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Sierra's Magical Thanksgiving - Part 1

A few notes to start: This is sort of a commission test story for me. It isn't actually a commission, but I'm trying to see what working on one would be like, so I'm going off of some suggestions from a friend as if it were one. So, part of the credit has to go to Sierrandiapa (who also commissioned a picture based on this idea which you can find at her page) and also to Tiresias Rex, who influenced some events that will happen in the second part. There should only be two parts, so I'm hoping to have it done by Thanksgiving, but it's a busy week for me so I'm not sure if that will really happen or not.

This is my first straight fan fiction, such as it is - it is set in a previously made world, though not using any actual characters from it - and while I am a fan of the world, I'm not an uber-fan, so I apologize for any little details that might be wrong.

Also, you may notice this is not my first story featuring a character named Sierra. This is not the same Sierra... Sort of. Those, or at least the first, were semi-based on things Sierrandiapa told me, which is why I used that name there. I was going to use a different name for this story to make it less confusing, especially if I ever do a sequel to either story, but that is the name of the character this is based on, so it seemed wrong, and also confusing, to call her anything else.

Part 1 - Bedtime

"You know you didn't have to do this, dad," Sierra fidgeted in her seat, sliding back the sleeve of her robe to stare nervously at her pink, plastic watch and then out the window at the long, unmoving line of cars ahead of them. "I can just Apparate now - I'm not underage anymore."

"I don't mind," her father said, with the confused tone he always got when she started talking about magic. He'd been married to a witch for a few years, but, being a Muggle himself, he still had trouble remembering what everything was called, but he did try, bless his heart. "Traffic is just a little worse than I expected."

"Well, it is the day before Thanksgiving," Sierra pointed out.

"Yeah, I guess," her dad shrugged. "Well, at least this will give us some time to talk. They sure don't give you much time off for Thanksgiving, do they?"

Sierra bit her bottom lip, starting to feel bad as she checked her watch again. She did miss her dad - he'd been the only parent she'd had for most of her life, and as much as she enjoyed school, it did suck being away from him for so long at a time - but she'd also made a commitment. "I'd like to..."

He furrowed his brow for a moment before shaking his head. "I forgot! I'm sorry, honey. I'm sure they'll understand. Hopefully they'll be able to find another babysitter if you call now... Is your phone charged?"

"It is," Sierra nodded. "But I can still get there in time... I really hate to just leave you here, though. You're only here to pick me up."

He still looked a little confused, but he clearly realized what she meant. "It's no problem, sweetie. I've got some tunes to keep me company."

"Are you sure?" Sierra squirmed. "Really, I..."

"Go on," he urged her. "I know Maddy has been missing you."

"I'm sorry, dad," Sierra unbuckled her seatbelt, leaning over to kiss his cheek. "They're supposed to be back early-ish."

"I'll see you then," he smiled as Sierra lifted out of her seat, steeling herself and concentrating on their living room.

She let out a slow breath, then began to turn on the spot. She didn't have much room, but she didn't need much, as she barely had the chance to start before she felt herself being tugged up and out of the car with a loud crack that made the people in the cars around them think someone else's vehicle had backfired, zooming through the air, blurry images rushing by her until, before she knew it, she was lurching to a stop. She stumbled, nearly dropping to her knees before scrambling to the bathroom to throw up. To be honest, she'd been glad when her dad had insisted he pick her up in the car, because, while she'd done it many times now, it always bothered her. There was just something strange and uncomfortable about it, and, convenient as it was, she wasn't always sure it was worth it.

She stayed on the bathroom floor for several minutes, her legs nearly buckling under her the first couple times she tried to stand back up. It probably hadn't helped that she had done it while she was so hungry, she supposed. Wearily, she looked back down at her watch, swearing under her breath as she realized that she was very nearly late, despite the spell. Collecting her strength, she pulled herself to her feet and scurried through the house, wishing she had time to change, but knowing she didn't. She felt silly running around in the regular world in her uniform, but sometimes you just couldn't help it. Her school had borrowed its uniform design from some place over in Scotland, and it felt very much, to her at least, like the sort of thing little British schoolchildren wore - a button-up shirt, vest, tie, skirt and stockings - other than the robe that went over it all. Had she been feeling better, she might have taken that off, at least, since, despite looking cool, it was the part that seemed most out of place outside of the walls of the school, but she wasn't thinking as she stumbled out of her front door and over to her neighbor's house.

"So good to see you, dear!" Mrs. Case smiled at her, managing to erase her look of confusion at the teenager's choice of clothing after just a split second. "I didn't see your dad's car pull in."

"Oh, it's there," Sierra chuckled nervously. "I had a bunch of laundry to bring in, so he took it into the garage to unload it." Luckily, the woman nodded and seemed to accept that explanation, though, as neighbors, Sierra was sure she knew that her father usually kept the garage pretty packed with junk. "He'll probably have it back out in the drive by the time you get home. You know how he is - he had to move all kinds of stuff to make room!"

"I'm sure," Mrs. Case chuckled. "Well, I think you know the routine here, right? Nothing much has changed since last time. She's already had a bath today. Her bedtime's still usually 8:00, but you can push it to 9 if you want since she doesn't have school tomorrow, obviously."

"Nothing... else has changed?" Sierra asked, trying to be delicate about it.

Mrs. Case shook her head. "No, afraid not Some nights she's fine, but it isn't consistent enough yet that we can trust her without one. She's trying her best."

"I'm sure!" Sierra smiled, trying to show she didn't mind. "I just wanted to double check!"

"That's why you're the best," Mrs. Case said. "It really is nice to see you. She'll be thrilled you made it."

Sure enough, when Mr. Case emerged from further in the house, Madison trailing behind him, the little girl took off like a dart at the sight of Sierra, hugging her tightly. "Sierra!" she squealed happily.

"Hey, Maddy," Sierra smiled, mussing the girl's hair. "Hi, Mr. Case."

The parents exchanged a brief, confused look at her get-up before Mr. Case said, "Hey, there, Sierra. Glad you made it! We'd better get going, though. See you, squirt!" Madison detached herself from Sierra long enough to hug her mom and dad goodbye, following them to the window to watch them go before spinning back around on her babysitter.

"Are you playing dress-up?" she asked, walking up and playing with Sierra's robe.

"No, this is what I wear to school," Sierra explained. She'd actually told Madison about it before, figuring that nobody would believe the little girl if she did tell someone else, and if they did, they'd assume Sierra had been joking.

"Cool!" Madison declared. "Have you learned any fun spells?"

Sierra smiled, leading Madison into the kitchen to start making dinner as she answered questions. She considered using her magic to help with the cooking - this was the first time she'd be babysitting Maddy while old enough to use her wand without getting in trouble for it - but thought better of it. Talking about her adventures was one thing, but actually demonstrating them was another entirely. Besides, it was easy enough to cook up macaroni and cheese and chicken without any mystical help, and Madison was all the assistance she needed to cook the peas, helpfully dumping the frozen veggies into a pot and filling it with water.

As usual, it wasn't long into Sierra's stories that Madison declared, "I wanna be a witch!"

"Maybe you will be," Sierra told her. "It's still a few more years before you would get your letter."

Madison pouted. "I want it now! Teach me some magic!"

Sierra chuckled. "How come? Why do you want magic so bad?"

Madison stared down at her feet, scuffing her toes on the linoleum. "So I can use it to stop wetting the bed."

"Aww, sweetie," Sierra gave her a hug. "It's okay. It happens to everyone!"

"Nuh-uh!" Madison shook her head. "No one else in my class does it anymore!"

"I doubt that's true," Sierra told her. "I bet they just say they don't. And before long, you won't either."

"I guess," Madison said sadly. "Or... Could you do a spell that would help?"

Sierra wavered. Part of her wanted to make up some silly fake spell, in the hopes that it would give the girl the confidence she needed to keep her bed dry, but she knew that it was probably going to take a little more than that, in reality, and she didn't want to get her hopes up. She might talk to the nurse once she made it back to school, though, and see if there was anything she could do for Maddy. "I would," she told Madison, "but I already used up all my magic for today."

Madison gave her a skeptical look. "Please?"

Sierra wondered if she should tell the girl that she didn't really know any way to fix the girl's problem, but before she could decide, she heard a hissing sound as the water in the pasta pot began to boil over. "Shoot!" she turned back to the stove, moving the lid and turning down the burner.

"Sierra..." Madison whined behind her.

"In a minute, sweetie, I'm cooking," Sierra said, not noticing how much the little girl was starting to sulk, especially when she had to repeat it after Madison tugged on her robe.

Sierra could tell it had been a long day for Madison, since she started yawning before they even finished eating supper, in between telling Sierra about how she'd gone shopping with her mom earlier, so she decided it would be best to put her to bed at the usual time instead of later. Chances were, if she let the girl stay up much later than that, she'd fall asleep on the couch, and if she wasn't at least dressed properly for bed, that could be disastrous.

Madison, of course, didn't see things that way. "Nooo!" she pouted as Sierra led her to her bedroom, getting one of her diapers from the top drawer of her dresser. "I don't have to go to bed yet! It's not a school night!"

"I know," Sierra told her, "but I think you should get ready anyway, okay? If you're good, you can watch a little more TV first."

"No!" Madison stomped her foot. "It's not bedtime!"

"Madison." Sierra gave her a serious look - she usually didn't have to use it with Maddy, but all kids got cranky sometimes. "Lay down on your bed, sweetie."

Madison's face turned red as she glared at her babysitter, and she stomped her foot again, and then the other, before giving in and hopping up on her bed. "Thank you," Sierra nodded, pulling out the diapering supplies, spreading the changing cloth next to the unhappy girl. "Now, can you take your pants off for me?"

"Yes," Madison huffed, doing what she was told, though she wasn't happy about it. Sierra was just happy for that - while she was certainly bigger than Maddy, she was a fairly petite girl, and she wasn't sure how easy it would be to force the girl to do anything she didn't want to without resorting to magic. She pulled Maddy's pants and underwear aside and slid the diaper beneath her bottom, sprinkling a touch of powder on the squirmy child. "Can't you just use your magic now?" Madison asked pitifully. "I don't wanna wear a diaper."

"You don't have to be shy, sweetie," Sierra told her. "I've seen you in diapers plenty of times. Don't worry." She wasn't sure if that comforted the girl or not, since she kept the sour look on her face as Sierra taped the diaper up snugly. "Aww, don't pout, Maddy. It's okay."

"No, it's not!" Madison declared, crossing her arms defiantly.

Sierra couldn't help but chuckle. "Oh, they can't be that bad, silly. Besides, it's just at night." She went to the girl's closet, picking out a pair of pink and purple pajamas to let Madison change into, not quite able to suppress her cooing at how adorable she looked in them, diaper just barely peeking out from the waistband. "Let's go get your teeth brushed," she said, patting Madison's padded behind with a slight crinkle.

"B-But you said I could watch TV!" Madison gasped at the betrayal.

"You can, maybe," Sierra shrugged. "But I want you to brush your teeth first."

Unfortunately, her charge was too smart for that. "You always make me brush my teeth right before I go to bed," she informed the older girl. "Right before!"

Sierra sighed. "Maddy, it's time for bed. You're getting all cranky. I know you won't understand it, but it's for the best, I promise. Now get your clothes to put in the hamper, and let's go." Madison started to complain again, but Sierra knew it was time to put her foot down. "No, Madison. It's bedtime. Do you want me to tell your mommy you were being disobedient?"

Madison shook her head, grumpily picking up the pile of clothes she'd made getting into her PJs. As she picked them up, she paused slightly, a strange look coming over her. "Come on, Madison," Sierra sighed.

"If you used up all your magic for today, why don't you teach me to do the spell?" Madison asked eagerly. "I bet I can do it!"

"I'm sure you could," Sierra swallowed another sigh, starting to get annoyed, "but you don't have a wand."

"Yes, I do!" Madison declared. With that, she pulled one from within her clothes, one that looked suspiciously like Sierra's own. Sierra gasped, her hand going to the pocket of her robe, only to find that, sure enough, her wand was gone.

"That's not a toy, Madison, give that back!" Sierra said, trying to stay calm. Most likely, the thing would just be a stick to the little girl, but that didn't mean she couldn't break it by swinging it around or dropping it or something. Her dad had actually taken her over to England, to Diagon Alley and Ollivander's Wand Shop to get it, back when she was 11. He might not remember everything about the magic world, but Sierra's mother had gotten her wand there, and always told him that it was the best wand shop in the world, so he wouldn't hear of taking Sierra anywhere else when it was time to get hers. Sierra knew it wasn't exactly the same - the shop had been abandoned for a while and remodeled since her mother had made her trip there - but Sierra had still felt a connection to the mother she'd barely known when she'd stood in the store, and now whenever she held that wand.

"No!" Madison shook her head. "You won't help me, so I'm gonna do it myself!" She waved the wand around haphazardly, Sierra's heart nearly stopping as she saw a shower of faint sparks cascade from the tip of the wand. Could Madison really be a witch herself? If so, it was more important than ever to get the wand away.

"Give it to me, now," Sierra said, voice growing more stern. "I'm not playing, Madison. It's not yours."

Unfortunately, it seemed that Madison had noticed the sparks as well. "It works!" she declared with awe.

"Yes, it does," Sierra agreed. "But I told you, it's not a toy. You don't know what it can do, so you need to give it to me right now, young lady."

"No!" Madison snapped. "You're no fun anymore, and you made me wear a diaper even though you could have fixed my bedwetting!"

Sierra really regretted her little white lie earlier. "Listen, Maddy, I..." she tried to explain.

"I'll do it myself!" Madison declared, starting to wave the wand.

"No!" Sierra rushed toward the girl, reaching for her wand. Magic could be unpredictable with children, and there was no telling what the girl could do, especially with a wand to amplify whatever latent powers she might have. Madison wasn't expecting that, and, reflexively, she lifted the wand toward her babysitter instead of herself, a rush of frustration, embarrassment and anger pouring out of her.

Sierra felt a gust of wind pushing against her, blowing her skirt and robes. Instinctively, she reached down, trying to keep them in place, just as something much more worrying happened. All of the sudden, she felt her thighs being forced apart from one another, nearly knocking her off balance, a cool, slick, and very thick presence suddenly appearing between her legs. The normal, reassuring embrace of her silk panties vanished, replaced with something that felt much snugger and far less sophisticated. Her heart beat faster as she readjusted her position to accommodate this new garment, the rustling noise telling her without a doubt what it was, as much as she wanted to disbelieve. She'd heard it far too many times, however - every night she'd babysat Madison, in fact.

"Give me back my wand!" she demanded, cheeks burning bright red as she struggled to sound authoritative, rather than just desperate.

Madison, for her part, was thoroughly amused at this turn of events, giddy with this sudden power she'd discovered, as well as the sight of her babysitter and neighbor in diapers, much thicker than even the ones she had to wear. She had done that... And Sierra was doing nothing to undo it, other than demand her wand. Slowly, it began to dawn on Madison that the balance of power had shifted. She was the one in control now.

"No," she shook her head. "I think now it's YOUR bedtime!" she giggled.

Sierra gulped, her stern voice failing her as she saw the look in Madison's eyes. How many times had she diapered this girl, walked her to the bathroom, watched her brush her teeth, tucked her in? She'd looked quite similar to how she did now, though obviously then she'd been younger... Except this time, Sierra was in a diaper, too. Her clothes had settled down over it, yet, even so, the bulge was quite obvious, making her an even better match for the child she was babysitting, whose pajamas did nothing to hide what lurked beneath. "No, Maddy, I'm a grown-up, I don't have a bedtime," Sierra told her finally, but she had taken too long to collect herself, and done so too poorly. Even Madison could see right through her.

"Let's find you some PJs!" Madison chirped. "Do you think your daddy will bring some over to you if you call him?"

"No!" Sierra blushed furiously at the thought of her father seeing her like this. "Madison, this isn't funny! Get me out of this diaper now!"

"I thought you said they couldn't be that bad," Madison reminded her. Sierra squirmed in the warm confines of her diaper, which she had to admit was less comfortable than she'd expected - she would probably have complained, too, if she had to sleep in one every night, especially in the summer. "Maybe we can find you something here. Umm... I think you're too little for mommy's clothes... And too big for mine..." She looked down at the wand in her hand with a smile and scampered over to her closet.

"Madison, don't!" Sierra warned her, following after, but not quite able to keep up, unused as she was to the feeling of the diaper between her legs. "You don't know what you're doing!"

But it sure didn't seem that way to Madison, who was happily looking through her clothes until she found her set of light purple Doc McStuffins pajamas. She waved her wand at them and made them bigger, along with the rest of her clothes. "Oops!" she giggled, getting the pajamas out and handing them to the worried-looking Sierra. After a moment, she removed a party dress, too, then waved the wand again and the clothes shrunk back down to their normal size, or at least something close to that.

"Madison, you stop that right now!" Sierra ordered. "That is dangerous!"

"Nuh-uh! You just don't want me to have fun!" Madison declared, waving the wand around wildly, nearly giving Sierra a heart attack. "I can do whatever I want now!"

"No, you..." Sierra started to say, before jumping forward, trying to snatch it away before the girl could wreak any more havoc. It was a bad idea, as Madison whipped it forward at her, and she felt herself being pushed back, spun around so that she was bent over Madison's bed, plastic sheet crinkling softly.

"Bad girl!" Madison scolded her, and a moment later, Sierra felt all of her clothes being tugged up or down, her skirt and diaper winding up around her ankles, her shirt and vest above her belly button, her robe fluttering up over her head. She heard another "Oops," and assumed that wasn't quite what the girl had in mind, though she wasn't sure what Maddy had wanted until a few moments later, when she saw a flotilla of wooden spoons floating in through the open doorway.

"Don't you dare!" Sierra gasped. "Madison, stop it!" Madison giggled again, and a moment later, Sierra let out an involuntarily yelp as the first spoon swatted her exposed bottom. "Madison, stop!" Sierra commanded, before the next one hit. She had enough time for one more, "Maddy...", which was starting to sound more worried than stern, before the whole spoon squad started in. Sierra squealed and squirmed, trying to get away to no avail. They seemed to be coordinating their attacks so she had no time to recover between each spank, and no idea where the next one would be coming from. It seemed like the more she struggled, the harder they struck, but even when she resigned herself to her fate, they still spanked plenty hard. She had been determined not to cry in front of her babysitting charge, but within a few minutes, she was bawling, trying her best not to think about how red her backside must be getting.

Finally, it stopped, and she heard the spoons clatter to the floor, but she was too worn out to try to get up, or do much of anything but stay collapsed over the bed and cry. She felt Madison tug the diaper back up over her sore bottom, giving it a pat Sierra probably couldn't have even felt through the padding if it weren't for it's increased sensitivity after that punishment. Madison took her hand and pulled on it, making her turn around and sit on the bed while she reached up and started to undress her. Sierra could see her wand lying on the floor a few feet away, but the spoons were between it and her, and she didn't dare take the gamble that she was faster than Madison, so she just sat there in a daze, letting Maddy do what she wanted.

It wasn't until Madison had her down to her diaper and started to reach for the PJs that Sierra actually put together what was happening. "I-I can dress myself," she pouted as the child guided her hand through the arm of the shirt. How many times in the past had she heard Madison tell her that? When she had been littler, she'd wanted to do it herself all the time, but even though Sierra usually watched her during the summer, when she had a later bedtime, they were usually running a bit late, and Sierra had helped her anyway to be sure to get her tucked in on schedule.

Now, Madison was all too happy to return the favor, deftly buttoning up the shirt and sliding the pants up Sierra's legs. "Get up!" she instructed once she got them high enough, having to then reach up slightly to coax them over the thick diaper. Madison surveyed her work, looking almost satisfied, but not quite.

"Sit back down!" she ordered, grabbing the wand before ducking across the hall for a second, then climbing up onto the bed next to Sierra. She unclipped Sierra's nearly ever-present hair bow and set it down, then began to brush the older girl's golden, curly locks. "You have such pretty hair!" Madison said as she began to brush it. Sierra felt thoroughly ridiculous, but she was still too shocked over the events of the past few minutes to do much more than let the girl do as she wanted. "I knew you could be a good girl," she cooed, "You just needed a little help, huh?"

Sierra shivered at the thought of any of her classmates seeing her like this. She was almost always the smallest in her class, and usually one of the worst. It wasn't that she didn't try, but a lot of the others had grown up around magic much more than she had, and she simply wasn't used to the precise movements and strange incantations she had to memorize down to the finest detail - she supposed she was like her dad in that way. She'd had an awful lot of spells and potions blow up in her face in various ways, but nothing quite as humiliating as all this. What made it worse was that she was pretty sure Madison was better with her wand than she had been when she'd first started, and she was sure some of her classmates would say that Maddy was better than she was now.

"Now, we'd better get your teeth brushed!" Madison chirped.

"Madison, no," Sierra whined, knowing what would come after that. "You can't put me to bed! It's your bedtime, not mine!"

"Do you need another spanking?" Madison threatened.

"Maddy, I..." Sierra waited for Madison to get the wand out, then pounced, but she still wasn't fast enough, and Madison managed to hop off the bed onto the floor. Before Sierra knew it, her pajama pants and diaper were around her ankles again, making her realize what a bad decision that had been. "No!" she squealed. "Maddy, no, please, I'm sorry! Don't spank me again! I'll go to bed!"

"Yes, you will," Madison said. "It is past your bedtime, young lady!"

After a few seconds, Sierra got up, pulling everything back into place before shuffling to the bathroom. Her cheeks were already quite red at the first glimpse she got of herself in the mirror, but once she saw the whole picture, they only got darker. She looked just like a toddler, her diaper more than obvious beneath her PJs, with Madison standing behind her watching the whole scene with glee, clearly the one in charge despite being smaller and younger. "We keep a new brush under the sink for guests," she informed Sierra.

Dutifully, Sierra bent over and got it out, tearing open the package and running the bristles under the faucet before squeezing a bit of Madison's toothpaste onto them. Maybe once she did this, the game would be over, she thought. Surely Madison would get tired of it before long. Or just tired, period, though her newfound power had seemed to invigorate her quite a bit. Indeed, she didn't seem sleepy at all as she guided Sierra back to her own bed and tucked her in, flipping on her night light before shutting the main one off and closing the door.

Almost instantly, Sierra threw back the covers, yanking down the pajama pants to grab for the diaper's tapes, wanting the big, warm thing off of her already very toasty, and aching, backside. She'd barely began to remove one when she saw a blur, and yelped as something smacked her hand. She pulled it away, looking up in confusion to see one of the wooden spoons floating above her. In the faint illumination of the night light, she could see the others hovering at the foot of the bed, just waiting for her to misbehave.

"Sorry!" she squeaked, pulling the pajamas back up, cursing under her breath. She wasn't sure if Madison had meant for the enchantment to last like that or not, but they clearly were ready for any of her shenanigans. Which was very unfortunate for her, since she had been feeling a growing need to pee for a while at that point. She'd been expecting to be able to get out of the diaper pretty easily once Madison left her alone, but now that seemed a lot less likely, since she had no desire to fight off a swarm of vengeful spoons.

Realizing she was stuck, however, only made her feel as if she had to go even more urgently, and within a few minutes of tossing and turning, she knew it was almost time to make a break for it, or face the rather dire consequences. As soon as she swung one foot over the edge of the bed, it was being hit, and she pulled it back in frantically, staring up as more of the utensils began to congregate closer to her, a warning if ever she'd seen one. "Please," she begged them, feeling ridiculous, " I just want to go to the bathroom!" If the spoons heard - if they could hear, or understand, anything - they didn't care, and her next attempt to get out of bed was met with more punishment.

There was no way she could make it to the door, much less the bathroom, without being in some serious pain, which, after already going through a spanking that day, did not sound at all appealing. Of course, lying in a little girl's bed, dressed in her pajamas and diapers, and peeing herself was not how she wanted to spend her night, either, but it looked as if that was what was going to happen. She pulled the blankets back over herself, wanting a bit of privacy at least, though the spoons didn't have eyes, and tried to fall asleep before the pain in her bladder got too bad to ignore.

Art by SketchManDL


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