Tuesday, November 5, 2013

One of the Great Questions of Life

Why are Reese's so much better when they're in different shapes? Don't get me wrong, I love the cups, but when they're shaped like eggs, or, more appropriately, pumpkins, they just taste better.

On a slightly related note, I just wanted to tell you all not to get completely out of the holiday mood just yet - I should have an after-Halloween treat for you in the next day or two.


  1. They taste better because there is more peanut butter filling.

  2. I agree. Better Chocolate to Peanut Butter ratio.

  3. The pumpkin Reese's are a favorite in my home as well. And the rounded, softer shape (without the usual "serrated" edges) may also boost their appeal to many folks subconsciously. Yes, that could launch a whole dissertation....

    BTW - I am never out of the Halloween holiday mood. And I look forward to your follow-up story.

    Seriously, Princess....why are you not writing for a salaried living?

  4. it's the first time I comment but I come to your blog almost everyday to see if there is something new, keep up what you do, you're incredibly good at it! The best abdl caption and stories website there is.

    Your stories are all well written, they go straight to the point and are very entertaining to read. I really like the variety as well.

    I can assure you I and I'm sure a lot of people, would really miss this blog if you ever stop writing it.

    Thank you for the years of dedication!

    -A long-time fan

    p.s. more goodnites please ;) (that's just a personnal preference though)

  5. *hugs* And we're out obs da pumpykin shaped ones now *pouts* :)