Thursday, August 25, 2011

Laura & Holly - Chapter 9

While it might have been nice for a moment of oblivion in the morning, a brief space where I forgot about where I was, and what had happened, my situation made that rather impossible. It was hard to wake up so thickly padded, trapped in my hot cotton prison, bottom still sore, and not remember that I wasn't at home in my own bed, and why. I'd thrown most of the blankets off in my nighttime thrashing, leaving my sleeper and its obvious bulge almost entirely visible as soon as I opened my eyes.

It made me feel a little sick to my stomach, staring down at the ridiculous get-up. The night before, I'd been so tired and frustrated that, even though I'd been getting dressed in it, it hadn't really hit me in full force exactly what was going on. I stared out of the window to the dimly lit world below. It was quite similar to how it looked every morning when I got up for work, making me feel confident that, despite having been put to bed so much earlier, my internal clok had still gotten me up at the usual time.

My stomach began to work itself up into knots inside me as I laid there, thinking about what I should be doing. I should be getting out of bed and stumbling into the shower, stripping off my nightshirt and panties on the way. I always started the shower off with a jolt of cold water to wake myself up before letting it warm up. I gave myself enough time to really enjoy it, to feel the water running over me, to get myself all nice and clean before stepping out and into a fresh, professional suit and heading out to work, munching a granola bar. I was almost done, too, just a few more days...Would they be all right without me? I had no doubt I'd be getting away from here before the opening, but what good would it do if my opening was ruined? Who knew how long it would be before I was trusted with another one then?

I stumbled out of the canopy bed and made an attempt to walk to the door. Since the night before I'd only had to sit back down on the bed, I hadn't realized just how much the bulk of the diapers would change how I moved, and I nearly fell back onto the bed with my first step. I adopted a wider stance after that, though I couldn't help feeling quite humiliated at the waddle I wound up with.

Grasping the doorknob was a nearly impossible task with one mittened hand, one I wasn't up for, though I did try a time or two. Finally, I tried to sandwich the knob between both hands, which worked a little better, but I still wasn't sure if it failed to open because it was still locked, or because I didn't have enough of a grip on it. I stomped my foot in frustration, hot tears starting to pour from my eyes as I looked around the room, flushing as I saw the bay window. As quickly as I dared to move, I toddled over to it and fumbled with the curtain until I managed to get it closed, hiding behind it as much as I could. I peeked my head out once that was done, looking for my car, but it was gone after all, and with it any hope that the nanny would have figured out her mistake before getting me up for the day.

I stumbled back to the bed and flopped down on my stomach, sniffling softly. I grabbed a pillow and hugged it to my chest, feeling helpless as I started to cry. I knew it was useless, but then, so was anything else I might try to do. I knew quite well that the nanny wouldn't believe me, and trying again to get her to see the truth would likely just make her more upset at me. I was trapped, completely at her mercy.

I was so wrapped up in feeling sorry for myself, I didn't even notice the door opening and the nanny slipping inside, sitting down next to me on the bed, not until she started to pat my diapered bottom and say, "It's all right," and even those took me a few moments, as they were so soft. Embarrassed to be crying in front of her, again, I struggled to stop myself as she began to rub my diaper, then move her hand upward, to my lower back. "Did you have another accident last night?" she asked as I managed to calm down a little. "That's okay, that's why you're in your diaper, sweetie."

"I-I didn't!" I protested, blushing, trying to sit up. Her circling hand turned firmer, pushing me back onto the bed, then reaching down and fumbling with the sleeper, making a strange popping sound. I turned my head, attempting to see what she was up to, just in time to see her peel a square panel away from my backside, revealing the thick diaper beneath. She slipped a pair of fingers past the tight legholes of the plastic panties and into the thick flannel below, wriggling around near my most private parts.

"No, you didn't," she announced at last. "What a good girl! Why are you so upset, then? Are you feeling bad for being such a naughty little girl yesterday?" Knowing the truth would only make things worse, I nodded. "Aww... It's okay now, sweetie. That's why I'm here, to help keep you from being so naughty. And this is a good first step." She snapped the flap back up, then unzipped the sleeper, helping me squirm out of it, into the blessedly cool air beyond. "Now, come on, we need to get some breakfast in you."

"Okay," I agreed with a sniffle, rolling over to expose the front of my diaper, and the pins holding it closed under my plastic pants. Instead of starting to remove them as well, she grabbed my hands and pulled me up and off the bed.

"Come on," she urged again, starting to head for the door.

"But..." I protested, poking at the diaper unhappily.

"We'll take care of that after breakfast," she informed me. "Now hurry up. Or do you need me to hold your hand?"

My temper started to flare up at the thought of being made to eat breakfast half-naked, with my other half in only a diaper, but I managed to suppress it as I toddled over to the door after her, thighs rubbing against the soft, yet unyielding, fabric. I slowed down even more as I reached the steps, standing on top biting my bottom lip for a minute as I shakily tried to figure out how not to fall down them. Carefully, I lowered one foot down onto the first step, then, grabbing ahold of the rail, slid the other down to join it. By the time I made it to the second step, the nanny was already all the way down, staring up at me impatiently, which made me feel even more nervous.

She let me get down two more before going back up and snatching me up, holding me on her hip and carrying me easily down. She didn't bother to put me down there, either, instead carrying me all the way to the kitchen. "Go put your sheets in the dryer," she instructed with a pat on the bottom, "and I'll finish up breakfast."

I did as I was told, shuffling into the laundry room and pulling open the washer, dragging out its damp contents and shoving them into the dryer. It felt like such a long time since I'd put them in, even though I knew it had only been a few hours. Still, when they'd gone in, I had never been spanked or diapered, at least not that I could remember, which I'm sure helped make it feel a lifetime away.

I didn't really want to venture back out once I was done, but I knew I had to. I'd waited long enough that the kitchen was empty, and the nanny was waiting for me when I made it to the dining room. She was standing by one full set of dishes, so I climbed into the chair with the other, unable to hide a grimace as I saw what they held. I had a bowl heaped full of greyish mushy oatmeal, dotted with what I assumed were raisins, and a plate of scrambled eggs, lightly buttered toast, and small pieces of some sort of melon. She had much the same, though I noted she had some sort of dry cereal rather than my oatmeal. For someone who barely ate anything for breakfast normally, and wouldn't normally want any of what was sitting in front of me, my stomach hurt just looking at it all, even though I hadn't had supper the night before.

"Eat up," she ordered when she saw me just staring at it. "You have a busy day."

That only made the ache in my abdomen worse. What kind of a busy day would she have planned for Holly? "I'm not really all that hungry..." I said, stabbing at one of the pieces of melon with my fork.

"Nonsense," she shook her head. "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you are going to eat all of it."

I groaned softly, but her stern expression didn't waver. Sighing, I set to work, slowly chipping away at the seemingly massive amount of food, saving the oatmeal - the least appetizing part - for last. "I'm really full," I tried to tell her once I'd cleared off the plate, only to find that she still wasn't interested in my excuses. In fact, she was watching me even more intently, having finished her own breakfast already.

Wrinkling my nose before I even tasted it, I scooped up a spoonful of the mush, raising it to my lips, letting me see that the purple chunks weren't raisins after all, but chunks of something larger, which I discovered, after getting up the courage to put it into my mouth, was a prune. It was a struggle to keep myself from gagging on the stuff, and I had to wash down every bite with a swallow of apple juice, until my cup was empty.

Finally, she seemed to take pity on me. "All right, that's enough," she said. I instantly put the spoon down gratefully, feeling extremely full, and even more relieved. "We don't want you to be late. I'm not about to waste good food, though," she continued, "so you'll be finishing that up for supper, young lady." I pouted, but she didn't seem to notice as she picked me up and carried me back upstairs, setting me down on the bed and searching through the closet and the dresser, coming up with an outfit that I didn't have a chance to look at before she started to un-diaper me, though I could clearly see that it was all pink.

Once I was naked, she had me step into a pair of full cut, bubble-gum pink panties, hemmed in lace and ribbons, and a fair bit thicker than my usual underthings, though blessedly less confining than my diapers had been. A matching vest went on over my chest, then I had a pair of light pink tights, and darker pink shorts pulled up my legs. The latter were rather tight, and short, and I squirmed in them self-consciously as she got the last piece of clothing ready.

It turned out to be a lighter pink dress, a little longer than the shorts, but still not quite reaching my knees, with a high neckline but no sleeves. Even with my diaper off, lying beside me on the bed, I felt like a toddler in this outfit, even before she set me down to brush my hair, holding it back with a dark pink hair band. Pink socks were put onto my feet, followed by a pair of - shockingly non-pink - saddle shoes.

"Look at how adorable you are!" she smiled. "Now, go brush your teeth and use the potty."

I did as I was told, then followed her downstairs, finding it much easier to descend now, and towards the front door. I didn't really want to go out dressed like this, but I told myself it might be for the best... While I hated the thought of being recognized by someone, at least that might lead to my real identity finally being revealed to this woman. My optimism quickly melted away when she handed me a clear backed pink plastic backpack.

"What is this for?" I asked anxiously, afraid of the answer I was going to get.

"It's for school, silly," she replied, confirming my fear. "It's your first day of high school!"


  1. seems slightly less dark then the other parts, almost with a faint ray of hope she may escape this and still prove shes not holly! course, NOW all it would take is for nanny to check up on her stuff and find out the car keys were stolen. (assuming holly actually left, i assume she did)

  2. Wonder what kind of high school she is going to. In a "normal" one she would be picked on all day long and in a "special" one... everything can happen to her.