Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sucking Up

Chapter 1

It started, really, eight years before, when Alicia was just a little girl. It was the year her parents were getting divorced, and the year that she realized exactly how easy to manipulate they were. At first she had been truly upset about it all, of course, but as time went on, she found out that the more she cried, the more she was taken shopping for a new outfit, or a new pair of shoes, or whatever she wanted at the moment. That was when she'd taught herself to fake cry, and began to get quite good at it.

Her parents weren't stupid, and realized what was going on, but they felt bad enough about what they were putting her through that they didn't put a stop to it right away, and when they did end it, they did it gradually. It took Alicia a while to truly accept that, no matter how hard she tried, things would never go back to what they were then, which led to many, many tantrums, both at home and in public. For a time, they worked nearly as well as her crying used to, but soon her parents decided they had to show a united front against them as well.

Nobody sees themselves as a spoiled brat, so Alicia never thought of herself in those terms, but it was the best way to describe her. Sure that she deserved whatever she wanted, yet unable to convince her parents to get it for her anymore, she'd spent her teenage years sulky and resentful - and, once she began to fill out, somewhat slutty, though she quickly found that boys her age didn't have much money, either - until, at last, she was old enough to move out and get a job, sure that, once she had a real cash flow of her own, she'd be able to afford the lifestyle she wanted.

That was, of course, much more difficult than she'd imagined, given the jobs actually available to her. She managed, with a bit of luck, to get a job at a pharmaceutical research company, though only as a lowly secretary, making just enough to pay her rent and her utilities, and keep herself fed, but not much else. Her boss, Dr. Jadin, from what she understood, had quite a lot of pull in the company, however, so she had a plan. All she had to do was get to know her boss, find out her interests, and befriend her, and maybe that would be enough to get the woman to recommend her for a nice, big promotion.

While Dr. Jadin went out to lunch, Alicia would sneak into her office and search through her computer, checking her Internet browsing history to see what sort of sites she visited. It wasn't the perfect strategy, she knew, since it was her work computer, after all, and chances were she went to more personal sites in her free time, but as the weeks went by, Alicia began to notice an interesting pattern. She asked around the office, which didn't help her any.

Finally, one day, as she was bringing Dr. Jadin a cup of coffee in the morning, Alicia just asked, as casually as she could manage, "Did you happen to catch the Little Miss Princess pagaent last night? It was adorable! This one little girl..." She stopped as she watched the older woman stare at her in shock, and then, without warning, beging to cry. Panicking, Alicia hurried to the office door and closed it before hurrying back to her bosses side. "I'm sorry! What's wrong?" Her heart began to beat faster as she wondered if, instead of making things better, she'd just screwed herself.

"No, no, dear," Dr. Jadin sniffled, patting her hand gently. Alicia had to fight to keep from grinning openly at this sign of affection, however small, something she'd never gotten from her boss before. "It's not your fault... You couldn't have known..."

"But I'd like to," Alicia told her softly. "I... I really look up to you, Dr. Jadin. I'd like to know all about you."

The woman raised an eyebrow, looking down at her secretary. "Really?"

Alicia nodded. "I swear, whatever you tell me won't leave this office. And it seems like there's something you really need to get off your chest. You can tell me."

"Well..." Dr. Jadin hesitated for a moment. "Not really, but... A long time ago, I had a little girl. And I'd enter her in pageants, and we'd have the most fun getting ready for them... We never won, though we got third place once, but that was never really the point, you know? It was just spending time together." Alicia nodded understandingly. "And... Well, it was a long time ago. She died, and... Well, sometimes, I just watch those pageants, and I remember what it was like. You know? What it felt like to have my little girl look up at me and grin, all dolled up, and..."

She began to cry again, and this time Alicia dared to hug her, pleased when the woman hugged her back. "I don't really know what that's like," she admitted, "but... My parents divorced when I was a kid, and I went to live with my dad, so I haven't had a real mother for a long time. But... Oh, this is a little embarrassing, but.... I mean, you're just so smart, and powerful, and... Well, I kind of look at you as my mother, Dr. Jadin."

For a moment, she wondered if she'd gone too far, if the woman was going to get offended. She wasn't old, so perhaps the implication that she was old enough to be the mother of the eighteen year old in front of her, true as it may be, would make her angry. Instead, she smiled, giving Alicia another hug. "That's sweet of you, dear," she said. "And you don't have to call me Dr. Jadin, you know... I'd let you call me by my first name, but for the office, that might be a little too personal... How about just ma'am? It's not perfect, but at least it will be a little shorter for you."

"Great," Alicia smiled, pleasantly surprised at just how well this was going. In no time, Dr. Jadin would be looking for a new position for her, something that would really suit her talents. "I guess I should get back to work," she said, squeezing Dr. Jadin's hand as she walked away from her desk. "If you need to talk, though, I'm right outside."

"Thank you," Dr. Jadin told her. As Alicia reached the door, she spoke up again. "Oh, Alicia?" The girl turned around, eager to please. "As your boss, I didn't feel it was my place to say anything, but... Well, as your mother figure..." She smiled softly at that, making Alicia feel ever more certain her plan was working. "I... Well, I'd like it if you would dress a little more... conservatively."

Alicia looked down at herself in surprise, not quite understanding what the woman was saying. It was how she had dressed for years now, at least when she hadn't been confined by the dress code at her high school. She had on a mini-skirt, just long enough to keep her thong hidden, unless she wanted to flash it at some cute co-worker, and a shirt that showed off her rather ample cleavage. "You don't... like the way I dress?" She'd heard that before, of course, but mostly just from people she thought were jealous of her. It really didn't seem like that was the case this time, so she wasn't quite sure what was going on.

"You're a very beautiful girl," Dr. Jadin said, "but... Oh, forget it. It's not my place."

"No!" Alicia protested, not wanting to undo all the work she'd done this soon. Dr. Jadin might close herself off, then, and not trust her again. "Please, I want to know what you think."

"It's just that... I don't think you should be flaunting your body like you do. If you were my daughter, I wouldn't let you out of the house like that." Alicia bristled at the words, almost instinctively, but forced herself to smile and nod. "You certainly don't have to, of course, it's just my opinion."

"No, no, I'm sure you're right," she replied.

"And... Well, I see you drinking soda at your desk all day long, and... You're a smart girl, I'm sure you know it isn't good for you."

"Umm... Yeah, you're right," Alicia nodded again, groaning inwardly. She hadn't anticipated Dr. Jadin taking to this so quickly. It was turning out to be much more trouble than she'd expected. "Well, I don't really like tea, but I guess I could just... drink water..."

"Actually..." Dr. Jadin flipped through some papers on her desk, finally pulling one sheet out. "We're working on new flavors for a line of healthy soda alternatives... If you wanted to test them out for the company, you'd get a little extra in your paycheck."

"Oh! That sounds great!" Alicia grinned. "I can always use a little extra money..." It was never too early to plant that idea in her boss's head. "Thank you so much, Dr. Jadin!"


Alicia blushed, giggling. "Sorry... Thanks, ma'am."

"That's better," Dr. Jadin said. "Now, if you could just sign here... There's nothing hazardous about the drinks, of course, but you know what legal's like around here..."

"Oh, yeah," Alicia nodded, though she didn't really know anything about it. She walked back over to the desk and signed the paper Dr. Jadin pushed towards her.

"Perfect!" Dr. Jadin declared. "I think you'll really like it. And you'll get plenty of it... So, besides your bonus, you can also save some money from just not having to buy drinks for yourself."

"Yeah, that's..." Alicia started, only to notice that a pen had rolled off Dr. Jadin's desk. "Oh, let me get that for you." She bent over quickly, grabbing it and handing it back to her boss, who looked a little more serious.

"And maybe you could wear some slightly more... substantial underwear," she suggested.

Alicia's face turned red, though she wasn't sure if she was more embarrassed that she had flashed her panties to her boss, or that her boss had been paying attention. Perhaps she really could benefit from a somewhat longer skirt. "Well, okay..." she agreed uncertainly. "It's just..."

But she didn't have to finish. "Kids these days," Dr. Jadin shook her head. "I'm not blaming you, dear, just the culture you grew up in... Here." Alicia was surprised to see that she was being handed a stack of money. "Go buy yourself some new ones during your lunch break," she said. "Actually..." she flipped through her purse some more, coming up with another wad of cash, "get yourself a whole new outfit."

For a moment, Alicia could only stare at the money, shocked. She hadn't expected anything like this. It made her feel like a little girl again, one who could get whatever she wanted... But she knew she couldn't do that. "No, I can't take your money," she protested.

"Yes, you can," Dr. Jadin insisted. "Think of it as an allowance."

Alicia squirmed, feeling a little sorry she'd picked that as her story now. In general terms, it was all right, but it was getting slightly weird now. "No, I can't," she shook her head.

"All right," Dr. Jadin nodded. "I'll just have to get you something myself, then." Alicia opened her mouth to protest, but Dr. Jadin cut her off. "You can't tell me what to do during my lunch hour. If I want to go shopping for you, I'll do it."

"Well... All right," Alicia gave in. "But you don't have to."

"I know that," Dr. Jadin told her. "That's what makes it fun. Now scoot off and get some work done, dear."

Alicia did as she was told, but she couldn't help wondering if her plan was working a little too well.

Chapter 2

Alicia smoothed her miniskirt down over her hips, smiling down at herself as she tugged her shirt slightly downward, showing just a hint of her bra before storming out of the copy room.

"Who is in charge of that stupid copier?!" she demanded, putting her hands on her hips.

She watched as a young man, Frank, a year or two older than her, a bit nerdy looking in his glasses, but still cute, started to answer, only to be silenced by the woman - Diane - standing beside his desk, chatting with him. She was around the same age, tall - taller than Alexia, who wasn't exactly short herself - beautiful. She was always dressed very business-like, hair up in a bun, clothes elegant but, in Alicia's opinion, boring, but Alicia could tell that she would be a knock-out if she'd just loosen up a bit.

That was, in fact, one of the reasons she was glad her boss was a woman. Alicia knew Diane had hated her from the moment she'd come in the door and taken the job as Dr. Jadin's secretary. Had Dr. Jadin been a man, Diane may have been able to convince him to let her switch jobs with Alicia, using the feminine wiles she surely had. She was the one other woman in the office that, in Alicia's opinion, was anywhere near as good looking as herself, and she knew that certain people would even prefer her. It almost made Alicia upset that, once she got Dr. Jadin to recommend her for a promotion, Diane would likely get what she wanted, too, but sometimes you just have to make sacrifices.

"He's on his lunch break," Diane told Alicia, staring down at her condescendingly. "He'll fix it when he gets back."

Alicia crossed her arms under her breasts, subtly pushing them up, letting them press up tighter against the neckline of her shirt, practically threatening to pop out at any minute. "Well, I'd like to go on my lunch break, too," she pouted, "but Dr. Jadin won't let me until I get these stupid copies made!"

She could tell Diane had no sympathy for her, and she hadn't expected any, but the man stood up, patting Diane's arm. "I'm sure it will only take a second," he told her.

"You don't have to do this," Diane told him, glaring over at Alicia.

"I know," he said, "but it wouldn't be very nice of me to just leave her stranded here. I'm sure she's hungry, aren't you?"

"I could use a little something," she shrugged. "Now, are you coming, or not?"

Diane sighed. "Fine, go," she rolled her eyes.

Alicia flounced back into the copy room, smiling as she heard the door close behind her. "Now?" he asked.

"What?" She turned around, slipping out of her shirt. "Are you complaining?"

"She's right outside," he reminded her, eyes darting back towards the door.

Alicia grinned at him, sliding her thong down and off her legs. "I can be quiet," she said, dropping them to the floor.

His nervous look evaporated as he reached back, clicking the lock on the door, then grabbed her, lifting her up and onto the copy machine as he fumbled with his belt.


When she got back to her desk, there was a large box waiting for her. At first, she assumed it was for Dr. Jadin, but as she looked at the label, she saw it was addressed to her. Curiously, she got out her letter opener, slicing open the tape holding the plain brown cardboard closed. Inside sat several rows of what seemed to be regular, plastic water bottles. She picked one up, surprised to see the liquid inside had a bright blue tint to it. She picked up another, this one nearly glowing yellow, and a third was green.

None of them had any sort of label, and for a moment, she was confused, until she recalled the new job she signed up for that morning. As she stared down at the bottles, she couldn't help but regret it, a little afraid that some of them might be radioactive, as brightly as they were colored.

"Oh, you got them!" Dr. Jadin chirped as she walked by the desk, carrying a pair of shopping bags.

"Yeah, I did," Alicia nodded uncertainly. "Are they... umm... safe?"

Dr. Jadin stopped in the doorway of her office, setting the bags down just inside. "What? Of course they are! You don't think I'd let you try something dangerous, do you?"

"Well, no," Alicia answered quickly, holding up the green bottle. "They're just a little... unsettling..."

"Are they? I'll make sure to tell them that. Our researchers thought that it would appeal to children that way, but I thought maybe they'd gone too far... Not that I'm saying you're a child, dear, but you're much closer than anyone else on the development team."

"I guess a kid might like it..." Alicia stared at the liquid. "Maybe I'll get used to it..."

"That's the spirit!" Dr. Jadin exclaimed. "Have you tried it yet?"

Alicia shook her head. "I just got them a minute ago." Gamely, she unscrewed the top. She sniffed at it, but there was no odor, then, reminding herself she was doing this for Dr. Jadin's sake, took a sip. It was rather sweet, and tasted almost like apple juice. And it was, she had to admit, really quite good. "Wow," she nodded. "Not bad."

Dr. Jadin smiled. "They'll be glad to hear it. Now, come on into my office. I have a surprise for you."

"Yes, ma'am." Alicia got to her feet, following her boss into her office, closing the door behind her. She had to admit, she was a little nervous - she had no idea what kind of clothes Dr. Jadin would have picked out for her. It had been a while since she'd had anybody shopping for an outfit for her, and much longer since anyone had shopped for her underwear.

"Oh, it was so much fun picking out clothes for you," Dr. Jadin gushed, reaching into the bag. "It was hard, too, to settle on just one thing. There are so many cute outfits for people your age! But I think this is just darling, don't you?"

Alicia stared at the thing Dr. Jadin had pulled out, forcing enthusiasm. "Yeah, it's great..." It wasn't terrible, exactly - it was a bright yellow sundress, held up with spaghetti straps, the neckline only a bit higher than that of her shirt, the skirt not quite long, coming to just above her knees, but longer than she normally wore skirts unless it was cold out. It really wouldn't have been that bad, if it wasn't for the huge bow, right in the middle of the chest, that only served to make the whole thing look, at least to Alicia, like something a pre-teen might wear to a school dance. Still, she supposed it wasn't as bad as it could have been, so she smiled as she took it and said, "Thank you."

"Oh, no need to thank me, dear," Dr. Jadin said. "Oh, and this goes over that," she handed Alicia a light, blue jacket, "and these go under it." She grinned as she took out a package of panties. "Aren't they adorable? I just couldn't resist!"

"So cute," she answered automatically as she took them, though as soon as she actually looked at them, she saw that those words didn't even cover it. They were some cute little lacy numbers, or even something nice and plain. She expected some rather boring panties, certainly more substantial than her thong. What she got was something that looked like it belonged on a little girl. Each pair was a different color, a slight hint of lace at the top and leg holes. Each had little hearts polka-dotting their surface. Each had a picture of a different thing decorating the front. And each one had a day of the week embroidered over top of that picture.

"I knew you'd like them!" Dr. Jadin grinned. "We're on the same wavelength, aren't we? Well, how about I slip out for a minute, and I let you get changed?"

"That would be... great..." Alicia smiled weakly. Dr. Jadin left, closing the door behind her, and Alicia stared down at her new outfit with a groan. What had she agreed to? She had to do it now - Dr. Jadin had already bought them, and she didn't think their relationship was strong enough yet to just refuse a gift like this. Sighing, she stripped out of her clothes, putting them into the empty shopping bag.

She knew it should feel odd to be naked in her boss's office, but, to be honest, it wasn't the first time. Dr. Jadin rarely left early, but she'd been sick one day, and she and Frank had snuck in and done some rather naughty things. This time, however, she felt just the opposite.

She sighed as she pulled open the package of panties, sorting through them to find the one for Monday, deciding she might as well do it right if she was going to do it. It was light blue, decorated with a smiling butterfly. They were cotton, and somewhat thick, and most definitely not sexy feeling. The rest of the outfit went on quickly, and before she knew it, she was standing in front of a gushing Dr. Jadin.

"Oh, that's just wonderful on you!" she declared. "See, this is more like what a nice young lady like you should wear, don't you agree?"

Alicia nodded stiffly. "Yeah. You know what would be fun? How about I go shopping with you next time? I mean, we don't have to do it while we're at work, we could do it after, but..."

"That would be great," Dr. Jadin smiled. "Now... Let's see them."

"Let's see... What?" Alicia's eyebrows raised uncertainly. She followed Dr. Jadin's gaze downward, then blushed. "R-Really?"

"I want to make sure they fit all right."

"They do," Alicia assured her. "I promise."

"It's nice of you to say so," Dr. Jadin said, "but you're a sweet girl, and I think you'd tell me that even if they didn't, just to make me happy. And I want to make sure you're really comfortable."

"I am! I'd tell you if I wasn't, I..."

"Alicia!" Alicia looked up sharply at the tone - stern, matronly, and running out of patience. It was the first time she'd truly seen the woman as the mother figure she was pretending she was, and it was a tiny bit frightening, if just from the shock of it.

"Yes, ma'am," she replied weakly, lifting up the skirt of her dress, letting Dr. Jadin coo over how precious the panties looked on her, running her fingers around the leg holes to make sure they weren't too tight. After a minute, she seemed satisfied, and sent her back out of the office with a handful of papers that needed copied.

Alicia hurried to the copy room, praying Frank and Diane had taken a long lunch, that they weren't back yet. Frank didn't seem to be at his desk, so she thought she might be lucky, but a few moments after she slipped into the room, she heard someone coming in after her.

"Back for more already?" he asked, bending over her and whispering in her ear.

"I'm just making copies this time," she told him. "I'm working."

"Oh, don't be like that," he said, turning her around and kissing her. "Copies can take an awful long time to make... You know that."

"Frank, stop it." She pulled away from him, saw him looking down at her, eyebrows raising.

"What are you...?"

"Don't ask," she sighed. "Just... Please, let me just do this..."

"Okay," he said gamely. "You just keep working..." She felt his hand moving down her leg, and then back up, under her skirt.

"Stop!" she demanded, stepping away, not wanting him to so much as feel the silly underthings she had on now. She almost felt as if their very presence was sapping her maturity, her sensuality.

Frank looked hurt for a moment, then snapped, "Fine," and left.

She couldn't even look at him when she left the room, keeping her face down, cheeks burning red as she hurried back to her desk and sat down. She took a drink from the bottle nervously, only to find that it made her feel a bit calmer. She took another drink as she logged back onto her computer and began to work, feeling better with each sip. It couldn't make her forget that she was dressed like some over-developed twelve year old, but she couldn't deny that it did help, just a little.

Chapter 3

Alicia woke up a minute before her alarm, as she always did, rolled over and turned it off with a yawn. She slid out of her bed, stretching, making her way towards her bathroom for her morning shower. She stripped out of the T-shirt and panties she slept in, tossing them onto the back of her toilet, and stepped into the tub. The water was always cold for the first minute or so, no matter how far she turned the knob for hot water. It was still annoying, of course, but she had gotten used to it enough that it didn't make her shout out loud when she felt it. In fact, in a way, it was sort of nice, in that it woke her up much quicker than a cup of coffee would.

She stared down at her body as the water, slowly warming, ran down it. It was something she did quite often - admire herself - perhaps too often. Very few people could say they were entirely happy with their bodies, and while she wasn't one of them, she was closer than most. Sure, there were a few little things she disliked about herself, some things she wouldn't mind changing when - not if - she had the money to afford some more plastic surgery. As she washed herself, she could see, just barely, the scars from her first, the one she'd saved her birthday money and allowance up for years and years to pay for, in her armpits. She always worried someone would notice them somehow, though she knew that she only saw them herself because she knew they were there.

After a few minutes, she turned the water off, grabbed her towel, stepped out of the bathtub carefully. She dried her hair off slightly before wrapping the towel around her body and getting out her flat iron. At the moment, still wet, it looked fine, but she knew that if she left it alone, it would turn into a curly yellow mass that would make Shirley Temple in her heyday jealous. The day she'd realized straightening it made her look her own age, rather than several years younger, had been a real turning point for her, and now she wouldn't dream of leaving her apartment any other way.

Once she'd finished that, she went back to her room, shuffling to her dresser to dig through her underwear drawer, finding a black and purple lace bra that, as with all her clothes, fit her perfectly. She had always been somewhat obsessive when it came to buying clothes, and she never committed to anything until she was sure it was perfect. It was, she supposed, part of the reason she had disliked the outfit Dr. Jadin had gotten for her the day before. She wondered if she hadn't over-reacted to it, if it wasn't as bad as she'd thought, and it was just the fact that it didn't hug her curves in the exact right way that bothered her.

And then she saw the panties, still in their package, tossed off to the other side of her underwear drawer, and realized that it was likely both. Not that the panties hadn't fit her - they had, though they might have been just a touch too tight - but her first impression that they were more suited to be matched with a training bra than her Victoria Secret was definitely correct. She rolled her eyes as she looked at them, spotting Tuesday's pair - pink, with a pair of smiling cherries on the front. The irony of the decoration was almost enough to make her consider actually wearing them, but it wasn't nearly enough, as she grabbed the G-string that matched her bra.

It didn't really matter what she had on underneath, she was sure - at least not to Dr. Jadin - nearly as much as what she chose to put over top of them. That was where she felt somewhat stumped. All she had to go on for figuring out what Dr. Jadin would like was the outfit she'd chosen yesterday. She doubted Dr. Jadin would want her to wear the exact same thing two days in a row, even if she'd wanted to, so she'd have to find something like it in her wardrobe.

She, of course, had nothing of the kind. Just going off of that one outfit, though, she assumed that Dr. Jadin preferred dresses, so that narrowed her choices down a bit. She certainly didn't have anything as bright and cheerful as the sundress, or anything that covered quite as much as it did. She was sure most of her party dresses were right out - even she wouldn't have even considered wearing them to work, as much skin as they left exposed - but after a bit of searching she found a black cocktail dress that didn't seem too bad. It came down to mid-thigh, not quite as conservative as the sundress was, and the neckline would leave just a touch of her bra showing, but not enough that it would seem too inappropriate.

Seeing as that seemed to be her best option, she slipped herself into it, making a mental note to go shopping after work that day. Dr. Jadin hadn't seemed to mind buying an outfit for her, but she knew she would have to make at least a token effort to change her wardrobe other than that, or the woman would realize she wasn't as committed to this as she claimed to be. She made herself a quick breakfast, then headed out, slipping a couple bottles of the drink into her purse from the box on her kitchen table. She'd tried putting one in the fridge the night before, only to find that the cold gave it an odd aftertaste.

At first, she felt a little awkward walking into the building in her dress, feeling far too dressed up to be going to work, but as soon as she saw the security guards eyeing her curves through the tight, thin material, she embraced it. Unfortunately, since they liked it, she doubted Dr. Jadin would. It was too late to go back and find something else, though, so, once she had strutted through the office, giving all the men - Frank especially - a good look at her, she slunk to her desk and sat down nervously, waiting for her boss to arrive, though it felt more like waiting for her mother, knowing she was about to be scolded for going out in public dressed like that.

Sure enough, as soon as Dr. Jadin walked in, she could see the disappointment in her eyes. The woman went straight into her office, making Alicia a little worried that, despite her best efforts, she'd ruined everything already. A few minutes later, however, before she could come up with the right sort of apology, Dr. Jadin called her in.

"I can't help but wonder," Dr. Jadin said coolly, sitting at her desk, "if you know the meaning of the word 'conservative'."

Alicia's cheeks turned a pale pink, anger starting to well up inside of her. If there was one thing she didn't like, it was being called stupid, and that was what this felt like, quite a difference from the doctor declaring her a bright young lady the day before. "I-I..." she started.

Dr. Jadin hadn't finished, though, and she stood, walking over to the girl. "I also wonder if you know how to find clothes that actually fit you. Your regular clothes are always too small, and now this... This is far too tight... I know your parents divorced, and maybe your mother never taught you to shop for clothes properly, but this..." And then, to Alicia's shock and embarrassment, the woman reached down, pushing the hem of her skirt up, revealing the G-string below. She shook her head unhappily at the sight. "You know, I tried to help you, but if you aren't willing to work with me..."

"No, I am!" Alicia answered quickly, forcing herself to ignore that her boss had just, without so much as asking for permission, checked her panties, deciding to let that indignity go for the sake of keeping her whole project from crumbling around her. "I tried, I really did! I wanted to wear something that you would like... I-I thought I did...." Crying on command was one of the more useful tricks she'd picked up over the years, and one that she felt would serve her well here, so she let out a sniffle, letting a few tears tumble down her cheeks. "I swear, I thought you would like this..."

Dr. Jadin's gaze softened, and she gave Alicia a hug. "Oh, sweetie... You need my help even more than I thought, don't you?" Alicia nodded, a few more tears streaming from her eyes. "But why didn't you at least wear the nice underwear I got for you?"

Alicia froze, but only for a moment. "I forgot all about them," she said, stepping away from Dr. Jadin, wiping her eyes. "I was so tired after work yesterday, I just dropped them in my living room, and then forgot they were there."

"Hmm..." Dr. Jadin didn't seem quite convinced, but after a moment, she waved it off. "Oh, what am I saying? I'm just your boss... I have no authority over the underwear you choose."

"No, you do!" Alicia protested. "Well, I mean, not technically, but I want you to! You're right, I don't know anything about dressing like a mature adult. I want you to help me!" In her mind, she added, 'If that's what it takes.'

Alicia squirmed nervously under Dr. Jadin's gaze, hoping she hadn't made a fatal blunder so early in the game. Finally, the woman nodded. "All right, I forgive you," she said. "Every little girl makes mistakes... And they all want to look more grown-up than they really are. I understand that. What you need to learn is how to suppress that."

Alicia nodded attentively, even though the theory sounded rather stupid to her, and she rankled at being called a little girl. "Okay. I'll try..."

"You've been trying," Dr. Jadin told her. "And we've seen how that goes. That's why you need help."

"I do," Alicia nodded again.

"Lucky for you," Dr. Jadin said, walking back behind her desk, "I just couldn't stop myself at one outfit yesterday." The first thing she took out was another pack of panties. Alicia forced a smile at the sight of them to keep herself from groaning. Dr. Rabin took a letter opener from her desk and slit the package open, carefully extracting a pair and laying them out before tucking the rest of the package away somewhere. Alicia could see that these were different from the ones at her apartment - they were still rather childish, but lacked the polka-dots of the others, and had different pictures, but they were still labeled for each day. Tuesday, she saw, was represented by a horse in this package.

As she stared at them, Dr. Jadin had been getting out the rest of her outfit. It consisted of a purple and white striped jumper - one not that much longer than her current dress, she noted, though she didn't dare to mention it - a white button-up shirt for underneath with puffed sleeves, and a pair of lavender tights. She'd hoped when she first saw them that they were pantyhose, but even before she picked them up, felt the thickness of them, she knew they weren't. And then, to top - or rather, bottom - it off, once she had all that on and Dr. Jadin returned to inspect her, she was presented with a pair of saddle shoes.

"I think you'll be much more comfortable without those heels," Dr. Jadin told her. "And I thought these were adorable."

"Yeah," Alicia agreed with as much enthusiasm as she could muster. "Adorable." Slipping out of her ever-present high heels made her feel like she was shrinking, and her new shoes, which were completely flat, didn't help at all.

When Dr. Jadin declared that she looked perfect, Alicia managed to avoid saying what she thought, which was that she looked more like she was on her way to school than to work, and, instead, said, "I don't see anyone else in the office dressing like this..."

"You're learning," Dr. Jadin told her soothingly. "You can't jump straight into it. We're going with the basics first."

"Oh, right," Alicia nodded.

"Don't pout," Dr. Jadin chuckled. "They have years of a head start on you. You'll get there."

But she certainly didn't feel like it. She stayed at her desk as much as she could that morning, because she knew that when she went out among the rest of the workers, she wouldn't be turning heads the way she had just an hour or two before. As it turned out, however, she was wrong - she did turn one, as she made her way to the bathroom.

"Are you looking for your mommy?" came the question, making her heart thump loudly in humiliation and disbelief, at least until she glanced up to see the asker. There was Diane, their height disparity all the more obvious now that Alicia had lost her heels, smirking down at her. "Oh, I'm sorry," Diane said. "I didn't recognize you without your breasts hanging out."

Alicia knew she couldn't look that young, that Diane had to have known it was her the whole time, and was just being a bitch, but that didn't make her feel any less like crying as she slipped into the bathroom. Just as soon as she was able to dress like someone in her general age bracket again, she resolved to give Frank the time of his life to get back at that hag. But as she stared down at the horse on the front of her panties, just barely visible through her purple tights, she couldn't help but wonder how long that was going to take.

Chapter 4

Alicia knocked lightly on Dr. Jadin's door for a moment before peeking her head inside.

"Come on in, dear," Dr. Jadin told her with a smile. "Are you heading out to lunch?"

Alicia walked in, clutching her purse and nodding. "You planning on working through it?" She shook her head when her boss gave her the affirmative, though it was more for herself. If Dr. Jadin was leaving, she would take the chance of changing back into her other dress and having a quickie with Frank... But with the risk of Dr. Jadin popping out of her office at any moment and seeing her out of the outfit she'd chosen for her, she didn't dare. She had to admit that this was really starting to seem like more trouble than it was worth.

"Do you want me to get you something?" she asked.

"Oh, that's sweet of you," Dr. Jadin cooed. "No, I'll order something."

"All right," Alicia nodded. "I might be a couple minutes late... I'm going to go shopping for some new clothes..."

Dr. Jadin brightened up, standing. "That's great! I'm sure you feel much more comfortable like that, don't you?"

"Y-Yeah..." Alicia tried her best to sound sincere, but couldn't keep herself from squirming.

"I knew you would," Dr. Jadin nodded, getting her own purse. "Now, let me get you some money..."

"No, you don't have to do that!" Alicia said, surprised. Sure, the woman had bought her clothes - even more than it had seemed the day before - and technically she was doing this for the money, but still, taking it directly from her felt a little too much like stealing.

"Don't be like that," Dr. Jadin said sternly. "I know you don't make a lot at your job, sweetie, and I can't expect you to rebuild your wardrobe overnight on that. And, after all, you're doing it for me, so I should help..."

"No," she shook her head, starting to feel guilty at just how readily and fully Dr. Jadin seemed to have taken to her new role. "I can't..."

"Alicia! I am trying to give you a gift! Are you going to stand here and be ungrateful?"

Alicia shook her head, stepping back slightly. "N-No, I'm grateful, I just can't..."

Dr. Jadin snatched Alicia's purse out of her hands before the girl could stop her, then shoved a wad of cash at her in its place. "You can have this back," she said, "when you get back here with your new clothes. There's enough there for you to grab a bite to eat, too."

"A-All right..." Alicia nodded finally, not sure what else to do.

"Good," Dr. Jadin said. "And Alicia?" Alicia turned back from the doorway. "Please don't argue with me. I've been patient with you these past couple days, because I know you're trying your best, but I simply can't abide a child talking back to her mother. Do you understand?"

"I understand," Alicia replied, swallowing nervously.

Dr. Jadin's mood lightened considerably. "Take all the time you need, dear. Don't rush on my account. I don't think I'll have a lot for you to do this afternoon."

"Okay," Alicia said. "And thank you..."

Dr. Jadin didn't reply, simply waved her off, like she was telling a child to go play, like there was nothing unusual about any of this. But to Alicia, standing there, still clasping the money, it was more than strange. She expected some light mentorship, Dr. Jadin taking her under her wing, looking out for her... She'd never expected the woman to take that whole "I see you as a mother figure" speech so literally. Now she was deciding what Alicia wore, right down to her underwear, and buying her things, and, unless she'd misread what just happened, threatening her with some kind of discipline if she talked back. Alicia had never imagined things going that way, and she couldn't say that she really liked it... At least, the part that didn't include having some new clothes, paid for with money that wasn't hers.

But that other stuff... It wasn't so bad, not really. The only thing that worried Alicia was that Dr. Jadin would get too attached to her, and wouldn't want to let her go, but surely if she really did want the best for her, she'd want her to have a better position. After all, she'd just said she knew what crappy pay she got, and didn't seem to approve. At the very least, she might get a healthy raise out of this, and that was worth dressing like a kid for a few days.

Grabbing one of her drinks from her desk, she headed out of the building, blushing as she saw the security guards did a double take as she walked by, as if trying to confirm that she really was the same woman they'd seen earlier. Alicia couldn't blame them - she had a hard time believing it herself.

It was a nice day out, and she knew her destination wasn't too far off, so, since she didn't have a deadline for getting back, she decided to walk. After getting a sandwich, she headed to her favorite clothes store, feeling rather excited about the prospect of spending her lunch hour, and then some, there, and not having to worry about whether or not there was enough in her bank account to cover it. It was a lot like the feeling she'd gotten all those years ago, shopping with her parents to alleviate their guilt at putting her in the middle of their divorce, back before she really had to think about money.

She also started to get looks as soon as she walked in the door like the ones she was sure she would have gotten, had she been allowed to go shopping on her own back then. It didn't help that she had to make herself go to the young adult section, to browse through the sorts of things she would have worn back when she was just starting high school. She figured that ought to be going back far enough for Dr. Jadin. She picked out a few outfits that didn't seem too terrible, then added the total up on the calculator on her cell phone.

She smiled as she saw the number, comparing it to the amount in her pocket. The clothes she had should be enough to keep her going for a little while, she thought, and she could always do some mixing and matching. And go shopping again on her own dime, eventually, if she had to. So, as a reward to herself, she headed to the section of the store she usually shopped in, picking herself out some things she could wear on the weekend, at least until she got her promotion and moved away from Dr. Jadin's desk.

It felt rather odd pulling the wad of bills from her pocket at the checkout counter, and she was sure the clerk was looking at her strangely, as if she were wondering if she was some kid who had stolen money from her mother's purse, but she tried her best to ignore it. By the time she was back out on the sidewalk, she was feeling rather chipper again, walking back to work, swinging her nice, full shopping bags back and forth as she went.

She set them down next to her desk and knocked on Dr. Jadin's door to let her know she was back, not expecting anything more than a, "Did you have a good lunch?" before she was herded back out. Instead, Dr. Jadin looked up at her and raised an eyebrow. "Well, where are they?"

"Oh, here," Alicia said, feeling a little embarrassed as she scurried to her boss's desk, dropping off the change. "I wasn't trying to keep it, I just..."

"No, I don't care about that," Dr. Jadin told her impatiently. "Where are your new clothes?"

"They're out by my desk," Alicia answered. "I..."

"Well, bring them in."

Alicia opened her mouth to protest, but the doctor was staring at her expectantly, as if she were being extraordinarily difficult about something quite normal. And, to be fair, she had paid for them. "Yes, ma'am," she nodded, making her way back out.

Quickly, she dug through the bags, wishing she could remember which one the outfit she'd gotten for herself was in. She didn't dare take too long, in case Dr. Jadin got suspicious, so, after a few moments, she decided she'd just hope the woman got bored before making her way through all of the clothes. "Here they are!" she declared, plopping the bags down on Dr. Jadin's desk.

Dr. Jadin pulled the first piece of clothing out, looked at it for a moment, then shook her head. "No," she said, setting it on her desk before moving on. "I don't think so," she told that one. And so it went, as Alicia stood there, fidgeting, each denial making her feel worse and worse, that she had screwed up something so basic, something she'd always considered herself good at. She was pretty sure she couldn't have felt worse if she'd actually messed up on an actual work assignment. By the time Dr. Jadin found the "grown-up" clothes, giving Alicia a haughty, "Really?", she almost wished the woman would get angry, yell at her, but she just seemed disappointed. Somehow, that was worse.

Finally, both bags empty, Dr. Jadin only shrugged. "I should have known better," she said, starting to put the clothes stacked neatly on her desk back into the bags. "Clearly, you don't understand what I'm trying to teach you yet."

The words were gentle, yet they stung like a slap to the face. "I-I tried..." Alicia sniffled, a little shocked at herself for feeling so upset.

"It's not your fault," Dr. Jadin told her soothingly. "You're a smart girl, but it's only been a couple of days. You just don't get it yet. Nobody would. Don't worry, I'll take care of it for you. Now, I want you to run back to the store and return these."

"What?" Alicia looked up, surprised.

"Well, you can't wear these. What good would it do to keep them?"

"I-I guess," Alicia conceded, "But..."

"Are you arguing with me?" Alicia shook her head quickly, remembering the conversation they'd had earlier, not wanting to find out what the woman had meant by that. "That's what I thought. Now get going."

"Yes, ma'am," Alicia sighed, picking the bags back up and retreating from the office like a thoroughly scolded child. To her shock, as she stood in the elevator, waiting for it to take her to the ground floor, she felt tears sliding down her face, real ones this time. She couldn't believe she was crying over this, but at the same time, she couldn't stop herself as she practically ran past the security desk, out to the sidewalk.

By the time she got back to the store, her reflection in their display window showed her as an upset little girl, make-up smudged and running. She sniffed, rubbing her face, but that just made it worse. She made her way to the return counter as quickly as she could, trying to keep her face down as the employee asked her why she was bringing all of this back, turning bright red as she saw the girl who had rung her out earlier walk by, praying she didn't see her. She knew she must look like she'd been caught, having stolen her mother's money, and was now being forced to bring it all back. And in a way, that was almost the truth. After all, it wasn't her money.

Much as she wanted to, she didn't dare to keep the one outfit she really liked, afraid Dr. Jadin had looked at the receipt and knew exactly how much she should be getting back. As soon as she had the money back in hand, she hurried to the store's bathroom to wash her face, having to get all of her make-up off to keep it from looking so obvious that she'd just been crying. She reached for her purse on the counter beside the sink, where she normally set it, to reapply at least some of her make-up, but, of course, it wasn't there.

She hoped that Dr. Jadin wouldn't notice, that her luck would change. When she went back in to give her money back, however, and have her purse returned, Dr. Jadin was ecstatic. "Oh, you look wonderful! You're so beautiful naturally, sweetie, I don't know why you use so much make-up... And look at those freckles! Why would you cover those up?"

Alicia clenched her fists, gritting her teeth. It was all she could do not to just tell Dr. Jadin that this was one step too far, that she'd had enough. Somehow, she managed to find the strength to smile and mutter, "Why don't I try to go without it tomorrow?"

"Perfect!" Dr. Jadin gushed. "See? You are getting some of this! I told you, it just takes time!"

Chapter 5

Alicia was more than happy to finally head home for the day, before Dr. Jadin found some new twist to throw at her to finally push her too far. Though she was sure she'd hear about it the next day, she slipped out as soon as the clock hit five, without popping her head in to say goodbye, although, after a moment of deliberation, she had left a quick note saying she was feeling a little sick.

The night before, she hadn't even bothered to change out of her dress, had just eaten her supper in it and then changed into her night things to watch TV. Tonight, however, she couldn't wait to get home so she could put on something sexy and slinky, even if it was only for herself, and only for a couple hours, just to remind herself that she could be those things. She reminded herself that the week was almost half done, and then it would be the weekend, and she could dress any way she wanted, which was certain to be the complete opposite of whatever juvenile frippery Dr. Jadin chose for her the next few days.

She let out a sigh of relief as she stepped into her apartment, her sanctuary from the insanity she'd gotten herself involved in, kicking her shoes off and scurrying back to her room, wishing she was coordinated enough to slip out of her tights as she walked. "Finally," she breathed, turning the corner into her bedroom...

Only to let out a shocked gasp, heart stopping for a moment as she saw a figure standing there. She felt a squirt of pee make its way into her panties from fear, soaking into and through the material, dampening the crotch of her tights ever so slightly. As soon as she recognized the person, she felt not only silly for having done so, but downright horrified.

"What... the hell... are you doing?!" she demanded. "For that matter, how the hell do you know where I live?!"

"Hello," Diane smiled down at her patronizingly. "It's nice to see you, too."

"Why are you in my apartment?!" Alicia demanded, starting to get over her initial fear, turning it into anger.

"Because Dr. Jadin told me to come here," she said, delighting as she saw Alicia's face go white. "She's a very busy woman, and she didn't have time to get your new wardrobe by herself, so she asked me to do it. And since I know you don't know anything about these sorts of clothes, I offered to help you pick out a nice, new outfit for tomorrow. It's laying there on your bed..."

"I think I'll be fine," Alicia told her icily. "Now get out."

"That's no way to talk to me," Diane shook her head, pretending to be hurt. "After I went to all that work picking out nice new clothes for you... See, aren't they nice?"

With that, she threw open Alicia's closet door, revealing a sea of pastels. Alicia's eyes went wide. "Where are my old clothes?!"

"Oh, I know you'd be too tempted by them," Diane said with a smile. "So I took care of them... You know, just for the time being."

Alicia nearly stopped breathing for a moment. "How dare... You... You... That's theft! I'm calling the police on you, you..."

"I'm sure that will go well," Diane shrugged calmly. "A little girl like you, calling the cops on her babysitter."

"I am not a little girl!" Alicia growled.

Diane cocked an eyebrow. "Oh? Prove it."

"I don't have to prove it!" Alicia sputtered. "You know!"

"I do," Diane agreed, "but will the police? Will you show them your ID?"

Alicia rolled her eyes. "Yes, I will, it's right..." She dug through her purse, a sinking feeling entering her stomach as she realized her driver's license wasn't there. Instead, there was one of Dr. Jadin's business cards. "Wait, but..."

"You asked me earlier how I knew where you lived. Funny thing... It's printed right on your driver's license, so Dr. Jadin let me borrow it for a minute, along with your keys. But she wasn't paying very close attention when I put it back."

"You give it back right now!" Alicia demanded. "I need that!"

"If you were an adult, I'd agree," Diane said. "But you're not. You're just a kid who was too big for her britches. I don't know what weird thing you and Dr. Jadin are doing, but I have to say, I like it."

"Screw you," Alicia snarled.

"So," Diane continued over her, "I'm keeping your driver's license."

"How the hell am I supposed to get to work?" Alicia asked.

"I'm glad you asked that," Diane grinned. "I'm going to take you. Isn't that nice of me? It's a little out of my way, but for you, I'll do it. I'll pick you up every morning, drop you off every evening. Which means you won't need this anymore either." Before Alicia could stop her, she'd snatched away Alicia's purse. "This is more your speed now," she said, handing Alicia a small pink, plastic purse with a picture of a ladybug on it.

"That's it," Alicia shook her head. "I'm calling the cops!"

"Oh, please do," Diane nodded. "I'd like to see you do it. After all, I know you don't have a landline here. And I'm willing to bet your cell phone's in here." She patted the purse she'd just taken, watching Alicia's face fall as she did so. "Maybe you should go visit one of your neighbors. I'm sure you know them all, right? I'm sure they know you well enough to recognize you as a big girl, even dressed like that."

"They do," Alicia bluffed. Truth be told, she rarely ever saw anyone else in the building, and certainly wasn't close with any of them. But there was no way for Diane to know that... Was there?

"That's funny," Diane said. "Since when I was taking your clothes out, the nice lady next door asked me if I was moving out already. We had a very nice conversation... Talked a lot about my little girl." Alicia stared up at her, face ashen, the realization of just what she had gotten herself into dawning over her. She wanted very much to tackle the woman, wrestle her purse, her life, away from her, but she doubted she had the strength for it, and that would only make things worse. "Now... Speaking of your clothes... I saw your darling little panties when I was laying them out for you, but I just have to know... What's on today's?"

Defeated, head hanging low, Alicia half-heartedly mumbled, "A horse."

"Why don't you let me see them?"

Alicia stared up at the woman, begging her wordlessly not to make her do it, but she could tell Diane wasn't backing down. With a sigh, she lifted her skirt.

Diane giggled as she stared down at her. "Oh my, did you..." Alicia's face turned beet red, telling Diane all she needed to know. She'd almost forgotten about her little fear-induced accident. "You did! Wow, you really did need this, didn't you? What a disgusting little girl you are. I'm going to have to tell Dr. Jadin about this, you know."

Alicia bottom lip quivered. "Please don't," she begged, not wanting anyone to know about her humiliating accident, much less the person who already wanted - and was getting - her to dress like a twelve year old. She was sure there was no way this could get any worse. And then the doorbell rang.

"Oh, there we go!" Diane chirped cheerfully, taking Alicia's hand and pulling her to the door. Diane yanked the door open, revealing Frank on the other side. "Hey, you," she said seductively, leaning in to a kiss, big, possessive, and clearly meant to send a message to the girl standing behind her, shocked. "I knew all boys love it when their girlfriends call them over while they're babysitting."

"I love it when you call me anytime," Frank said, giving her a kiss of his own. Alicia could only stand there, frozen in shock, watching as his hand moved down her back, then down her leg. She could remember the feeling of his fingertips running down her bare legs, but now, all she felt there was the thick, tight, and slightly damp embrace of her tights. She always felt just a little jealous when she saw him kissing Diane, but this was a whole other thing. She squirmed in her wet panties, watching as the heinous bitch who was ruining her life got the attention she deserved, she needed to make her feel better after her day.

"Well, the kid's mom came home early, so we can head out."

Frank nodded, said a dismissive, "See ya, kid," without the slightest hint of recognition in his voice and headed back down the hall. Alicia watched him go, wide-eyed, not sure if it was worse realizing that he hadn't even recognized her, that he'd just thought she was some child, unworthy of a second glance, rather than him just putting on a show for Diane.

"Like I said," Diane said, "your outfit for tomorrow is on the bed. If you're not wearing it when I come to pick you up, there'll be trouble."

Alicia nodded numbly, watching as Diane closed her door, then burst into helpless tears at the mess her life had so quickly become.

Chapter 6

Alicia had been so worn out by the events of the day before, she'd gone straight to bed after scrounging through her fridge for some leftover Chinese from the weekend, groaning as she moved her clothes for the next day to the floor. There was another pair of tights to go with it, to her dismay, and, of course, her Wednesday polka-dotted panties, these ones with a turtle sporting a bow on its head, but the main piece was another sundress. This one was mostly white, though it was dotted in blue, the hem lined with blue lace, with a bibbed front also lined in blue lace, and blue buttons in that same area. Instead of the V neck of her yellow sundress, the neckline of this one was straight, and high, and the shoulder straps were much thicker. Alicia was sure Dr. Jadin would love it, but it just made her feel more depressed as she curled up and went to sleep.

She woke up with a start, thrashing wildly as she heard a loud noise beeping at her. It took a few moments for her to recognize it as her alarm, which she promptly turned off, feeling like an idiot. She stalked to the bathroom, the initial blast of cold water only serving to remind her of her new reality. While she still had her car, Diane had her keys - now she really wished she'd listened to her father's advice and made a spare set of keys, but that had always seemed like such a paranoid thing to do - and her driver's license, so she couldn't so much as get inside of it. Diane had her apartment key, as well, meaning that, unless she wanted to leave her door unlocked, she was stuck in her home. Even if she thought there was anything in her closet she'd dare to let her friends see her in, she couldn't even call them for a ride, since Diane had taken her cell phone, too.

She was completely at Diane's mercy. She felt like a child, no privileges, not able to do anything without her "parent" taking her. It gave her a little comfort to think that someone in public could mistake Diane for her mother, since she was sure she looked old enough, but that only made her feel worse as she realized the inverse of that would be that she looked that young. And as she stepped out of her shower, looking at herself in the mirror, she had a feeling she might. She was sure the freckles dotting her face were standing out even more now, and, despite what she'd told Dr. Jadin, she frantically opened her medicine cabinet, reaching for her make-up.

But it was gone. She began to push everything else aside, searching frantically, and ever more uselessly, as, technically, she knew there was no way all of it could be hiding behind her one bottle of aspirin and one tube of toothpaste, but she couldn't stop herself. "That bitch," she growled to herself, pounding her fist angrily down on the sink. "I'm gonna kill her!" Frustrated, she stomped her bare foot, barely suppressing a scream of rage, not wanting to draw attention to herself from the other people in the building, at least some of whom apparently now thought she was Diane's daughter. She felt relieved when she opened up the drawer beneath her sink and found her flat iron still there, taking some comfort from still having that, at least.

She found that she also still had her bras, apparently the last vestige of her adult clothing, as the other side of the drawer was occupied solely by her first set of day of the week panties. Still upset, she got out a bra, not even bothering to look at it - it wasn't like it mattered, nobody but her was going to be seeing it that day anyway, not dressed the way she was - and put it on. She wriggled slightly, annoyed as she had to adjust it, tightening it slightly, to make it fit right, then, with a sigh, moved on to the rest of her outfit. She glanced in her closet, just for a moment, not having the heart to look at the clothes there too carefully, just seeing if, by some strang chance, any of her own shoes had survived Diane's purge. They hadn't, leaving her, once again, stuck with the flat saddle shoes as her only option.

The whole thing made her feel like crying again, but she didn't dare let herself get started again, so she made her way to the kitchen, hoping that bread she'd gotten the week before was still good so she could make herself some toast. She gave a small squeak as she went into the room, once more finding Diane there already, waiting for her. "You have to stop doing that!" she panted, shaking slightly.

Diane chuckled as she stood up from her chair at the table, seeming to tower over Alicia. Alicia was sure it was just her imagination, her mind commenting on how thoroughly the woman had taken over her life, but she really felt like the woman was even taller than normal, or than she had been the day before when Alicia had encountered her in these shoes.

"Why?" she asked, smiling. "Did you wet yourself again already?"

Alicia rolled her eyes. "No, but this is my home, and..."

"I don't believe you," Diane cut her off. "Come on, prove it."

Alicia shook her head. "Diane, I am not..."

Diane's voice changed, became more stern, suddenly changing from a co-worker enjoying the girl's humiliation to a mother who would tolerate no arguments. "Now." Alicia gritted her teeth and lifted her skirt while Diane examined her, not satisfied until she had cupped a hand over Alicia's crotch as the younger woman gasped at the intrusion. "Surprising," was all Diane said.

Alicia's hands were shaking as she lowered her skirt, her jaw aching to be allowed to tell Diane that it was not surprising, that she was an eighteen year old woman, and, before she'd had the daylights scared out of her the day before, she hadn't wet herself in more than a decade. Instead, she forced herself to stay quiet as she set about making herself some toast.

"You can eat that on the drive in," Diane informed her once she'd spread a thin layer of peanut butter over the bread. "Now get your purse and let's go."

"You took my purse, remember?" Alicia pouted.

"And I got you a new one. Remember? What, did you think I was just joking? I expect you to use everything I got for you, little girl."

Alicia groaned, remembering the child's purse from the night before. She had just thought it was a joke. "I don't have anything to put in it," she pointed out.

"Well, take something to drink," Diane suggested.

Surprisingly, Alicia thought, that wasn't too bad of an idea. She stalked back to her room and grabbed the purse up, loading it with a couple bottles of her drink before snatching her toast back up and following Diane out the door, down to the street, where Diane was parked. Alicia was a bit shocked when she saw Diane open the car door, impressed that the beautiful Lexus was hers. She knew she could never have afforded a car like that on her salary, though she supposed Diane had been there a little longer than her.

"Don't get peanut butter all over my car," Diane instructed her. "And don't you dare have an accident in here."

Alicia kind of wanted to do at least the former, just to piss the woman off, but didn't think goading her into making her life even more miserable was a good idea. She ate her breakfast carefully on the drive to work, washing it down with a few swallows of her drink. It was a different flavor than the kinds she'd had before, she realized. It wasn't really worse than the first flavor - in fact, it was only very slightly different - it had just been a shock to discover at first.

As if wearing those clothes weren't enough, Alicia felt quite silly walking into work at Diane's side, as if this were Take Your Daughter to Work Day or something. If the security guards even noticed her that day, they gave no indication of it.

Alicia adjusted her silly purse on her shoulder as she stepped into the elevator, and Diane hit a button, mentally preparing herself for the walk through the office, but when the doors opened again, it wasn't on the office. It was on a floor Alicia hadn't been to before. The walls were painted a pleasant light green, and as Diane led her out into the hall, Alicia could see glass doors, looking in on a group of young children playing.

"What the...?" Alicia began, the realization of what this place was dawning on her. The company daycare. She'd never been up here, since she didn't have any kids, but there was no mistaking it.

"This is where Dr. Jadin told me to take you," Diane told her calmly. "She said this is where you belong now." She laughed at the look of panic on Alicia's face. "No, I'm just kidding... But this is where I've always thought you belonged. When you first started working here, I was sure you couldn't be anything but a babysitter... And now, well... Clearly, I was wrong. You're just a child yourself, aren't you? What do you say? Do you want to go play with the other kids?"

Alicia glared at her, then turned around, stomping back towards the elevator. Diane caught her before she made it in, grabbing her hand and holding it tightly on the ride back down to the correct floor. Alicia tried to pull free, but Diane wouldn't let her, tugging her along beside her as she made her way lazily through the maze of desks, greeting everyone, as they went to Dr. Jadin's office. "Now, wait here," Diane instructed her. "I need to talk to her first."

Alicia began to protest, but before she could get a word out, Diane had slipped into the office. Immediately, Alicia began to feel uncomfortable, strangely bashful, sure that the two women were talking about her. Nervously, she hurried behind her desk, putting her purse into one of the drawers after taking out one of the bottles, which she began to sip from, watching the door anxiously. Finally, Diane left, gesturing for Alicia to go in.

"You have to talk to her," she said as soon as she got inside. "You can't let her treat me this way! I am..."

"Calm down," Dr. Jadin told her soothingly. "Calm down, sweetie. I know you're just upset about having an accident, but there's no need to take it out on Diane. She's only looking out for you."

"No, but..." Alicia frantically tried to explain the whole situation, but Dr. Jadin was having none of it.

"Alicia, hush. I know it's embarrassing, but sometimes that sort of thing happens. It isn't Diane's fault."

"Yes it is!" Alicia protested. It very much was! If she hadn't broken into Alicia's apartment...

"Alicia! Diane did not pee in your pants, now did she? I know it's hard, but you need to take responsibility for yourself! If you can't even own up to something small like that, how can you be expected to take responsibility for something that's actually serious, here at work?"

Alicia sputtered for a moment, trying to think of how to explain that they were two different things, but could only come up with a weary, "Yes, ma'am."

"Now," Dr. Jadin said, "have you been keeping up with your assignment?" It took Alicia a moment to realize she was talking about the drinks, after which she nodded. "Are you drinking enough?" Alicia nodded again. "Good. Research department should be sending you a survey sometime today, so keep a lookout for that, will you?"

"Yes ma'am," Alicia nodded, starting to head out.

"Oh, and Alicia? You look adorable today, dear. Just perfect. Did you thank Ms. Diane for helping you pick it out?"

Even though it made her want to cry, she forced herself to smile instead. "Thank you, ma'am," she managed to get out. "And no, I haven't yet... But I will." Just as soon as she could figure out how.

Chapter 7

Alicia's stomach began to growl as she stared at the clock on her computer, starting to wonder what she was supposed to do about lunch. She didn't want to have to go beg Dr. Jadin for money, and since she no longer had her own purse, she didn't have any of her own. She was just resigning herself to feeling hungry for the rest of the day when Diane stopped by her desk, Frank in tow. Alicia's heart froze as she saw him, wishing she could vanish somehow. She could feel his gaze on her childish outfit, making her squirm in her seat uncomfortably.

"Now, you know little Ali, don't you?" Diane asked him with a smile. "She's been working here for a little while... We just got to talking the other day, and I couldn't resist taking the poor thing under my wing. You don't mind her coming to lunch with us, do you?"

"Umm... No," he shook his head, looking a bit confused.

"Oh, that's all right," Alicia said. "I'm not really hungry..."

She really had lost her appetite, but Diane wouldn't hear it. "Nonsense! A growing girl like you needs to eat! Now, up, up!" Alicia stood up reluctantly, tugging the hem of her dress down over her tightly cotton-swaddled legs, following the two to the elevator, where, just like the night before, Diane practically attacked Frank with a kiss, though this time Alicia knew that he knew who she was.

He gave her a tiny, apologetic shrug when they were done, as if to say, 'What could I do?' Alicia just glared at Diane, fuming, realizing now that what had happened the night before really had been preferable. Now Frank knew that he was close, knew that, if he weren't with Diane, he could be with Alicia... And yet, after seeing her dressed this way, Alicia couldn't help but wonder if he'd actually want to be with her. It was so much easier just being a part of the background.

Things only got worse once they got to the restaurant. At the counter, Diane had ordered for her - a child's meal at that, chuckling with Frank that "Little Ali" didn't eat much - then guided her over to a corner booth, Diane and Frank sliding into the bench, leaving Alicia to sit at the lone chair, watching awkwardly as Diane made out with Frank as they waited for their number to be called. "Be a dear and get that for us, will you?" Diane said when it was, and Alicia was all too glad to be able to leave, if only for a minute.

But if she thought she was getting a reprieve, she was wrong. As she slowly forced herself to eat the grilled cheese sandwich that had been ordered for her, she got to see Diane whispering in Frank's ear, the two of them giggling lightly. To his credit, Frank did look apprehensive for a moment, at least until Diane said, a little louder than before, "Oh, she doesn't mind. I'm sure she knows what it's like to go through the whole day at the office, missing a big, hunky man like you...", and reached under the table.

Alicia squirmed, rubbing her legs together. She knew exactly what it was like, and while her outfit had prevented her from doing anything about it, or even thinking of doing anything, seeing what she was missing now was really reminding her. Especially as the other two finished eating and Diane began to kiss Frank again, grabbing his hand and guiding it to her breast. She watched jealously as he fondled it through her shirt, feeling a warmth building up in her nether regions.

Diane looked over at her for the briefest moment, winking, right before she took Frank's other hand, pushing it downward, down under the table. Alicia whimpered softly, feeling the warmth in her growing... Until, a moment later, she realized it wasn't entirely what she thought. Her eyes went wide for a moment, and, blushing she hurriedly excused herself, scurrying off to the bathroom. She made it to the toilet, but, sure enough, as she sat there, staring down at the tights and panties around her knees, she could see a wet spot there, one that let her know she hadn't been completely on time. She shivered in disgust, her jealousy of Diane forgotten for a moment, as she most certainly wouldn't want Frank, or anyone's, hands near her underthings right then.

Why was this happening? She really wasn't sure. She'd never had a problem with this before. Was it just the stress of the situation getting to her? She supposed that made sense, but it didn't make it any less humiliating. She stared down at her wet panties forlornly, then, with a sigh, pulled them back up, wrinkling her nose at the dampness next to her skin. She stood, nervously feeling the back of her skirt, making sure it wasn't wet, before reluctantly heading back out.

Luckily, lunch hour was nearly over, so she only had to bear Diane and Frank's affection for another couple minutes before she was taken back to the car, then led back to her desk. "Run along now," Diane told Frank when they got there. "I need to talk to Ali for a minute. I'll see you tonight." She kissed him again, then sent him packing before turning back to Alicia. "You did it again, didn't you?" she asked. Alicia's face turned pale. "Don't try to deny it, I saw you squirming. I know what a wet little girl looks like." She shook her head in disgust. "You really do belong in that daycare, don't you? My three year old niece has fewer accidents than you."

Alicia shook her head, a tear quivering at the corner of her eye. Diane shook her head, knocked on Dr. Jadin's door, then went in. Alicia stared at the closed door in shock, hardly able to believe that, not only had she peed herself again, but that it had been so obvious, and that now she was being told on. She was on the verge of crying again when Diane came out and ushered her into the office.

Dr. Jadin was staring down at her - she'd never looked so old, so matronly, and Alicia had never felt so young. "Do you have something to tell me?" she asked.

Alicia glanced up at Diane, wondering if she really hadn't told her. That seemed almost impossible, but maybe she had caught a break. "I..." She faltered, knowing she should tell the truth, that chances were Diane would make her regret it if she did... But maybe the woman would prefer to hold this over her head, to keep it as future leverage. "I haven't gotten my survey about the drinks yet..."

Dr. Jadin shook her head, and Alicia, blushing, held up her skirt. "I had another accident," she said.

"I wish you'd told me you had such a problem with this," Dr. Jadin sighed. "It really wouldn't have been a problem, dear. And I wish you wouldn't have lied to me first."

"I'm sorry," Alicia squeaked. "It's just so... embarrassing..."

Dr. Jadin nodded. "I understand, sweetie. But you need to be honest with me. Now, I have a spare pair of underwear for you. In the future, though, I expect you to come get it on your own, instead of making Ms. Diane here do it for you. Now, I want you to thank her for doing it, and apologize for making her."

Alicia gritted her teeth as she stared up at the smug woman. "I'm sorry," she managed to say, "and thank you."

"Oh, it's no problem," Diane waved it off. "Now would you like me to help you get changed?" Alicia started to say no, but after looking up at Dr. Jadin, thought better of it and reluctantly nodded. Diane took the new panties - light green, with a castle - from Dr. Jadin with one hand, and held Alicia's hand with the other, leading her to the nearest bathroom. "Can you do it yourself?" she asked once they were in there, "or do I need to do that, too?"

"Bite me," Alicia pouted, snatching the panties away and retreating to a stall, where she stripped out of her tights and panties, putting on the new pair. She came out of the stall carrying her wet things, which Diane quickly snatched away, throwing them into the garbage. "Hey!"

"What? You're not putting those nasty things in my car, unless you brought a nice diaper bag to put them in. Did you? Because I sure didn't. Now go get to work. We're leaving at five o'clock sharp to get you some groceries."

Alicia was a little surprised at that, making her wonder if Diane sort of cared after all, at least enough to keep her from starving. As it turned out, though, the "we" who did the shopping was mostly Diane, steering the cart and putting in whatever she felt like, while Alicia trailed after her, protesting how little she liked the foods that were being chosen, only to be ignored, for the most part, and then loudly shushed when Diane'd had too much of her. Then Alicia followed her, pouting, not caring that she must look like a kid who had been told she wasn't going to get her favorite cereal, so stop asking about it. Alicia recognized the credit card Diane used to pay for it all as her own, but, of course, it went right back into Diane's purse when she was done with it.

After they'd unloaded everything into Alicia's kitchen, she was left in charge of unpacking it while Diane picked out her clothes for the next day. Before she left, she stopped back by the kitchen again. "So, did you pee yourself again?" she asked snidely.

"No, I didn't," Alicia glared at her.

"You know what? I don't believe you. Let's see."

Alicia rolled her eyes, but, knowing that arguing wouldn't do her any good, lifted her skirt. "You seem awfully obsessed with my underwear," she pointed out. "Don't you think that's strange?"

Diane smiled down at her. "Strange? There's nothing odd about it. Maybe I just have a crush on you." With that, she bent over, giving Alicia a kiss right on the lips. Alicia had never thought of herself as a lesbian, or even a bisexual, but after the frustrations of the last couple days, she found herself giving into the kiss almost too easily, letting it sweep over her. And, even worse, she found herself getting turned on by it, unable to keep a moan from escaping her lips.

At that, Diane let her go, sending her stumbling back, knees weak, having to sit down in a chair for a moment. "Please! You little slut. I just know that I can't trust you to keep your panties clean. And I know you like flashing them, don't you?" She shook her head, laughing. "I'll see you tomorrow, little girl."

Alicia shook her head, trying to clear her cloudy thoughts. She'd never been attracted to a woman before, and she knew she wasn't really attracted to Diane... But that kiss had been awfully nice, and, probably more importantly, had reminded her of what she'd seen Diane and Frank doing that day, which led her to think about what she and Frank used to do. Feeling frustrated, and lonely, she retreated to her room, to the bottom drawer of her dresser, where she kept her vibrator, itching to feel it between her legs.

But, just like her make-up, just like her adult clothes, it was gone, replaced with a note that reprimanded her as a, "Naughty little girl! These are for grown-ups!" She stomped her foot in frustration, plopping down on her bed with a pout, crossing her arms. After a few moments, she started to lift her skirt, to slip her fingers inside her panties, but the sight of the blue and purple castle there, and the word Wednesday, quickly killed her mood. It was hard to look at that and think of herself of anything but what the note had declared her.

Chapter 8

With nothing else to do to occupy herself, Alicia slunk back to her kitchen to finish putting away the groceries, and find something to eat. She had to admit, it was much easier with a well stocked refrigerator and pantry, and it wasn't that she hated everything Diane had chosen for her, but it still felt strange to her, looking through it all. It almost felt like she was in somebody else's kitchen.

After a few minutes, she decided to make herself macaroni and cheese and fishsticks, and, after some heavy deliberation, some peas. Not a one of her choices for vegetables were appealing to her, but she knew she should have something, if for no other reason than her not trusting Diane not to look through her fridge the next day and berate her if she found no evidence of any veggies being missing. The last thing she needed was to give the woman another reason to talk down at her, or even encourage her to start picking her meals out for her as well as her clothes.

As she stood at her stove, waiting for the water to boil so she could pour in her peas and her pasta, she felt a sudden twinge in her bladder. At first, thinking nothing about it, she ignored it, only to find it growing stronger at an alarming rate. She knew she was an adult, that holding it for another minute or two shouldn't be a problem, yet as she thought back to her accident earlier that day, and even the one she'd had the day before, fear-induced or not, she couldn't help but feel a slight doubt about that, one that grew rather quickly.

Finally, she tilted the lids for both pans slightly and dashed back to her bathroom, relieved that she made it in time, but more than a little dismayed at how close it had been. She had another close call as she was eating her dinner in front of her TV, though she was less reluctant about taking herself to the bathroom then, as she was in the middle of making herself choke down the peas. She gave up halfway through, dumping the rest down her garbage disposal, and sat back down on her couch. She squirmed there for a minute, trying to get comfortable, not quite able to find the right position.

Eventually, she decided her problem was her clothes, that she was still wearing what she'd worn to work that day. Usually by then, she'd changed into something more comfortable, usually her night-things. Those were, of course, gone with everything else, but she was sure Diane had to have gotten her something to sleep in. She'd been too afraid to actually look until now, and while she still didn't particularly want to know, she decided it was time.

As she walked into her room again, she noticed something her horny, confused mind had missed before - her clothes for the next day, pink capris with hearts embroidered down one leg and a white shirt, belted at the waist with pink fabric. Those panties were green as well, like the ones she had on, but with a flower and a bumblebee on the front. They did not give her any hope for what she was going to find, and, sure enough, when she looked in the drawer she normally kept her nightshirts in, she wasn't disappointed. There, right on the top, was a baby blue nightshirt, adorned with a huge picture of Tinkerbell. As she picked it up, she could see more Disney characters below it.

Sure she wouldn't find anything better, she quickly shut the drawer and, sighing, slipped out of her dress and into the shirt. Unlike her daytime clothes, which looked juvenile, but seemed to be made for someone her size, she had a feeling this had actually been designed for someone much younger than her, as the skirt only barely covered her panties. In general, that style wouldn't have bothered her, but given the decorations on the shirt and her underwear, it made her feel more childish, rather than sexy.

She sulked her way back to the TV and sat back down, deciding to try to lose herself in it, to try to forget her problems. It went well, for a little while, until she felt her bladder again, and, as she was used to doing, ignored it until the next commercial break. What felt like only seconds later, she felt a strange warm wetness between her legs, and, show quickly forgotten, she clamped her hand down there and made a desperate dash for her bathroom.

While her panties were, once again, only damp, she felt just as humiliated as she would have, had she had a full blown accident there on her couch. She felt angry, at herself for getting herself into this mess, at Diane, for assuring she'd be dressed like a six year old when it happened, at herself even more for getting so caught up in what she was doing that, like a child - no, not even a child, like a toddler - she had pushed off going to the bathroom until it was too late.

Unhappily, she ripped her panties off, tossing them at her hamper, and stomped into her room, where she stepped into the ones Diane had set out for the next day, not caring that they were declaring it Thursday a few hours ahead of schedule. She threw herself onto her bed, face down, then, pouting, hit her mattress with her fist as hard as she could. It bounced off, harmlessly, but that didn't stop her from doing it again, and again, using both her fists, then starting in with her feet, punishing her bed, as it was the only thing she felt like she had any control over, not caring that her nightshirt was flipped up in the back, fully exposing her panty-clad bottom, not caring that she looked, for all the world, like a small child throwing a tantrum. As her limbs grew tired, she grabbed her pillows, burying her face in them, and screamed until she was out of breath.

Afterward, she laid there on her bed, panting for breath, still just as angry, but now exhausted, until, hardly even noticing it, she fell asleep.

She woke to the feeling of somebody shaking her. She groaned, rolling over with a lazy stretch, then tried to roll back into a ball, until the shaking came again. Slowly, she opened her eyes, staring up at Diane. She gave a little start, but she was getting far too used to seeing that woman in her apartment.

"You're going to be late!" Diane told her. "What are you doing?!"

Alicia furrowed her brow, confused, then slowly rolled over to look at her clock, realizing only then, in a panic, that she hadn't set her alarm the night before. "Son of a bitch!" she breathed, rolling off her bed and rushing into the bathroom, throwing her clothes off haphazardly and stumbling into the shower, hurrying back out only a few minutes later, almost straight into the arms of Diane. "What are you doing?!" she demanded, grabbing for her towel, flushing red as she stood there, in front of her, naked and dripping wet.

"We don't have time for this," Diane reprimanded her, grabbing her and yanking her back towards her bedroom, patting her dry as they went. "Now, where are your panties?"

Alicia was confused for a moment, until she remembered what had happened. "They're... uh... in the bathroom."

Diane gave her a suspicious look, then ducked back into the bathroom, giving Alicia enough time to grab herself a bra, the one piece of clothing she still had a little control over. "I would ask why you were wearing them to bed," Diane said as she came back in, "but I don't have to." She dropped the still slightly damp Wednesday panties to the floor. "Again? Really? How in the world did you function on your own?" Alicia started to answer, but Diane wasn't looking for one, just went on hold the panties down at her feet. Too embarrassed to object, she obediently lifted her feet, one at a time, let the woman pull the panties up over her legs. She stopped right before letting them snap closed, smirking at Alicia's crotch. "Well, we'll have to do something about that later," she said.

Before Alicia could ask what she meant, she was stepping into the capris, glad not to be in tights again, then lifting her arms for the shirt. Before Diane could put it on her, though, the woman examined her bra, shaking her head. "Don't you even know how to shop for the right size?" she asked, rolling her eyes as she tightened the strap, almost too much, making Alicia squirm in discomfort as the white shirt was pulled down over her, and then she was being shoved back onto her bed, socks and shoes pulled onto her feet.

"Pick them up," Diane demanded, nodding down at her wet panties. Alicia began to protest, which earned her a stern look that made her feel quite small, and she bent down, picking them up gingerly between two fingers before being herded back into the bathroom. "You can set them on the sink for now," Diane told her as she undid Alicia's pants.

"What are you..?" Alicia began to ask, before being answered by her pants and panties being yanked down as she was sat down on the toilet. "Oh, come on," she rolled her eyes.

"Clearly I can't trust you to go to the bathroom on your own," Diane lectured, digging through Alicia's things until she found her ponytail holders. "A bit boring, but they'll have to do for now," she declared, pulling Alicia's still wet hair into a pair of ponytails. "Hurry up!"

Alicia squirmed on the toilet, blushing. "I can't go like this," she complained.

"Well, you're not having an accident in my car," Diane declared, giving no sign that she was leaving. Alicia closed her eyes, trying to imagine she was alone, and, after a few moments, managed to pee. Then she was pulled back up, and into the kitchen, where Diane found a plastic baggy for her to put her panties into, handed her already packed purse, and rushed out the door.

It was all so frantic that she didn't even think to ask why she was carrying her underwear from the day before, at least until Diane insisted she take it with her into the office. Diane didn't answer, leaving Alicia confused and embarrassed, as she tried to hide them behind her purse as much as she could. Even though they were in a bag, the thought of putting them into her purse, where she could see that, along with her drinks, there seemed to be a sandwich and a banana waiting for her, was too gross for her.

As she approached her desk, and the door to Dr. Jadin's office, however, it began to be clear just why she had them. That day, Diane took her straight inside, not bothering to talk to Dr. Jadin on her own first, not giving Alicia time to fret, or to try to collect her thought. "Alicia here has something to show you," she announced, pushing the girl forward.

Alicia stared at Dr. Jadin nervously, her legs feeling weak, as if they'd give out as soon as she tried to take a step. "I..." she started.

She had taken too long for Diane, apparently, who grabbed her by the wrist again, pulling her closer to the desk, and taking the baggy away from her, showing it to Dr. Jadin, who shook her head. "Again, Alicia?"

Alicia couldn't answer, could just stand there, mortified, bottom lip quivering.

"I really think we need to do something about this," Diane spoke up instead. "It seems to be a very real problem, not some passing thing."

Dr. Jadin nodded slowly. "I'll think about it. Now, do you have anything to say for youself, Alicia?"

Alicia stared between the two women, feeling very small and powerless before them. "I-I'm sorry?" she squeaked.

"I should say so," Dr. Jadin said. "You've ruined both your pairs of Wednesday underwear. What do you expect to wear next week, hmm? Do you think Diane should go out and get you a whole other set just for that day?"

Alicia hung her head. She knew she could point out that the panties could be washed, that she could wear another day on Wednesday, that they could get plain underwear instead, but instead of pointing any of those things out, she just gave a quiet, "No."

"I wouldn't mind doing that," Diane interjected. "But if she's just going to pee in them..."

"No, I see your point," Dr. Jadin nodded. "We'll think of something else if she can't prove herself before then."

The idea that she had anything to prove in this area - potty training, for God's sake! - made her cheeks burn, even more so from knowing that they really weren't being all that unfair. "I'll do better," she sniffled.

"I'm sure you will," Dr. Jadin said dismissively. "Go along to your desk, dear, Diane and I are talking."

Alicia didn't think she'd meant it that way, but the woman's tone certainly made it sound, to her, as if what she'd said was, "Run along and play. The adults are talking."

Chapter 9

Alicia tried to slip out of the bathroom without catching another glimpse of herself in the mirror, but, as usual, her perverse curiosity got the better of her. She'd found herself in the bathroom quite often that morning, dashing there whenever she felt the slightest pressure on her bladder, not wanting to risk another accident, not after the scolding she'd gotten that morning.

She had tried, at first, not drinking anything, but couldn't keep that up for too long, as she felt quite thirsty, and, she reasoned, it couldn't be the drink doing it, since she hadn't had this problem the first couple days she'd tried it. It had really only started after Diane had taken over and ruined her life, so she figured it had more to do with stress than anything, and since the drink tended to make her feel a little more relaxed, she thought that would be better for her than dehydrating herself.

But even that bit of relaxation she gained couldn't keep up with the ever increasing amount of stress that was piling up on her. It seemed as if every other time she went back to her desk, Dr. Jadin was waiting for her, asking why her latest assignment wasn't done yet. Too embarrassed to just come out and say it was because she was in the bathroom yet again, she just hung her head and apologized, but she could tell the doctor was starting to lose her patience with her.

And, to make matter worse, every time she went to the bathroom and saw herself in the mirror, her hair had dried a little more, and, since she hadn't had a chance to use her flat iron that morning, gotten a little curlier in her ponytails. She was almost certain her freckles were darker than usual, too, but she chalked that up to her imagination, and not being used to being able to see them through her make-up than any real change. But taken together with her hair style, and her outfit, she was sure nobody would guess that she was any older than fourteen, maybe fifteen if her shirt had been a little tighter in the bust. Diane seemed to have known just what she was doing when she chose it, as it wasn't really too big on her to be noticeable, but it was large enough to hide her curves rather effectively. At first she'd thought Diane's tightening of her bra had helped with that, too, but even after she'd loosened it, it didn't make much of a difference. She could still feel the tightness, too, making her all the more sure that Diane was jealous of her bust and trying to suppress it as much as possible.

Diane... Alicia watched her face in the mirror grow redder as she thought about the bitch, and everything she'd done to her. Did Diane even know that Frank had been cheating on her? Alicia got the idea that she had, but the woman had never really said it. Maybe she really just hated Alicia that much, for no real reason. And even if she did know... Well, Alicia didn't think a little mid-day office sex warranted all of this, especially when she hadn't had any - of that, or any other variety - for a couple days.

She reached up, pulling out her ponytail holders, slipping them into the pocket of her capris, shaking her hair out. It was still quite curly, but she thought she might look ever so slightly more mature that way. She tugged at the pink sash at the waist of her shirt, wishing that it was more than just decoration, that she could actually re-tie it, make the shirt cling to her tighter, but there wasn't much she could do about that, or anything else.

With as much confidence as she could muster, she strode out of the bathroom, breezing past her own desk, all the way over to the copy room. "I need a little help," she told Frank, who was busy staring at his computer, looking up just in time to see the door close behind her. She waited eagerly for him, more than ready, nearly pouncing on him as soon as he came in.

Much to her surprise, however, he pushed her away. "Who are...?" he began to ask, making her heart sink. The look on his face when he finally recognized her, however, was only worse. "Alicia?!"

"Of course it's me," she sulked, feelings a little hurt. "God, I don't look that different!"

"Umm... No, I was just... surprised..." She could tell he didn't agree, that he was just trying to think of something to say that wouldn't offend her, which only made her more angry. Luckily for him, though, it didn't bother her enough to make her want to stop.

"A good surprise?" she asked teasingly, having to get up on her toes slightly to give him a kiss, once again surprised by how much of a difference her heels had apparently made. When he didn't respond, she kissed him harder, only to find herself being pushed back again. "What is wrong with you?!" she demanded, stomping her foot in frustration.

"Alicia, it's just..." he began, clearly not sure how to say what he was thinking.

"Oh, come on," she insisted. "Is it Diane? She won't find out... Come on..." She began to pull her pants down, forgetting, until she saw them, the panties she had on, wishing she'd thought to take them off in the bathroom first when she saw Frank's expression upon seeing them.

"Alicia, stop it," he commanded, grabbing the waist of her capris and tugging them back up. "Look, you're a sweet girl, but I can't... I can't do this. I thought you were older. I... I shouldn't have..."

"I'm old enough!" she whined. "This never bothered you before!"

He shrugged. "Well, I guess I never thought about it before, but... I'm just too old for you, Alicia. I'm sure you'll find someone the right age for you sometime. When school starts back up in the fall, I'm sure the boys will be all over you."

"Scho... I don't go to school! You know that!"

"I know you told me you didn't," he told her calmly. "And you really shouldn't have lied to me. You know, I could get in some big trouble if..."

"No, you can't!" Alicia snapped, stomping her foot again, face turning red. "You can't, because I'm eighteen, and I don't care what that stupid bitch Diane told you, but she's a liar, and..."

"Alicia, stop!" he said sternly. "Bad mouthing Diane isn't going to get you anywhere. She's just looking out for both of us, and you should be thanking her. If you hadn't lied to me, I never would have..."

"Oh, shut up!" she screamed at him, grabbing a handful of paper from the shelf behind her and flinging it at him, stomping through it as it rained down, pushing past him to the door, slamming it shut behind her. She was sure she could feel the whole office staring at her as she made her way back to the bathroom, barricading herself into one of the stalls to cry in peace.

By the time she had calmed down and dared to venture back outside, after splashing cold water onto her face to hopefully make it less obvious that she'd been crying, it was lunch hour, and the office was nearly empty. Diane was gone - not that she particularly wanted to see her, but, with Dr. Jadin gone, too, she was Alicia's only chance of getting the money and/or ride necessary to fill her growling tummy. As she sat down at her desk, pouting, feeling sorry for herself, she reached for her purse to take a drink, hand brushing against something odd.

She glanced down, remembering only then that Diane had packed her some food. She still didn't like the woman, and she knew it was probably just so she wouldn't have to drag Alicia along with her and Frank, or feel guilty about leaving her to starve in the office, but she couldn't help but feel grateful as she pulled the sandwich out. It was, of course, peanut butter and jelly, and Diane had even gone so far as to cut the crusts off, yet, as annoying as that was, and as childish as she felt eating it, she couldn't deny that it tasted good.

The banana was a little less good. In her hurry to leave that morning, the bottles in her purse had banged up against it, leaving it somewhat bruised and squishy. She wasn't a fan of bananas in general, and that just made her dislike them more, but she was hungry enough that she managed to choke it down, following it with some generous swigs from her drink.

"Back already?" Dr. Jadin asked as she was finishing up.

Alicia looked up, surprised to see her heading into her office again so soon. "Umm.. Yeah," she nodded. "Hey, can I talk to you?"

"Of course, dear, anytime," Dr. Jadin nodded, opening up the door to her office, gesturing for Alicia to go first. Alicia did so, standing somewhat awkwardly in front of her boss's desk as she waited for her to sit down. "If it's about this morning, I just want to let you know I'm sorry."

"Hmm?" Alicia glanced up at her, slightly confused, and a little excited. Was she apologizing for the way she'd treated her, talking to her like a toddler? This could be it... The perfect opportunity to tell her that, as much as she appreciated what Dr. Jadin was trying to do for her, that it was perhaps a little too much, too soon. If she felt bad enough about it, Alicia might be able to back out of it entirely without completely destroying their bond, and any future recommendations she might get from the woman.

"I know you're having a hard time right now," Dr. Jadin said. "And I'm trying to help you with that, but I do need you to get your work done, too."

"Oh..." Alicia blushed, remembering the doctor getting slightly more snippy with her every time she'd found her with her assignment not yet done that day. "Okay, yeah. I know. I'll do better."

"I know you will," Dr. Jadin smiled at her. "Did you hear about the Little Miss Cloverdale pageant? They didn't think they were going to have the funding for it this year, but they finally found a sponsor for it, so it's back on."

"Huh? O-Oh, that's great," Alicia nodded, remembering she'd told the woman she was into those sorts of things.

"Would you like to come with me? I haven't been to one in person since my daughter passed away, but I think maybe it's time I go again. And I'd like you to be the one I go with. I mean, if you want to."

Alicia looked at her in surprise, not having expected that. "Y-Yeah. Sure, that would be great."

"Good," Dr. Jadin smiled. "I'm sorry, you wanted to talk to me."

Alicia opened her mouth for a moment, then closed it, shook her head. Really, it wasn't Dr. Jadin she had a problem with... It had been her idea that had sparked all of this, but it wasn't really her fault it had spiraled so far out of control. That was Diane's fault, and Alicia doubted that, even if Dr. Jadin called the whole project off, Diane would give up on it so easily. So she might as well play along with it a little more, get a bit closer to the doctor, so she could get something out of it.

"I'll go get back to work," she said, slipping out, almost running straight into Diane.

"Hello, Ali," the woman smiled pleasantly, reaching behind her and pushing Dr. Jadin's office door shut before demanding, "What were you talking to her about?"

"I work for her," Alicia told her. "I have to talk to her sometimes."

Diane looked at her suspiciously for a moment, then shook her head. "And what did you do to your hair? Where are your ponytail holders?" Alicia sighed, fishing them out of her pocket, letting Diane readjust her hair. "Because I'm so nice, I got you something else while I was out," she said when she was done, reaching into her own pocket and taking out a pair of pink ribbons that she wrapped around the ponytail holders, tying each into a large bow. "That's better!"

Alicia forced a smile. She wanted to be angry at Diane for whatever it was she'd told Frank, but considering he was her boyfriend, she supposed she couldn't really blame her for scaring him off. Instead, she did her best to give Diane as little reaction as possible, trying to keep from letting her see how much she was getting to her.

That lasted until Diane asked, "Now, did you wet yourself yet?" Alicia couldn't stop herself from blushing, looking around her desk, afraid someone had been nearby to overhear. They weren't, but that didn't help all that much. "Well, come and find me when you do, and we can show Dr. Jadin what a child you are together."

Alicia wasn't sure if it was Diane's plan or not, but those words just made her all the more determined not to have an accident. Her bathroom breaks became even more frequent, Diane's insinuation that wetting herself was inevitable giving her an extra push to prove her wrong, making her forget her promise to concentrate more on her actual work, at least until the end of the day, when Dr. Jadin called her into her office to tell her, "I don't like to say it, Alicia, but I'm very disappointed in you."

Alicia's eyes went automatically to her crotch, terrified that she'd had an accident and hadn't even noticed it. She was dry, which left her all the more confused.

"I like you, dear, I really do, and I'm trying to help you... But if you can't do your job, I will have to find somebody who can."

Alicia's face fell, uncertain if she felt worse about her job being threatened, or the fact that, just by trying to do something as simple as keep her underwear dry, she'd done such terrible work that day. It had never used to be that hard, had it?

Chapter 10

"All right, I'll admit it," Diane told Alicia in the car. "A whole day without an accident. For you, that's pretty impressive."

Alicia didn't answer her, couldn't. Sure, she wanted to say that it really wasn't that surprising, considering she was eighteen, not five, but given the last couple days, it actually was. Still, given how much trouble she'd gotten into over it, she didn't exactly feel like celebrating. In fact, it made her feel a little sick to her stomach. She hoped she had just made herself sick from the stress, and that whatever was wrong with her would pass, but what if it didn't?

She doubted she would have wet herself every time she'd run off to the bathroom if she hadn't done so, but judging from her last few accidents, it was quite difficult to tell when it would happen, and how much time she had between her first warning and when it was too late. And concentrating on anything else seemed a good way to guarantee a pair of damp panties. Was she really about to lose her job, in the middle of everything else, because she'd been trying to find a way to move up in it? It was so unfair!

She was still sulking in her seat when Diane pulled up to what she assumed was her apartment building. She unbuckled her seat belt and stepped out, starting to head inside, only to realize that she was, in fact, not home. She felt disoriented for a moment, not sure what was going on, and then Diane took her hand, leading her into a building declaring itself Smooth Solutions. "What are we doing?" she asked after a moment, nerves starting to get to her, not exactly trusting any place Diane wanted to take her.

The fact that Diane didn't answer only made her more uncertain, and the lobby of the building itself only made matter worse. It looked like a doctor's waiting room, tile floor, hard seats, coffee tables stacked high with magazines. "The bathroom's over there," Diane told her, pointing out a door on the opposite side of the room from the receptionist's desk. When Alicia made no move towards it herself, Diane gave her a push.

Alicia sighed, but she had to admit that she probably did need to go, so she walked over, trying to keep an eye on Diane as she went. She didn't trust her in this place, though her distrust wasn't worth the risk of wet pants. As it turned out, however, she was right to be cautious, as she was taken by the hand as soon as she came out of the bathroom, pulled through the lobby, past Diane, smirking in one of the seats, behind a magazine, and into the back, to a small room with what look a little too much like an examination table, complete with stirrups.

"Wait, what's going on?" Alicia asked the woman. "I-I don't..."

"Hush," the woman told her as she started to undress her, pulling down her pants despite Alicia's protests. When Alicia grabbed the waistband of her panties, the woman gave her a stern look. "Young lady, if you don't behave, I'm going to bring your mother in here."

For a moment, Alicia was confused, wondering how her mother was going to get there from halfway across the country, until she realized it was Diane that the woman was talking about. Diane had already seen her naked once that day, which was more than enough for her. She wasn't exactly thrilled about yet another woman seeing her like that, either, but at least this one seemed like a professional, of some sort. "Fine," she sighed, pulling her underwear down herself.

"All right, up onto the table," the woman commanded, pulling a paper sheet up and over the table. Alicia hesitated for a second, then sat herself down, ignoring the stirrups. "She was right, you are a difficult little thing, aren't you?" the woman mumbled, almost to herself, grabbing Alicia's foot and pushing her upwards, sliding her across the rustling paper, settling her heel into the stirrup, then repeating the process with the other foot, leaving Alicia not just half naked, but fully exposed. If that didn't worry her, the sight of the woman putting on a pair of disposable latex gloves would have.

"What's going on?" she asked again, squirming uncomfortably.

"It'll be over in a few minutes," she was told, as the woman got a tube of something out, started to squeeze it onto Alicia's exposed crotch. Alicia gave a bit of a yelp as she felt it touch her skin, its icy coldness shocking her, before starting to squirm uncomfortably as it was rubbed into her. It was the closest she'd had to sexual contact for a few days, but there was certainly nothing sexy about the clinical nature it was being done in, or the fear of what this was all leading up to. "It may sting a little," the woman warned, not making Alicia feel any better, as she snapped off her gloves, putting on a new pair before bringing out what looked like a long white wand from a machine beside the table. Before Alicia could react, the woman had pressed the tip of it to her crotch.

Alicia jumped slightly, feeling the stinging, indeed, nothing too bad, just surpised. It felt a bit like she'd just been snapped with a rubber band, except that sensation was growing as the wand was passed over her skin, or, to be more accurate, she realized after a minute, her hair. She felt silly as she put it all together, annoyed that it had taken so long, then began to get angry that Diane would do this to her. Everything else she'd done was bad, of course, but this was at least semi-permanent! When it was done, she would be bare down there, like a little kid... Which was, she knew, the whole point.

"Stop it," she whined, squirming. "I changed my mind, I don't want this!"

"Be still!" the doctor commanded. When Alicia didn't listen, she rolled her eyes, turning the machine off, and for a brief moment, Alicia felt proud of herself, glad that, for once, her protests hadn't fallen on deaf ears. Then the doctor began to reach inside the table, searching for something, coming up with what looked like a belt. Alicia tried to get up, to figure out how to extract herself from the table, only to be pushed firmly down, the belt pulled tight over her stomach and attached on the other side, holding her down securely.

"If you continue to act up," she was warned, "I'll get the hand restraints, too. Is that what you want?" Alicia sniffled and shook her head, letting the woman go back to her work. By the time she was, at last, released, allowed to pull her panties back on, her whole crotch was slightly red and swollen, though, to her surprise, there didn't seem to be much of a difference beyond that. The stinging sensation hadn't yet fully faded away, making her walk a little slower and more careful than normal as she made her way, red-faced, back out into the lobby.

Diane didn't say a word, just pointed towards the bathroom, then led her back out to the car when she was done, this time actually driving her back home. Alicia was silent and pouty on the ride home, and in her apartment, as she waited in the kitchen for Diane to finish in her room, saying only a bitter, "I really hate you," when Diane came to tell her she was leaving.

Diane seemed a little taken aback by this, as if she'd expected Alicia to thank her for doing all this to her. She shrugged, disappearing back into the apartment for a moment, returning with Alicia's flat iron. "Then I guess I might as well take this," she said, smiling at Alicia's shocked look before leaving.

Alicia chased after her, furious, yet mostly powerless to do anything other than scream, "I hate you!" again from her doorway, stomping her foot.

"Parent troubles?" came a voice from behind her.

She turned around, jumping a little, finding a teenage boy behind her. She would have guessed he was about sixteen, tall and lean. He was handsome, she had to admit, and even though she knew their age difference couldn't be that big, she felt a little pervy thinking it, at least until she noticed him obviously checking out her breasts beneath her billowy shirt, knowing that, technically, legally, she was an adult and he was a kid, even if he surely thought that she was just as young, if not younger, than he. "Yeah, she sucks," she replied, starting to go back inside. "I wish she would die."

"I can't help you with that," the boy said, stopping her for a moment, "but I know a little something about revenge."

Alicia rolled her eyes before turning around. "Yeah? Like what?"

She fully expected him to suggest that they sleep together on her mother's bed, something stupid like that. Instead, he said, "I know how to hotwire cars."

Alicia began to roll her eyes, stopping herself as the implications of that hit her. "She keeps the doors locked, too," she told him. "Do you know how to break in?"

"You have a wire coat hanger?" She nodded. "No problem."

Alicia thought about it for a second, mulling over her plan. Clearly, things here weren't going so well, and it didn't look like things were going to be getting any better. If she could just get her car started... Well, she was pretty sure she had enough gas in her car to get her to her father's house, and surely he would help her make a fresh start somewhere else.

"I'll go get one," she said, hurrying into her apartment, back to her closet, pushing through the clothes until she found a dress on a wire hanger. She tugged it off, letting it fall to the floor. She started to leave, then paused, turning back and grabbing another shirt. It was pink, decorated with Hello Kitty, but it would be tighter around the chest than the one she had on. She felt a bit skeevy about it, knowing this kid had to be relatively young, but she had to make sure he wouldn't chicken out partway through, so she slipped out of her white shirt and put it on, feeling, for once that day, confident in her body as she stared down at herself. After another moment of thought, she threw on the shortest skirt she could find, a pink and black plaid one that went down to mid-thigh.

"She just went out for a walk," she told the boy when she returned, "and then when she gets back, she'll be here all night, and she's a really light sleeper, so we need to do it now."

"No problem," he said cockily. He wasn't yet subtle enough to not be obvious about staring at her in her new outfit, which was her plan, of course, and while it was nice to have anyone look at her like that after Frank's rejection, she still felt like a creep.

But not enough to stop herself from hurrying out to the parking lot, the wave of relief at finally being free of all of this making her slightly giddy, helping her to ignore the stinging feeling beneath her underwear. "It should be right here," she declared as she went to her usual spot, moving around a large SUV, and to... an empty space.

"Right where?" the boy asked.

"Umm..." Alicia looked around, confused. "Maybe I... I mean she... parked it..." She took a few steps one way, then turned around and went the other, scanning all the cars in the lot. "I mean, it has to be here somewhere..." She hurried off to the far end of the lot, heart pounding, barely noticing the boy following her. She ran back the other way, to no avail, beginning to get frustrated.

As it turned out, she wasn't the only one. "Look, kid, I can't play games out here all night," the boy told her as she started to make another circle around the lot, sure she'd just, somehow, missed it.

"I'm not a kid!" she pouted, throwing the hanger at him. It missed, bouncing off the car behind him and clattering to the ground.

"Okay, fine," he said, holding his hands up. "Sorry! But isn't your mother going to be back soon, too? Do you really think she's going to like seeing you hanging around in the parking lot?"

"I can do whatever I want!" she told him. "I'm not a stupid kid, I'm an adult, and if I want to be in the parking lot, I will damn well be in the parking lot for as long as I want!" She knew she wasn't angry at him, but that didn't stop yelling at him from making her feel better. "I'm an adult!" she declared again, stomping her foot.

As she did so, she looked at the boy again, thinking of something else that would make her feel even better. She knew it was wrong, but she was sure he couldn't have been any more than two years younger than her, and that wasn't really that big of a difference, could it? She walked over to him, getting up on her toes and trying to kiss him. He backed away. "Come on," she insisted. "Let's go up to my mom's bed, and..."

She felt it right as she saw his eyes go down to it, just a moment before her eyes did the same, going downwards to the stream of warm liquid flowing down her leg. Her burst of anger over, she could feel the wetness of her panties now, fully. She tried to stop her bladder from emptying any further, but it was already mostly done.

"Yeah..." he said uncertainly, backing away from her in disgust. "I think I need to get back home..."

"No, but... This isn't..." She whimpered helplessly, watching him go, then, a few minutes later, followed. As she got herself cleaned up, changed into Friday's red panties with a magic wand on the front, she could see that her pubic hair was starting to fall out already, and she wondered how long it would be before it started to grow back, and if, by then, she'd be able to stop wetting herself long enough to get laid.

Chapter 11

The next day, when Diane opened the front door of the apartment, Alicia was waiting for her, and she wasn't wearing the dress and tights that had been laid out for her either. Nothing she could find in her closet made her feel particularly bad-ass, but she did manage to find a pair of jeans - with butterflies on the legs, true - and she had on the Hello Kitty shirt from the night before. Apparently some of the tightness of that had just come from its newness, as it felt a little looser on her now. Still, it was the best she could come up with, working with what she had.

Diane looked surprised for a moment as she saw Alicia sitting in the living room, arms crossed. "Up early today," she commented. "It's a good thing, too, because it will give you time to change into the outfit I picked out for you."

"I don't think so," Alicia said. It felt good to tell her no, if not a bit scary.

Diane raised her eyebrows. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me," Alicia told her. "I don't think I'll be doing that."

"And why is that?" Diane asked.

"Why should I? What else can you do to me?" Alicia's chest felt tight as the words came out, knowing she was tempting fate, but the events of last night were giving her strength.

"Oh, honey, I haven't even started," Diane assured her.

"Really?" Alicia got up, taking a few steps closer. "Like what? Are you going to steal my car?" She grinned as she saw Diane rendered speechless for a moment. "Little too late for that, isn't it?"

"How did you..?"

"What, you think I just stay cooped up in here all night? I do have a life." That was, at least lately, a lie, but one that made her feel better. "Now, where is my car, bitch?"

"You can't talk to me that way," Diane declared, her haughty attitude making a quick return after her brief shock. "You're too young for a car, and..."

"Bullshit," Alicia interrupted her. "You know I'm an adult, and even if you don't treat me that way, you can't tell me that taking my possessions isn't theft."

Diane shrugged nonchalantly. "Well, I needed to pay for your laser work yesterday somehow," she said. "You certainly didn't have enough in your bank account for it, and I wasn't about to pay for it out of my own pocket."

Alicia face turned white, and then red with rage. "You sold my car?!" she growled. "You..."

"Actually," Diane corrected, "sold isn't entirely accurate. I mean, I did sell it, but only for scrap."

If Alicia could have turned any darker red, she would have. "You did what?!"

"Please, like anyone would have actually bought that piece of crap," Diane scoffed. "Besides, I knew a place that would take it without the title."

"You... You..." Alicia seethed, not sure exactly what to say, what she could say that would encompass what she was feeling at the moment. Finally, after a moment or two more of sputtering, she spat, "You fucking bitch!"

"All right, that's it!" Diane declared. Before Alicia knew what was going on, she felt an intense pain in her ear as Diane grabbed it, yanking it and, if she wanted to stay attached, her, forward, down the hall, where Diane shoved her into the bathroom. Alicia opened her mouth, about to lob another insult at the woman, only to find it full of soap instead of words. Her eyes went wide, teeth clamping down automatically, then immediately regretting it as she tasted the soap on her tongue, felt the tips of her teeth scraping into it. She loosened her mouth, trying to spit it out, only for Diane to shove it in even further.

"You may think you're an adult," Diane told her, "and maybe you think talking like that makes you sound like one. But it just makes you sound like the child I know you are." The woman's gaze was pulled to the hamper. Alicia mumbled from behind the soap, nose wrinkling, feeling the saliva in her mouth creating suds around the bar of soap, doing her best not to swallow them, all for nothing, as Diane looked inside anyway, immediately finding the soaking panties from the day before. "Look at these," she declared, holding them up gingerly. "Do these look like the underwear of a grown-up? Looks like this wasn't any small accident, either..."

Alicia reached up for the soap, only to have her hand harshly slapped away. "Leave it! Oh, Dr. Jadin will be so disappointed to hear about this." She pulled open the drawer under the sink, where Alicia had a small trash can that the panties were dropped into with a wet thud. "We have an understanding now. I don't have to cart your disgusting used panties around... She just trusts my reports on what state they're in. Which means I can tell her whatever I want."

Alicia's eyes went wide, making Diane smile as the woman reached up, pulling the soap free with a small pop. "Don't worry, I won't lie to her. It's too much fun watching you dig your own grave." Alicia watched as Diane rinsed the bar off, waiting for her to get out of the way so she could rinse her mouth out. All of the sudden, Diane grabbed her again, shoving the soap back into her mouth, this time working it roughly in and out, back and forth. Alicia nearly gagged as she felt her mouth filling with suds, tears stinging the corners of her eyes. "But if you think that means I can't, or won't, punish you some other way, you have another thing coming," Diane told her, driving the point home as she continued working the soap.

At last, she stopped, yanking the bar of soap free again, stepping away from the sink to let Alicia spit into it as she sniffled. "Can you keep a civil tongue in your head from now on?" Alicia nodded, still bent over the sink, still spitting. "Do you understand?" She nodded again, straightening up just in time for Diane to give her a rather hard swat on her bottom, making her jump. "I expect an answer, young lady."

"Yes, I understand," Alicia squeaked.

"Now, we're going to get you changed. You have anything smart to say about that?"

Alicia started to shake her head, then said, "No."

"Good," Diane declared, taking her hand, tugging her over to her room. Alicia started to pick up the dress Diane had chosen, which she'd just set on her dresser, having been a little uncertain about this whole thing - with good reason, apparently. "No, I think I've changed my mind," she said, opening the closet. "You can get into your tights, though."

Alicia sighed, grabbing the white tights and pulling them up her legs and over her red panties, wondering what Diane could be looking for, expecting another dress. At first, when Diane pulled it out, she thought that's what it was, yet another sundress, this one light blue, with a floral print. As Diane held it out to her, however, she could see that, rather than a skirt, it ended in a pair of shorts.

"Don't worry," Diane said as she saw the look on Alicia's face, "Rompers are all the rage this year."

Technically, Alicia knew that was true, although she'd never seen the appeal of them herself. That wasn't what worried her, however, nearly as much as seeing it, and remembering the close calls she'd been having at the bathroom lately. With this new outfit, and her tights... It was a recipe for disaster. Which was, she was sure, the point. But, mouth still full of the taste of the soap - she was feeling a little sick from it - and bottom still stinging slightly from that smack, to go with the stinging from her hair removal treatment the day before, she didn't dare protest as she took the piece of clothing, fumbling with it, not quite sure how to put it on.

After a few moments, Diane took it back, opening it up and letting Alicia step into it, pulling it up over her, sliding the straps over her arms, sliding them over her bra straps. Diane grabbed her shoulders, pushing her back slightly to get a better look at her. "Now, that looks like a good little girl," she declared. "Is that what you are?"

Alicia sighed, staring down at herself, but she knew she had no choice but to answer, "Yes."

"Good," Diane smiled. "Now, let's go finish up your punishment!"

"Finish?!" Alicia whined. "But..."

"I was just letting you take a break, because I'm so nice. Aren't I?"

Alicia glared at her, stating flatly. "Yeah. You sure are."

"You're so cute when you're pouting," Diane told her, leading her back over to the bathroom, sliding the soap back into her mouth, then taking her to the kitchen, putting her a corner. "If I see your nose move an inch, you're keeping that soap in until lunchtime," she warned.

So, much as Alicia would have liked to have looked to see what was going on as she heard Diane opening her cupboards, clattering through her pots and pans, she stayed put until Diane fetched her and took her to the sink, then sat her down at the table. "I made you some breakfast," she said. "You can't just eat toast every day, it's not good for you." With that, she plopped a large, heaping bowl of oatmeal down in front of the girl.

Alicia's nose wrinkled automatically as she stared down at it. That had been one of the purchases that she'd protested the loudest in the grocery store. She hated oatmeal, and couldn't imagine herself ever making it... And, as it turned out, she hadn't. Yet there it was, waiting for her. "I-I'm not really hungry..."

"Too bad," Diane told her. "Eat." Alicia sighed, picking up the spoon and measuring out a small portion, lifting it to her mouth. "How does it taste?"

"Like soap," Alicia said. Which wasn't too much worse than how it normally tasted to her, she had to admit.

"Well, you'd better pick up the pace," Diane glanced over at the clock. "We leave in fifteen minutes. That bowl had better be clean in ten, or you'll spend that last five minutes back in the corner."

So Alicia gritted her teeth and began to shovel the mushy, tasteless gunk into her mouth as fast as she could swallow it, deciding that was less humiliating than going to work with her breath smelling of Ivory.

"Dear Lord, what a messy eater," Diane declared as Alicia finished, pushing the bowl away in relief. Her stomach had been full for what seemed like at least half of that bowl, and now, with the rest of it sitting on top, her body felt rather slow and sluggish, not to mention sick and uncomfortable. She could only sit there as Diane approached her with a washcloth, dabbing at the sides of her mouth. "You're lucky you didn't drop any of that on your nice clothes, or we'd be going shopping for a bib after work today."

Alicia groaned at the thought of work, realizing she still had that in front of her, hardly able to believe that her day was only just starting. And from the looks of it, it was not going to be a good one.

Chapter 12

"No problem, doctor," Alicia could hear through the office door, right before she scrambled back to her seat at the sound of footsteps approaching. Diane walked out a moment later, all smiles, before slinking over to Alicia's desk.

"Look what I have for you," she bragged, pulling open her purse, taking out a pair of pink panties, emblazoned with a frog and the word Thursday. Alicia reached for them, but Diane swatted her hand before she could touch them, putting them back and taking out two more pairs, Saturday and Sunday, white with a princess and light blue with a tiara respectively. "Aren't they just adorable? If you're a good girl, I'll let you wear them when I come to check on you this weekend, after you soak your regular panties."

At the moment, Alicia couldn't quite muster the strength to deny how likely that was. In a way, she was almost glad for the news that Diane would be visiting her, if only because she hated the idea of being cooped up, completely alone, for the entire weekend. She supposed it was possible that one of her friends would visit her, but the fact that none of them had so far made her doubt it. They'd probably been calling and texting her cell, and just figured she was ignoring them on purpose. Or maybe they hadn't even noticed she was gone. Maybe they were even glad to be rid of her.

"Now, she wanted me to send you in for a minute, so get going." Alicia nodded, standing up and miserably shuffling into the office. Her whole body was hurting - she was pretty sure she'd gotten some kind of poisoning from the soap, but all Diane had said when she complained was not to throw up in her car. She didn't really feel like she was going to throw up, though. Her stomach did feel full, and a bit chaotic, but it wasn't the worst. Her legs felt rather weak, her hips burning slightly, and she was rather clumsy on them, tripping over the corner of her desk as she tried to move around it. And she was having a hard time catching her breath, her chest feeling strangely tight and restricted. She had been a little worried that she was having a heart attack, until she reminded herself just how ridiculous that was. She was eighteen, and while she didn't exactly do a lot of exercising, she also didn't eat a lot of unhealthy food... She was pretty sure there had to be something else wrong with her.

Apparently, even Dr. Jadin could tell that there was something wrong. "Are you all right, dear?" she asked, standing up from her chair and hurrying over to her. Alicia stared up at her pitifully, having never felt so small next to her. The doctor put her hand on Alicia's forehead, then ran it down her side. Alicia couldn't help but squirm as Dr. Jadin's hand moved over her hip and pressed in on it, the burning sensation blossoming under the touch. "I'm sorry," Dr. Jadin said quickly, seeing the pain in her eyes.

"It's okay," Alicia told her with a weak smile. "I'm just not feeling very well today."

"Oh, poor thing," Dr. Jadin cooed, hugging her. "Maybe you should have stayed home."

"Yeah, maybe," Alicia shrugged. Like Diane would have let her do that. "But I'm all right now... I can work."

"Okay..." Dr. Jadin looked at her skeptically. "Well, at any rate, it's a good thing you'll have Diane to help you."

Alicia's eyes went wide for a moment, before she could stop them. "Help... me?"

"I told you about the troubles you were having with your work yesterday, and she volunteered to come over and help you, whenever she had a free moment. Isn't that sweet of her?"

"I can do it on my own," Alicia whined, not liking the idea of having to spend even more time around that woman. "I..."

"Alicia, I expect you to be grateful to Ms. Diane for her help. She has her own job to do, you know, and her own life. She's been doing a lot for you this past week."

Not in the mood to argue about it, not when she was sure Dr. Jadin would take Diane's side, Alicia suppressed a sigh and a, 'You have no idea', instead managing to force out a, "Yes, ma'am," before trudging back out towards her desk. She was stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of a new sign posted on the wall. It was pink, with Dora the Explorer in one corner, and a box for each day across the middle. The words on top had been diplomatically blacked out with a marker, but it was quite obvious that this was a potty training chart. Each box had two small stickers inside - Friday through Monday all contained two smiley faces, but every other day had at least one frown. It didn't take much for her to figure out that those frowns were charting her accidents, but even so, she could hardly believe what she was seeing. It was so embarrassing, so private.

Even before Dr. Jadin told her, "Diane brought that in," Alicia knew it. "I'm sure it's only temporary... If you're feeling bad now, you were probably sick most of the week, and this is just the rest of your symptoms catching up with you."

But Alicia wasn't really listening. She was more concerned with looking at all of the sad faces on her chart, hardly able to believe there could be so many. A week before, wetting herself even one time in a week was unimaginable, and the idea that she'd need this sort of chart, like a toddler being potty trained, was absurd. Now, it was just icing on the cake of her life. "Whatever," she sighed, going back to her desk and sitting down.

She was there for only a minute or two before Diane appeared. "Come on," she said, holding out a hand. Alicia stared at her, confused, until she repeated it. Uncertainly, Alicia got up and walked over to her. She didn't offer her hand, but that didn't stop Diane from reaching out and taking it, guiding her away, and over to the bathroom. Alicia's cheeks burned red as she realized that was their destination, and she started to pull away, only to realize that she did, in fact, need to go.

"I was just about to come here on my own," she said defensively once they were inside and she had locked herself in a stall, awkwardly squirming her way out of the romper.

"I'm sure you were," Diane said condescendingly. "I'm just doing my job."

Alicia froze for a moment, still struggling to get undressed enough to use the toilet. "No, I think your job is helping me with my..."

"Yes, I am helping you," Diane interrupted. "I'm helping you to use the potty like a big girl."

Alicia was sure the woman was just trying to piss her off, but it was working quite well. "That's not what Dr. Jadin thought you meant."

"Are you so sure?"

Alicia started to protest, only to realize that she wasn't. That hadn't been what it sounded like Dr. Jadin was saying, but that didn't really mean anything. After all, her bathroom breaks had been what had caused her to be so unfocused the day before... Maybe Dr. Jadin's idea of help for her was taking the responsibility for worrying about them out of her hands.

She couldn't say that was the kind of help she wanted, but before she could let Diane know that, the woman declared, "I don't hear undressing! Did you have an accident already?"

"No!" Alicia pouting, glaring through the door as she went back to undressing herself.

"And don't put that romper back on until I've had a chance to check you!" Diane instructed her.

And so it went for most of that morning. Alicia was pretty sure she wasn't getting anything more done that day than she had the day before, as what seemed like every five minutes, Diane was at her desk again, dragging her into the bathroom despite her saying she didn't need to go again, making Alicia at the very least strip down to her bra and panties so she could check her. However, without noticing it, Alicia did stop worrying so much about having an accident, confident that there was no way her bladder would betray her in the short amount of time between trips, and that did let her be slightly more productive.

Then lunch rolled around. Diane waited until Dr. Jadin was coming out of her office to ask Alicia, "Are you sure you'll be able to make it without me?"

Alicia's tummy, which had been growing steadily more uncomfortable throughout the day, kept her from being as sarcastic as she would have liked, so she simply nodded, rather than pointing out that she'd been doing just fine for eighteen years without Diane. She hoped that Dr. Jadin would overhear and Diane's plan would backfire, that she'd get confirmation that Dr. Jadin really did expect Diane's offer of help to be for actual work, but all she did was smile in their general direction, so that Alicia wasn't even sure which of them it was directed at.

Alicia was feeling too full to even think about eating the peanut butter and jelly sandwich Diane had made for her, so instead she nursed her bottle of neon orange drink as she sat there at her desk, staring at her phone. The night before, she'd been ready to abandon everything, drive back to her father's house and start again, but now, in the light of day, the idea seemed a bit absurd. She hadn't even been on her own a year, not even six months... Did she really want to go crawling back to daddy already? Wouldn't that make her just as much of a child as Diane was insisting she act like? Maybe not, but she knew she'd feel like it.

And who knew? Maybe Dr. Jadin was right, and all those accidents were just a sign that she was getting sick, and once she got over that, they'd stop, and give Diane one less thing to hold over her. And surely Diane would get tired of all this sooner or later, and give her all her stuff back. Maybe even her car... Just because she'd claimed to have sold it didn't mean she really had. Maybe she was just pushing Alicia's buttons, trying to make her misbehave so she could punish her. Sure, the car was gone, but who was to say that Diane hadn't just driven it to her own home and parked it there, just in case Alicia tried to pull a stunt like she had tried the night before to hotwire it? No, running away wasn't the answer, she was sure. Just by resolving not to give in so easily, she felt a little more confident, more sure of herself.

She squirmed slightly, feeling a little gassy, as she had been for the past hour or so, though, this time, since the office was mostly empty other than her, she didn't think much of just letting herself fart, other than giving a small blush at the idea, knowing it wasn't exactly lady-like.

What happened next was even less so. Her eyes went wide as, rather than a little gas, something else came out of her, squeezing its way lumpily into the seat of her panties. She gasped, hardly able to believe what was going on, then leaped to her feet to hurry to the bathroom. Unfortunately, that motion made the trip unnecessary, as, nearly as soon as her bottom had left her chair, she felt her underwear filling even more, her body pushing out a large load, held up against her by her thick tights. She tried to stop it, but it was too late, and all she could do was stand there, in shock, legs bent slightly into a semi-squat, while she pooped her pants.

Chapter 13

"Oh, God," Alicia whimpered as she stood there, dumbstruck. She couldn't believe what had just happened, except that, of course, she could still feel the evidence of it under her, weighing heavily in her panties. The thought of it made her feel sick, though, keeping her from realizing right away that her stomach, otherwise, felt much better, even if the rest of her didn't.

What was she going to do? She couldn't just pretend it hadn't happened... Nor could she just take off her panties and clean herself up, because she was sure that, as soon as Diane got back, she'd be marched right into the bathroom and checked, and a lack of underwear was sure to draw attention. She sniffled, feeling helpless and humiliated, nothing more than a toddler who had begged to be allowed to wear big girl panties, swearing she was ready for them, only to find that she wasn't.

She couldn't even imagine what Dr. Jadin would say - and she knew Diane wouldn't pass up the chance to tell her. She just knew the woman would stare down at her, shaking her head, disappointed. Alicia stared at the office door, remembering the chart inside, knowing one of her smiley faces for that day was about to get a big, fat, frown stuck over it.

But she had two smiles for each day, she realized, not just one. And that second smile represented another chance, a clean pair of underwear. While Diane had three of those pairs in her purse, supposedly to be taken to Alicia's underwear drawer, though she doubted she'd ever see them, the one for that day should still be in Dr. Jadin's desk. She was sure Diane would notice the change, but at least this way she wouldn't know the extent of the accident that had caused it.

Feeling rather clever, Alicia started to walk towards Dr. Jadin's office, her gait growing slower and more bow-legged as she went, feeling the mess in her pants moving, too, squishing and squelching disgustingly between her legs. She slipped into the office, closing the door behind her, standing there for a moment, catching her breath and restoring her courage. She wrinkled her nose as the smell hit her, only making her feel more gross, then she made herself start walking again, taking the long trip across the room, to the desk.

As careful as she tried to be, she still couldn't keep herself from tripping a few times, nearly bowling herself over onto her face. She couldn't help but wonder if this could be from the stress, too, though she knew that the last time she'd been this klutzy was when she'd hit puberty and shot up several inches, most of that in her legs. She'd never taken dance classes, but she'd always been told that she had the body for it, which was good enough for her.

Finally, she made it to the desk, heart pounding in her chest. She wasn't sure exactly which drawer Dr. Jadin kept the underwear in, but she knew it was on the right side, so she started with the largest drawer there. It wouldn't budge. That was a possibility she'd never even considered, and one that looked all the more likely as she moved on to the smaller drawers, pulling at them, to no avail. Locked.

Alicia let out a groan of anger, mostly at herself. She should have known it wouldn't be this easy. She sighed, turning to start to leave, only to spot a plastic bag sitting behind the desk. Curious, she bent down, pulling the side of the bag down to see what Dr. Jadin had bought, then quickly pulling away as she found out, as if the plastic had shocked her.

They were pull ups. Not actual Pull-Ups, either, so that Alicia could imagine they were meant for some young relative of the doctor's, but adult diapers designed to be pulled on or off, like real underwear, yet padded so that the wearer would be protected in case of accidents. In the picture on the package they were plain, white, somehow less juvenile looking than the panties she'd been wearing the rest of the week, but only if she ignored their function.

She backed away, shaking her head. This couldn't be happening... They couldn't be planning on putting her in glorified training pants... But she had been having an awful lot of accidents, she knew, as evidenced by the chart by the door. Wasn't this the next logical step? Or it would be, if she was a kid... But she wasn't! She was an adult!

An adult in a pair of soiled panties. An adult who had been wetting herself at least once a day nearly all week. Much as she didn't want to admit it, she could exactly deny it, either. After all that, maybe she didn't deserve real underwear any more...

Before she could feel too much more sorry for herself, she heard a voice on the other side of the door. Frantically, she hurried out from behind the desk, looking around for the best place to be. There wasn't exactly anywhere to hide. She considered standing right where the door opened, then trying to slip out as Dr. Jadin made her way to her desk, but that seemed like the sort of thing that would only work in the movies.

Still, as she stood off to one side of the room, she couldn't help but hope that she wouldn't be noticed as the door swung open. So, of course, a moment later, she heard a surprised, "Oh, hello, dear. What are you doing in here?"

"Me? I was just... Well, I was taking a nap," she lied. "I wasn't feeling well, so I came in here and turned off the lights and took a quick nap on your floor. I hope you don't mind..."

"No, of course not," Dr. Jadin nodded. "I can't imagine that was too comfortable, though." Alicia just shrugged, moving as subtly as she could towards the door, keeping her back facing it, and away from the doctor. "Are you feeling any better?"

"Little bit," Alicia said. "I'm going to get back out to my desk now, lots of stuff to do..." Before Dr. Jadin could say anything, Alicia slipped out, closing the door behind her, letting out a sigh of relief. She was sure she could see Dr. Jadin's nose twitching, and didn't want to raise any questions. At least she was out, now... Not that she was any better off. She still had nothing to change into.

However, the part of her plan where she just got changed to avoid letting Diane see how bad the accident was could still stand, she reasoned, staring down at herself. The romper was quite unflattering, and really made her look like she had no hips, she noticed, but it wasn't a dress or a skirt, so, really, it wasn't like anyone - or anyone outside of Diane - would know if she was bare underneath. It would still be humiliating, but it might be a little better than the alternative.

But as she started towards the bathroom, she could see the other workers starting to file back to their stations, and realized that, for this to work, she had to get past all of them. She could remember, just a week ago, going out of her way to walk through the whole office, feeling the eyes of all the males on her, seeing the jealousy in the faces of all the women. She'd known she was beautiful, and she loved the attention. Now, it was the last thing she wanted.

She swallowed, wriggling slightly, then, taking a deep breath, began to walk. She didn't want to go too slow, as she preferred the trip to take as little time as possible, yet she couldn't risk moving too fast, either, as that would not only be an attention grabber, but might wind up with her tripping on her own feet. She kept her face down, hoping nobody would recognize her, and just kept walking. She could see the bathroom door getting closer and closer, her salvation right at hand...

"Hey, Ali," Frank said as he stepped in front of her with a friendly smile. She nearly ran right into him before she could stop herself. "Look, about the other day, I..."

"I don't want to talk about it right now," Alicia told him, face burning from the memory of his rejection of her, and the fact that she was standing in front of the man she'd used to have sex with almost every day in poopy pants.

"I realize I was maybe a little too harsh with you. What happened wasn't your fault, and I'm very sorry about it, and..."

"Frank, please just let me go," Alicia begged, trying to get around him and to the bathroom, just a few steps away now. Never had she felt less turned on in his presence and more like the child he now thought her to be.

"All right," he said, sounding a little hurt. "I guess we probably shouldn't be around each other, anyway. I just wanted you to know that... Well, like I said, that it wasn't your fault."

Alicia sighed. "Okay, you told me. Again."

"And I like your hair like that. It really suits you. Makes you look much more your age than..."

Alicia shoved past him, frustrated, not wanting to know just what age he thought that was. Unfortunately, he didn't move aside as easily as she'd expected, but she was moving too fast to stop herself, and she tripped on his leg. She let out a gasp as she fell, landing on her hands and knees, bottom sticking straight up.

"There you are!" she heard from behind her, heart sinking at the sound of Diane's voice. "I've been looking all over for... Pee-yew! Ali, you didn't!"

Alicia wished she could fall right through the floor. Her cheeks were beet red as Diane pulled her back to her feet, and she couldn't even look at Frank, sure that he knew now, too, not able to take the look of disgust that was surely plastered on his face. Her bottom lip trembled as she stared at the floor, watching Diane's feet move closer to Frank's, seeing her heels raise up slightly as she went in for a kiss, then, several seconds later, hearing the two pull apart. "I'd better go take care of her," Diane told Frank. "You wouldn't think someone her age would be this much trouble!"

"Well, don't... Don't be too hard on her..." Frank said. "Bye, Ali..." He was doing his best to disguise it, but Alicia could tell he was shocked, appalled. If Alicia had ever had a shot after Diane lied to him about her age, it was gone now.

Diane grabbed her wrist, pulling her back, away from the bathroom again. "You naughty, naughty, disgusting little girl... I leave you alone for one hour, and this is what I get? I knew I couldn't trust you... Just you wait. I've got a big surprise for you..."

But, of course, Alicia wasn't surprised when Diane pushed her into the office, walking her up to Dr. Jadin's desk. "Tell her what you did," she demanded. Alicia couldn't - she seemed to have forgotten how to say anything, how to make her mouth work, so Diane did it for her. "Well, I'm sure you smell it by now," she said snidely, "but..." Alicia let out as gasp as Diane pushed the shoulder straps of her romper down over her arms, then yanked the whole garment down around her ankles, leaving her in just her bra, her tights, and her loaded panties.

"Diane, there's no need to be cruel about it," Dr. Jadin reprimanded her. "I'm sure she feels bad enough as it is." Alicia looked up in surprise, shocked to hear someone, anyone, come to her aid. "Which is not to say that it's all right," the doctor amended. "I've tolerated your other accidents because they've been relatively small, but you should know that I can't just let this go unpunished. This is completely unsanitary. If you had these kinds of problems, you should have been wearing protection long ago."

"But I don't," Alicia protested. "I never have these kinds of problems... I'm just sick..."

"That may be," Dr. Jadin said. "But I'm sure you understand that, even so, I can't just take your word for it."

Alicia sighed, eyes darting back, behind the desk. "Yes, ma'am."

"Now, Ms. Diane, quite wisely, it appears, suggested yesterday that I pick these up for you," Dr. Jadin said, picking up the bag and setting it on her desk. "I was a little skeptical, but clearly she knew better. I expect you to wear these without complaint, do you understand? If I hear you caused trouble over them..."

"I won't," Alicia sniffled softly. What good would it do, anyway?

"Good girl," Dr. Jadin said, tearing open the package and taking out one pair of the pull ups, handing them to Diane. "And perhaps you should see if Ms. Diane can take you bra shopping, dear, if you don't know how to find the correct size."

Alicia's face flushed red as stared down at herself. Sure, her bra had been a bit loose that day - actually, quite loose, even after she'd tightened it - but the implication that she didn't know how to buy any sort of underthings for herself stung. And it wasn't her fault! She could tell she'd been losing weight, probably from stress, and whatever illness she had. She hadn't thought it was that bad, but she couldn't deny that her body looked scrawnier than she was used to.

Diane put her romper back on her before marching her to the bathroom and taking it back off her. For once, Alicia was glad for how thick and hot the tights were, as they seemed to have kept her accident from leaving its mark on the romper, even if they were stained brown and ruined, along with, of course, her panties. It made her a little sad to see the latter go, knowing what they were going to be replaced with. She preferred black underwear, but red wasn't bad, either, and that had been the only pair of that color in her pack - though she supposed there might be some in the package in Dr. Jadin's desk, if she was ever allowed to see them again.

She cleaned herself up as well as she could in the stall, then reached a hand under the door. "Okay, let me have them," she sighed.

"I don't think so," Diane said. "You're not putting these on yourself."

"Come on," Alicia whined. "You still have my romper out there. It's not like I can get away without them."

"Are you complaining?" Diane asked, with the hint of a threat.

"No..." Alicia sighed and stepped out of the stall.

"Good girl," Diane praised her, picking up the diaper and pulling it open, holding it down near the floor. Reluctantly, Alicia walked over to it, slipping one foot and then the other into the leg holes. Diane pulled it up snugly over Alicia's crotch - already mostly bare and smooth against the padding, most of her hair having come off as she'd cleaned herself up after her accidents that day and the night before - then giving it a light pat. Alicia fidgeted and squirmed, the feeling of the bulk between her legs unfamiliar.

"Aww, what's the matter?" Diane teased. "I think it looks adorable." Alicia pouted, rubbing her legs together with a light crinkle, the thickness of the pull up keeping her inner thighs from completely touching one another. It shouldn't have made that much of a difference, she knew, but somehow it was overwhelming, nearly too much for her to get used to. "Oh, I know..." Diane said, taking something from her pocket and kneeling down. Alicia could hear the squeak of a marker writing, then Diane stood back up with a smile. "Does that make you feel more at home?" she asked.

Alicia looked down, saw the word Friday now scrawled across the front of the diaper, with a small, smiling star drawn underneath. Alicia didn't reply, but Diane seemed rather pleased with herself as she pulled the romper back onto Alicia, chuckling softly to herself as she gave Alicia another pat on her softly crinkling bottom.

"It's too bad I haven't talked her into getting you real diapers yet," she said. "But you just keep doing what you're doing, and I'm sure she'll come around real quick. You're just so much better a proving how much of a child you are than I am. It's like you want this even more than I do."

"What?!" Alicia looked up at her in shock. "No, I don't!"

"Whatever you say," Diane shrugged. "But you sure could have fooled me, Little Miss Potty Pants."

Alicia wanted to remind Diane that all her accidents had been just that, accidents, but before she could, she was being led back out into the office and to her desk with another pat on the bottom, then one on the head. Alicia watched her go, dumbfounded, with a weak, repeated, "I don't..." She knew it couldn't be so - she loved being an adult, being grown up and sexy and independent - but all those accidents, in such quick succession, after more than a decade of perfect potty training... Even she couldn't deny that seemed a bit suspicious.

Chapter 14

The pull up felt strange beneath her as she sat down, the padding bunching up between her legs, seeming to be doing everything it could to keep her from forgetting just what she was wearing. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Diane stopped showing up to take her to the bathroom, now that she'd put her in diapers. Without the tights to worry about, getting undressed and ready for the toilet was a little easier, but she was still a little freaked out over the idea of what she was wearing, at least until, on the way to the bathroom, she had another little accident. Nothing big, but while it would have left her in damp panties for the rest of the day, the pull up soaked it up easily, leaving only a small warm spot beneath her when she put it back on.

In a way, that was comforting. At least she didn't have to worry about having a big accident and making a puddle in the middle of the floor as she ran to the bathroom. Of course, the idea of what she'd just done was a bit gross, and it was frustrating that she'd peed herself yet again, but having that protection did let her concentrate on her work a little better.

At least until the mail boy came, wheeling his cart up to her desk and dropping off a large box. "Sorry I'm late today," he said, sorting through the smaller items on his cart for anything for Dr. Jadin. "I was busy and I..." He stopped as he looked up at her, shocked. "Oh, sorry. Just make sure your mom gets that, would you?"

Alicia sputtered for a moment, hardly able to believe what he'd said. "My... She's not my mother!"

"Oh, sorry," he apologized quickly, holding up his hands. "Step-mother? I thought she seemed awfully young to have a kid your age, but you look just like her."

Confused, Alicia glanced at the box, and saw her name there. Her face turned red as she realized just what he'd meant, somehow even worse than what she'd suspected, but he was gone before she could think of any appropriate response, so she just sulked as she got up, sliding the box to the other side of her desk so she could reach her letter opener. She knew what was in it now - though the box felt much heavier than the first had - but she decided to open it just in case.

Sure enough, inside were rows of new bottles. She picked one up and looked at it, smiling slightly to see that the color, while still green, was far less unnatural looking than the first batch. She started to slip the bottle back into the box, then, curiously, opened it instead, taking a sip, then took a sip of the one she'd brought from home. They definitely tasted different, if just slightly. The logical part of her mind told her that it was just because whatever chemicals they used to color it had changed, but she couldn't shake the feeling that her sip of the bottle right from the box had been just what her first few bottles from the first box had tasted like.

Especially when she remembered that her accidents hadn't started until after she'd noticed that change in taste. And that hadn't happened until after Dr. Jadin had given Diane the key to her apartment... Her heart began to pound as she put the pieces together in her mind. That enormous bitch... It all made sense now! In the back of her mind, she recalled that she had, actually, wet herself when she'd first seen Diane in her bedroom, but she quickly wrote that off, reminding herself that she'd just been really freaked out.

Her first reaction was to find some way to get the box home and hide it, so that Diane would never know she had a fresh, untainted supply. That lasted for only a moment or two, since she really wasn't sure how she was going to pull that off, considering she would be riding home in Diane's car. Finally, she settled on taking a few bottles out of the box and slipping them into her desk. Even slightly emptier, the box was still very heavy, and as she moved it off her desk and onto the floor, she very nearly dropped it. It hadn't been fun carrying that first box to her car, but she'd managed to do it. Now, she was actually glad that Diane would be taking her home, as she could get her to carry it.

She was slightly worried that she was so much weaker than she had been a few days earlier, but mostly she was just glad that she had another explanation for all her accidents, something she could use, at least in her mind, to refute Diane's ridiculous claims that she actually wanted this to happen subconsciously. That cheered her up quite a bit, even after she wet her pull up again, enough to leave the padding slightly damp and squishy between her legs.

Of course, when Diane did show up again, taking her to the bathroom, she was rather pleased at the sight of the wet, slightly drooping garment, taking her in to show Dr. Jadin. "You see?" she said, showing Alicia off. "If these really had been her other panties, they'd be ruined, too, and she'd have made a mess all over the office."

It was all Alicia could do not to launch into her theory straight away, telling Dr. Jadin the real reason behind her wet diaper, but she knew she didn't really have any evidence, and that, most likely, the doctor would take Diane's side. So she just stood by as Dr. Jadin looked at her, nodded, and declared, "You're right," handing Diane another pull up.

Diane re-dressed Alicia and led her to the door, stopping at her chart and taking out the marker she'd used to turn Alicia's first pull up into her new Friday panties. She made sure Alicia was looking, and drew a big, thick, black X over Friday's box. Despite her confidence that she knew what was going on now, the sight of it still made Alicia's heart begin to pound. As if sensing that, Diane grinned, moving the tip of her marker over to Wednesday's box, the only one with two frowns, and did the same thing, then re-capped the marker and left the office, getting out of Dr. Jadin's earshot before chiding Alicia, "Two days in the first week... That's almost impressive."

Alicia again had to fight not to tell Diane that she knew the truth, knowing that, even without Dr. Jadin there to tell her not to try to blame her problems on other people, it would be better to keep quiet. If she told Diane she knew about her drugging her drinks, that might lead to her trying something different. At least this way she knew what to expect.

At the end of the workday, Alicia went home with her new box of drinks and the bag of pull ups. She pouted a little when Diane insisted she carry the latter, but when the woman asked if she wanted to switch, she could only shake her head. Still, she couldn't help but blush as she walked through the office, past the security guards, and up to her apartment, with her embarrassing cargo, sure everyone knew what was inside the bag, and beneath her romper. Even knowing it wasn't her fault that she had them, the idea of anyone knowing brought a healthy red glow to her cheeks.

"Go put those in your underwear drawer," Diane instructed her when they got to the apartment, heading into the kitchen with her box.

Alicia knew just what she was doing, and she wasn't about to let her get away with it that easily. She followed Diane into the kitchen, saying, "I'll just do that later."

"No," Diane told her sternly, "You'll do it now."

"Why don't you do it?" Alicia asked. "You're going back there in a minute to pick out my outfit for tomorrow, aren't you?"

Diane rolled her eyes. "Really? You whine all week about everything, and now, the minute I try to give you one responsibility, you whine about that, too?"

Alicia blushed slightly. "It's not that..."

"Go and do it now," Diane ordered, pointing at the kitchen doorway. "I'm not playing with you."

"I'll do it later," Alicia repeated herself, having run out of valid excuses to stay in the kitchen that wouldn't tip her hand.

Diane shook her head, walking over to the sink and picking up the bar of soap from that morning. Alicia whimpered, still remembering the taste of it in her mouth. "But I didn't say anything bad!" she whimpered.

"You're talking back to me," Diane said, advancing on her. "Now are you going to do what I asked you to, or do you need more corner time?"

"I'm going!" Alicia scurried out of the room, internally cursing herself for getting so easily outsmarted.

She waited right outside the door for a minute, listening, until she heard her drawers being opened and closed, and Diane musing, "This is an awfully nice wooden spoon... I bet it would make a disobedient little girl's bottom a nice, bright red..."

Alicia quickly retreated to her room to do as she'd been told. A spanking was different than a mouth soaping, but she didn't doubt that Diane was capable of it, or that she would hold back. She pulled open her underwear drawer and began taking out handfuls of pull ups, shoving them in. She was a little surprised to see that she had only four pairs of panties left, that the diapers she was putting in drastically outnumbered them. And there were at least two days that, she knew, she would have no choice but to wear them.

That thought made her pause for a moment, looking back over the panties. She had four pairs there, and two days on her potty training chart had been blacked out... But that was only six days. Shouldn't she have one other pair? She thought hard, trying to figure out what had happened, them remembered Diane showing her the spare Thursdays.

She hurried back to the kitchen, nearly running into Diane on the way there. "All done?" Diane asked, breezing past her towards her room.

"Uh-huh," Alicia said, following after her. "Hey, could I have my other Thursday panties? The ones that Dr. Jadin gave you? I don't have any in my drawer, and..."

"Because you peed in them," Diane reminded her, opening up her closet and starting to look through her clothes.

"W-Well, yes," Alicia agreed. "But there's another pair, and I just thought..."

"No, I don't think so," Diane said, tossing a pair of pink shorts onto the bed, the word Princess printed across the back, the i dotted with a tiara.

"But... But they're mine," Alicia protested with a pout, hardly able to believe she was upset about not getting to wear those ridiculous, childish underwear. They were much better than the alternative, though, she had to admit.

"And I don't think you've earned them, do you?" Diane wasn't even bothering to look at her, too preoccupied with searching, finally coming up with a dress. The top was light purple, with a picture of Ariel from The Little Mermaid on it, and underneath came three tiers of ruffly skirt, each a slightly darker shade of purple, with seashells decorating the bottom one. Alicia expected Diane to hang the shorts back up, but, upon seeing the look on her face, Diane chuckled and explained, "We don't want you flashing everyone else on the playground tomorrow, do we?"

"The... The playground?!"

"I'm taking you to the park tomorrow," Diane explained, walking over to the dresser. "You need some fresh air... I'm sure that's why you haven't been feeling like yourself." A pair of pull ups joined the rest of the outfit, much to Alicia's dismay. "You're going to wear that until I get here," Diane told her sternly. "If you can keep it dry until then, I'll let you wear your big girl panties out. And if you're good for me this weekend... Well, we'll see about getting you those Thursday panties, okay?"

"But you have them in your purse," Alicia complained. "Why can't...?"

"You're really not getting off to a good start," Diane told her, shaking her head. "But that's what you want, isn't it?"

"No, it isn't!" Alicia declared vehemently, stomping her foot. "I do not want..."

"I'm going to be nice and go now," Diane said, pushing past the girl, "But in the future, just know that I do not tolerate tantrums."

Alicia glared at her retreating form, wanting to tell her that she wasn't having a tantrum, that she knew the truth and she was going to prove it, that when Dr. Jadin found out Alicia was going to have her fired, but, afraid of what retribution she might incur from that, all she could actually bring herself to do was stick out her tongue.

Chapter 15

Alicia wanted, very much, to change out of her pull ups, now that she was home, but, much as she hated to admit it, she knew that changing into her panties meant risking losing them, and then there could be another day on her calendar crossed out.

Instead, she just changed out of the romper, into a much easier to remove yellow nightshirt with Belle on the front, and made her way to the kitchen. Almost automatically, she reached for one of the bottles, having to stop herself and get a glass from her cupboard instead, filling it with water. Generally, she wasn't a fan of water, simply not caring for the taste of it, but she forced herself to drink it now. To her dismay, it tasted even worse than usual.

She wrinkled her nose, setting the glass down, deciding to look for something to eat. A few minutes later, she was munching on a handful of baby carrots while she waited for her plate of tater tots and chicken fingers to finish in the microwave. Reflexively, she reached, again, for one of the bottles to wash it down with. "Stop it!" she scolded herself, but she couldn't bring herself to take another sip of water, either, so she retreated to the living room, away from the temptation, without a drink.

It didn't take long at all for her throat to feel dry. She felt her body squirming, wanting to get up, but she kept denying it. She kept thinking of the taste of the drink as it filled her mouth, that strange, sweet taste that was so good, so comforting...

As she got up to put her plate in the sink, she did her best not to even look in the direction of the box, grabbing her glass again, defiantly. That sip was even worse, her mind still thinking about the liquid in the bottles, what it really wanted. It nearly gagged as it got water instead, and she was unable to keep her eyes away from her temptation. She edged over, nervously, opened the flap and stared down at the bottle caps. "Just one more won't hurt," she told herself.


She always slept late on the weekend, and that Saturday was no exception. She yawned lazily, stretching out, feeling disoriented for a moment before realizing she was still on her couch. She rolled over onto her back with another stretch as Diane bustled into the room.

"Oh, you are up finally, sleepyhead," she said. "Come on, breakfast is almost done."

Alicia got up, rubbing her eyes sleepily as she padded into the kitchen. She could feel her pull up drooping between her legs, but thought nothing of it until she sat down on it with a squish, squirming on the hard, wooden chair as she realized she wasn't sure when that had happened. Had she wet herself before she fell asleep? She couldn't remember having done so, but surely she had, since the alternative was that she had wet herself in her sleep. Either way, she really didn't want Diane to find out.

So, of course, as Diane came to the table with a heaping bowl of oatmeal, she declared, "I'll change you when you're done. Guess you didn't want to wear your Saturday panties too badly after all, did you?"

"No, I do," she whined.

"Well," Diane told her, "I guess you should have thought of that before you wet your little pull ups, then, shouldn't you?" She chuckled at Alicia unhappy expression, then ordered her to "Eat up."

Without work to worry about getting to, or having just had her mouth soaped, Alicia felt a bit more confident about taking her time with the oatmeal that day. While the texture was still mushy and a little slimy, she did have to admit that it tasted much better without the sudsy aftertaste she'd had the day before. That didn't stop her, however, from declaring halfway through that she was, "Done."

She began to get up, only to feel Diane's hand on her shoulder, forcing her back down onto her seat, pull up squelching wetly beneath her. "No, you most certainly are not."

"I'm full," Alicia explained, staring up at her. "I..."

The rest of her words were drowned out as, to her surprise, she found another spoonfull of the oatmeal inside her mouth. She had no choice but to swallow it before she could continue, but this time Diane had her mouth fill of mush before she could get so much as a syllable out, and, to Alicia dismay, the woman pulled another chair over beside her, picking up the bowl. Alicia tried to tell her that she would finish it on her own, but every chance she had to speak, she was having to swallow again within mere moments. She tried holding her mouth shut, but that only demonstrated that Diane wasn't above the old trick of holding Alicia's nose shut, then shoving in the spoon when she went for a breath.

Somewhere in there, her protests that she was capable of feeding herself became a request that she be allowed to go to the bathroom, and not long after that she felt her bladder give way, releasing into her already quite wet pull up. She knew right away that was going to be trouble, but it wasn't until Diane let her get up, telling her to go to the sink to get her face washed, that she realized how much. "What a mess!" Diane declared, grabbing Alicia and spinning her around. "Look at that!"

And there was, indeed, a puddle in her chair were her pull-up had leaked. Even knowing it wasn't fully her fault, Alicia couldn't keep herself from blushing. "How much did you pee yourself last night?" Diane asked. "If you're not going to change yourself, we're going to have to get you something thicker..."

Alicia shook her head quickly. "No, I can change myself!"

"Then why didn't you?" Diane didn't wait for an answer, just grabbed a washcloth and started cleaning oatmeal from Alicia's face. "You were already soaked when I got here - if I'd known you still had to go even more, I would have gone ahead and changed you, but I assumed you could wait ten minutes while you had breakfast - so what was it? Were you just too lazy to change yourself last night, or... Wait, are you a bedwetter, too? How adorable!"

Alicia's face turned red as she pulled away from Diane. "No, I'm not!" She wished she could sound more confident about that.

"Then do you just like the feeling of your wet pull ups?" She reached down, pressing the sagging padding roughly up against Alicia, smiling as she watched the girl squirm, wrinkling her nose. She removed her hand, washing it off. "I think you're just a little bedwetter."

"I'm not!" Alicia protested.

"Then you're lazy?"

Alicia started to deny that, too, but she could tell Diane wasn't going to let this go without her admitting to one or the other, so she sighed. "Fine, yes, I was just tired and I didn't feel like going back to my room for a fresh pull up."

Diane shrugged. "Well, either way, obviously you're going to need some extra protection when I'm not here to take care of you." Diane grabbed her nightgown and pulled it up over her head, leaving her in just her soaked pull up, which was also quickly removed.

"What are you doing?" Alicia squeaked, trying to cover herself.

"Do you really want to drip all the way back to the bathroom?" Diane asked her. "Now go clean yourself up and get dressed."

Alicia hurried back to the bathroom, getting into her bathtub to wash her lower half. She considered taking a shower, but Diane had mentioned the playground, which made her pretty sure she'd be coming back with, at the very least, sand all over herself, so she figured she might as well save that for later.

When she went to her room to get dressed, she decided to be a little defiant. If she was going to wear shorts under her dress to keep anyone from seeing her underwear, it might as well be real underwear. Her Saturday panties were light blue, and had a frog on them. She chuckled a little as she saw it, thinking back to the pair of Thursday panties Diane had shown her, briefly. Those had been pink, and the frog had been wearing a crown, but it was still a strange little coincidence that both packs had a pair of panties with the same decoration.

Despite how silly she was sure she looked in the dress, she walked out of her room feeling rather proud for sticking up for herself, even if it was only in a small way. For a moment, when she walked into the living room and saw Diane standing there with a large, wooden hairbrush, she felt nervous, but Diane just pointed at the couch and told her to sit. Diane moved around behind her, then, a moment later, began to brush her hair, before putting it into twin ponytails, tying them with a length of purple ribbons that Diane took from a bag Alicia hadn't noticed sitting on the couch beside her. She peeked inside and saw quite a few more ribbons, all colors, and a shoe box.

Diane then went around to the front of the couch, kneeling down and pulling Alicia's saddle shoes off, setting them to the side and pulling the shoe box out from her bag, extracting a pair of pink and white Mary Janes from inside it, the straps held in place by large flowers instead of a traditional buckle. They were, quite obviously, children's shoes, and Alicia hoped they would be too small for her, but unfortunately they slipped right on.

Afterwards, Diane got up, sitting down next to her on the couch. Alicia expected her to say something, to give her a lecture about how to act while at the park, but, for a minute anyway, she just sat there, watching her. Then, all of the sudden, Diane grabbed Alicia, flipping her over, forcing her onto her stomach across her lap. Alicia squirmed helplessly as she felt the back of her dress being pulled up, and her shorts being tugged downward.

"Do you see this?" Diane asked, holding out the hairbrush in front of Alicia's face. Frightened, Alicia nodded. "I can and will use this on your other end, young lady. Some little girls will be good if you just threaten them... But some of them need a good spanking every now and then to keep them in line. And if they think their caretaker isn't willing to actually go through with them, they'll just keep pushing them and pushing them. Well, I'm not afraid, and if you show me you're that second kind of little girl, I'll be more than happy to give you what you need. Test me one more time, and I'll prove it. I just want to have a nice, calm trip to the park, but if you're going to misbehave, I can make it nice and exciting for you. Is that what you want?"

Alicia shook her head, not having any idea what Diane meant, and not wanting to find out. Diane pulled the shorts the rest of the way off her legs, then lifted her to her feet. "Now go and get dressed properly," she instructed.  Any thought of defiance had fled Alicia's mind, and she could only nod obediently, half running back to her bedroom to put on her pull up, like a good little girl.

Chapter 16

"See?" Diane said, glancing over at Alicia in the seat next to her. "It's a good thing you didn't wear your regular panties, or you'd be wetting all over my car, and then I'd have really been mad."

"I'm not peeing!" Alicia protested, face turning red as she squirmed. "I'm just trying to get comfortable!"

"Aww..." Diane smiled. "What's the matter? Got ants in your pants?" She reached over with one hand, patting the girl's crinkling crotch through the shorts and the dress. "Because that's not what it feels like you have in there."

Alicia glared at her unhappily, sure she couldn't really feel that she was wet, not with the small amount she'd went, and that she was just trying to get her riled up, and annoyed that it was working so well. "Fine, so I peed a little," she admitted.

"Don't worry," Diane told her. "We're almost there."

Sure enough, a few minutes later, they were pulling into a parking lot, where, before getting out, Diane pulled up the hem of Alicia's dress and yanked down her shorts to examine her pull up beneath. "I guess it isn't that bad..." she said uncertainly. "I didn't pack you a diaper bag because you promised me you weren't going to leak."

"I'm not," Alicia insisted. Diane gave her a skeptical look, then unbuckled her seat belt and got out of the car, waiting for Alicia to follow. She held out her hand, and, obediently, Alicia walked over to take it, following close at her side as she led her across the parking lot, to the playground.

"Maybe we'll go for a walk on one of the trails later," Diane told her, "but for now, go have fun."

Alicia uncertainly moved forward, looking unhappily at all of the children playing. Had she been wearing her normal clothes, she might have tried to pretend she was a babysitter, or an older sister, watching one of those kids, but in this outfit she knew it would be hard to convince anyone she was in charge of anything. She was sure she was going to stick out like a sore thumb, but as she stood there, unsure what to do, a pair of boys taller than she was ran by her. A little surprised, she turned to watch them, assuming they were her age, or a little younger, technically there to do what she would have liked to have pretended she was doing.

As they stopped to catch their breath, however, she could see that wasn't the case. They were definitely kids, likely not even teenagers yet. She stared at them, stunned, wondering if children these days were that much taller than she remembered them being, when she was passed by another group of kids, this time girls, also bigger than her. She wasn't the best at judging ages, but she couldn't imagine that they could be more than fifteen, if that.

"Excuse me!" she called, trailing after them. "Hey, wait up!"

One of them - the leader, it seemed, a girl who was sure to grow up to be a heartbreaker, with black hair and a heart shaped face - turned and looked her up and down before scoffing, "We're not babysitters. Buzz off."

Alicia took a step backward, feeling almost as if she'd been slapped. How dare this... child... speak to her like that? "Hey, I just wanted to ask you a question!" she said angrily, stomping up to the girl. "You don't have to be a..."

To her surprise, the girl shoved her. Not ready for that, and still feeling clumsy anyway, Alicia stumbled, falling down onto her ass, tears springing unbidden to her eyes. "I said leave us alone!"

"Jeez, Jan, there's no need to be so mean about it," one of the other girls, a shortish, slightly plump redhead, said.

"Whatever," Jan rolled her eyes. "Come on." She walked away, taking most of her posse with her. The redhead started to go, then turned back, bending down to offer Alicia her hand.

"Thanks," Alicia sniffled, getting back to her feet.

"No problem," the girl shrugged. "And sorry."

"It's not your fault."

"I'm Angela."


"That's kinda funny," Angela giggled. "We have the same first and last letters in our name."

"Yeah... Hilarious," Alicia started to roll her eyes, then reminded herself that this girl was being nice to her, even if she did seem like the sort of dweeb she'd have had nothing to do with back in high school. Truth be told, she knew she'd been much more like Jan back then.

"She's not really that bad," Angela said, nodding towards Jan, who was perched on a picnic table now, with the other girls sitting around her, looking like a queen holding court. "We've been friends since first grade."

"Uh-huh," Alicia nodded. "And how old are you now?"

"She's just been on this whole... fashion thing lately," Angela continued, seeming not to hear. "I'd rather just wear what seems comfortable, but she's so obsessed with having whatever's hot in... Munich, or wherever."

"Milan," Alicia corrected automatically.

"I mean, I'm sure when we were your age, she still dressed like that," Angela looked over at Alicia's clothes, then changed her mind, "or not too much younger than you, anyway... But now, if you dare wear anything like that around her, she just tears you apart."

Alicia bristled at the implication that she was younger than the little diva, though she supposed she preferred that they think that, rather than that she was older and still dressed this way. She wanted to ask just how old they were, but that hadn't gone so well the first time, and she was feeling a little pang of guilt as she listened to Angela. "Know that from experience?"

Angela's cheeks darkened slightly. "She didn't mean anything by it... She just wants to help me be more popular."

Alicia wanted to tell her that would only get worse, that she'd never be popular enough for Jan, and eventually the other girl would realize she'd outgrown her old friend and abandon her, pretend she'd never existed, that they hadn't spent so many weekends together when they were younger, had so many late summer slumber parties, went to so many movies together... But she doubted Angela would listen to her, or believe she knew what she was talking about. And maybe she didn't... Maybe this Jan was different than she'd been.

"Oh, but why am I telling you all this? You don't have to worry about this stuff yet. Enjoy it while it lasts, Alicia. Middle school sucks. I really hope high school turns out to be better."

Alicia's mouth fell open at those words, but she couldn't find her voice again until Angela had already run off over to the picnic table, where Alicia could see Jan berating her. Middle school?! Were they seriously only in middle school?! But... How could that be? They had to be older than that... She had been smaller than maybe one of them! She could understand if one or two of them had been tall for their age and were already bigger than she, as an eighteen year old, was, but almost all of them?!

And as she looked around at the other kids on the playground, she saw that, rather than sticking out as she'd been sure she would, she fit right in. There were plenty of children shorter than her, of course, but almost just as many who were taller. Feeling disoriented, scared, and a little sick to her stomach, she started to run towards the bathroom, only to trip on her own feet and fall again before scrambling back up.

She slammed the door behind her, hurrying over to the sinks and staring at herself in the mirror, trying to look beyond the freckles and the curly hair that she'd always thought made her look younger anyway. "What the hell?" she breathed, shaking at the sight. She looked down at her body, smoothing the dress down over it. Her breasts were still there of course, though much smaller than they should be, as she realized she should have figured out from how much she'd been needing to tighten her bra straps lately, but her hips were almost completely flat. She was scrawny, not like someone who had been losing weight because of stress, but like a pre-teen.

"Oh, God..." She stumbled into one of the bathroom stalls and threw up. She weakly walked back out a minute later, trying her best not to look at herself in the mirror as she splashed water on her face. It had all happened so gradually, she'd just assumed she was imagining it... But now she, standing back, looking at it, she couldn't deny that it had to be something more than that. But what? And, more importantly, how?

Chapter 17

Neither were questions that she was going to get answers to standing in the park bathroom, but that didn't stop her from standing there for quite a while, unable to stop from staring at her own reflection. It was so strange to see her younger self staring back at her, a sight she hadn't seen for years - or, rather, that she hadn't recognized she was seeing.

Finally, though, she turned away, stumbling back out into the daylight. She felt rather strange as she stepped outside, sure that all eyes would be on her. In her mind, she'd walked in eighteen and stunning, and was coming out twelve, if that, and gawky. She knew nothing had really changed in that time, but that didn't stop her from feeling that way, as she was still trying to get used to the idea.

That was a rather difficult thing for her to do, considering that the idea was something completely impossible. People didn't get younger; she knew that. That was the sort of thing that happened in bad TV shows, not in real life. Yet she could think of no other explanation for what she'd seen, for all the changes that had so suddenly come over her. She thought back to those TV shows, trying to think of what caused the regression in them, but all she could remember was some show where a witch had cursed the main character.

The idea of magic was even more absurd, yet when she thought of witches, only one person came to mind. She quickly scanned the benches where mothers sat, watching their kids playing, searching for Diane. She found her, sitting by herself but talking to another woman who looked vaguelly familiar, wearing a jogging outfit. Alicia couldn't quite place the other woman as she approached, at least not until she got close enough to overhear Diane's, "I'll see you later, Gail," at which the woman ran past her, close enough for Alicia to recognize her as the woman who had lasered away her pubic hair.

That gave Alicia pause for a moment. Maybe she was wrong, and Diane really didn't know what was going on with her. It could have even been like it had for her, the changes happening so slowly, but steadily, that Diane hadn't even recognized them. After all, why take her to get her hair zapped away if she was just getting younger, back before it would have started to grow? Then again, the hair on her head, and everywhere else was still there... So it only made sense that it would have stayed, too, roots and all, burned away.

Alicia hadn't been sure, exactly what to say once she got to Diane, how to broach the subject, how not to sound like an idiot for not having figured it out before now. Once she got to the bench, however, and Diane turned to look at her with a smug, "What's wrong, Ali? You leaking already?", the only thing that came out of her mouth was, "What did you do to me?!" as she leapt at the woman, swinging her fists wildly.

She managed to get in one good hit before Diane held her away, though that didn't stop her from flailing wildly, screaming angrily, wordlessly, for she didn't even know how long. The next thing she knew, a woman in a tan uniform was standing by the bench. "What exactly is going on here, ma'am?" she asked Diane. "Is everything all right?"

"No!" Alicia jumped in hysterically, pulling away from Diane and hurrying over to the park ranger. "You have to help me! She stole my car, and she broke into my house, and she stole all my clothes, and she hates me, and she's trying to turn me into a baby!"

She felt the ranger hug her, a wave of relief washing over her, glad that she'd finally told her story, strange as it was, to someone. It lasted until the woman said, "She's got quite the imagination on her, doesn't she?"

"No, I don't," Alicia whined, letting go of the ranger and stepping back, staring up at her. Realizing that the ranger's assumption wasn't entirely unfair, given what it must have sounded like, she decided to try another tactic. "She's trying to poison me! And she abuses me! Please, you can't let her take me home!"

She smiled as she heard Diane gasp, surely unable to believe that Alicia had said that. "Ali, how could you say that?" she asked, sniffling. Alicia turned back to her, a little surprised to see just how miserable she looked. She was crying, staring down at Alicia in disbelief.

"That is no joking matter, young lady," the ranger told her sternly. "You shouldn't say things like that unless they're true."

"But they are," Alicia protested. "I swear!"

"And I'm sure she really stole your car, too, didn't she?" The ranger raised an eyebrow. Alicia nodded automatically, before realizing that, looking the way she did, that wasn't going to help her case.

"I'm very sorry for the commotion, ma'am," Diane sniffed. "It's past her naptime, and..."

"Don't worry," the ranger told her. "Kids just get a little too wrapped up in their imaginations sometimes. I understand." She knelt down in front of Alicia, telling her sternly, "You be nicer to your mother, you understand? She cares about you," before patting her on the head and sending them on their way.

Diane took her hand gently, though as soon as the ranger turned away she gave it a rough squeeze as she half-dragged Alicia back to her car. "I hope you don't think you're getting those panties now," she hissed at her. "What in the world do you think you're doing, making a scene like that in the middle of the park?!"

"Aww, did I make you look like a bad mother?" Alicia spat at her. "Well, guess what? You're not my mother, you bitch! I don't know what the hell you're doing to me, but it is going to stop, you hear me?! I will not...!"

"You will not," Diane parrotted her, cutting her off coldly, "say another word. You know damn well this isn't my fault, and screaming at me in public isn't going to do anything to change that."

"Isn't your... What is that supposed to mean?!" Alicia yelled. Diane rolled her eyes, opened the door to her car, and shoved Alicia inside before going around to the driver's side and getting in. "You turned me into a kid! How is that not your fault?!"

Diane looked at her, then shook her head. "Are you even listening to yourself? Do you realize how idiotic you sound? Buckle your seatbelt."

Sulking, Alicia did, having to admit that the idea was, in fact, dumb. But that didn't stop it from being true. "I don't know how you did it, but I know you did."

"You just keep thinking that," Diane told her. Alicia glared angrily at her as she drove, her relative calmness in the face of this craziness infuriating. Clearly, she knew quite well what was going on, but, just as clearly, she wasn't going to tell. It made Alicia want to kick her, but as she stared down at her feet, looking especially small in her silly pink Mary Janes, she doubted it would hurt as much as she'd want it to.

They stopped at a Wal-Mart on the way home. "We're going inside," Diane said, matter-of-factly. "You can behave or not, that's up to you. Go ahead and tell everyone your story. I'm sure they'll believe you."

"I am so going to kick your ass," Alicia promised her.

"You couldn't do that when you were all grown up," Diane snorted. "How exactly do you plan on doing that now, pipsqueak?"

Alicia didn't have an answer for that, leaving her to sulk quietly as Diane took her by the hand and led her into the store. "I hope you know Frank was always thinking about me when you two were screwing," she said instead.

She was hoping for an angry reaction, something physical she could draw attention to, but Diane just turned to her and told her, "Not anymore."

There was a hesitation there, though, a weak spot, something Alicia could grab onto. "You wouldn't believe how easy it was," she said. "I barely had to bat my eyes, and he was all over me." She smiled, sure she could see Diane flinch. "You were never enough of a woman for him. Not even close."

"Well," Diane said, stopping. "You're not enough of a woman for anyone anymore, now are you?"

"I'm still mo..." Alicia began to say snidely when she saw where they were, and the words froze in her mouth. They were surrounded by diapers, a whole aisle of them in every size and variety imaginable. Her eyes widened as she stared at them, feeling a little weak in her knees, realizing just why they were here.

"Oh, keep talking," Diane invited her. "It might be a little tight, but I bet you'd fit into Pampers now. The baby aisle is right over there."

Alicia's bottom lip began to tremble, her arrogance quickly dissolved and forgotten. The idea of wearing a diaper at all - a real one, with tapes, not a thin pull up - was sobering; actually being in a baby's diaper would be too much. "I'm sorry," she said quietly.

"I'm sure you are," Diane sighed. "Now."

"Please don't do this," she begged, letting go of Diane's hand to clutch at the hem of her shirt. "I'll be good, I promise."

Diane ignored her, brushing her aside to grab a package off the shelf, one marked Youth. "No," Alicia sniffled. "Don't!" Diane grabbed her hand and began walking again, towards the cash registers. "Don't!" Alicia repeated, louder. "Stop it!"

"Feel free to keep drawing attention to yourself," Diane said quietly. "I really don't mind."

Alicia's face turned red, knowing that, with her in one of Diane's hands and the diapers in the other, she must surely look like a child who had just started wetting the bed and was throwing a fit over it. And, much as she would have liked to think it was, it wasn't Diane's fault that she could feel the eyes of the other kids nearby on her, pitying, or laughing at, her. She was the one who had been yelling.

She couldn't stop blushing as they made their way through the checkout aisle, and then back across the parking lot. She was quiet on the ride back to the apartment building, and on the trip up to her home. Diane was quiet, too, until they'd gotten inside and she'd set the bag of diapers down on the couch. "All right," she said then, folding her arms and staring down at Alicia sternly, "now it's time for your punishment."

Chapter 18

"Really?" Alicia pouted, sniffling. "What else can you do to me?"

"I can show you the consequences of acting like a spoiled brat in public," Diane told her. Alicia began to open her mouth to protest, but Diane cut her off before she could get a word out. "Don't you tell me that's not what you were doing. I babysat enough when I was younger to know. I could tell that was all you were from the first time you walked into the office, even before you seduced Frank because you thought you deserved all the prettiest toys for yourself, but at least now you're almost the right size to get away with it. Except that never stopped you before, did it? You never outgrew that, did you? You know why? Because your parents were too easy on you. Well, now you're getting a second chance, sweetie. Maybe this time when you get older, you'll actually grow up."

Diane grabbed her wrist, tugging her into the kitchen and sitting her down at the table, going over to the sink and grabbing the bar of soap from earlier and a knife, setting them down in front of Alicia. "You're going to cut off a piece of that bar," Diane told her. "Length-wise." She drew her finger across the surface of the soap, as if she was afraid Alicia was too stupid to know what that meant. "Then cut off any sharp bits. And be careful. I don't want to have to look for where you keep band-aids in this place, if you even have any."

Alicia looked up at Diane, confused at her assignment, wondering if this was some weird joke, but if it was, Diane was doing a good job of pretending otherwise. Alicia shrugged, picking up the knife and cutting across the bar of soap while the woman observed, then, with a nod, wandered back into the living room. Alicia stared after her, fingers tightening around the handle of the knife. It had a rather small blade, but it was sharp. She'd hated people before, but never had she actually wanted to stab anyone as much as she did right then. And Diane had even handed her the weapon to do it...

Of course, she'd likely done that because she knew Alicia was no threat to her. Even at full size, Diane was bigger than her, and now she was dwarfed by her. If she could get the element of surprise on her side, she might have a chance, but otherwise she'd probably just get herself into even more trouble. Although, if this was the worst that Diane was going to do to her, maybe that wasn't such a big deal. Alicia let her grip loosen a bit, returning to her task, shaving off the corners from the little stick she'd carved. It was dumb, and a bit tedious, sure, but she really didn't see how this was meant to teach her a lesson.

She heard a crinkling from the other room, much louder than what came from her damp pull up as she squirmed on her seat, and knew it had to be coming from one of the diapers they'd just bought. That was it, probably, the real punishment. Alicia saw her hands shaking as she thought about it, had to set down the soap and her knife, afraid she would cut herself. Just one week ago, she'd been getting ready to go out and hit the clubs with her friends, pouring herself into a nice, tight dress that showed off her body perfectly, going naughtily bare underneath, not bothering with so much as a G-string. Now she had practically no body worth showing off. That dress would be a tent on her now. Instead of no underwear, she was about to be put into a diaper, thick, plastic coated, infantile. How had so much changed in so little time?

"Hmm..." Diane mused, making Alicia jump a little, having been so caught up in her self pity that she hadn't heard her approach. "I guess it'll do." Alicia glared up at her, at the person who had done all of this to her, so close to her, and her hand darted forward, only for Diane to grab away the soap and knife from in front of her at the last minute, setting them both back over on the sink. Alicia could see one of the diapers in her other hand, and as Diane came back to the table, she began to unfold it.

"Look at that," she said, holding out the diaper. "That's so much thicker than your pull ups, isn't it? That can hold so much more... Those pull ups were made for girls mature enough to be responsible for getting themselves to the bathroom on time. So they're really not for you, are they? You're not even that mature... No, these fit you much better. You should have been in these years ago. Hell, you never should have gotten out of them, should you? Oh, I know you want them... You want to wear them, because then you won't have to do anything for yourself, will you? You can just relax like the little princess you think you are, and you won't have to worry about a thing, not even keeping your little pants clean."

"That's not what I want," Alicia whined. "Stop acting like you know what I want!"

Diane laid the diaper down on the table, spread out. Alicia gulped nervously as she stared down at it, seeing that it was, indeed, quite a bit bigger than what she had on now. The idea of that bulk being between her legs was strange and frightening, but not nearly as much as the fact that she was helpless to stop it. Diane picked up the bit of soap Alicia had cut, laid it inside the diaper, then took ahold of Alicia's wrist and pulled her up. "Now let's go get started," Diane told her gently.

"Started?!" Alicia looked up at her, surprised. Diane nodded as she led Alicia to the couch, setting her down and pulling off her shoes and socks, and then her shorts, and, finally, her pull up.

Diane sat down then, patting her knee. "Lay down," she instructed. Alicia froze, remembering the threat from that morning.

"No," she squeaked. "No! I've never been spanked before, and I..."

"Maybe that's your problem," Diane interrupted.

Alicia glared at her, pouting, then continued. "And I'm not going to let you be the first one to..."

She let out a yelp as Diane grabbed her, wrestling her over her lap despite her fierce squirming and kicking, all of which stopped with the first slap. Alicia's eyes widened at the sudden burst of pain across her backside, sharp and, perhaps even worse, humiliating. "If you'd behaved," Diane told her, giving her another spank, this one on the other cheek, "this would have been much simpler." Alicia could imagine red handprints already forming on her bottom, could feel the stinging that she had a feeling would stick around for a while, making it rather uncomfortable for her to sit still.

Diane gave her a moment with those first two strikes, then, without warning, began in earnest, hand raining down on the girl's ass, making sure there wasn't an inch left unpunished. Alicia's fight came back quickly, as she squirmed furiously, trying to get away, to no avail. After a few minutes, Diane stopped again, rubbing her back gently. Alicia sniffled softly, fighting with herself to keep from crying, not wanting to give Diane the satisfaction.

After a minute, enough time for Alicia to regain a hint of her composure, Diane said, "If you'd just put yourself over your knee like I'd asked you to, we'd be done. But you had to be difficult, didn't you?"

Alicia's blood froze in her veins as she heard a crinkling from behind her, another memory from that morning resurfacing. Diane didn't show her what she was getting out, but she didn't need to. "No!" Alicia protested. "No! I am an adult, and I will not let you..." The hairbrush landed across her already tender bottom with a loud whap, turning the rest of her words into a cry of pain. "Y-You can't, I..." The brush came down again, this time on her upper thighs, and all her work of keeping her eyes dry was undone in an instant. Once she felt the first tear, it was too late, and she was bawling.

"You are not an adult," Diane told her. "You do not tell me what I can or can't do. You are a child. I am the adult. I am in charge. I will do whatever I want to you." She punctuated each sentence with another slap. Each one made Alicia hate her more, and yet each swat only reinforced to Alicia how true the words were. "Do you understand?"

Alicia couldn't answer the first time, but after another spank and a repeat, she managed to get out, "Y-Yes!"

And then, mercifully, Diane was done. Alicia heard the bag rustle again as the brush was put back into it, and she collapsed on Diane's lap, sobbing. "Shh," Diane whispered, gently rubbing her bottom, red and aching. "It's all right."

When Alicia had calmed down, Diane lifted her up and led her, still rubbing her damp eyes, into the kitchen. She stood by, all her resistance cried out, while she saw Diane go to the sink for the soap. She had expected that - it didn't mean she liked it, but she wasn't about to do more than give a light moan when she saw it, not wanting to risk anything else. "You said some very bad things today," Diane told her. "And some very mean ones." Alicia nodded weakly, opening her mouth. "You are learning!" Diane exclaimed with a smile. "Good girl!" Alicia wrinkled her nose as she felt the soap being slid into her mouth, past her teeth. "But what you did today is too much for this to make up for."

She walked back to the table, picking up the little stick of soap Alicia had carved, bringing it back over, holding it in front of her tear-stained, soap-filled face. "That's why you made this for yourself... We're going to clean you out from both ends." Before Alicia could figure out what that was supposed to mean, Diane's hand moved downwards. Alicia's eyes went wide as she felt the soap being pushed against her sore bottom, then even wider as it was guided past her red skin to an even more sensitive area. She squirmed as the soap made its way further into her, slowly, trying to move away from it, to escape. She fidgeted every which way, ending up on her tiptoes when, at last, she felt her body take the last of it in.

She began to squirm even more earnestly, feeling a slight itching inside of her, followed by a burning sensation. She mumbled through the bar of soap pitifully while Diane went to wash her hands, then came back to her, this time holding the diaper. "Shh... Calm down, sweetie," she cooed as she pressed the diaper between her legs, quickly taping it up snugly onto Alicia wriggling, red bottom.

At first, it felt cool against Alicia's skin, almost comforting, though soon the heat of her body changed that, making it feel more like a sauna. It seemed to be even thicker on her than it had looked off, and she had a very definite waddle as Diane marched her into the living room. Even if she hadn't been in such pain, she doubted she could have managed to walk normally with all that bulk.

Diane took her to a corner of the room, pointing her nose at it and then pulling up the skirt of her dress in the back, leaving her padded backside fully exposed. "Oh, if you could only see how adorable you look," she gushed. "Actually, I guess you can." Alicia heard the click of a shutter behind her, then Diane held her cell phone in front of her face. The sight was astounding. Even knowing it was her, it was hard to accept. No, the person in the picture, the little girl in the thick diaper, well spanked bottom peeking out from the corners and underneath, couldn't be her. It just couldn't be. "This is what a good little girl looks like," Diane told her. "Isn't it?" Alicia nodded wordlessly, still stunned.

"And that good little girl," Diane continued, pulling her arm back and walking across the room to the couch, "is going to stay there for an hour."

"An hour?!" Alicia gave a muffled gasp. Already, she could feel the suds filling her mouth, trickling down her throat despite her best efforts. Already, the soap in her bottom was making her bottom twitch and squirm uncomfortably, and not only from pain. It was certainly not a pleasant feeling, having it smoldering inside her, but she could tell it was doing more than hurting, could feel her already quite full tummy contracting at its bidding. Alicia couldn't imagine that effect was an accident, but at the same time, she didn't think that even she would be a sadistic as that.

"One more sound from over there," Diane said, "and it'll be two."

Alicia forced herself to stay quiet, standing there, feeling the soap working on her from both ends. She did her best to stand still, but she couldn't keep herself from fidgeting, from wiggling her bottom, as if that would dislodge the irritating sensation from within her. Though she knew it was coming from deeper than her skin, she tried to scratch the itchiness away, but she couldn't barely even feel her fingers through the diaper's padding. And the cramps just kept getting worse.

Then, as she was sure things had gotten as bad as they could, she heard a knock on her door. At first, she thought one of her neighbors had heard her crying and called the police, that Diane would be found here with a clearly mistreated little girl, and she would be saved, until Diane chirped, "Right on time!"

Alicia wasn't sure what was going on, knew she wasn't allowed to turn around, so she just stayed there, fearing what new torture had been thought up for her. Her heart nearly stopped as she heard another voice, and it became clear. "Yo, 'Licia, come on! We don't have all night!"

She burbled a frantic, "No!" through her sudsy mouth, then heard her door being opened, letting at least Rachel, one of her clubbing buddies, see in, straight to the corner of the room she was standing in. Most likely, though, it would be the whole group, everyone Alicia had hung out with, before all this had started.

"You must be Ali's little friends," Diane said cheerfully. "Well, I'm afraid Ali's been a bad little girl, and she's not allowed to come out and play."

She could hear Will chortling, face turning as red as her backside as he said, quietly for him, "Man, I told you she had to be into some kinky shit."

"Is that a diaper?" Marie whispered back, only slightly better at keeping her voice low, though in her case, Alicia had a feeling she meant for everyone to hear. Marie and Alicia had never really gotten along... The only reason they put up with each other at all was that they were both friends with Rachel, and Alicia was only friends with her because her cousin was one of the best fake ID makers around, and that got her a discount.

Alicia had forced herself to stay quiet until then, wishing she could just drop dead, not wanting them to see her as she was now, just a child. But, scared or not, she knew they might be her best chance at escaping this, so she turned, blushing deeper as she heard more chuckles at the sight of the soap in her mouth, which she quickly removed. "This isn't some game!" she told them. "You have to get me out of here!"

Diane smiled at her, walking over and patting her bottom roughly before re-inserting the bar of soap through Alicia's protests. "I think she wants another spanking," she turned back to tell the others.

To Alicia's dismay, they all just ignored her plea for help, Marie even adding a snide, "Little bitch could use it."

Alicia mumbled helplessly as she listened to her friends walking away, door closing after them, Diane pushing the soap in to the back of her throat. She couldn't believe they would just leave her here, that they'd think she actually wanted this. How stupid could they be?!

"I definitely heard a noise from you," Diane said, giving the soap a good working around, until Alicia could feel the suds dripping from her mouth. "So I guess one hour just wasn't enough for you, was it?"

Alicia whimpered unhappily, hopelessly, as her knees buckled and she felt her bowels explode into her diaper. "Uh-oh," Diane laughed gleefully, pressing her hand to Alicia's backside, pushing into the mass forcing its way out. "Is someone having an accident?" Alicia sniffled, squatting down slightly. "Come on, sweetie. Fill your little diaper for me. Fill it up right up to the top. Let's see how much your nice didees can hold." Much as Alicia would have liked to ignore those instructions, her body had other plans. She bit down into the soap as the mush continued to flow, out into every crevice of her thick diaper, expanding it outwards and downward, leaving it sagging between her legs.

"Good girl," Diane praised her when she was done, sliding her hand down the back of the diaper to the crotch of it, forcing it upwards, into Alicia's skin, then patting the back of it a few times roughly. "Since you did such a good job, I think I'll let you sit down for that extra hour of corner time. How about that?"

The thought of sitting in this diaper made her stomach sour, and her bottom still ached enough that she knew she'd be squirming the whole time anyway, trying to find the least painful spot to sit, but Alicia knew better than to argue the point. That would only make things worse, and she really didn't want to see where Diane was willing to go from there.

"Good girl," Diane repeated. "You're just a good little baby, aren't you?"

Wearily, defeated, Alicia could only nod.

Chapter 19

Alicia was exhausted by the time she was allowed to get up off of the chair, mostly emotionally, but also physically, even though she hadn't done all that much that day. Diane seemed to sense that, or at least to think that Alicia had learned her lesson for the day, as she was strangely kind to her as she led her into the kitchen and extracted the bar of soap from her mouth, cleaning up the suds that had dripped down her cheeks and onto her dress. She took down a cup and filled it with water for Alicia, and while that was good enough for rinsing her mouth out, Alicia was feeling quite thirsty by then, and water just wouldn't do.

Diane followed her gaze to the box sitting by the kitchen table, then shook her head. "I don't know that you want that, sweetie," she said gently.

In her mind, Alicia was raging at the woman, pointing out that the only reason she shouldn't was because of whatever drugs Diane had put there herself, but out loud she just pouted. She didn't care if she had another accident later - she was already in diapers, for God's sake, what else could happen? - she just wanted a taste of the drink.

"Well," Diane acquiesced, "You were a good girl through most of your punishment... I guess if you really want it." She grabbed a dull purple bottle from the far side of the box and gave it to Alicia, who started to drink it as she toddled down the hall at Diane's side. After everything she'd been through, it tasted so good... Even through the aftertaste of the soap, it made her feel better. In fact, she thought, that bottle didn't seem to have the aftertaste that the ones Diane had dosed had. Maybe Diane hadn't gotten to that side yet! It annoyed her a little that Diane thought she was stupid enough not to notice that.

In the bathroom, Diane took Alicia's dress and bra off, tossing them into the hamper, then carefully untaped her diaper. Alicia felt a little sick as the smell hit her nostrils, and she had to admit that she was glad she wasn't the one doing the cleaning up. She heard some plops as Diane emptied the diaper into the toilet, then squirmed as Diane started cleaning her up with toilet paper, whining as her red hind end was touched.

"It's all right," Diane told her soothingly. "It'll be over soon... I'm going to have to get you some baby wipes, won't I? Those would feel much better. And you need some nice baby powder, too, don't you? If I'd known you were going to be back in diapers so soon, I'd have bought some this morning. And you were being such a naughty girl in the store today, weren't you? You made me forget all about it."

While Alicia had certainly thought her behavior was warranted at the time, she could only nod now, knowing it was best to agree. Finally, Diane finished, gently taking Alicia's bottle, ignoring the girl's whimper, and helping her into the tub, turning her around and turning on the shower before starting to fold up the diaper to dispose of it. The coolness of the water was nice, or, rather, would have been had she kept her shower on a less forceful setting. As it was, it felt as if her already tender butt was being attacked by a million tiny ice needles, making her squeal out loud and rush to the far side of the tub.

"What are you doing?" Diane demanded at the sound, turning back around and giving her a strange look before thinking to hold her hand out in front of the water. She reached up and fiddled with the shower head a little, then tugged Alicia back into place, letting the water flow over her, cleaning her off, cooling her down. After a while, once she'd shuffled off with the dirty diaper and returned a few minutes later, Diane wrapped Alicia in a towel and took her back out of th shower, letting her stand by as she plugged the drain and turned off the shower head, dumping something from a bottle into the ever growing pool of water in the tub.

Alicia's stomach turned a bit as she saw the bubbles start to form, remembering all the ones that she'd had in her mouth so recently, but once she got past that, she had to admit that the idea of a bubble bath wasn't all bad. And as she slipped into the water, it was, indeed, quite relaxing, at least until she tried to sit down. With a little maneuvering, though, she managed to rest on the side of her leg, in a position that wasn't too painful.

"Now, I'm trusting that you're capable of getting yourself clean," Diane lectured her. "I will bathe you myself if I need to, but I'm giving you a shot first, while I go get your dinner started." Alicia nodded, taking her washcloth and getting started as Diane left, closing the door all but a crack behind her. All Alicia really wanted to do was relax there, but somehow she felt the need to prove to Diane that she could still do something by herself, even something as simple as this.

Her chest felt very sore as she washed it, making her wince at even the slightest touch. She knew her bottom would probably hurt even more, if she spent too much time on it, but she was pretty sure the shower had cleaned her off well enough that she didn't have to. Other than that, it was simple, and before long, she was leaning back, just enjoying the feeling of being clean after spending what had felt like an eternity in her soiled diaper.

All too soon, Diane returned, helping her up and back into her towel, drying her off and then giving her a good looking over. It used to be that Alicia liked having her body looked at - though she preferred men to be doing it - but Diane had already seen more than enough of it, and she knew there wasn't much worth seeing anymore. It definitely wasn't the same.

"It'll do," was Diane's final judgment, before ushering the still naked girl over to her bedroom, where Alicia could see a pair of diapers waiting on her bed, spread open, one over top of the other. "Up, up," Diane instructed, patting the center of them. Alicia stared up at her questioningly. "I have other things to do," Diane told her. "And we know from last night that you're too lazy to change yourself, and that you're a heavy wetter. So I'm making sure you don't leak all over the place."

Alicia pouted, but rather than complaining, she complied, climbing up onto her bed and onto the diapers, watching with dismay as Diane fastened one, and then the other. It felt like she had a pillow strapped between her legs, and when she got to her feet, she was quite bow-legged, her gait, once Diane had put her into a Sleeping Beauty nightshirt, not just a waddle anymore, but a full-fledged toddle. Diane set her down at the kitchen table, a plate of hot dogs, SpaghettiOs, and green beans in front of her, and told her, "Eat up! I'll be by tomorrow to check on you. If you really want to be a good girl, you can do the dishes, but you don't have to. I know you've had a hard day."

And then, at last, Alicia was alone. It wasn't something she was unused to, by any means, yet somehow, knowing she was in the body of a kid, and dressed even younger, her relief at being rid of Diane quickly turned into anxiety. She ate her dinner quickly, putting her plate in the sink, then grabbed a drink from the box - the far side, where she'd seen Diane take the one before - and toddled into the living room to turn on her TV. Nothing good was on, but just having the sound of the voices there made her feel a little better.

Sure enough, the drink tasted like the first one she'd taken, fresh from the box, untampered with, and the sweet taste comforted her, even as she began to realize that she was feeling pretty tired already. She also needed to pee, but the thought of having to go to the bathroom, get out of both diapers, then back into them, outweighed the icky idea of actually wetting herself, especially considering that she'd already been in a messy diaper that day, so she just let herself go.

A few minutes later, yawning, she gave up on trying to stay awake and went back down the hall to her bedroom, leaving the TV on, softly, in the living room. She laid down on her bed and tried to go to sleep, but she just couldn't quite manage it until she got up and turned on the light in the bathroom across the hall, closing the door most of the way so just a little light shone into her bedroom. Then she went back to her bed, laid down on her stomach, and fell asleep.

She was quite relieved the next morning not to wake up to find Diane already waiting for her, as that meant she wasn't about to be filled full of nasty oatmeal yet again, more than happy to go back to her plain, but more than good enough for her, breakfast of toast. The padding in her diaper felt a bit wet and squishy to her, though she couldn't tell for sure if it was any wetter than it had been when she went to sleep. She hoped not, that Diane's mocking from the day before hadn't come true, that she wasn't really wetting her bed, but she really couldn't tell one way or the other.

After breakfast, and another wetting as she hid bottles from the far side of the box in the backs of her cupboards, she decided it was high time she change herself, so she went to her room, to her underwear drawer. Where only a few days ago, it had been rather bare, with only her day of the week panties, now it was full to bursting, with anything someone age six or below could want, or need. She began to grab for her Sunday panties - white, with a ladybug - but had to stop herself. Even if she'd found an area of un-altered drinks, she was sure the drugs from earlier were still effecting her - why else would she have so easily just decided to wet her diaper? - and she wasn't about to give Diane the satisfaction of seeing her in another pair of soaked panties whenever she showed up.

So she got herself a pair of pull ups and put them on, then made her way, slightly amazed at how much easier walking was without all that bulk between her legs. No wonder it took babies so long to learn to walk, she mused as she went back to the living room. There was still a dull ache in her bottom from the spanking, but the pain had faded much more quickly than she'd expected. The pain in her chest, however, was only getting worse, to the point where she was really wondering if she should tell Diane about it.

When Diane finally showed up, however, bustling in with another shopping bag and immediately walking over to her, pulling up the skirt of her nightshirt and tsking at her wet pull up, Alicia changed her mind. "Look at this!" she declared, pulling Alicia to her feet and turning her around to see the small wet spot on the couch. "If this were my house, I'd be putting you back over my knee right now." Alicia blushed, having not even noticed she was getting that wet.

"If you want to be a lazy-bones, that's all right - it's Sunday - but if you're not even going to try to use the bathroom, then you should at least put yourself in a diaper."

"I did try," Alicia lied, resenting the implication, even if it was true.

Diane just shook her head and took her into the bathroom to clean her up, wiping her bottom with the new baby wipes, then diapering her properly, using what Alicia felt was far too much baby powder, as if she were trying to make her smell as if she'd been dipped in it. "Are you just going to lay around all day?" Diane asked her once she was all taped up, standing there in nothing more than a diaper.

Alicia considered lying, claiming she had something important she was going to get done that afternoon, but she couldn't think of what that could possibly be. And, since she didn't know how long Diane was staying, she also didn't know whether she'd be caught in the lie, so she just nodded.

"All right, then you're all set," Diane declared. "You're fine," she said as Alicia began to protest her near nudity. "You're going to be the only one here, why make even more laundry?" Alicia didn't have an answer for that. "Now, are you going to be able to change yourself?" Alicia stared at her blankly, making her roll her eyes. "I can come by tonight and put you into your night diapers, but you really shouldn't stay in the same diaper until then, or you'll get diaper rash. Do you want that?" Alicia shook her head. "I didn't think so."

Alicia waddled back to her couch and plopped back down, staring up at the TV as she heard Diane clamoring about in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning, and, most likely, drugging the rest of the bottles. Alicia smiled to herself, glad she had outsmarted her there, anyway, and waited for her to leave.

"Have fun on your day off," Diane told her as she headed for the door. "Tomorrow you start your new life."

That broke Alicia out of her television induced stupor. What was that supposed to mean? She started to ask, but Diane was already out the door. She scrambled to her feet to chase after her, stopping at the doorway, reminding herself she was only wearing a diaper. She resolved to demand an answer when she returned that evening, but she fell asleep partway through the afternoon, snoozing through the woman's second visit, the only evidence that she'd returned the fact that Alicia awoke in a double diaper again, finding a note that ordered her to to be in "Bed by 8!"

Alicia scoffed at that, balling it up in her fist and throwing it away. Diane could, and had, done a lot to her, but she couldn't enforce a bedtime if she wasn't even there. So she stayed up as late as she could in defiance, worrying about what was waiting for her the next morning.

Chapter 20

One week ago, Alicia had woke up, bright and early - a little too early, really, as she was still fretting over her decision. She was still debating with herself as she stepped into her shower, letting the, as always, frigid water shock her out of her sleepy haze, hoping it would bring her some clarity. It probably wouldn't be her only chance, she knew, but if it failed, she knew she'd have to wait for a while before making another attempt, or it might look too much like she was searching for Dr. Jadin's weak point. Which was, of course, what she was doing, but if she made it obvious, then it really wouldn't work.

She stepped out of her shower, flattening her hair out straight, painting out her freckles, and all her other imperfections, slipped into a pair of panties that were barely there, then threw open her closet to find just the right outfit. All of her clothes had been chosen to show off at least one part of her, if not more, to remind everyone around her of just how beautiful she was, make them jealous, or desirous.

What a difference a week could make.

"Wakey, wakey," Diane chanted, shaking her awake. Alicia groaned, still exhausted, rolling over to look at her clock. "Someone sounds sleepy," Diane taunted. "Did she stay up past her bedtime?" Alicia didn't answer, but she didn't need to. "Little girls like you should realize that adults always know better. And if we tell you to be in bed at a certain time, it's because we don't want you to be tired all day. But it's too late for that, now isn't it?"

"I'll be fine after my shower," Alicia mumbled.

"That would be fine," Diane said, "if you were having a shower."

Alicia stared up at her, confused. "Umm.. But I need to get clean..."

"And by your bathtime, you'll need that even more," Diane agreed. "But it's not time for that yet. Little girls like you need structure in their lives, and I'm going to make sure you get it." With that, she pressed a piece of paper to the wall above Alicia's bed, sticking it there. "There's one of these on your refrigerator, too, but it's really very simple.

"Every morning, first thing, you're going to fill your little diapers for me. We can't let you have another accident like that at work - it takes far too long to clean up, it's terribly unsanitary, and you'll stink up the whole office. So you're going to do it here. If you can't do it on your own, I can find some encouragement for you, trust me."

"But that..." Alicia protested, eyes wide. "My bathroom's right there, why can't I just-"

"After that," Diane continued, ignoring Alicia, "you'll have breakfast, and then, after that, your bath. We'll get you dressed for your day, and then it's off to work. As soon as you get home, if you're not in diapers at the office - which will be very unlikely - you're going back into them, and they're going to be full again. Then you have time to color, or I got you some stickers, so you can decorate your diapers so they're not so boring, before you get another bath. Then you're into a fresh diaper so you can eat dinner, and after that, it's straight into bed so you can be rested up to do it all over again the next day!"

Alicia was stunned. She had realized that she was slowly losing all control over her life, but never had she thought it had gone this far. Replace work with daycare, and it sounded like the sort of life a two year old might lead.

"Aww, don't worry," Diane smiled at her, patting her head. "I'll make sure to keep your diet nice and high in fiber so you can keep to your schedule." Alicia whimpered, helplessly squirming as Diane rubbed her tummy, then moved her hand further south, peeking inside the legholes of the double diapers. "But for now, let's get you into the bathroom."

Even with the memory of her punishment Saturday night fresh on her mind, Alicia couldn't stand by quietly as every last bit of her former life was wiped away by this new existence. "No!" she pouted, sitting up. "I didn't agree to all this, I'm not gonna do it!"

Diane didn't seem upset - she kept smiling  as she grabbed Alicia's wrist and pulled her roughly up and into the bathroom. "That's not how it works, sweetie. You're a little girl - children don't get to say no to adults. They do what they're told. You need to take no out of your vocabulary. And I know just the way to do it."

Even before she held up the soap, Alicia knew what was coming, and regretted her defiance. "I'm sorry," she squeaked.

"If you really are," Diane said, "this will be the last time we have to do this. But somehow, I doubt it will be." Alicia sniffled, reluctantly opening up, hoping her obedience would lead to some lenience, though if it did, it wasn't immediately evident, as Diane was more than happy to fill her mouth with soap as she opened the medicine cabinet. Alicia's eyes went wide as she saw that it was now stocked with rows of little green boxes, ones that, when Diane opened one, she saw contained a small plastic bottle with a long tip, covered in an orange cap that Diane took off before carefully sliding Alicia's wet diapers down.

"These are just for the morning," Diane told her. "I got you a nice enema bag for the evening, big enough to get you really nice and clean in there." Alicia groaned behind the soap, both from the thought of that, and the reality of the smaller enema being pushed inside her squirming bottom, before she felt the liquid from inside flowing up and into her to work its magic. Diane pulled her diapers back up snugly, tossing the enema into its box, putting that into the trash can below the sink.

Alicia squirmed at the violation, at the idea of what was going on inside her, as Diane grinned, patting the seat of her diaper. "Doesn't feel good, does it? And look at this," she took a red rubber bag out from under the sink, holding it up. "This is what you'll get at night. Nice and full, too. All that, going into your little bottom, and then back out into your diapers while you play with your crayons on the living room floor.

"Now, I'm going to go make your oatmeal," Diane said. "You're going to stay in here until you're done. If you come out of here without a messy diaper, and, unsanitary or not, I will make you go to work in one, and stay in it all day. And if you use the potty to avoid it, then I'll do that to you for the rest of the week. I know where to get locking plastic pants for you, little girl, but I'm being nice and giving you the benefit of the doubt. You're staying in here so you can look at the potty, and remember that you used to use it, that you used to be a big girl, but that those days are over. Got it?" When Alicia nodded miserably, Diane chuckled and added, "Just like you wanted," before leaving.

Alicia wanted to correct her, to remind her that she most certainly did not want this, any of this, but she didn't dare leave the bathroom or take out the soap, much less do both, so she was stuck with no choice but to do as she'd been ordered, staring desperately at the toilet as she filled her diaper, thinking of how much she'd taken getting to use it for granted, wondering how long it would be before she was allowed to again. The idea of having to intentionally poop her pants every day was terrible, disgusting, but still better than being forced to do it, being left cramping until she couldn't take it anymore and lost control from whatever was being pumped into her.

When she toddled into the kitchen, Diane took her to the sink to take out the soap, then tied a large plastic bib over her bare chest before setting her down at the table for another bowl of oatmeal. Alicia sighed wearily, wishing that Diane would fix her something different for breakfast, though, as she suffered through yet another bowl, she thought about what the woman had said, and realized that this was surely part of the high fiber diet she'd been promised.

"Quicker, we don't have all morning," Diane instructed her, snapping her out of her train of thought. Alicia began to eat a bit faster, but it wasn't good enough, and Diane soon took over, leaving Alicia with nearly as much on her face and bib as in her mouth, which, to be honest, suited her just fine, even if it made her feel clumsy for some reason, though she hadn't been the one holding the spoon. Diane marched her back into the bathroom and rinsed her off before drawing a quick bath and setting her down. She didn't bother with bubbles, nor with letting Alicia do anything herself. She took the washcloth herself, running it roughly and thoroughly over Alicia's body, scrubbing her clean despite her protests.

When she was done, she was stood, naked, in front of the mirror as Diane brushed her hair, tying it into her now customary ponytails with white ribbons. For the moment, it looked all right, but Alicia knew it would be curling up in no time. Her freckles were left in full display, with no make-up for her, no mascara and eyeliner to make her eyes pop, no blush to highlight her cheekbones, no lipstick to draw attention to her mouth. All she could do was try to make sure there were no soap flecks left over on her lips.

"Now," Diane announced as they went back to the bedroom, "you still have a clean pair of panties for today. If you really want to, you can wear them, but you need to keep in mind that you've been in diapers all weekend, and you've been using them. And you'll be back in them as soon as you get home. So you can risk wearing them now, and being embarrassed when you have an accident, or you can save them, in the off chance that some day you get your potty training back. It's up to you, but you should..."

"Panties!" Alicia declared instantly. She'd never even expected to get that option, and she wasn't about to pass it up.

"Give it some thought," Diane finished, shaking her head. Alicia could tell that, at least in Diane's mind, she'd made the wrong choice, but she didn't care. The panties' relative thinness was a relief after days of so much bulk between her legs, and they were much cooler, with no plastic outer layer to trap the heat in around her. She could barely even remember what her old underwear had felt like, but she was sure that, if she had somehow managed to get that back instead, and still have it fit, it would have blown her mind. Even these blue, butterfly-decorated things were like a dream come true, at least until the white tights were pulled on over them. She could remember back, just a week before, when she'd been mortified when she'd accidently flashed her underwear to her boss. Now they were practically a matter of public record, and she was sure that, when she got to work, she'd be expected to show them. And she knew Diane would demand to see them plenty of times over the course of the day.

Her dress was light blue, with a peter pan collar and a skirt that stopped just above her knees, and she was put back into her pink Mary Janes from the park to complete her outfit. There was nothing sexy about it, nothing elegant. It didn't emphasize anything, except how far she had fallen. She stared at herself in the mirror, trying to will the reflection to change back into the woman she'd been, to turn back time, just one week, to undo all of this, while, in the background, she watched Diane packing a pink bag with another pair of tights and a pull up. "I'm going to let you carry your own diaper bag," Diane told her. "It just holds so much more than your little purse. And it's more appropriate, don't you think?"

Alicia nodded unhappily, taking the offered bag and putting it over her shoulder, trudging after Diane downstairs to her car. She winced as Diane buckled her up, the seatbelt pressing into her painfully. When she whined about it, Diane just told her to hush and stop playing with her seatbelt, which she had been tugging away from her body as much as she could. Diane ignored her until they got to work, and the pained feeling hadn't gone away when she'd gotten out of the car. Alicia complained, "I don't feel good," which made Diane glare at her and threaten, "How about I just take you to the daycare and drop you off there? Is that what you want?"

"No," Alicia sniffled. She sulked on the walk to her desk, setting the diaper bag behind it, then sitting in her chair, which felt much larger than it ever had before, for a moment, fuming. After a moment, she hopped back down and stormed into Dr. Jadin's office, not caring the Diane had instructed her to wait.

"She spanked me," she tattled, pointing at Diane. "And she made me wear diapers, and..."

Before she could continue listing the terrible things Diane had done to her, she was cut off with a simple, heart-breaking, "It sounds like you deserved it." Alicia stared up at Dr. Jadin in shock, hardly able to believe her ears. "I gave her permission to punish you, and she tells me you had more than enough accidents to warrant putting you back in diapers."

Alicia's bottom lip began to tremble, a feeling of helplessness washing over her, with the sense that she wasn't an employee talking to her boss about a co-worker, but a child complaining to her mommy about her babysitter. "Y-You gave her permission? How dare you! What gives you the right?!"

Dr. Jadin raised her eyebrow. "Did you not tell me you saw me as a mother figure?"

"Y-Yeah, but... Not in that way!" Alicia sniffled. "And you always take her side! Always!"

"Because I know I can trust her," Dr. Jadin said calmly. "Now, this meeting has nothing to do with you, so please..."

"Yeah, right!" Alicia huffed, turning to her chart, where, as she'd expected, she found Saturday and Sunday both X'd out. "Are you saying that has nothing to do with me?! And that's so unfair!"

"I seem to recall changing someone's very wet pants both those days," Diane said. "And there was quite a messy diaper on Saturday, wasn't there?"

"Well, yes..." Alicia admitted reluctantly. "But you made me do that!"

"Alicia!" Dr. Jadin interrupted sternly. "Go outside my office and stand in the corner."

"But..." Alicia protested.

"You interrupted my meeting, and you are throwing a tantrum. Now, if you'd waited your turn and had spoken to me about this calmly, like a big girl, I would listen, but not with you acting like a spoiled toddler. Now go!"

Alicia's bottom lip trembled, Dr. Jadin's gentle speech somehow hurting more than Diane's spanking. "Fine," she managed to choke out before hurrying out, not wanting to start bawling there. She flopped down in her chair, pulling her feet up onto it and burying her face in her knees as she cried. It was all so unfair!

She wasn't sure how much later it was, but the next thing she knew, she was feeling a hand on her shoulder, and looking up to see Diane. "I'll make you a deal," she said. "I won't tell Dr. Jadin that you didn't stand in the corner like she told you to, if you don't make a fuss when I tell you to get out of my chair."

"Y-Your chair?" Alicia's eyebrows furrowed. "I'm not in..."

"Yes, you are," Diane insisted. "Dr. Jadin decided that you are clearly not ready for this job. So she gave it to me. You're my assistant now. So I want you to get out of my chair, and sit on the floor and play until I find something simple enough that I think you can handle it."

Alicia wanted to scream. Not only had her plan gone horribly wrong, turned her into a child, landed her in diapers, but now, instead of the promotion she'd been doing it all to get, she'd been demoted, placed under the command of the woman who already controlled every other part of her day. She squeezed her knees tighter to her, not carrying about the pain as they dug into her chest, at least not until she felt that pain suddenly stop, and her knee begin to move in closer to her body.

With a gasp, she opened her eyes, staring down to see her right breast seeming to deflate before her eyes. She lowered her legs to try to stop it, but, even through her dress, she was sure she could see it continuing to get smaller and smaller, as the saline in her implant flowed out into her. She felt suddenly light-headed, watching the last remnants of her physical maturity, false as it was, vanish before her eyes. She managed to get out a weak, "I don't feel so good," before, overwhelmed by everything she'd lost in so short a time, she fainted.


"Next up," the announcer's voice boomed backstage, as her palms began to sweat beneath her gloves. She'd never really done any acting, so she wasn't used to being onstage, yet, even so, she'd always been sure she wouldn't get stage fright. Clearly, she was wrong. "Next up, we have little Alexia."

She felt a push, and she had enough time to turn and glare at the woman who had delivered it, as if she was too stupid to recognize she was meant to go out, though she supposed she couldn't blame her too much for that, before she stepped out. Her dress, the bodice pink, the skirt layered sparkling blue and pink tulle, shifted around her as she walked, rustling softly. She'd been allowed to wear a Pull-Up underneath, but she was starting to regret it, as she could feel it drooping wetly between her legs.

She blushed as she heard the clapping for her, staring bashfully down at her feet. "Miss Alexis is four years old, and likes ponies and coloring."


Alicia stretched groggily, a bit surprised to see her own room. She wiggled a bit, pleased to feel a distinct lack of bulge around her crotch, and, for a moment, wondered if it all hadn't been one big, strange dream. That lasted until she threw off her blanket, looked down at herself to find a picture of Jasmine on her chest, lying perfectly smooth there. She got out of bed, staring at herself in the mirror, reaching up to where her breasts had once been, and now there was nothing. Without them, she looked significantly younger - she didn't think the person in the mirror, in the Aladdin nightshirt, could have been any older than eight or nine.

"Oh, you're up," Dr. Jadin said, surprised, as she came into the room. "I was just checking on you. Are you feeling okay?"

"No," Alicia sniffled. "Look at what Diane did to me! I'm just a kid!"

Dr. Jadin knelt down next to her as she started to cry, hugging her, comforting her as if she really were just a small child. Alicia knew she should be annoyed at that, but in a way, it was definitely nice. They stayed there for a long time, until her tears began to slow, and Dr. Jadin quietly said, "It wasn't Diane."

Alicia pushed away from her, confused. "Huh? Of course it was... She hates me, and she..."

"Alicia, Diane didn't regress you. It was me."

Alicia's eyes shot open, and she backed away, shaking. "Y-You?! What...?! Why?! How?!"

"It's an experimental drug," Dr. Jadin said, standing up and then sitting on the edge of the bed. "We've been developing it for a long time now, and we needed a test subject, but... Well, we didn't want word of this," she gestured at Alicia, who knew all too well what she meant, "to get out to the mass media, especially if it didn't work on humans correctly. So we needed to do it quietly, from within the company. And when I saw how desperate you were to suck up to me... Well, you seemed like the perfect candidate."

"That's crazy!" Alicia protested, shaking her head. "That's like something out of science fiction!" Dr. Jadin raised an eyebrow, staring down at Alicia's tiny body. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"It was all in the contract you signed," Dr. Jadin said. "The one to test out our new drink. But I knew you'd be too eager to please me to bother to read it."

"Y-You manipulated me!" Alicia sniffled. "You bitch!"

"I was just taking advantage of your enthusiasm," Dr. Jadin corrected her. "And even though I knew you didn't mean any of those things you meant... Well, I did. I think you're a very bright girl, but you just weren't ready for your job. I'm sorry, but I was going to have to fire you soon anyway if you didn't improve, and I don't think you could have survived anywhere else, either. You just don't apply yourself, Alicia. You expect others to do everything for you, and when they don't..."

"Well, now I can't apply myself anywhere!" Alicia pouted. "Except maybe grade school!"

"It wasn't supposed to get this far," Dr. Jadin told her. "And you were never supposed to get hurt. I had no idea you had implants... If I had, I'd never have done that to you. You'll be just fine, they just had to remove them, but I'm sure that was a terribly nasty shock, and I..."

"No worse than figuring out I was shrinking! What gives you the right?!"

"Like I said, it wasn't supposed to get this far... I was going to stop it after it had taken you down a year or two, just enough to..."

"Please," Alicia huffed. "You were just trying to replace your daughter, weren't you? You didn't do this for me, you did it for you!"

Dr. Jadin sighed. "Alicia, I never had a daughter. I made up that story to get you to feel sorry for me."

"W-Well, you wanted one, then! You wanted to turn me into a little girl so you could kidnap me and raise me as your own!"

"Don't you think there are easier ways to get children?" Dr. Jadin rolled her eyes. "Obviously, you're too young to live on your own now, and I'd be willing to let you stay with me, since this is my fault, but I'm not going to make you." Dr. Jadin took Alicia's cell phone out of her pocket, laid it on the bed. "Diane gave me this. I put my number in here. You can call me if you need anything. Or you can call your parents and explain this to them. I'm sure they'll be happy to take you in again."

Alicia stared at the phone, hardly able to believe that she had it back, finally. "My parents are divorced, remember?"

"Are they really? I just assumed you were making that up, too. I'm sorry, dear."

She started to bend down to hug Alicia again, but Alicia pulled away. "Oh, screw you. You don't care. You don't give a damn about me! I'm just some... some lab rat to you."

"That isn't true," Dr. Jadin said gently.

"It is! So just... Just get out of here! Get out of my life! I never want to see you again!"

"All right," Dr. Jadin stood up. "I'm leaving. But please, do call me if you need anything, and I mean anything. And you will need to make a decision about what you're..."

"Get out!" Alicia screamed, stomping her foot. Dr. Jadin nodded, and then vanished off down the hall.


She began to shiver in anticipation, feeling the diaper she'd been changed into when she was put back into her dress from her ballet leotard for the talent part of the contest grow slightly warm and squishy beneath her. She'd done her best to be charming and cute - she'd stumbled a little more than usual in her dance, at just the right moments to solicit an, "Aww", from the audience - and she knew she was certainly the most adorable girl there, but she knew that the judges didn't always see things the right way.

She gave the girl standing beside her, Gina, a saccharine smile as the announcer opened the envelope. She was sure Gina thought she was winning, too. And she was cute - she had chubby cheeks and dimples, and a hint of a lisp. But she'd been too perfect during her talent, hadn't missed a note on the song she'd played on the piano. It was a simple song, but still... She didn't know that wasn't the way to do things, that they weren't watching how well you did it, but how you acted while you did.

Or so she'd thought, up until she heard the announcer. "It looks like Virginia Elizar is our new Little Miss Cloverdale! Congratulations!" Her mouth dropped open, tears springing to her eyes as she saw the other girl handed a bouquet of roses nearly as big as she was, a tiara placed on her head. No, it wasn't fair! She deserved it!

"No!" she declared, stepping forward. "It's mine!" She could hear gasping and whispering in the audience as she grabbed for the flowers, the other girl confusedly backing away from her. One of the adults grabbed her, but she squirmed away, determined to get what she deserved.

At least until she heard the, "Alexia!" from behind her, freezing her in place.

She turned around bashfully. "Sorry, Mommy..."


Alicia grabbed her cell phone, clutching it tightly in her hand, staring down at it. She should call the police, she thought, tell them the whole story, get Dr. Jadin and Diane arrested and the whole company shut down. Except, of course, that they'd never believe her, they'd just think she was some kid with too much time on her hands and a rather inattentive parent playing a prank. And then they'd probably wait for that parent to get home to explain to them what she'd done, and when they didn't show up, she'd wind up in some orphanage somewhere, where nobody knew the truth about her, and would just think she was an ordinary eight year old.

Maybe she could sue them. That would, of course, be difficult, too, even if she could somehow prove her story. There were pictures of her grown-up, sure, but what could she do to show, for certain, that they were really her, and not her older sister, or mother?

Much as she wanted revenge, she knew she wasn't going to get it, at least not right away. Coming up with a plan would take a lot of thought... And Dr. Jadin was right that she couldn't stay here on her own forever, not looking like she did. She opened up the contact information on her phone, scrolling down to the entries for her mother and father. Which one should she call?

She set down her phone, shaking her head, the question feeling too much like the one she'd had to make all those years ago, back when they'd divorced. Had she made the right decision then? What if, despite the evilness of what she'd done, Dr. Jadin was right, and she hadn't been raised correctly, somehow? Should she choose her mother now, let her give it a shot?

It was a big decision, and rather stressful. Almost as bad as the rest of her day had been. Her head was beginning to pound, so she made her way to the kitchen to get herself something to drink to calm down. The box, with all its multicolored bottles, was gone, unsurprisingly. Getting up on tip-toe, she managed to get a cup from her cupboard, reluctantly filling it with water. She couldn't even swallow it.

She opened her fridge, searching through the contents, trying to find something else to quench her thirst, her hands shaking. She knew what she wanted, but it was gone, and... She stopped, realizing that, no, it wasn't gone, not all of it. Leaving the fridge standing open, she dashed to the nearest cupboard, pulling everything out until she found the five bottles she'd stashed there. There was more scattered around the rest of the kitchen, but this would be enough for now...

Or would if she could drink it. She wanted to, desperately, but she had only to look down at herself to remember what it did to her, why she couldn't. She was already young enough, and she most certainly did not like it, no matter what Diane insisted. She wanted to grow up again, not get younger. So she stood up and walked over to the sink, unscrewing the cap and starting to tip the bottle over, to pour its contents down the sink and be done with it.

Her throat felt so dry... Her hands were shaking even worse now. She set the bottle down on the edge of the sink so she could think for a second. She had to get rid of it, she had to, but... Well, maybe one more sip wouldn't hurt... She'd just have one little drink, just to calm herself down, because it was so good at that, and then when she was done, she'd decide what to do.

She picked the bottle back up, gave herself a mouthful. It tasted so good, flowing down her throat. It was so good, so perfect... It would be a shame to waste all of it. And she wasn't ready to make the decision, not yet, so why not just have a little more? What could one more gulp hurt?


"I can't believe you," her mommy shook her head. "What were you thinking?"

"I already said sorry," she whined. "Like a hundred times." It had certainly felt that way, at least. "She didn't deserve it anyway."

Her mommy sighed. "Honey, you knew you might not win when we enterred. We talked about this. Honestly, you're being so naughty lately..."

"I told you," Aunt Diane spoke up, "if you'd just stick with her schedule, she'd behave. I know you think it's harsh, but it works, doesn't it?"

Her mommy nodded reluctantly. "She does always act much better for a while after she stays with you for a week."

"Little girls need structure. If you just stuck with it, she'd be that good all the time."

"I'm right here," she pouted. "You don't have to talk about me like I'm not..."

"I'm free this week," Aunt Diane said suggestively.

"No!" she protested. "No, I don't wanna!"

Her mommy hesitated, making her hope that, for once, she'd actually believed her when she'd complained about how bad staying with Aunt Diane was, that, for once, she wouldn't take Diane's side. Instead, when she spoke, it was to say, "Are you sure it wouldn't be a bother?"

"Nooo!" she wailed, stomping her foot angrily.

"You'll never learn, will you?" Diane sighed, picking her thrashing form up easily, carrying her out to her car, strapping her into the car seat.

"I-I'm just a little girl," she sniffled, squirming against the straps holding her in. "You can't do this to me anymore..."

But that was, of course, not true. As soon as they got to Diane's house, she was in the corner, soap in her mouth, a child's enema in her bottom doing its work. "If you could just behave yourself, you'd get to be coloring right now," Diane reminded her, "or maybe even watching TV. But that's not what you want, is it? You still think I'm too stupid to realize you like this."

She shook her head vehemently, whimpering as she felt her diaper begin to fill.

"Heck, maybe you're too stupid to realize it, too. But you have to ask yourself, hon... Why did you drink so much of that drug? And why did you call Dr. Jadin? You had a whole contact list to choose from..."

"I was panicking, and I just redialed the last person to call my phone," she pouted. "And she had called my phone to make it easier to add her number, so..."

"Whatever you say, pumpkin," Diane rolled her eyes. "Now put that soap back in, or you're getting a spanking, too."

She sulkily complied, muttering quietly about how Diane didn't know anything, jumping a little as she heard the doorbell ring. "Stay put," Diane instructed, getting up to answer it. "Why, hello, Frank... Oh, I'm sorry... I was going to call you. I'm watching Dr. Jadin's little girl again tonight. But it's all right, she was a naughty girl today, so she's going to bed soon."

"Hi there, Alexia!" Frank greeted her. She gritted her teeth as she heard the two of them kissing behind her, knowing full well that it was no accident Diane hadn't canceled her get together with Frank, just as it was no accident that the spare room her things were set up in was just close enough to their bedroom that she could hear them in the night, when she was supposed to be asleep, grunting and gasping and moaning, reminding her of a time when she could do that.

"All right, that's enough," Diane said, picking her up. "Let's go get you changed and in bed, you little stinker. You have a big day at daycare tomorrow, don't you?"

"Yes, Auntie Diane," she sighed as the woman removed the soap from her mouth and patted her drooping diaper.

"That's better!" Diane praised her. "We'll make a good girl out of you yet!"

And, much as she hated to admit it, Alicia knew that was probably true.

The End

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