Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Laura & Holly - Chapter 10

"What?" I gasped, backing away a step or two in shock. "No!"

"Yes," she nodded firmly. "You should be happy, Holly... I came very close to deciding you should be in middle school instead. And I could still change my mind."

The worst part of the threat was that I didn't know which would be worse. I had hated high school the first time around, and I'd never even gone dressed anywhere close to as childishly as this. But, much as I hated to think I would be lumped in with a bunch of fourteen year olds, wouldn't it be worse to not even be in high school yet? It wasn't like middle schoolers were much nicer, and while I'm sure I wouldn't pass for one anyway, just the idea of being taken to school like one was humiliating.

"Please, no," I shook my head. "Don't make me go back to high school."

"Have you forgotten your spanking already, young lady? Or what you slept in?" The nanny put her hands on her hips as she stared down at me. "You are not an adult anymore, little missy, and children go to school! At least until you convince me you're too young even for that... I was starting to think you'd learned your lesson enough that we wouldn't have to do that, but if you keep arguing..."

My jaw fell open, eyes watering. "Please," I sniffled again. She shook her head and grabbed my arm, dragging me outside and to her car, where I was put into the backseat and buckled in. I stared out the window miserably as she pulled out of the driveway and headed down the street, contemplating whether it might be worth it to jump out of the car and run away. She'd have to be going slow for me to risk it, making it easier for her to stop, but I'd still get a bit of a head start on her. Would it be enough? She was bigger than me, with longer legs, and she wasn't dressed like a little kid with no ID to prove otherwise. And if she did catch me, I'm sure the spanking would make the one I'd gotten the night before look like child's play.

"Oh, stop sulking," she told me. "You'll make plenty of new friends, I'm sure."

That didn't make me feel any better. I sighed and rested my head on the door until, at last, she came to a stop. Looking up again, I saw the high school, looming over ominously. It was smaller than the one I'd gone to, but I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not. Most likely not, as rumors probably spread even faster.

"Please?" I tried one more time. When she just glared at me in the rear view mirror, I resigned myself and reached for the door handle, only to find that it wouldn't open, and fumbling with the lock did no good. As I was doing this, the nanny got out and walked around the car, opening the door herself with no trouble. I couldn't help but blush, even if I was the only one who knew that my little thoughts of escape had failed to take child safety locks into consideration.

"Come on," she instructed, holding out a hand. I stared up at her, disbelieving. She couldn't... Before I could fully process the idea that she might really be serious, she reached in, unbuckled my seatbelt, and pulled me out, clutching my hand and closing the door behind me. And then, to my horror, she began to walk towards the school.

"Stop it," I whined, trying to stand still and wriggle my hand free of hers, failing miserably at both. "I'll go in, I promise! You can watch me from the car!" All around us, in the parking lot, I could see teenagers streaming in, watching me, snickering, only some polite enough to try to hide it. How many of them were my classmates? They all looked so young, it seemed ridiculous that the nanny seemed to think I could pass for one of them, until I remembered I had been cast as the twin of a girl only slightly older than some of them. A girl who should be here rather than me.

Despite my best efforts to stop her, the nanny soon had me on the sidewalk, edging ever closer to the entrance. I redoubled my efforts, which, to my surprise, actually got her to stop. Unfortunately, it was just to hiss, "If you don't stop it right now, young lady, I will spank your bottom right here. And then we can turn around and drive straight to the middle school... Or maybe the elementary school."

A fresh tear rolled down my cheek as I began to trudge down the sidewalk, defeated. I hoped she would let me go once we were inside the building, but her grip stayed tight as she began leading me through the halls, letting more and more kids see me, looking for all the world like a scared little girl who had to be taken to class by her mommy. Even knowing I was a grown-up, knowing high school doesn't really matter as much as the people in it tend to think, knowing none of them knew who I really was, the experience still made me feel nauseous.

Finally, she turned and pulled me into a classroom, one mostly full of young teenagers. They were freshman, too, so we should have all been at the very bottom of the ladder together, but even if I wasn't the "new kid", I knew that this entrance would have made me the lowest of the low. I was marched to the desk of the teacher, a young woman about the same age as the nanny, with short black hair and glasses. "This is Miss Holly Prescott," the nanny announced, letting go of my hand at last, now that it was too late to escape. "Poor little thing has a terrible sense of direction, so I thought I'd better make sure she got here all right."

The teacher smiled at me patronizingly. "This school can be confusing for anyone," she told me, as if that would make me feel any better.

"You have the instructions for her?" the nanny inquired.

"Yes, yes," the teacher nodded. "Don't worry, I'll take good care of her. She'll be just fine."

I pleaded silently with the nanny not to humiliate me any further and kiss me on the forehead or anything else, clutching my backpack nervously. She watched me for a moment, then smiled gently. "Be a good girl," she ordered. "And have fun." Then she was gone.

"I'm Ms. Taylor," the teacher told me. "You can just stay up here for now so you can introduce yourself. We have a couple empty desks for you to choose from... And we'll find someone to help you get to all your classes. Do you have your schedule with you?"

"I... umm..." I mumbled uncertainly. Now that the nanny was gone, I almost missed her. At least with her there, I could use the threat of punishment to justify not blurting out my secret and trying to get someone to believe me and help me out. Now there was no reason I couldn't, except that if nobody did believe, and she found out, that punishment could still happen. Not to mention that it was slightly better to be thought of as a fourteen year old in this get-up, rather than a businesswoman in her twenties. That didn't do much to take the sting out of my own silence, however.

Ms. Taylor moved around her desk, gently taking my back-pack and un-zipping it, plucking a piece of paper from the very front. "It's right here, hon. Don't be so nervous, none of us bite!" She zipped my back-pack back up for me, setting the schedule on her desk. I was too scared to turn around and face the rest of the class, so I just stood there, staring at the chalk-streaked board in front of me while I squirmed, sure I was going to have a heart attack when the bell finally rang.

Instead, even worse, the jolt of the sudden, surprisingly loud, noise sent a spurt of urine into my pink panties. I heard myself gasp, and my cheeks felt as if they were stained permanently red, even though I knew, through all the layers I was in, there was no way that small of an accident would be visible. I knew it had happened, though, and it was just the cherry on my sundae of mortification.

"All right, class," Ms. Taylor said, moving beside me and turning me, still blushing and clutching my back-pack, around by the shoulders to face my classmates. They looked almost impossibly young to be in high school, yes, but they also looked like they were on the verge of bursting into laughter. I was sure the ones who weren't in there when the nanny brought me in had heard about that, or been in the halls to see that part of it. "This is Holly Prescott. She's new, and here on a very temporary basis, so if anyone would like to volunteer to show her around, it would be very helpful."

To my surprise, the hand of a very pretty blonde girl shot up almost instantly. "I'll do it!" she announced, walking up to the front of the class for Ms. Ryan to hand her my schedule.

"Thank you, Molly," Ms. Ryan smiled.

"Come on, you can sit next to me," Molly offered. I was surprised by how sincere she sounded, not at all like she was mocking me. I looked up at her - which was rather embarrassing, knowing how young she must be - and saw a smile on her face, too. I tagged along behind her, back to the desk she'd been sitting at, only to find that the desks on either side were occupied. "Brittany, why don't you go sit by Katie?" Molly suggested.

The fact that Brittany obeyed instantly, her only resistance a very brief nasty look in my direction, just confirmed what I'd suspected about Molly. She was popular, the kind of girl who would only have spoken to me the first time I was in high school if she needed help with her homework to avoid getting kicked off the cheerleading squad. She was just the kind of person I expected to be the meanest to me... So why wasn't she? I knew it was probably pretty likely that this was a trick, but she looked so sincere it was hard to believe it. The other kids even seemed to be trying harder to hide how amused they were at my outfit.

As I slid into my new seat and glanced over at Molly, getting a reassuring smile in return, I couldn't help but think that perhaps this wasn't going to be as bad as I'd feared after all.

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  1. Love your stories and way of writing. I look forward to every update. The attention to details and explanation of her feelings really makes the whole situation so very realist, even tho a fantasy. I think, like you many of your readers, i would secretly love this to happen to me.