Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sierra's Magical Thanksgiving - Part 2

Part 2 - The Kids' Table

Sierra carefully navigated her way through the crowd, feeling ridiculous as her full skirt swished around her. She supposed she should be glad that it was poofy enough to hide the bulk of her diaper, but she wasn't used to crinolines, and even if she had been, the dress clearly looked as though it was meant for a little girl, since it was. The bodice was black, with a red sash around the rather high waist, adorned with a rather large cloth rose, with a red and green plaid skirt that had a black, sparkly mesh overlay. Sierra couldn't help but wonder if Madison had been planning this since the night before, since it had been the one thing other than the pajamas that she hadn't shrunk back down to her own size.

Of course, Madison claimed otherwise. When she came into her room that morning and checked Sierra's diaper, she'd shaken her head and sighed, "If you could have just kept your diaper dry, you could have wore your big girl panties," she'd said, "but I think we'd better keep you in diapers."

Unfortunately, that had come after an even more embarrassing encounter with Mrs. Case, which made Sierra feel all the more anxious to be looking for the woman. She had woken up that morning rather disoriented, squirming in the unfamiliar bed, trying to suss out what the strange feeling around her waist was. Her memory returned quite slowly with the dull ache in her backside, and the cold, clammy feeling in the crotch of her diaper that reminded her she had failed in her final goal of the night before, being forced to pee her pants as she laid in Madison's bed, surrounded by the floating spoons.

She groaned, yanking the blankets off of herself and looking around. The spoons seemed to have calmed down once she was asleep, so maybe now she could get up safely. The whole experience had her feeling disoriented, and Madison had no clock in her room, so she wasn't sure what time it was, or if Madison's parents might be home already. She had been wearing her watch the day before, of course - it bothered her not to have some kind of bracelet or something around her wrist at all times - and it was in a pile with the rest of her clothes.

Cautiously, she started to swing her legs out of the bed, hoping she wouldn't set the spoons off if she was slow enough. There didn't seem to be any movement, so she breathed a sigh of relief and began to slide herself to the edge of the bed, getting ready to hop off and dash for her clothes, when she heard a knock on the door. She gasped, quickly pulling the blankets back over herself, the answer to her previous question suddenly becoming obvious; Madison wouldn't have knocked on her own door before coming in. Sierra would have liked the opportunity to change first, before facing Mrs. Case, but she wasn't sure if the woman had heard her, or the crinkling of her diaper and the plastic sheet as she moved, and she didn't want her to get suspicious, so she forced herself to call, "Come in..."

"Good morning, Sierra!" Mrs. Case said, stepping in and staring down at the babysitter. "Did you sleep well?"

Sierra blushed. Was it really morning already? She'd assumed there was no way she could have slept that long, being put to bed so early. "L-Listen, I can explain..." she stammered. Lying there in a wet diaper made her feel quite vulnerable, and she wished she could at least sit up, but she had replaced the blankets over herself rather hastily, and wasn't sure if she could trust them to cover her if she moved. And even if Mrs. Case somehow didn't notice the diaper under her pajamas, surely she'd be curious about the pajamas themselves, which Sierra doubted were even made in her size.

"I know you had a long trip yesterday," Mrs. Case told her patiently. "I understand. I wouldn't have minded if you'd gone to sleep on our couch, or even in our guest room, but I do think sleeping in Madison's bed was kind of unprofessional. Especially before you got her to sleep."

"You're right," Sierra nodded. "I'm really sorry, Mrs. Case. I don't know what came over me."

"It's all right," Mrs. Case smiled, "Just don't do it again, okay? We came home last night and Madison was sleeping on the couch, TV still blaring. We had to call your father to explain you hadn't been kidnapped on the way home or anything."

Sierra really wanted to just pull the blankets over her head and disappear. What kind of lousy babysitter must they think she was? At least they had plenty of good experiences with her before now, but would they ever hire her again? And if they'd seen her while she'd been sleeping... What if she'd been in some weird position, and they'd seen her diaper? That really wouldn't have inspired confidence in her abilities.

"Anyway," Mrs. Case continued, "since you're still here, do you mind watching Madison this morning? We'll be busy in the kitchen, so it would be a big help."

After the night before, and the fact that Madison still had her wand, the idea did not sound particularly pleasing, but surely the girl wouldn't try anything with her parents around, and Sierra did feel like she owed them after how badly she'd failed as a babysitter the night before. "Okay," she agreed.

"Thank you," Mrs. Case started to shut the door, much to Sierra's relief, only to push it back open. "Are those my spoons?"

Sierra's cheeks flushed red again. "Oh, uh... Yeah... We were just..."

"We've been looking all over for those!" Mrs. Case shook her head, gathering them up from the floor. Sierra held her breath, worried they might spring to life in the woman's hands, but apparently the spell had worn off once she was sound asleep.

"Sorry!" she called meekly as the woman left with them, shutting the door behind herself. Quickly, before Madison could come in, she'd grabbed her clothes and peeked out the door, trying to make sure nobody was around before making a dash for the bathroom to clean herself up. Unfortunately, that was just when Madison began to walk down the hall. Sierra froze. She knew it was stupid to be scared of a little kid, especially one she'd babysat for so long, but it was hard not to be, and at the sight of the girl, she simply couldn't make her legs move to get her safely into the bathroom.

"Good morning!" Madison chirped. "Did you sleep good?"

"I, uh... Yeah..." Sierra blushed as the girl took one of her hands, leading her back into the bedroom.

"Did you have a dry night? I did!" Madison declared proudly. "I hope you did, too!" Sierra quickly dropped her hands to cover her crotch, feeling about two feet tall. Sure, she hadn't wet herself in her sleep, but that was what it would look like, and it was all the worse now that she knew Madison had managed to stay dry. "Now, now, Sierra, let me see..." When Sierra didn't move her hands fast enough, Madison got out the wand, and a moment later, a wooden spoon that had apparently been missed by Mrs. Case was smacking them. She dropped her clothes in alarm, trying to swat it away, and Madison stepped in for a quick diaper check.

Of course, Sierra had protested when Madison had decided her apparent bedwetting meant she should stay in diapers for the day, but Madison hadn't listened. She'd been too busy enlarging her diapering supplies - especially the diaper, which not only blossomed in size, but also, quite dramatically, in thickness - and getting them ready before ordering Sierra onto the changing pad. It wasn't fair! Sierra was bigger, and older, and she was the almost fully-trained witch, she should be in charge! And yet, she found herself powerless before this little girl and her floating spoon enforcer, too scared to do anything but follow order and submit to her diaper change.

Madison had at least let her dress herself afterward, since she was busy getting her own diaper off and dressing herself, and while Sierra had left off her stockings and tie, she put on her robe, despite how silly it might look here in the Muggle world, hoping that if she kept it closed the diaper bulge might not be as obvious, even if her waddle was still rather pronounced. Madison led her into the kitchen to get some of the cinnamon buns her father had been baking, while Sierra stared nervously at the floor, hoping the girl's parents were too busy cooking to look at her, and then into the living room to watch the parade. Madison was amused by it for a while, but after an hour or so, she was starting to get bored.

"Mommy, we're going over to Sierra's house so she can pick out something to wear!" she called without warning.

Sierra was intrigued by this - she didn't want her father to see her dressed this way, but maybe they'd be able to sneak in without him noticing. She wasn't sure she had anything that would hide the diaper, but she surely had something that would work better than her uniform, and, either way, if they didn't go, he would still see her when he came over later that day for Thanksgiving. Usually, they went off to visit his family for the holiday, but things this year hadn't worked out, so the Case's had invited the two of them to their house.

But when Mrs. Case called back a slightly frazzled, "Okay!", it wasn't to the door that Madison led Sierra, but back to her bedroom.

"Let's see what we can find for you!" Madison exclaimed. "Get undressed!" She scurried out of her room, but Sierra had still had little choice but to do as she'd been told, since the spoon was still hovering there, watching. She was definitely glad it was Madison who opened the door a few moments later, since she was standing there in just her poofy disposable diaper by then. "Sit down!" Madison instructed, climbing up onto her bed to brush Sierra's hair again before adorning it with a pink and a bright green hair bow.

Then she hopped down and went to her dresser, finding a couple pairs of socks. "I know you like mismatched socks," she said, grabbing a black one and a purple one and sliding them onto Sierra's feet before going to her closet and getting out a pair of white patent leather Mary Janes to enchant to Sierra's size. "Now, let's get you a dress!"

And that had been when she'd pulled out the dress. She'd pretended it was just spontaneous, but Sierra had recognized it, not to mention the fact that she hadn't seen Madison use the wand to make it bigger. While the skirt was certainly full enough to cover her diaper, it couldn't hide her bow-legged walk, much to her chagrin. And, though she did like hair bows, and it was true that, when she wasn't at school and required to be in stockings she did almost never wear matching socks, both of those little quirks, combined with the childish dress, made her look much less mature than she would have liked, even without her diaper being obvious.

It wasn't long afterward that people began to arrive. The sound of each car arriving while she and Madison played in the girl's room put her further on edge, until, at last, Madison declared it was time for them to go out, slipping the wand into a purse that matched her own dress. That wasn't the child's only idea, however.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour of searching, Sierra spotted Mrs. Case. She glanced around, biting her bottom lip. She didn't see Madison, and assumed she was off talking with some of her cousins, but that didn't mean she wasn't watching. Though it had been her task, she didn't really want to see Mrs. Case, but now that she had, would Madison get mad if she didn't follow through with the rest of her instructions? She thought that even Madison would know better than to use magic in the midst of all of these people... But, then, if Madison had the gift of magic, some of her relatives could, too. Maybe they were used to it, although Madison had never mentioned that before, so it seemed more likely that she was the first in a while. Still, Sierra wasn't sure how much she trusted Madison to be discrete.

"Mrs. Case!" she called despite herself, flouncing over to the woman, suddenly feeling very aware of her diaper, sure that Mrs. Case would notice it. She didn't really know anyone else, so they might not look at her too closely, or assume it was normal, but Mrs. Case had seen her almost every day for a few summers now. If she did detect what was under the teen's skirt, however, she didn't mention it.

"There you are!" the woman smiled down at her. "Well, don't you look cute!" Sierra could practically hear the woman continue with, 'Madison has the same dress!', but she seemed to think better of it at the last moment.

"Hey, umm... I was thinking..." Sierra said, glancing around again self-consciously. What if she just told Madison she hadn't been able to find her mother before the meal began? It would be too late then, certainly, and she really didn't want to go through with this. But, as she looked, she saw the little girl, in her own holiday dress, slip through the crowds and stare at her, smiling. She gulped and turned back to Mrs. Case. "Well, I just thought... You know, maybe it would be a good idea if I sat at the... the kids' table. You know, so they don't make a mess or anything."

She hoped Mrs. Case would say no, that she'd already sat a place for her with the adults and there was no room with the children, or that she was sure the kids could manage themselves. "I think that's a wonderful idea," the woman told her. "That's very thoughtful of you!"

"Yeah," she chuckled nervously. "No problem..."

Madison was thrilled, of course, sticking close to Sierra once the decision had been made, keeping her close to ensure she couldn't change her mind, or sneak off to try and get changed, or to use the bathroom, which was starting to become more of an issue with each passing moment. When Sierra spotted her father across the room, Madison also made sure she went over to say hello, practically dragging her along.

"Hey there," he said, giving her a hug. "Happy Thanksgiving! That's an... interesting... dress."

"Happy Thanksgiving, dad," she replied, trying to scoot away discretely, sure that the closer he was to her, the more likely he'd be to figuring out her secret, or at least that her squirming meant that she needed to use the potty, which would be embarrassing enough.

"Sierra's sitting with me!" Madison dedicated loudly.

Part of Sierra wanted her father to insist she sit with him at the adult table, but sitting there beside him the whole meal, fidgeting, praying he wouldn't hear the crinkle of her underthings didn't sound much better than the kids' table, truth be told.

"Is she?" he asked. "Well, that's nice of her, isn't it?" Madison nodded. "I do hope you'll let me have her a little while this weekend, though. I've missed her, too."

"I guess," Madison frowned slightly. Clearly she hadn't thought of that, and just planned on having a big baby doll to play with for the long holiday weekend.

"Thank you," he smiled Madison, like she was doing him a favor. "I hope I'll see you later, sweetie," he winked at Sierra. "I think they're about to start bringing out the food."

Madison grabbed Sierra's hand again possessively, taking her through the house to the kids' table. It was even worse than Sierra had feared. While the adults got the big, fancy table in the dining room, the kids were not only in a whole separate room, they were on a different floor, down in the Cases' rumpus room in the basement. Sierra supposed it made sense, since she wouldn't have really wanted to listen to the racket a bunch of kids were making while she was eating, but when she was in there with them, she was less enthusiastic about the idea. They probably really did need an adult down there with them, and maybe someone would have done just that, had she not "volunteered".

As if to verify that theory, Mrs. Case was waiting there. "Thanks again for this, Sierra. It's a big help. If you guys run out of food, feel free to come get more from upstairs." And with that, she set down the platter of turkey she'd been carrying and left, leaving Sierra alone with the children.

Great, Sierra thought. Now she was "in charge", so if they made a mess or something she would be held at least partially responsible for not stopping it... But she didn't dare do anything that might upset Madison, or who knew what the girl would do, so if she was in on some mischief, Sierra had little choice but to let it slide.

And it did look as though she was the oldest there, though dressed as she was, she neither felt it, not even totally looked it, as several bored teenagers certainly had more mature outfits, and looked a little more grown up in general compared to the very late-if-ever-blooming Sierra. Madison, on the other hand, looked to be the youngest by a few years, and Sierra began to see why she might want companionship there, if not someone she could at least think of as younger than herself. That didn't excuse her methods, especially since Sierra would have been happy to sit with her anyway, but least she understood why Madison might have done all this.

"This is Sierra, everyone," Madison announced, finding them a pair of seats together.

Sierra waved shyly, not wanting to be the center of attention just then, not with a full bladder and a big diaper that she half expected Madison to point out to everyone. Instead, nobody seemed to pay her much mind, some of the girls giving her a wave, and a few of the boys grunting hello, but mostly they were on their phones, or chatting with one another, until one of the older teens said, "We might as well eat, I guess," which cued the rest to start filling their plates, other than the ones who had been munching on something since Sierra had arrived.

Sierra watched them, too busy trying to cross her legs to ward off the fullness in her bladder to think about eating at the moment. She really wasn't sure what to do - it seemed absurd to ask permission to use the bathroom at her age, especially from Madison, and she'd been too embarrassed to do it upstairs. Here, it was even worse, since there were fewer people around, and they were less likely to just assume they'd heard wrong, or to just ignore it or try to explain it away to themselves. But at the same time, she was too scared to just wander off to do it without saying something, for fear of Madison deciding that was "naughty".

She obviously needed to do something, but she just couldn't decide what, and her indecision was soon going to rob her of her choice, which she realized with humiliated horror as she felt a rush of warm wetness squirt out into her diaper, the padding thirstily soaking it up. She'd felt that only once before that she could remember, last night in bed, and that had felt almost like a nightmare. This felt all too real, surrounded by a houseful of people, and trapped only by her fear of a little girl, one who didn't even have her squad of wooden enforcers this time. And yet she just sat there on her rickety folding chair, squeezing her legs together as much as she could, whimpering softly as the children around her filled their plates.

"Aren't you hungry?" Madison asked as she sat back down. "Do you want me to get your food for you?" Before Sierra could answer, Madison had taken her plate and was back up, reaching across the table and spooning far too much of everything onto it.

"Thanks," Sierra whimpered, still trying to build up the courage to either ask or run to keep from using her diaper more fully. Every time she thought she was there, she glanced up and saw some tween or teen looking at her from across the table, and her resolve crumbled.

"Come on, Sierra, it's yum-yum time," Madison said after a few minutes, when she looked over and saw Sierra still hadn't touched her food. "What's wrong?" She looked over at her former babysitter, an idea striking her as she took in the view. "That's a good girl, isn't it? You just didn't want to mess up your pretty dress!" Madison took one of the napkins from the table and tucked it into the collar of Sierra's dress, then laid another across her lap. "There you go! Eat up!"

"Umm... Thanks..." Sierra said again, biting back a groan as she felt another trickle drip its way into her diaper. Had she been in regular panties, she would have a wet spot showing on her clothes by now, so she supposed she should be thankful for the padding, although without it, she likely wouldn't have been in this mess to begin with.

"Why aren't you eating?" Madison asked. "Do you need me to feed you, too? Just let me finish mine first."

Sierra blushed, sure everyone had heard that. "No!" she hissed, talking much quieter than Madison, hoping she would get the hint. "Listen... I'll be right back, okay?" She started to reach up to move the napkin bib.

Madison put her hand on Sierra's. "Where do you think you're going, young lady? We just sat down!"

Sierra's cheeks burned. Was Madison really going to make her say it? Her tongue almost stopped working again, until her bladder leaked another spurt. "I have to go to the bathroom," she said finally.

"Well, you should have done that before we sat down," Madison declared. "Now it would be rude to leave until you finish every bite."

"Madison, you don't understand!" Sierra whined.

"Did you already go?" Madison asked, surprising Sierra by reaching under her skirt to pat the diaper beneath. Sierra wanted to sink into the floor, sure that if the rest of the table hadn't overheard them, surely they would have seen this. Her only comfort was that the small amount she'd gone so far hopefully couldn't be felt from the outside of the diaper, a hope that slowly drained from her as she felt her bladder releasing even more, this time a steady stream that took her several tense moments to turn off. "Sierra!" Madison scolded. "Why didn't you tell me you had to go before we sat down?"

If there had been any doubt that the other kids knew what was happening, it was dispelled then, as Sierra heard a chorus of titters. "I-I..." she stammered, but she had no real answer for that. She had just assumed Madison wouldn't let her go off to the bathroom by herself, for fear that she'd take her diaper off, and she didn't particularly want to have to pee in front of the girl. But now, she was doing just that, and not just in front of Madison, but all of her cousins.

Then, just to ensure everyone knew what was going on, Madison announced, "I'm sorry, guys! Little Sierra has some potty problems, so she has to wear diapers! So if you smell something stinky, it's probably her!"

Sierra squirmed down in her seat, mortified. When she thought back to last year around this time, she recalled that Madison was still having some potty problems of her own, and sometimes had to wear Pull-Ups during the day. She had a feeling last Thanksgiving had been just such a day, probably "just in case", so she wouldn't mess up whatever dress she had been wearing then - perhaps the very one Sierra was in now - and her cousins had somehow found out about it. That must have been hard on the girl, Sierra had to admit, but she was pretty sure it was a lot harder on her.

"Nuh-uh!" claimed the kid from Sierra's other side, a slightly chubby girl who looked about thirteen or fourteen. "She's my age, not a baby like you!"

"Madison, don't!" Sierra hissed as she saw her former charge reaching for her puffy skirt, knowing what she was planning, and at the worst possible time, as her bladder began draining again. She tried to bat Madison's hands away, but was quickly distracted by trying to stop the warm, wet flow filling her diaper, whimpering as she realized that, this time, that wasn't going to happen. She felt the urine spreading through her voluminous diaper, softening the thick, firm padding into a warm, squishy mass between her legs and expanding it further. And just as she thought it couldn't get any worse, Madison flipped up her skirt.

"She is in diapers!" the girl on Sierra's other side declared, reaching over to probe at the plastic cover with one finger. "Oh, she's wet!"

"I guess there's no reason for you to run off to the potty now," Madison said, lowering the dress triumphantly. "So eat up!"

Sierra wanted to die. In an instant, she'd gone from being the oldest in the room - even if the other occupants had apparently not realized it - to, effectively, the youngest. She liked Madison, and she hated to think that she might have been teased, but she would have been more than happy to find some other way to help her than this.

Unfortunately, the worst part still hadn't come. After her humiliation, Sierra hadn't been in any mood to eat, but of course Madison wouldn't accept that. "You have to eat, Sierra!" she told her. "I would feed you, but I'm trying to eat, too! Hmm... What can I do?"

Sierra saw it coming even before the wand was taken from Madison's purse, though she hoped she was wrong, that Madison would change her mind. "Madison, no! You can't let them see!" she whispered desperately. But she knew she wouldn't be there at every holiday, and the cousins would be, so she supposed it only made sense that Madison gave the other kids a reason not to make fun of her in the future.

"Here we go!" Madison declared, waving the wand through the air. The napkins on Sierra's dress sprang to life, joining together and then stretching out into a long, pink plastic bib tied around her neck. Another swish brought Sierra's fork to life, making it spring up from the table and slice off a piece of turkey, spearing it and then flying straight for Sierra's mouth. She reached up frantically, grabbing ahold of it and hoping the other kids would just assume she'd done it all. She opened her mouth to eat the turkey, then nearly had her arm jerked out of its socket as the fork, her hand still clutching desperately at it, went back to the plate to fill itself again, and again.

Now it looked like she was just gobbling everything up greedily of her own volition, though she supposed it was an improvement over exposing all these supposed Muggles to magic. She wasn't sure how many of them had seen the fork float, or noticed the bib transformation, before she had done anything about it, but the girl beside her had, at any rate, and was dumbfounded.

"Let me see!" she demanded, reaching across Sierra for the wand.

Sierra could only give a muffled cry before her mouth was full of food again, visions of her precious, fragile wand being passed around a table full of children dancing through her head, but luckily Madison didn't seem the least bit interested in sharing. "No, this isn't a toy," she informed the table loudly, getting the attention of even the kids who weren't already watching Sierra's unintentional performance. "This is a very powerful thing, and you can't use it anyway, because I'm a witch and you're not."

"I might be," the other girl pouted.

"You're not a witch," an older boy from across the table scoffed. "That's just a toy!"

"Is not!" Madison pouted, waving it again and bringing Sierra's spoon to life as well. Sierra clamored for it with her other hand, but the sound of stunned silence was enough to tell her she wasn't fast enough. Defeated, arm exhausted anyway from trying to keep up with the fork's magical zeal, she let her other hand fall to her side as well. Now, with two utensils hard at work, she was forced to eat twice as fast, the fork and spoon shoveling food into her mouth almost faster than she could chew it. She didn't even have time to beg for it to stop, or protest when they began serving her green beans and stuffing, her two least favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

She almost wished Madison had started it sooner, since it had taken almost no time at all for her to clean her plate that way, and while her jaw was tired from all the eating, she might have been able to hold her bladder for that long, then made a mad dash to the downstairs bathroom to save her diaper. The fork and spoon hovered in the air, waiting for more, twirling boredly.

"Aren't you going to get seconds?" Madison asked when she noticed Sierra was finished. "You ate that so quick, you must be hungry!" Sierra shook her head, but Madison wasn't taking that as an answer. "Sierra, I already got you one plate! You can get seconds yourself!"

"Madison, I'm not hungry," Sierra informed her.

"You're a growing girl," Madison said, clearly parroting something she'd been told, probably quite often. "You need to eat. Now come on!"

Sierra groaned, but got to her feet, reaching across the table to get another, small piece of turkey. She felt the chill of her dress being lifted in the back, and the giggling that brought forth, but she tried to suffer it with as much quiet dignity as she could muster, telling herself everyone had already seen her diapers. If Madison really felt the need to show them off again, why try to fight it? Clearly the girl was going to do what she wanted. She bent forward to spoon a little more corn onto her plate, then stopped suddenly at a strange feeling in her pants. She could hear more laughter surrounding her as she fought not to wiggle her backside to try to figure out what was going on. She looked around the table for the mashed potatoes, then, when she didn't find them, just finished her seconds with a little piece of pecan pie before sitting back down.

She let out a gasp as her sore bottom sank into a warm, thick, mushy mound in the seat of her diaper. She squirmed, horrified, telling herself that surely it wasn't so, that she couldn't have done that without noticing, but there was very clearly something in the back of her diaper that hadn't been there before, and while she hadn't experienced a messy diaper in a long time, she imagined that was likely what it felt like. Suddenly, that laughter from behind her made a lot more sense. Her stomach fell as her spoon and fork went back to work, feeding her again. What if Madison had done some other spell to her, something to make sure that, as quickly as she ate her food, she disposed of it as well? What better way to cement Sierra's place as the baby of the group in the minds of everyone else - and even Sierra, for that matter? The thought was horrifying, especially as she was forced to clean her plate for a second time, her stomach still feeling plenty full from the first.

If there was any doubt in her mind that the group had seen her diaper, it was washed away as she finished her seconds and a boy from across the table asked, "Do you want my stuffing, baby Sierra?"

"No," Sierra shook her head and groaned. "I'm full!"

"That's not very nice, Sierra!" Madison scolded her. "Go get your food!"

"I don't like stuffing!" Sierra whined, feeling like a small child arguing with her older sister... Or, rather, her babysitter.

"Go," Madison ordered.

Pouting, Sierra got to her feet, grabbing her plate and walking around the table. Her diaper felt much heavier now, drooping between her legs, giving her even more of a toddler's waddle. As she walked, she felt her skirt being lifted again, and, annoyed, she spun around to see who did it, only to see that nobody was there. She thought she felt something whizz past her head, but when she turned again, there was nothing there, and she felt her dress rising yet again, to the sound of laughter.

"Yeah, really funny!" she said grumpily. "Grow up!"

It was then that she noticed her diaper growing heavier, felt the goo inside growing. Her eyes widened as she stopped on the spot, confused and scared. She didn't feel anything! And, what was even worse, her stomach didn't feel any lighter... How much more did she have inside her? And did she really have no control over it?! She tried her best to stop it, but nothing happened, other than her diaper continuing to fill as she stood there, on display, skirt in the air. It was only when, blushing, she reached behind herself to push the rear of her dress back into place that it stopped, but she knew it was already too late, and they had seen her. She just stayed in that one place, mind blank as she tried to think of some way to regain her authority, or at least maturity.

"Come on!" the boy finally told her, and, numbly, she finished her cross, letting her fork scrape the untouched stuffing from his plate onto hers. As she crossed back to her seat, nearly every child stopped her, pawning off whatever food they didn't like - unfortunately, the most common seemed to be green beans and stuffing, the things she didn't like either - onto her, until her plate was fuller than ever. They had to coax her back into movement every few stops, however, as she felt her diaper expanding further beneath her, and by the time she made it back to her own seat, she was a little afraid to sit down, though standing was almost as scary, since it seemed the act of sitting had been enough to keep her from having any accidents.

"You can't eat standing up!" Madison told her after a few seconds. "Come on, silly, sit!"

Wincing, Sierra eased herself onto the chair, wrinkling her nose as she sank into the huge mess, feeling it squirm and shift into the front and back of her ample diaper, making her feel as if nearly the whole thing was full. The only blessing was that, somehow, she didn't notice a stink. She wondered if she had just subconsciously blocked it out, or if maybe the diaper had some kind of possibly inadvertent enchantment on it to block that. She didn't have much time to think about it before her utensils started feeding her again, and she had to concentrate on keeping forkful after spoonful of unappetizing stuffing down. The fork and spoon only seemed to get faster as the meal wore on, and, much to her embarrassment, she found herself dropping bits of food from her mouth as she struggled to keep up, splattering her bib in a way that made it look as if she really needed it, just like she apparently needed her diaper.

"Such a messy baby!" Madison giggled. "I think I'll hafta give you a long bath before bedtime tonight!"

Sierra was too dazed to even try to protest that she could clean herself up just fine, or that she didn't have a bedtime. If Madison decided she needed either thing, there wasn't much she could do to stop her. Not even her father would be much help, if she could even bring herself to explain the whole, humiliating story to him. She just stared down at her rapidly emptying plate, fidgeting in her full diaper, wishing she had just stayed in the car in the middle of that traffic jam the night before.

"Do you want to be a helpful baby?" Madison asked, once Sierra's plate was clear for the third time. "I think we're out of mashed potatoes. Can you run upstairs and get some more?"

Sierra shook her head, terrified at the thought of going up there, where she could run into an adult, especially Madison's parents or her dad. "Come on, be a good girl!" Madison encouraged her.

"Aren't you guys all full?" Sierra asked desperately, looking around the table.

"We don't all eat as fast as you," teased one of the younger girls.

"Come on, Sierra, up you go!" Madison shooed her away, patting the bulging seat of her diaper once she was up. "Good girl!"

Sierra was terrified she would start filling her pants again, only taking small steps as she went around the table to where the empty mashed potato bowl was, which she could have sworn wasn't there when she'd gotten seconds, or even while she was being given her thirds. Sure enough, though, it was there waiting for her, and she picked it up and stood there a moment, hoping for a pardon, before trudging toward the door. She was almost there when Madison called, "Are you going to wear your bib?"

Sierra moved much quicker as she made her way back to the table, blushing as she set down the bowl and untied her bib, hardly able to believe she'd nearly forgotten it. "Aww, you should have let her go like that," one of the other kids said, which seemed to amuse the rest of the group, though their laughter seemed to get much louder as soon as she closed the door.

She sighed, grateful at least that her bowels seemed to have calmed down, even if her stomach still felt worryingly full, and made her way up the stairs to the kitchen. Off in the dining room, she could hear the adults chattering, seeming to have a nice, calm, mature meal, the kind she had been expecting. She wished she could join them, but it was quite obvious now that it wasn't where she belonged. Sighing, she waddled to the stove, where a large pot of mashed potatoes was still waiting, only halfway empty. She grabbed the spoon and began loading up the serving bowl again.

"You need more already?" Sierra jumped at the sound of Mrs. Case's voice, suddenly even more aware of the loaded diaper under her dress. "I'm glad they're so popular!"

"Y-Yeah," Sierra nodded, setting the spoon down and starting away from the stove, desperate to get away before Mrs. Case deduced what was happening. As a mother, Sierra had no doubt she could sense a messy diaper from yards away, even if the wearer couldn't smell anything,

As if to confirm her theory, she only got a few steps before Mrs. Case let out a stern, "Wait!" Sierra froze as the woman walked toward her, biting her bottom lip unconsciously as she approached, quaking in her diaper. What would she do? Would she change her right there? Would she go get Sierra's father? Would she parade Sierra in front of the adults, over to her dad, and demand that he deal with his stinky, immature daughter? Whatever way it went, Sierra had no doubt she would never be babysitting here again.

"You might as well fill up completely," Mrs. Case told her pleasantly, taking the bowl back over to the pot and dishing out a few more big spoonfuls into it. "We have plenty! Everyone always brings potatoes! I don't know why I even bothered making any of my own!" She handed the bowl back with a smile. "Enjoy!"

Sierra scrambled back downstairs as quickly as she could go, not wanting another encounter. She set the bowl on the table, then hesitated beside her chair again. She was pretty sure she couldn't eat another bite, but she was less sure if she'd actually have a choice.

To her surprise, Madison asked, "Are you done, baby?" and when Sierra nodded, she said, "Okay." Unfortunately, she followed up with, "Why don't you sit on the floor and play while the big kids finish?"

Sierra shifted back and forth in her heavy diaper. "Can't I just stand?"

"No, you'll make everyone nervous. Either sit on the floor and play or sit at the table and eat." Of the two, the first sounded slightly better, so Sierra slowly lowered herself onto her padded posterior a few feet away from the table.

"Hmm..." Madison mused out loud, "You'll get your dress all dirty that way." She waved the wand, and Sierra watched in horror as her dress shrank into a red and green plaid shirt, one that left her bulging diaper completely exposed. She tried frantically to cover it with her hands, but it was far too big, of course. The kids had all seen it already - not that that meant she wanted them to see it constantly - but if any if the adults walked in, they would be sure to notice it instantly. Even the kids might not have seen the bright red of her bottom sticking out from the legholes of the diaper, or may have been too busy watching a different part of her diaper, so she felt quite embarrassed about them, not wanting them to invent some narrative in their minds about how she had wound up this way, but not about to volunteer the truth either.

"A good little girl would suck her thumb!" one of the other kids suggested, and when Sierra looked up at Madison wearily, the girl nodded, tapping the wand on the table to show Sierra that she could make her do it if she didn't take the initiative herself.

Why not? Sierra wondered miserably. She'd already done far more infantile things than this. She opened her mouth with a sigh and slid her thumb in. After everything else, she barely even felt self-conscious as she started to suck on it, though when she thought she saw something moving above her, she took it back out and looked up, half expecting her father to be there, considering how things were going today. Instead, there was nothing, making her think she was just more nervous than she'd thought. She slipped her thumb back into her mouth, began to suck again... And felt the rear of her diaper grow even fuller still.

She let out a confused, frustrated squeal from behind her thumb, hardly able to believe this was happening again. It wasn't fair! She wasn't a baby! She shouldn't be pooping herself silly like this! She also shouldn't be in diapers in the first place, of course, or been spanked so thoroughly, or peed herself not once but twice in not even twenty-four hours. Pouting, she squirmed in her seat, trying to stop it, then started to turn, only for it to stop.

That was when things began to get strange. As her head was turned away, she felt the same filling sensation she'd been experiencing for a while, but this time, from the front of her diaper. Confused, she whipped her head back around, just in time to see the front of her diaper snap back into place, something whizzing by over her head, and a moment later, the rear was growing again.

"I think she's figuring it out," one of the kids whispered.

Sierra's eyes widened, her heart beating a little faster. Those little brats... She turned her head again, then whipped it back around immediately, managing to catch a glimpse of the bowl she'd just filled with mashed potatoes hovering overhead. They had tricked her! At the very least, she supposed that explained why her diaper had been getting so much fuller, and her tummy had just kept doing the same, rather than feeling any relief, but that was no comfort.

"That is not funny!" she fumed, getting angrily to her feet. "What is wrong with you?!"

The children, of course, disagreed with her first statement, laughing hysterically as she stood there with the bowl, free from trying to hide itself, floated in front of her, its spoon scooping out more and more of the potatoes and dropping them into the front of her diaper as Madison flicked the wand back and forth.

"Stop it right now!" she demanded, trying to swat the dish away, only to have it fly a few inches out of her reach before continuing its task. "This is wasteful, and disgusting, and...!"

"Is everything okay down there?" Sierra's body froze, giving the bowl the chance to finish emptying itself, finishing the job of filling her diaper quite completely in both the front and back before gliding over to the table for a landing, the soft clink of it setting down followed almost immediately by the sound of footsteps on the basement stairs.

"We're fine!" Sierra called up desperately, but the steps just kept getting closer. "Madison, change me back!" she hissed, toddling over to the girl, heart pounding.

"Okay!" Madison agreed, but she looked quite flustered to be under so much pressure. Sierra knew right away something was going to go wrong, but before she could tell the girl to just give her the wand and let her do it, Madison had flicked it, and, suddenly, the room became much larger, giving her a sick feeling to her stomach. "Uh-oh..." Madison blushed. "Sorry..." She started to try again, only to drop the wand a moment later when the rumpus room's door opened.

Sierra turned around in horror as what looked like a giant came tromping in. She supposed she should be grateful that it wasn't someone she knew, but the appearance of anyone standing up was enough to show her just how much Madison's little mistake had shrunk her. She'd always been very self-conscious about her height, and now she'd lost most of it - she was pretty sure she had to be the size of a toddler now, and not a particularly old one at that.

"I heard someone yelling down here," the unfamiliar woman said, looking around at the sheepish group at the table. "Is everything all right?" Everyone quickly assured her that it was, except for Sierra, who stayed quiet, not wanting to draw attention to herself as she stood there, face red, knowing she was the one who had drawn this person down here, and, in a way, cause Madison to freak out and mess up her spell. "Well, who does this little cutie belong to?" Sierra wanted to run away, but it was already too late, the woman kneeling down in front of her. "Are you the neighbor's daughter? For some reason, I thought you were older. Hi, there! What's your name?"

Sierra stuck her thumb back in her mouth, not sure what to say or do.

"Aww, are you bashful?" the woman reached out to tickle her belly, then looked further down. "Uh-oh, looks like somebody had a big accident! I'd better take you up to your daddy for a change!"

Before Sierra could protest, she was being picked up, her swollen diaper rested on the woman's arm. She squirmed, feeling the contents of her overfull diaper oozing out of the legholes. She tried to press her thighs tighter into the diaper's padding, not wanting anyone upstairs to see what was in her diaper, though, really, she didn't want any of them to see her at all. She looked back at Madison with wide eyes, trying wordlessly to beg for help.

Finally, as the woman reached the door, Madison called out, "I can do it, Aunt Ruth!" The woman stopped, letting the little girl hop up and go over to her. "He lets me help with her sometimes, and he left her diaper bag with me. I'll change her!"

"Are you sure?" Ruth asked uncertainly, giving Sierra's diaper a firm pat. "It seems awfully full."

"I'm sure!" Madison nodded, reaching out to take Sierra as the older woman handed her down. Sierra felt even more disoriented now, realizing that Madison, this child she had babysat so many times, could now easily carry her.

"You're such a good little helper!" Ruth complimented her. "Well, if everything's okay down here, I guess I'll leave you kids to it!"

Sierra let out a sigh of relief when the woman left, though she could only hope she didn't say anything more to her dad than something about how cute his daughter was. When Madison set her down on the floor, she couldn't help but feel a little nauseated at how high up the little girl's head seemed to be now, but that didn't stop her from demanding, "Change me back, now!"

"All right," Madison agreed. "Sorry!"

But when she got back over to the table, where she'd left the wand, it was gone. "Give it back!" she demanded, as Sierra's heart, and stomach, sank. This was her worst nightmare...

"Don't let them break it!" Sierra hissed at Madison, realizing quite well that she was in no position to do anything herself now. She felt a few tears prick at the corners of her eyes as she squirmed there beside Madison, hands clenched into fists.

"We're just playing," said a boy a few places away, waving the wand erratically before passing it on. "Stupid thing doesn't work!"

"That's 'cause you're not magic!" Madison informed them. "Give it back!"

But the other children weren't satisfied with that, each one having to try it, swinging it this way and that - a rather disconcerting number aiming it at Sierra - before giving it to the next child. It made Sierra feel sick... But, after a few rounds, she realized it was the same sick feeling she'd gotten after her initial shrinking. In all the commotion, she hadn't quite recognized it for what it was, but now, as her stomach rumbled, it became all too obvious. Her full-sized stomach had been able to handle all the food she'd eaten, if only barely, but now that she was shrunk...

Frantically, she began to toddle away, her full and saggy diaper and even shorter legs making it quite the ordeal, even before Madison grabbed her arm. "Madison," Sierra whispered, trying in vain to tug herself free, "let me go!" When that didn't work, she lowered her voice even more, not wanting to broadcast the next part. "Madison, I need to go to the bathroom!"

"I'll take you in a minute," Madison told her.

Sierra whined, pressing her free hand to her crotch, though all that managed was the squish the mashed potatoes around her backside further, forcing more out of her diaper and against her sensitive skin, but providing no relief since she could barely feel it otherwise through the thick diaper. "Madison, please," she begged. "This diaper can't hold much more!"

"Give it back!" Madison ordered them again.

"If you're so magic, take it back," teased one of the older girls, who was holding the wand now.

What she, or Madison for that matter, didn't know was that wizards her age didn't necessarily need wands to do magic. They helped to focus them, but they weren't necessary. Madison glared at the older girl angrily, reaching out her hand, and, to everyone's surprise, the wand squirmed, then shot across the room into it. Nobody was more surprised than Madison, who squealed happily, "I did it!"

"Good," Sierra groaned. "Now change me back!"

Madison waved the wand, and, in an instant, Sierra felt the full diaper around her waist disappear, though it was only a brief respite, as, a moment later, she felt a fresh diaper appear between her legs, just as thick. "Madison!" Sierra pouted.

"Come on, I'll take you to the potty," Madison held out her hand. Reluctantly, Sierra raised her hand, but it stopped halfway as her eyes widened at the realization that it was too late.

"I think she's already going," giggled one of the other kids, and, unfortunately, she was right. Sierra gave an involuntary groan as her body cramped and began pushing out its huge, messy load. She whimpered, fidgeting, knowing all eyes were on her as she felt herself squat slightly, her mind trying desperately to force her muscles to stop, while all they wanted to do was ease this pressure by filling her diaper right back up. She felt her diaper balloon out as she pumped it full of stinky, squishy mush.

"She really is a baby!" one of the kids declared, and that seemed to be the consensus around the table. Sierra couldn't deny that was how she felt as, without thinking, she jammed her thumb into her mouth and started sucking with a pout while her backside continued working tirelessly.

Madison looked just as shocked by it as Sierra, and Sierra could tell the girl hadn't meant for this to happen. "I'm sorry," Madison told her quietly, though that was little comfort in the moment. As she finished her icky task, Madison handed her back her wand apologetically.

"Don't give her that!" another kid called. "She can't be a witch! She's just a baby!"

Sierra just stared at the wand, dumbfounded, for a few seconds, too worn out mentally and physically from everything that day to even think about using it at first. Unfortunately, she was about to lose her chance, as, in the midst of her ordeal, she hadn't noticed another set of footsteps coming down the steps.

"Sierra," came a very familiar voice from the doorway. "What is going on here?"

Sierra turned in horror to see her father. Her mouth fell open, and a few random syllables tumbled out, but she couldn't start to form a coherent thought, much less voice it. He walked over to her, shaking his head, and knelt down, turning her around and patting her lumpy diaper before tugging back the waistband with a sigh. "All right, I think we'd better go."

Sierra felt herself being picked up again and carried away from the kids' table. Madison followed again, waiting until they were out of the room to tell Sierra's father, "Wait, I can..."

"Sierra will play with you at Christmas break," he told the little girl. "I think she needs a nap now." Before Madison could try further to explain, he had whisked his miniaturized daughter up the stairs, taking her wand and slipping it into his jacket pocket and depositing her in the kitchen before peeking into the dining room to tell the adults his daughter was feeling sick and they had to go. Sierra gulped nervously when he returned, taking her hand and leading her out the door and across the yard... But not into their house. He opened the car door, picked her up, and deposited her on the seat with a squish.

"Dad, wait," Sierra tried to say.

"I don't know what you thought you were doing," he said as he sat down. "Imagine my surprise when some woman told me my adorable little daughter had an accident in her diaper. I was sure she had to have made a mistake, but here you are."

"But Dad, I..." Sierra pouted.

"No," he shook his head. "If you want to be a baby for some reason, you can be a baby. We're going to the drugstore to get you some diapers, and some onesies if they have them, and a nice bottle and baby food, and then, just like I told Madison, you are taking a long nap."

"Daddy, no!" Sierra whimpered. "This isn't my fault!"

"No whining, young lady," he said sternly. "Or I'll keep your wand, and you can stay here instead of going back to school. It looked like you already earned yourself a spanking, but if you continue to be a brat, I'll be happy to give you another one. What were you thinking, using your magic in front of a bunch of kids? And like that? I don't know what's gotten into you, little lady."

Sierra sank into her seat with a pout, sucking her thumb sulkily. This was not how she was expecting to spend Thanksgiving, but it didn't looks as though she was going to have a choice.

Epilogue - Back to School

Sierra sighed, stretching her arms out all the way, frowning at how long the arms of her robe seemed. She'd been trying to get herself back to the right height all day, but somehow, she always wound up too short. She supposed it could have something to do with how little the events of the weekend had made her feel, though that knowledge didn't help her much. She should probably ask one of her teachers for help, but they already thought she was incompetent enough... She almost wondered if they'd just leave her like that.

Or shrink her further. Sierra's cheeks flushed as she thought back to her bedroom at home, to the drawer where her father had kept all of the baby stuff he'd bought for her. There was still half a package of Pampers there, and he promised her that she would be wearing them over Christmas break, saying he wasn't going to let them go to waste, even suggesting that Madison come over to "babysit" her sometime. Honestly, while Sierra didn't think he was happy that she had supposedly exposed her powers to a bunch of Muggle children, she thought he liked having his baby girl back.

She shook her head and lifted her arm, letting her robe fall down her arm, exposing her watch, cursing suddenly as she saw how late it had gotten. Grabbing her books, she burst out of her room, running down the halls to her next class, which had started three minutes ago.

"So glad you could join us," the teacher said dryly as Sierra attempted to slide into the room inconspicuously.

"Sorry!" Sierra squeaked, heading for her seat.

"Not so fast! You might as well stay up here and show us how you did on your homework. You did do your homework, didn't you?"

"O-Of course!" Sierra chuckled nervously, taking out her wand.

"You were supposed to open a window to an alternate universe," her teacher reminded her after a moment or two of silence. "But I'm sure you remember that."

"Of course!" Sierra repeated, slowly letting out a sigh, rapidly reminding herself of the incantation, and the rather complicated wand movement. Unfortunately, that wasn't all she needed to do for the spell, and she had, of course, not had time to work on finding a specific universe to peek in on. She was supposed to tell everyone what they'd be seeing before she did the spell, but she could fake it, pretend she hadn't known that part, and take a quick look herself.

Before her teacher could stop her, she did the spell, creating a small tear in the air of the classroom that expanded out to the size of a large window. Sierra could hear the teacher saying something, but she ignored it, stepping closer, desperate to show everyone that she wasn't really as big a screw-up as they thought she was, or that, after her holiday weekend, she felt like.

Without warning, the window widened further, expanding outward. "Shoot!" Sierra stepped forward, waving her wand, trying to stop it, only to trip over her own feet. For a moment, she could see the world on the other side of the portal, and then she was through it, on her knees in the green grass. She turned, looking for the window, only to remember that they weren't visible from the other side.

"All right, let me back through!" she called, annoyed. There was no response. She tried to repeat the spell to get a window back to the real world, but it just fizzled out. She shook her head, looking around, wondering what sort of world she'd found. It was hard to tell, as confused and flustered as she'd been when she cast the spell.

"Huh..." she mused out loud as she spotted a rather large building, glad to at least see that the sign was in English. "Dr. Bremer's Lil' Tots Auto-Daycare... I wonder what that means."

She turned back around, but when her teacher didn't show up, she decided to explore just a little. Probably the class were all just watching her explore, the teacher waiting for her to get into some kind of danger before rescuing her, to show her why it was important to be prepared or whatever. She'd heard stories about him, and it seemed the sort of thing he would do.

As she approached the building, she was surprised at just how big it was. It had looked huge from a distance, but the closer she got, the more she realized just how true that was. She hesitated just a moment before going in, keeping her wand firmly in hand. "Hello?" she called.

In answer, a long, metallic tentacle popped out of one of the doors, rushing straight for her. Instinctively, she shot an Immobulus spell at it, but it didn't even slow down. "Flipendo!" she tried again, trying to knock it back, but it just kept advancing. Frantically, she turned, trying to run away, only to find another one waiting there, wrapping itself around her waist. "Let me go!" she kicked her legs helplessly as the thing lifted her up, carrying her further into the building, her struggles growing more desperate as she saw the room it took her to - a fully stocked nursery.

"No! Stop it! Guys, get me out of here!" She looked around desperately, waiting for a portal to appear. As she was placed on the changing table, hands popped out of it, grabbing her arms and legs, holding her in place, as another forced a pacifier between her lips. It looked as if she had her answer about what kind of world this was. She supposed it made sense that she'd think of this sort of thing now, but it was still embarrassing, thinking that the rest of the class was watching this, the teacher still not stepping in.

The only thing that would have been worse would have been if they weren't watching, Sierra realized. What if her window had collapsed after she went through it? Desperately, she tried to spit the pacifier out, urging another hand to appear to secure it in place with a strap that fastened behind her head while, down below, her skirt was pulled off, robes pushed aside, and a hose dropped from the ceiling to cover her crotch with shaving cream, another hand appearing down there with a razor. She could move her hand just enough to flick her wand, but while she could cast a couple spells wordlessly, they all just bounced uselessly off of the machinery.

She tried to yell out for her teacher, just as another hose from the ceiling attached to her pacifier, and her mouth filled with a rush of thick, bland oatmeal. She could see another hand waiting with a diaper, one even thicker than those Madison had zapped her into, and she moaned softly as she swallowed the first mouthful of oatmeal, trying hard not to wonder how much more was waiting for her. She only hoped that her teacher saved her before the goop found its way back out her other end and into that diaper, but somehow, she didn't think it was very likely.

The End

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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