she'd agreed, delightedly, to let her do so again when Marilyn came over to talk to her about it, but they never mentioned her school again. In fact, she'd thought at first that her mother had completely forgotten her last angry lecture until she started interviewing possible nannies that weekend. She wondered if the whole thing about daycare stil stood, too, though she wasn't sure if she'd like that or not. Even if she graduated that, would they really let her go to college?

"Still dry, what a good girl!" Nanny cooed, checking her as she lifted her from her crib. "But now, do you want to do pee-pees before we pop off to practice? I'm sure you're excited for your first day, and nobody would blame you for having an accident, but we don't want to make poor Heather do all the work, do we?"

Summer shook her head, although she could feel a fullness in the pit of her tummy. She wanted that, though. Just the day before, on Heather's last day of vacation, she'd let Summer know just how things were going to be from then on. "You're going to make me a nice, messy diaper every day at practice," she told her, holding up the rocking horse she was about to take out to her car as Summer looked on from within her crib. "And if you do, I'll bring this back to you when I sit for you on the weekends."

It was a horrible, humiliating trade-off, but one she had to endure. When she wasn't dreaming about the school, she'd dream about those days, seemingly so long ago, when she'd been in high school, bouncing between football players... She was sure she'd been called a slut more than a few times, but it didn't bother her. Now those trysts seemed like just as much of a fantasy as witch school, except for the feelings they awoke inside her, feelings that she was sure would only get stronger as she returned to high school, saw the boys she'd been with who were still on the team running about, all sweaty and hot... Just the thought of that sight made her whimper as Nanny dressed her. There was only one release for those feelings now. Her diapers were too thick, too stiff, for her to rub herself through, and there was no sneaking her fingers inside... It was her horsie or nothing, and, embarrassing as it was, she knew she had to go with the former.

She was so engrossed in her naughty thoughts, she didn't notice Nanny adding something extra over her uniform until the final click, and she looked down at herself to find what looked like the straps of a backpack over her shoulders. It didn't feel like she was carrying anything, though... It wasn't until she saw the leash in Nanny's hand that she realized she was in reins now, to make sure she didn't run off. The Mary Janes would have prevented that, anyway, as they sapped away all the grace and coordination she used to have, but, of course, Nanny didn't know that.

"It's a nice day," Nanny told her, "so we're going to walk."

Summer shook her head without thinking about it. Even though she'd only been there for one full day, Summer knew one thing she should never do around Nanny, but she still wasn't used to it. She was going to have to do so quickly, however, or she'd spend every practice with a sore bottom, just as she was going to spend the one that day.

She kept her eyes down on their walk, trying to ignore all the feet she saw passing them by. All too soon, Nanny was veering off the sidewalk, tugging on Summer's leash to lead her to the football field, where she was handed off to Heather, who was in charge of getting her back home. The girls, dressed in their their tank tops and shorts for practice, came over to greet her, still quite amused to see her in her current state, though they quickly fell back to the gossip they'd been discussing before she arrived.

All except for Olive. She stood there, silently, staring at Summer as if searching for something in her face, before asking Heather, "Can I talk to her for a minute?"

"Sure," Heather shrugged, handing off the leash. "Don't expect a brilliant conversation, though."

"I just want you to know," Olive said, once Heather was off chatting with the squad, "I don't hate you. I get you trying to keep all this a secret, but I didn't appreciate you trying to take advantage of me." Summer cocked her head to one side, confused. "I think that just shows how low an opinion you have of me, at least, and probably everyone else... I almost wish you had been cursed because, well, maybe you deserve it." Still not understand, Summer shook her head. "Don't pretend... I know it's silly to still believe in magic, but did you really think even I would believe that story of you getting cursed by your neighbor? You got me thinking for a bit later, I admit it, and I was going to ask for more of an explanation, but... Well, I came to my senses." Summer shrugged. "Damn it, Summer, stop it! Just admit it! Admit you like this!"

Summer pointed up to her pacifier, tugging on it. Luckily, Olive took the hint and removed it. "I don'!" she pouted. "It is cuwse!"

"No, it isn't," Olive insisted. "And if you want anyone to believe it is, you're going to have to change your story."

"Not 'towy, it twue," Summer insisted, stomping her foot angrily. Why wouldn't anyone listen to her?!

"Well, that's funny," Olive sneered at her. "I think there is magic out there, but even I don't believe some old woman's ghost did this to you."

Summer shook her head. "She wasn' ghost! She died aftaw she did this!"

Olive rolled her eyes. "Yeah, whatever, Summer. She died two months ago, while you were away at school."

Summer's mouth fell open, leaving plenty of opportunity for Olive to replace the pacifier before handing the leash back over to Heather as she ran off to join the other cheerleaders.


Valerie giggled as she saw the expression on her step-sister's face, quickly blushing and quieting herself down as she felt the other kids in the back of the bus turn to see what was so funny. Reluctantly, she stuck the ring back in her pocket, though she planned on getting back to watching the image projected in it as soon as she got up to her room. That was all the ring would do anymore, but that was enough.

She'd hardly believed it when she got the ring in the mail, in an envelope with only a blank piece of notebook paper. It was a plain silver band, much too large for her, but even she had been sure there was more to it than met the eye. And that was before words started to appear on the piece of paper, explaining things.

"I need your help," it said. "I need you to use this to keep your step-sister from returning to school. She's made some serious enemies here, and I fear it would be dangerous for her to return. I've altered her memory, but it won't be enough. It's up to you how you do it. There's only a limited amount of magic in the ring, but it should be enough."

Valerie was sure it was fake, of course. Anyone would know that. And yet, when she asked Summer what her favorite class was, she'd looked confused for a moment, then yelled at her to get out of her room, calling her a baby. Valerie could still remember walking back to her room, heart pumping faster and faster with every step. Was it true?

Of course, she knew she couldn't just let Summer know it was her behind everything. She only had a little magic to work with, and her sister was studying to be a full-fledged witch... If she messed up and Summer regained her own powers, she'd be in real trouble. But she had a feeling Summer wouldn't have heard about their neighbor dying, so, once she had her plan in place, she'd decided to use the guise of that woman as her scapegoat, daring to use a bit of magic to teleport herself into the house and change her shape.

Now Summer knew it hadn't really been the old woman, but even if she could figure out who the real culprit was, it was too late for her to do anything about it. The spell was set and sealed, the paper had told her, after congratulating her on her creativeness.

Valerie grinned, fingering the ring in her pocket, waiting for the bus to finally pull up to her house. All she'd really wanted to do was show Summer how it felt to be treated like a little kid all the time... But, she had to admit, it was pretty fun to be the big sister. Even if she had enough magic left, she didn't think she'd have been able to bring herself to turn Summer back. It was much better this way.


"Are you serious?" Delilah asked, eyebrows raising.

"Oh, she's serious," answered Squeaky, purring. If he hadn't been a cat, Delilah would have been sure he was grinning.

"I told them I didn't want a roommate this year," Scarlett shrugged nonchalantly. "I'm their top student, you really think they would have respected that. But no, they go and stick me with a freshman! Ugh!"

"I think they expected you to help her, you know..." Delilah said, uncomfortably squirming on the edge of the bed that used to belong to Summer. "Be, like, a mentor..."

"I'm not a mentor," Scarlett huffed. "Besides, they can't trace it back to me. The only thing I did was... block her memory a bit. If she was any real kind of a witch, she could have reversed it herself. She was nowhere near good enough for this school. But maybe from now on, they'll respect my simple request... Do they not remember what I did to Elsie last year?"

"Umm... Yeah..." Delilah nodded nervously.

"Is that her suitcase?" Scarlett asked, bending over and peering under the bed. "I thought I got rid of all her stuff..."

"I-I didn't ask for this," Delilah said quickly. "My roommate dropped out over break, too, and..."

"Oh, Delilah..." Scarlett grinned, moving closer to the girl, Squeaky moving around the other side, hopping up onto the bed. "Why can't they just get the message? You know, for a non-witch, Summer's sister had some really interesting ideas... I was kind of hoping for a chance to try them out."

Delilah began to mutter a spell, only to find her mouth full of pacifier. She mumbled helplessly, feeling her mouth fill with warm milk, making her eyes start to droop heavily almost right away.

"Don't worry, 'roomie'," Scarlett grinned at her as she fought a losing battle to stay awake. "I'll take real good care of you..."

The End


  1. I've been into forced AB stories ever since I read Parachute's "From that Day", but most of the stories I find always left me really disappointed. They always set up these really interesting situations, and then the writer just sort of gives up and ends the story, or uses magic and hypnosis so they don't have to worry about character motivation any more. It had gotten so bad that I usually just immediately skip a diaper fic the moment the word Witch, or magic, pops up.
    So I was taking a big leap of faith when I read this, and oh I am so glad I did. I never thought magic could be used as anything more than a crutch for these writings, but it was used masterfully here, and the ending caught me off guard well more than I thought it would. Just the way everything wrapped up in general was great as well.

  2. I love the magic they used on her. The chnging of her clothes and the magic pacifier that fills up with nasty stuff again and again!
    I Love it