Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Affair - Chapter 4

"Wh-What..?" the girl tried to say, shaking her head.

"Just give it a few minutes," the woman told her. "It's a pretty powerful drug, but it ought to wear off enough to let you stand on your own in a bit."

There was, the girl was sure, little chance that this woman would have drugged her if she didn't know the truth. Clearly, she didn't really think she was a kid... But how much did she actually know? Was it just a strange coincidence that she'd called her by that hated nickname?

"I-I'm sowwy," the girl managed to get out, her voice not working much better than her legs. "I'ww weave, an' neber talk to youw hus'ban again, I swear..."

"Sorry?" the woman chuckled, kneeling down in front of her, loosening the tie and pulling it off as she spoke. "Sweetie, that doesn't even begin to cover it. You're absolutely pathetic. Honestly, he told me about you, and showed me pictures of you, and told me all about your little adventures with him, but I never thought you'd be so pitiful. It's perfect, really. You're perfect."

She was really starting to feel confused now, though she wasn't sure if that was because of the drug, or what the woman was saying. First she was pathetic, and now she was perfect? What was that supposed to mean? "Pewfect?" was the closest she could come to asking about it.

"Oh, yes," the woman nodded, reaching out and starting to unbutton the girl's shirt. The girl tried to stop her, but her arms felt too heavy to be of much use. She shivered slightly as the  shirt was pushed off of her, leaving her in just her padded bra, which the woman briefly pulled aside before letting it stay, commenting, "Adorable," as the girl blushed. Her hands then moved down the girl's tummy, making her squirm slightly - all the sweets hadn't really fattened her up, as he'd said he wanted, but they had made a bit of a start, and she'd been feeling more ticklish there since then.

The girl tried to fight back again as the woman's fingers made their way to the waistband of her skirt, starting to tug it down, but the drug hadn't worn off nearly enough yet. The tights were next, leaving her sitting there in her bra and panties, wanting to sink into the floor and vanish. The woman smiled as she tugged the pink panties down, revealing the girl's mostly bald crotch. "Shaved already, good girl," she complimented the girl. That hadn't been her choice, but her body hadn't been very cooperative in fixing what had been done to her.

She smiled even more as she held the wet panties in front of the girl, dangling them from her thumb and forefinger daintily. "My, my... You were really looking forward to this, weren't you? Waltzing in here, up to MY bedroom, to be with MY husband?" The girl tried to shake her head, but even in this situations, those thoughts made her squirm. "So pathetic," the woman grinned. "That's never going to happen. Do you really think he'd want that..." she looked disdainfully down at the mostly naked girl, "when he could have this?"

She didn't bother to point out her breasts, or any part of her body, or try to emphasize them in any way. She didn't have to. Even so, the girl found herself feeling strangely offended at the insinuation. Just because she was less developed... Much less... Didn't mean nobody would want her! She knew this was neither the time nor place for it, yet she still found herself sneering out a satisfied, "He did."

The woman snorted, then broke out into laughter, loud and hearty. "Oh... Oh, don't tell me you still think that?" the woman shook her head, wiping her eyes. "That is just too much! He had to steal your driver's license to make sure you were even legal! He was sure you were just a little teeny-bopper, trying to impress him by acting older!" The woman noted the girl's eyes widening, her brain putting the pieces together. "I bet your little panties were soaked, then, too, sitting there with your 'hero', just wanting to jump his bones... Well, honey, I can guarantee you your underwear will be wet every time you see him from now on, but not in the same way. He didn't bring you here for himself, Barbie. It's our anniversary, and you are my present."


"I know it's silly for a woman my age to play with dolls, but when they're as adorable as you, I just can't help it." The woman pinched the girl's cheek hard, then stood, walking off, taking the clothes with her. When she returned, she had a new set of clothes with her, neatly folded, topped with what Barbara recognized all too well as a disposable diaper, a bottle of baby powder balanced on top of it.

She'd been trying to regain control of her body the whole time the woman had been away, but the sight of that gave her renewed purpose, if not strength. This couldn't be happening, not again... She'd moved to the city to get away from that, from evil teenagers that seemed obsessed with keeping her their baby sister; how could it have followed her here?! What was it about her that made everyone want to turn her into some oversized baby?!

"Oh, is baby excited?" the woman teased. Firmly, she pushed the whimpering girl onto her back, then unfolded the diaper, taking her time, letting Barbara hear every crinkle. "I don't even care why you were going by another name... I'm sure there's some silly reason, but it doesn't matter, because I bet what it really means is that you were running away from something, weren't you?" Barbara groaned as her bottom was lifted, and the very thing she'd been running away from was slid under it. "I bet it also means you don't know many people here, do you? And most people from back home probably don't know what you're up to, either. When you disappear again, they'll just think you ran off to somewhere further away." Barbara sniffled softly, smelling the baby powder the woman was so liberally pouring onto her before she tugged the diaper up between her legs, taping it tightly in place. "I was going to re-name you anyway, but it turns out you already had the perfect name for a doll. You were just trying to hide it."

"Pweaze..." Barbara pleaded, tears starting to trickle down the sides of her face. "I don't wanna..."

"It doesn't matter what you want anymore," the woman told her. "You're mine now. You do what I say." She took a pair of pink shorts from the pile of clothes and pulled them up Barbara's legs, over the diaper that bulged obviously through them and stuck out an inch or two from the top. The woman pulled Barbara back into a sitting position to put the pale pink T-shirt on her, tugging it down as far as it would go, which still left a bit of Barbara's tummy, not to mention her diaper, showing.

Barbara had spent two weeks in actual baby clothes, things the girls she was supposed to be babysitting had outgrown more than a decade before, and yet, somehow, this outfit managed to make her feel more babyish than any of those had. "How adorable!" the woman cooed. "I could just eat you up!" As if to prove that, she practically pounced on Barbara, pushing her shirt back up over her slightly rounded tummy, blowing raspberries on it until the girl couldn't help but to giggle despite her humiliation. The woman smiled as she sat back up, readjusting Barbara's shirt, then tracing her finger down to the plastic just below it. "I'm sure you don't mind your diaper peeking out there, do you? I mean, I know you don't mind showing your panties off in public."

It shouldn't have been a surprise, yet Barbara's drugged mind was still working through everything she'd been told in the last few minutes, and she couldn't keep herself from blushing an even deeper shade than she already was. "You think I didn't know about that? It was my idea! I had to know you could follow orders! And you did, too, every last one... You need someone to tell you what to do, don't you, Barbie? You can't be expected to think on your own. Well, that's what mommy's here for."

The woman stood up, tugging Barbara to her feet. The girl's head spun for a moment, and she wobbled, but to her surprise, she didn't fall. "And now," the woman told her, reaching down to give her bottom a rough pat."I'm telling you that we're going on a little walk so I can show my present off to the neighborhood."

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  1. A very good chapter. I have been following your stories on DD and I look forward to following them on this great new blog spot that you have taken the time to create.

    Thank you for writing such great stories and please continue soon.