Monday, August 15, 2011

Laura & Holly - Chapter 6

"Quiet down!" she hissed at me as I squirmed angrily beneath the covers of her bed, determined to end this right now, prove I really was who I'd claimed to be, and get out of there. Holly wasn't about to let that happen, however, and she pushed her hand harder against my face to keep me quiet, eventually straddling my thrashing form to keep me from standing.

"I know you're probably pissed at me," she said quietly, once my fight had died down a little. I glared at her from behind her hand, trying to let her know just how much of an understatement that was. "I'm sorry, okay... It was stupid... But would you please just listen to my side?" I seethed for another few moments, then nodded. She moved her hand slowly, ready to clamp it back down if I made any noise. Finally, she swung her leg back over me, sitting down normally on the edge of the bed again, watching her suspiciously.

"I'm not sure how much she told you, but I'm sure she's 'reminded' you that you signed that contract, right?" she continued after a minute of collecting her thoughts. I nodded. "I'm not going to claim that I didn't sign it, but I only did it because my parents told me if I didn't pass this woman's training or whatever, they'd cut me off completely."

"Then why am I the one here?" I pouted, still unimpressed.

"Well, once the time came for the training to actually start... I kind of freaked. My parents had to be gone for this, so they went to the Bahamas yesterday. The 'nanny' was supposed to get here right before they had to leave, but her flight was delayed. So I was here by myself, and I was sitting here... They made me redecorate this room myself, too, you know. I mean, they picked everything out, but I had to paint it, and move out all of my old furniture and decorations, and..." She shook her head, looking around at the room in disgust. "Anyway, I was sitting here, thinking about that, and I just snapped. So I called a cab and got out of here before the nanny arrived. Even though I knew mom and dad had already withdrawn me, I hung out at the campus all day, because I wasn't sure where else to go, then I managed to bum a ride to rehearsal."

"And you saw me and decided to screw me over," I filled in the rest of the story for her unhappily.

"No," she shook her head. "Laura, I swear, I never meant for this to happen. I was nervous, yes, and too embarrassed to tell you the whole story... But I feel safe when I'm with you, and I thought maybe you could help me talk to the nanny, and tell her I don't really want this. I mean, surely she can't go through with this if I was coerced into signing, right? Once we were actually here, though, I was so nervous I just couldn't stand to face her, even with you, which is why I asked you to talk to her alone. I never imagined she'd mistake you for me! When she came out to talk to me, I just... I don't know. She was scary, and I knew she'd be mad at me if she found out what I did... I'm really sorry, Laura. Really, really sorry."

I watched her, eyeing the earnest tears starting to crawl down her cheeks. They almost made me feel bad for her, until I remembered how easily she'd slipped into the role of me as I'd stood there on her lawn, begging her to tell the truth. If she could do that, surely she could pretend to feel bad about it. Still, if she had been forced into agreeing to this treatment, I couldn't blame her for wanting a way out.

"Why are you here now?" I asked.

"Well, I couldn't leave you here, now could I?" she shook her head. "I'm here to rescue you."

I looked at her skeptically, wishing I could believe that. It would be nice if it was that simple, but it would also be foolish to assume it was, knowing who I was dealing with.

She saw the doubt in my eyes and accepted it, though she did sound a little hurt when she said, "I don't blame you for not trusting me, but think about it - why would I be bothering to talk to you otherwise?"

It was a good question, I had to admit. "Let's go, then," I whispered, starting to scoot out of the bed before she stopped me.

"Stay still for a minute," she instructed. "I tried to be quiet coming in, but I was hoping she'd forget to set the alarm, and she didn't. It took me a minute to get to the control box from the back door."

"Yeah, and she blamed me for it," I sulked.

She nodded. "That makes sense... I hid for a little while, until I heard her stop walking around. That explains why she didn't come downstairs to check it out. I was afraid she called the police or something. But I don't know if she's really asleep again already or not."

My mood darkened as I heard that, sure that she thought herself quite clever. "So you think you should go scout ahead on your own to make sure she doesn't catch both of us, huh? But only after I tell you where she left my keys."

"Did she leave them somewhere? I assumed she put them with her stuff, and I was going to volunteer to be a decoy to get her out of her room while you went in and got them back. This makes things a lot easier!"

I winced, realizing I shouldn't have told her that too late. It did give me an idea, however. I mulled it over in my mind, feeling like an evil traitor at first, until I thought about how, even if she hadn't intended this to happen to me - and I wasn't completely convinced of that - she'd still left me here when she'd had the opportunity to get me out. Sure, I'd like to get out and be able to help her, too, but how likely was it that she was really planning on letting that happen? To toughen my resolve even further, I told myself that if her parents were so dedicated to getting her this treatment, maybe she really did need it.

"Well, I don't know," I shrugged. "She could have moved it from the living room to her room after she put me to bed." I flushed, raising a hand to my mouth, hoping I could sell my lie as well as she had hers when she was talking to the nanny in my car. It wasn't even fully a lie, since she could have locked my things away, if she hadn't forgotten about them. "Well, I guess you know now," I sighed. "You're not just going to go get my keys and leave me here, are you?"

"I wouldn't do that," she promised. "You can come with me to the living room if you want... It's just, two people moving are louder than one, so..."

"No, you're right," I conceded. "We'd better go one at a time. Just leave the door unlocked, and I'll follow you after a few minutes, and..."

"But if she hears me and comes to investigate, she'll get suspicious if she sees the door isn't locked," she countered, just as I feared she would.

Feeling more confident in my plan, and the fact that I was justified in using it, I sighed again and nodded. "You're right," I said reluctantly. "I guess you'll just have to go down and find it, then come back up to let me out so we can run for it once you have."

"Right," she agreed. I could almost hear the greed in her voice. It made me want to yell for the nanny right then and there, grab her and hold her until the woman came in, to prove I really wasn't her. But Holly was a little bigger than me, and probably stronger, so she might be able to throw me off and hide somewhere... No, it was better to stick with my plan, even if I was having a little trouble executing it. "Be extra quiet," she warned me. "We want her to think everything's normal."

"I got it," I told her, squirming under her sheets.

She smiled at me, ruffling my hair. "I'll have you out of here in a jiffy." Before I could think of a reason to keep here from leaving, she was up and gone, closing the door behind her. My stomach turned when I heard the lock clicking again.

"Oh, come on," I groaned at myself, biting my bottom lip. For as painfully full as my bladder was, my body was having a difficult time intentionally overcoming my decades of potty training, locking itself up tighter just when I wanted it to loosen up. I had a little extra time, since Holly should be looking in the living room instead of the foyer, but I knew it would only be a matter of time before she expanded her search.

I closed my eyes, breathing slowly as I imagined myself sitting not on a bed, but a toilet. A very large, comfortable toilet. "Come on," I repeated desperately. "Just a little..." I didn't know how much it would take to set the sensor off. At first I'd assumed not much, if she thought it would make a suitable chastity device, but then it dawned on me that she could have been bluffing about its accuracy. After all, I was sweating under my plastic pants, not a ton, but enough that I was starting to get suspicious that she wasn't coming in to check on me. I guess the whole alarm thing could have been fake, too, for that matter... I certainly hoped not.

Finally, I felt a spurt of urine gush out into my panties, making me gasp slightly as I felt it soak into the fabric beneath me, then a little louder as a second came, this one without all my urging and fighting. The second one didn't stop, either, even for a moment. As I squirmed, trying to stop what I'd tried so hard to start just a few seconds before, I felt my panties grow drenched and useless as the pee began collecting in the plastic pants, leaving me sitting in an ever-growing puddle. I wrinkled my nose as I wriggled my body, feeling a little grossed out as that sent a small rivulet of urine out of the leg-hole of my plastic pants and onto my leg, and the sheets below me.

At the very least, I quickly got confirmation that the alarm was, indeed, real as the woman came bursting into my room, demanding, "What do you think you're doing, young lady?"

"The real Holly is here!" I hissed at her, even though I knew it was silly. Still, I didn't want there to be any chance that Holly could overhear, realize this was something more than the nanny simply thinking I was still awake, and take the opportunity to run before she was caught. "She's down in the living room, and if you hurry, you can..."

But if she heard any of it, she gave no sign of it as she came stomping over to me, throwing back my covers. Blushing, I grabbed for them, though a second tug snatched them out of my grasp easily. I blushed and tried to reach down to cover my wet plastic pants with my hands, but the pressure only set more of the contents out, expanding the small wet spot beneath my bottom.

"Holly Elizabeth Prescott," she intoned, folding her arms in front of her chest and shaking her head, "what did you do?!"


  1. Seems Holly is a good liar, and the lady who is supposed to take care of her is quite bad at her job, Laura should have told Holly to confess, or better yet just scream the second she had a chance and hold her down till the lady came back.