Saturday, August 13, 2011

Laura & Holly - Chapter 5

Naturally, once the woman's footsteps had faded far enough down the hall, and I'd given it an extra minute or so while I tested the strength of my plastic pants, just in case, I was up and out of bed, slowly jiggling the door knob to confirm that it was, indeed, locked. I hadn't planned on trying to escape, since getting caught was sure to make my last few hours of this crazy, mixed-up experience even less enjoyable, but the thought that I didn't even have the option was a bit scary. For a brief moment, I even forgot about the other lock and worried about what this would mean for my bladder.

Of course, even if the door hadn't been locked, I still wouldn't have been able to use the toilet, like I should have done a few minutes before, rather than sulking and plotting. I hadn't expected this, but surely I should have realized the woman wouldn't be terribly happy if I got out of bed to run to the bathroom not long after she tucked me in. It bothered me that I was so scared of her, when I knew she had no authority over me, that, come morning, this whole thing should be done. Still, she had the power to make the rest of my stay very uncomfortable and unpleasant.

I sighed and turned the door knob one final time, then wandered through the room, too bored and frustrated to think about sleeping, even if it hadn't been so early. There wasn't much to look at, especially since I was going by the glow of the nightlight, afraid the woman would see the other light under the door if I turned it on, so I quickly wound up at the bay window, sitting down on the bench and staring out into the darkness.

It was strange, in a way... Looking back at the shadowy room, especially the bed, and out through the window again, I began to realize it was just the kind of room I'd dreamed of having as a kid. I'd especially wanted this kind of window, something big and bright I could nestle down in front of and lose myself in a book. In fact, I mused, books were the reason I wanted that, or one book in particular. I'd always been disappointed by my own, small, window, knowing that if Peter Pan even came calling, he'd have a much harder time getting in to teach me how to fly and take me off to have adventures. It was silly, of course, but I'd been young, so that was kind of expected.

Of course, as an adult, I knew having a big window like that was somewhat impractical, not least of all because it made it quite easy for anyone to see inside, if the drapes weren't closed. Which, I realized as I stood there, chills running up my spine as my cheeks stained themselves crimson, they hadn't been as I was getting dressed. Anyone could have looked up and seen me standing there, naked. Feeling dirty and humiliated, I stepped back and started to close the drape - pink, unsurprisingly - that blocked off the whole alcove from the rest of the room, then stopped myself. I was clothed now, and from a distance, I'm sure I didn't look much different from a little girl. Nobody around here knew me, anyway. It still didn't make me happy about what had happened before, but there was no reason to freak out now.

Instead, I clambored up onto the bench and grasped the handles on the two sections that made up the center window, yanking them open. It made me feel like a kid again, reliving that silly little fantasy, pretending I was about to go to Never-never land. Of course, there was a screen in the way, beyond the glass, but it was still a fun thought, or would have been until I glanced down. Instead, I was snapped out of it by the sudden aggressive bleating of an alarm.

Frantically, I shoved the windows closed again, berating myself for not thinking that a house this nice wouldn't be protected like that, even just for a second story window. Luckily, the noise stopped as I turned the handles to lock them, but almost before I turned around from doing that, the woman was standing in the doorway, seething.

"What do you think you're doing, young lady?!" she demanded as I stood there, hands shaking.

"I was... I just... A little fresh air..." I stammered frantically.

"Your little butt is supposed to be in bed," she reminded me, stomping over and plucking me from the seat, carrying me back to the bed and again tucking me in, this time even tighter. "And asleep. You'd better be glad I don't think you have it in you to try to climb out of that window, or I'd suspect you lied to me as well. And good little girls don't lie, do they? And they certainly wouldn't go around sneaking out of windows, would they?"

I shook my head obediently, though it was a battle to keep myself from saying anything nasty, unhappy with the implication that I was a coward or something. The worst part was that she was right. I wouldn't say I was afraid of heights, necessarily... But I could do without them. I'm not a fan of climbing down ladders, and trying to shimmy down a drainpipe or trellis or something was pretty much out of the question, especially now that I knew I had only a matter of seconds to do so, in addition to opening the window and finding a way to pop out the screen.

I didn't dare ask if I could use the bathroom, or claim that the reason I'd wanted the window open was because the plastic panties were too hot, afraid either one would come out less pleasant than it should, maybe enough to push her over the edge. So I just stayed silent as she left again, leaving me to my pink prison. It took a little more effort to wriggle free from the blankets that time, and even once I had, I just sat on the edge of the bed, feet dangling and swinging. I still had nowhere to go, nothing to do.

Eventually I made my way back to the window and sat down on the bench, staring out at the night sky. Maybe it would be better to just go to sleep, I mused. Morning would come quicker that way, and my freedom with it. Even if it was early... And, eventually, I did just that, curled up on the window seat.


At first, I thought it was my alarm clock blaring, so I reached over to smack the snooze button, groaning, sure it couldn't be time to wake up already. The first thing I noticed as my eyes opened was that it was still quite dark out. After that, I realized I wasn't in my own bed, or any bed, for that matter. I sat up in shock, looking around at the pink nightmare of a room, groggily trying to puzzle out what had just happened.

Before I could even come close, the door was bursting open. The woman was in a nightgown now, a long, white one with tiny polka dots of various color. Her hair wasn't in curlers, and she wasn't sleeping in an avocado mask or anything, but, like anyone just woken up, she should have looked far less intimidating than normal. Instead, she was even scarier. "Just what," she asked, "do you think you're doing?"

"I was... I just fell asleep and..." My tired brain wasn't helping me out, and barely even remembered the noise that had woken me, and, presumably, her, up, as it had stopped shortly after.

"You just won't learn your lesson, will you?" she shook her head, marching over to me. "There's no way you're getting out of there without me catching you, young lady. Unfortunately for you, it's past midnight now, so I can teach you in a way that might stick in your pretty little head better."

My heart began to beat faster as her hand clamped over my wrist and pulled me away from the window seat, allowing her to sit there instead. I struggled against her grip, only to find myself draped over her lap. "No," I whimpered. This couldn't be happening, it had to be some sort of nightmare... After being stripped, shaved, given a time out, locked in a pair of sweltering, uncomfortable plastic pants, and put to bed early, I couldn't be getting a spanking, too... It was too much! It would be too much for a real child, too, I was sure, though that didn't provide any real comfort when I burst into tears.

"Please!" I begged, squirming and sniffling. "Please don't! I'll be good, I swear! I don't need a spanking, I don't, I don't! I'll be a good girl, I promise! Please don't spank me!" It was a pitiful sight, I was sure, and perhaps even more embarrassing than taking the spanking would have been. There I was, bottom untouched, bawling my eyes out and begging for mercy. There was nothing adult about it, no telling her she couldn't, or trying again to convince her of her mistake, just blind fear and childish pleading. I tried to tell myself it was because I'd just been woken up, but I'm not sure how much that can really be blamed.

"My, my," the woman clicked her tongue at me, shaking her head. "For someone who tried to claim she was an adult, you're sure acting like a baby about taking your punishment, aren't you?"

I couldn't deny it, so I just mumbled another tearful, "Please..."

"I don't want you to think I'm soft," she said, resting one hand on my shaking bottom, giving my cries a new urgency. After a light pat, however, she moved it away. "But I have the feeling you know that already, or you wouldn't be so scared, would you?"

She lifted me up, setting me on my feet, tugging the hem of my nightshirt down as I stood in front of her, still sniveling. "You aren't going to try to open this window without my permission from now on, are you?" she asked.

I shook my head, then managed a quiet, "N-No, ma'am," when she gave me a look that told me that wasn't enough.

"And you're going to stay in your bed when I put you in it from now on, aren't you?"

"Y-Yes, ma'am."

"And you're going to an obedient, sweet little girl from now on, aren't you?"

"Y-Yes, ma'am."

She smiled slightly at that. "We'll see about that. It's pretty rare for one punishment to really stick, especially when you didn't actually get it... But I've never seen anyone cave as quickly as you, so maybe you'll be an exception. I hope so... I don't want you to think I enjoy having to spank you, sweetie, it's just something I have to do. Now let's get you back into bed."

My pride stung a bit at that, but knowing that my bottom would likely sting much worse if I didn't play along kept me complacent enough to go with her to the bed and get tucked in for a third time, sniffling the whole time. I didn't even think to ask for the bathroom until she was gone, though my bladder was really starting to hurt by then. I laid in bed, squirming and whimpering, wondering how long I'd be able to hold it.

Then, like a miracle, I heard the door being unlocked. At first I thought I must have fallen asleep again and woken up the next morning, though the fact that it was still dark quickly quashed that. Then I thought it was a dream, or just the woman being perceptive about what happens when someone wakes up in the middle of the night. It might be embarrassing to think she was comparing my bathroom habits to that of a little kid, but if it kept me from peeing myself, I could live with it.

But when I rolled over in the bed, feeling a light pressure on the mattress as if someone was sitting there, it wasn't the woman I saw perched beside me. My eyes went wide and I started to yell, only to feel a hand clamped over my mouth.

"Hey, twin," Holly said, smiling from the shadows. "Miss me?"

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  1. Oh no, what does she want?
    Do she plan to trick her further or is she going to explain what she and her parents had written in the contract? Or is she really helping her?