Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Affair - Chapter 5

"No," Barbara whined, only getting more upset as she was ignored. "No!" she repeated, but the woman simply tugged her hand harder, then pushed her over to the stairs, where Barbara was sat down on the bottom one, diaper crinkling beneath her. She was sure these diapers were louder than the ones the twins had put her in, and thicker. They certainly seemed to go up higher on her, the top of them tickling the bottom of her belly slightly, which the others had never done.

The woman opened the closet near the front door, pulling out a pair of pink velcro shoes, which had pink ankle socks laced with white lace resting inside, along with a purse. "No!" Barbara insisted again, pouting as the woman pulled the socks up over her feet, then followed them with the shoes. "You can't," she added at last.

The woman slung her purse over her shoulder, then grabbed Barbara's hands, yanking her back up. "I'm going to let that slide for now," she said cheerfully, "because it's your first day. But you're mine now, Barbie, and I think you're going to find that I can do whatever I want with you."

"You can't," Barbara insisted. "I'm an adult, an' I'm not a toy. I'm not a pwesent."

"Well, you certainly aren't acting like a very good one right now," the woman agreed, dragging Barbara closer to the front door. "But you'll learn. I'm sure it won't be hard for someone like you. Now, if you decide to speak while we're out, you are to call me mommy, do you understand? You can call me mommy here, too, for now... I haven't decided if you'll be sticking with that or not. I guess it will depend on how good a little girl you wind up being. Because mistress has a good sound to it, too. Until then, though, it's..."

Barbara stared up at the woman, sulking. Did she really have to say it? Apparently so. She sighed, staring back down at her shuffling feet. "Mommy," she grumbled.

All of the sudden, she felt two fingers roughly digging into her chin, pushing it up, forcing her to lock eyes with the woman. "What was that, Barbie? You want a little training session before we go out? Because we ARE going out, Barbie. It's up to you what condition you and your diaper are in when we do. I think you're smart enough, if just barely, to see I'm not taking a diaper bag with me... But I am more than willing to do so, little lady, and change you anywhere I please. Do you want that?"

Barbara shook her head fearfully, only to feel her face being squeezed more tightly. "No, mommy," she squeaked. She felt a little dirty saying it, giving in so easily, but what could she do? She was quite thoroughly overpowered, and, standing there beside the tall, busty woman, she felt, quite thoroughly, like a toddler. It was the exact opposite of how she'd expected to feel that afternoon; heck, it was what she'd been running away from. She'd been hoping her encounter with this bitch's husband would help her to forget about everything the twins had done to her, help her to feel fully like a grown-up again, and yet here she was, busted back further than ever before. She wondered if this was some sort of sign.

"That's what I thought," the woman nodded, pulling the door open and escorting the fidgeting girl outside. It seemed quite strange to be walking - or toddling, really, from the aftereffects of the drug and her diaper - past her car, knowing she'd actually driven that here, a far more adult thing than anyone seeing her now would have suspected her of being capable of. The woman kept her strides small as they went down the driveway, seeming to enjoy the girl's pained look back, her desire to jump into the car and drive away. Of course, Barbara wasn't even sure where her keys were now. They'd been with her clothes when the woman had taken them. Would she ever see them again?

The pace picked up once they were at the sidewalk, leaving Barbara struggling to keep up without tripping on her own two feet, which she concentrated more and more on to avoid catching the gaze of passing joggers and dog-walkers, though she could still feel their eyes on her. Her breasts had never felt so big as then, even if most of their size was artificial, and she was sure the woman had let her keep her bra so passers-by would realize that, tiny as she was,  she still wasn't really young enough to be dressed as she was. Especially not in a diaper, which was feeling quite warm now, making her bottom sweat as she was forced to practically jog to keep up.

"What's the matter, chubby?" the woman teased Barbara as she started to pant at the exertion of it, reaching down to pat the girl's tummy. Barbara's cheeks burned, tears stinging the corners of her eyes unbidden. She'd never been anywhere close to overweight before - and she still wasn't, she just had a few extra pounds, which she was starting to realize had probably been this woman's idea, rather than her husband's - and that had been the one thing, really, she'd had going for her. She was picked on for being short, for being flat, for wearing glasses, but when she got too frustrated at all the teasing, she could always take out her frustrations on one of the bigger girls in her class. It was mean, sure, but sometimes it worked to make her feel better. And now here it was, being thrown back at her.

"I'm not fat!" she declared angrily.

"Oh, what's the matter, did I hit a nerve?" the woman asked, making Barbara regret showing any kind of reaction. "Are you gonna throw a tantrum about it?" The woman seemed disappointed when Barbara shook her head, though she didn't push it any further. Still, Barbara had a feeling she hadn't heard the last of that.

Finally, the woman started to slow down, turning to walk up one house's driveway before cutting around behind the house. If she hadn't been so busy trying to catch her breath, Barbara would have been somewhat surprised to see the huge pool, probably olympic sized, back there, though as it was, she barely noticed it or the group of women sitting at an umbrella shaded table by its edge.

"There you are!" one of them shouted.

"So sorry, Claire!" the woman smiled, tugging Barbara along as she walked over to them. "My little boarder is a bit out of shape, as you can see."

Barbara froze in humiliation as all eyes turned to her. One of the closer women, seemingly the youngest, probably just four or five years older than Barbara, reached over and touched the diaper. "What is that?" she asked, sounding a bit tipsy.

"Oh, Sasha," Barbara's 'mommy' chuckled, " you're so cute. It's so obvious you aren't a mother yet."

"Neither are you," Sasha shot back.

The woman smiled, giving Barbara's rear a loud pat. "Well, I wasn't," she said. "You girls just are not going to believe this..." She sat down at one of the empty chairs, accepting the drink one of the other ladies poured. "Are you just going to stand there all day, Barbie?" she asked, making the girl blushed uncertainly, starting to head for another empty seat. "No," the woman told her sternly. "We've been over this. If we're doing this, we're doing it right. You can either sit on my lap, or on the ground. Which is it going to be?"

Barbara looked up at the woman pleadingly; she was clearly not budging. She glanced around at the other women, but they seemed far more interested in watching what was going on than helping her. She wasn't about to climb up on the woman's lap, so, sulking, she sank down to the ground. "Good girl," her 'mommy' complimented her, ruffling her hair. Barbara was sure she'd known what choice she'd make, and that she wanted it this way. Sitting there, able to see only the legs of most of the other women, too far out of the way to really be a part of the conversation, she was clearly being shown her place.

"Come on, Gail, stop stalling," one of them said. It was apparently directed at Barbara's mother, since she started talking afterward. It was certainly nice, Barbara thought, to have some way of thinking of her without having to resort to calling her 'mommy' in her mind as well, but she doubted she'd really be able to use that name out loud.

"You girls know I was looking into renting out the spare room," Gail's story began. "And, clearly I did. Little Barbie here seemed like the perfect candidate when we interviewed her. A nice, quiet young girl who said she'd keep to herself for the most part. So we drew up a contract and all, and she moved in today. And almost right away, once she has her things unpacked, she comes out of her room in a diaper - a diaper! - sucking her thumb."

"What?" Sasha giggled, bending down to look at Barbara, who blushed and turned away from the attention bashfully. "That's a diaper?!"

"Of course it is," Claire berated her, and Barbara could practically hear her eyes rolling. "Have you never even seen a baby, Sasha?"

"Yes, I have, Yvette," Sasha pouted. "But I don't pay that much attention to them!"

"Ladies, ladies... Could we listen to the rest of the story, please?" The other women quieted down obediently.

"Thank you. Anyway, she comes up to me and tells me that the reason she wanted to live with me is because she thought of me as a mommy."

"Gee, I wonder why," Sasha snorted.

"Sasha, be quiet," Yvette ordered.

"I'm just saying," Sasha grumbled, "I wouldn't mind having some of those."

"Obviously," Gail raised her voice to silence the other woman again, "I thought she was crazy. I was going to tear up the contract right then and there, but she just burst into tears. She told me all she ever wanted was for someone to take care of her, and she didn't know what she was going to do if I kicked her out. It was quite pitiful."

"Nuh-uh!" Barbara tried to protest, only to go quiet as Gail fixed her with a glare that promised dire consequences if she kept talking.

"She's shy about it now... But she was down on her knees, just begging me to do it earlier. And you all know how soft hearted I am." She paused to let the other women snicker. "I marched her into her room and was starting to pack her things back up, when I saw all this stuff she'd brought! There were just tons of diapers, and little kid clothes, and..."

"I didn't!" Barbara sniffled.

"And pacifiers," Gail finished, pulling one out of her purse and shoving it into Barbara's mouth. Barbara nearly gagged at the sudden invasion, her mouth filling with the taste of rubber. It felt quite large, far more so than she could imagine a regular baby-sized one being. She reached up to try to take it out, only to have her hand smacked away. "And paddles," she added pointedly before straightening back up. "All kinds of things. And it was just so obvious how much she wanted it... I know it's silly, but I agreed. But we're doing it on my terms, aren't we, Barbie?"

"Yes, 'cause I don't want this!" Barbara answered unhappily.

"There's no need to be embarrassed about it now, they already know," Gail chuckled.

"I don't know, I still think there's plenty of reason for her to be embarrassed," Yvette said. "A young woman like that completely retreating from adulthood? You can't tell me that's normal."

"I think it's kinda cute," Sasha giggled.

"It is," Gail agreed. "And it's certainly not normal. But if I didn't go along with her, she'd have found someone else who would, and who knows what kind of person that would be? Besides, I'm sure she'll get tired of this sooner or later and realize just how ridiculous it is. But until then, she's my baby girl."

"It is quite nice of you," Yvette conceded. "I'm sure it will be a lot of work."

"Oh, she's a handful, all right," Gail nodded.  "But isn't she cute?" She reached down, pulling Barbara to her feet, tickling her exposed stomach. "How can you say no to this?" Barbara started to giggle and squirm, unable to help herself as the other women watched and conceded that, indeed, it would have been hard. Gail slowed her tickling, then let her hand drift down, over the padded crotch of the diaper, which she pushed up against Barbara's hot, confined nether regions. "Oh, Barbie, you didn't! You promised me you wouldn't go again until we were back home! Are you trying to embarrass me in front of my friends?"

"What?" Barbara looked up, confused, at the woman, standing there with her hands on her hips, a stern look in her eye. "I didn't!" she insisted, blushing as she heard Sasha tittering and realized her 'mommy' had just made them all think she'd wet herself.

"Ugh, see what I mean? A handful." Gail shook her head. "Well, I'd better go get her changed so she doesn't get a rash. I didn't bring a spare because somebody swore to me that she wouldn't need it."

"I don't!" Barbara wailed, stomping her foot. These women already thought little enough of her - she didn't want them to think she'd peed her pants in front of them, too!

"It might be naptime, too," Claire suggested.

"You're probably right," Gail nodded. "Say night-night to your aunties, Barbie, and we'll go get you in a nice, clean diapie."

"But I'm not wet!" Barbara pouted.

"One..." Barbara started to scoff at that. She'd used that trick on plenty of kids, back when she was a babysitter. She'd never had any real idea what she'd have done if they let her get to three, but she'd never had to find out. As Gail got to, "Two," however, she remembered what the woman had said about paddles, and knew that was one part of the story that probably hadn't been made up.

"Goodnight," she piped up.

"No, do it right," Gail insisted. "Each one."

"But..." Barbara started, uncertainly.

"Two and a half..."

Barbara quickly toddled up to Sasha, the closest, and mumbled, "Goodnight." She blushed as the woman leaned closer to her, turning her cheek to face her, making her realize just what was expected of her. She sighed and leaned in, kissing the woman on the cheek, getting a drunken chuckle in return. She did the same for the other women, then returned to Gail's side obediently, following her back to the sidewalk.

"There," Gail said, once they were away from the house. "Now they all know you belong to me. And I promise, you're not getting away from here without at least one of them catching a glimpse of you. And I bet even Yvette wouldn't mind having a little doll of her own to play with for a little while before calling me to pick you up."

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