Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Laura & Holly - Chapter 25

I felt my body dribbling wetness into my thick diaper, as it sat tucked beneath a red jumper and a pair of white tights decorated with cartoon hearts, felt my mouth sucking harder on my thumb, both reminding me of how far I'd fallen since the last time I'd set foot in this place. I'd been the one in charge back then, the boss; now, I was just another visitor, and not even a consumer. I wasn't allowed to carry a purse, or money of any kind, so I couldn't even buy anything if I wanted to.

The thought of my purse sent a bolt through me, a mixture of hope and fear. On one hand, there was every possibility that I'd run into people I knew here, seeing as I'd been working to get ready for this day for months. They could tell my nanny who I was and get me out of here, but that would, of course, require them to see me like this, something I did not particularly want. I'd survived this long. Maybe it would be better to wait for Holly's parents - it couldn't be more than another couple days. And it was the weekend, so I shouldn't have to worry about nursery school, either. I was a little disgusted with myself, that I'd choose another few days of this over my freedom, but it just seemed like the better choice.

"C-Can we go home?" I asked quietly, popping my thumb out for a moment. It came out a little stilted, as I'd learned it was best to just do what I was told without question, but I got it out.

"This is your reward for being a good girl," the nanny informed me. "I know you might feel a little nervous, dear, but they're only going to have one grand opening, and I'm sure it would be a pity to miss it. Besides, nobody will even notice you, except to see what a cute little girl you are."

Tempting fate a little more, I whined, "But I don't wanna!" It didn't seem like she was going to listen to my request, but maybe the right amount of brattiness would make her decide I didn't deserve a reward. I just had to make sure I didn't go overboard and earn myself a spanking as well.

"Holly, you don't have to be scared," she told me. "Once you're inside, I'm sure you'll have a great time. And I have another surprise for you inside."

"What?" I asked nervously. I couldn't think of any surprise she could give me in the mall that I'd want.

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it?" With that, she got out of the car, walked around to my door, and opened it. I knew I would regret it, but I didn't get out. I crossed my arms and pouted at her. "Holly," she said, her voice turning sterner, "you are going inside, young lady. You can do it with a sore bottom if you want, but you'll still be going."

Feeling completely helpless - not that it was anything new for me - I got out of the care sulkily, putting my thumb back in my mouth and taking her hand. I felt especially small as she marched me to the entrance. My diaper felt especially thick, making my waddle all the more pronounced. The skirt of my jumper felt especially short, ready to reveal the diaper beneath my tights with one wrong move. The barette holding the hair out of my eyes, with its little bunny head, felt all the more childish, as did the rest of my outfit. My light purple Mary-Janes, decorated with a pink ribbon and bow across the toes, felt especially flat and childish.

It had been only a few days since the last time I'd come into this place, in my high heels, my sleek business suit, a pair of lacy, barely-there underwear beneath it, trying to be nice for a friend of mine who was feeling down. Now, because of her, that familiar click-clacking of my shoes on the tile floor would be replaced by a squeak from the barely-there heel of the Mary-Janes, a sound designed to delight the toddlers they were really meant for, and the crinkle of my diaper. The difference was staggering. It was hard to believe that woman was me - it seemed more like a dream, a far away, half-forgotten dream.

I was still pondering this, sucking on my thumb and not paying attention, when I felt my nanny stop. I glanced up curiously, then my eyes grew wide as I saw who was standing in front of us. "Look who it is!" my nanny exclaimed. "Ms. Shelly explained to them how you were in the wrong school, and how you didn't realize how much trouble you could have gotten them in with your little fibs, and they're willing to accept your apology and check out the mall with you!"

I stared up at the nanny in shock, then back at the girls, only then thinking to remove my thumb. Molly and her friends looked like they were about to burst out laughing as they stared down at me, smiling smugly. I looked back over at the nanny, hoping this was some strange joke, but she just nodded toward them.

I didn't want to apologize - I had nothing to apologize for - but it was what was expected of me, and I knew it was best to do that, quietly and without question or hesitation.  So, even though I knew the severity of my current predicament was their fault, that I wouldn't have wound up back in nursery school, and thus in diapers full time, without them, I forced myself to mumble, "I'm sorry I got you in trouble."

"Come on, Holly, you can do better than that," my nanny chastised me. "You could have gotten these poor girls suspended!"

"I'm very sorry," I said automatically, having to grit my teeth only a little to get through it. "I wasn't thinking, and I didn't mean to get you in trouble like that. Please forgive me."

"Oh, of course we will, sweetie!" Molly gushed, giving me a big hug. "Now, are you ready to have some fun with your big sisters?"

I wasn't sure what to say, but it didn't matter anyway, as the nanny transferred my hand to Molly's before I could answer. "If you need me, just call my cell phone. Lacey, your sister gave the number to you, didn't she?" Lacey nodded. "I'm sure you girls don't want to have to deal with her diapers, so I'll keep her diaper bag and change her when she needs it. But she just got a fresh diaper when she left nursery school, so she should be good for a while." Even though I knew they were all aware of what I was wearing, the repeated use of the word still mortified me, though not as much as the nanny patting them as she finished, to emphasize it. "Have fun, Holly!"

They waited until she was gone, then, right in the entrance of the mall, Molly positioning me in front of her and, letting go of my hand, reached in, pushing up the skirt of my jumper and pulling down my tights, revealing my diaper to anyone who walked by, though mostly to her friends, as she pressed her hand against the crotch. "Oh, my God, she's wet already!" she squealed, giving the padding a slight squeeze.

"Well, Shelly says she's incontinent now," Lacey spoke up, "so I guess that makes sense."

"You weren't incontinent when you were at school, though, were you?" Molly asked. "Just close."

"No, they had to use some special equipment on her," Lacey filled in for me before I could open my mouth, though if I'd done that, I was more likely to put my thumb in it than say anything, as I was feeling quite scared at that moment. "Now she doesn't have any more control than a baby."

"Is that any different than before?" Molly teased, grinning as I blushed. "Oh, don't worry Holly, I know it is. And don't worry, this diaper suits you." She let the tights snap back into place over it before giving the front one more pat. "You know, I bet you'd look pretty cute just walking around in your shirt and tights without your jumper. Don't you?"

She wasn't asking me, of course, and of course the other girls were eager to agree, even as I shook my head desperately.  I felt my mouth start sucking even before I realized my thumb was back inside, and by then they'd seen, so it was too late to try to hide it. Some of them oohed and ahhed, giggling derisively about how precious I looked.

"Come on, Holly," Molly urged, her hand tightening around the hem of my jumper, lifting it up higher. "We'll give you a nice make-over."

"Maybe we can lose the tights, too!" one of the other girls suggested.

The very idea of it, of toddling around this place I should be ruling, strutting through, proud of my work, in just a diaper and shirt made me want to throw up. I may have given up my fight for the sake of keeping my bottom un-spanked, but this was too much. I ripped the skirt away from Molly's hands, then, before I could talk myself out of it, I took off running.

I knew I'd have only a second or two head start by catching them by surprise, and that with my shorter legs and the diaper between them that wouldn't do me much good, but I had to do something. I wasn't sure what my plan was if I managed to get away, but perhaps I could hide in one of the stores, maybe even use one of their phones. I didn't know who I'd call, but I'd think of someone. I'd get some new clothes, real clothes, then find Holly and drag her to her own house, and watch with satisfaction as she got her butt severely spanked.

I nearly fell over as I ran into someone in my desperation to get away, managing to stay on my feet only when they grabbed me and steadied me. "Sorry," I blurted out, trying to push past them. But they didn't let go.

"Did you miss me that much?" my nanny asked. "I heard your little shoes and thought I'd see what you were up to, and..."

"Y-Yeah," I lied, cutting her off. "Can we just..?"

"There you are!" Molly exclaimed, showing up right on time to make things worse. "What are you thinking running away from us like that?!"

I saw my nanny's eyes narrow, and quickly worked to explain. "No, they were going to..."

"I thought you were ready for a little outing in public, but apparently I was wrong," she shook her head. And, despite everything, I felt relieved. Was she finally going to take me home? But when she started to drag me off, it wasn't back towards the door. "You do not run away from your babysitters, or me, or anyone in charge of you. You can have been hurt, or lost, or even kidnaped! That is very naughty, young lady!"

"Yeah, but..." I stammered, struggling to keep up with her, watching as I passed through my mall, the one I'd worked so hard on, heading right for the fountain at the center, with the ribbon spread out in front of it, waiting to be cut, a job that should have been mine, and, from there, one of the benches. My heart began to pound as I remembered my last trip, how I'd heard a story centering around that very bench. A story that, I realized unhappily as she sat down, pulling me over her lap, was about to repeat itself.

From across her lap, as I sniffled and begged her for mercy, I could see Molly and her friends slide into a table at the food court, the one closest to me, more than close enough to get a good view of the proceedings. By then, the nanny had yanked down the back of my tights, and pushed my diaper down over my bottom, leaving enough of it bare for her to begin her assault.

The sound of her hand slapping against my bottom would likely have drawn enough attention, and I had hoped to leave it at that, but I was sure she was spanking me much harder than usual, as, by the third one, I was wailing, kicking my feet and bawling out my eyes, making quite a spectacle of myself as I stared out across the tiled floor, at the pattern I'd fought so hard to keep unchanged, at my fountain - the ribbon there symbolizing the end of my job, the completion of my first big project, proof that I was an adult, a professional - tinkling gently beside me, between the sound of the spanks, and the pain each sent blossoming across my backside.

Just when I was sure it would never end, my tear-streaked eyes saw something new in front of me, a pair of shadows. "Excuse me, ma'am," one of them said, a voice that sent a fresh blush to my cheeks as I recognized it, and realized my other cheeks were fully visible to our head security officer. "I'm afraid you can't do that here."

"I'm afraid she's been a very naughty girl, and with children, you must punish them right away, or they won't realize what it's for," the nanny lectured.

Then, to my horror, the other shadow began to speak. I couldn't even hear his words, as just the voice was enough to make me stop breathing in my spot after one, overly loud, gasp. This was worse than one of the people I'd hired, who'd worked under me before I'd been turned into a baby. This was my boss, the man I'd had to fight tooth and nail to convince I deserved to be allowed a chance to be the head of this project. And I was lying in front of him, bottom freshly spanked and diapered.

I prayed he wouldn't notice me, that he'd concentrate on telling the nanny exactly why she couldn't spank me in a public place like this, but, given how few of my prayers had been answered lately, it was hardly a surprise when he knelt down in front of me, his gentle smile turning into a look of shock, and then anger. "Laura?" he asked. I turned my face downward for just a moment, then looked back up at him, knowing there was no use hiding. "Is this what you abandoned your project to do?"

"N-No, you don't understand," I stammered. "This isn't my fault! She kidnaped me, and..."

"It's bad enough you left with no notice, so that I had to fly all the way here and take over. But to do it to play some perverted little game, and to bring it here, in public? Are you trying to humiliate this company?"

"No, please," I begged, sniffling.

He stood. "If you'd like to continue her spanking," he said, "I can take you to my office. But after that, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave. And Laura? You aren't welcome back."

Thankfully, my nanny decided against taking him up on his offer. But, even so, I cried the whole way to the car, past Molly and her friends, past my fountain and the ribbon in front of it, still uncut, out of the mall I'd put so much work into, for the last time.


  1. Once again i find myself pointing out how unrealistically cruel your stories are, her identity was just revealed in front of everyone, yet nanny is STILL clinging to the fact she thinks she holly... on top of that, shes lost her job, if this had any chance of ebing even remotly real, then laura would be able to sue every single person involved in this and live her life forever in luxury...

  2. Fuck the guy above, this story is amazing and I eagerly anticipate every single entry. Kudos on the excellent work and keeping me intrigued every chapter!

    Go look for something tamer, Gubaguy, as clearly her stories aren't your thing. Your taste is not her fault.

  3. Tamer? this is "tame" theres absolutly no sexual or fetishy content, just someon ebeing punished for no reason... if thats your fetish fine, and who saidit was bad? i said that this is unrealisticly unfair... if your going to defend something, make sure you know what your talking about first, twat

  4. "theres absolutly no sexual or fetishy content"
    I think, Gubaguy, that you have a very different fetish to PrincessPottypants or I, which is why you misunderstand. This is very much a BDSM fantasy, forced ageplay.

  5. ok let me rephase that, i am fully aware this is a sexual strory, but it lacks any and all sexual activity, so if taken out of this blog and put out on its own, no one would be able to connect the dots and figure that out

  6. Uh, yeah, that's kind of the point of a fetish -- it's a particular activist or interest that a certain person or certain group of people find arousing. Place a picture of feet on a site and it won't do something for a lot of people, but foot fetishists will love it. How are you not getting this?

    You clearly have different fetishes. Move on and go to a different blogger's page.

  7. i am into forced diaper wearing, as useage, and humiliation... im not into unfairness, and after reading the ending, this is very clearly a well written story, but its ungodly unfair, why does no one try to help her? oh thats right, everyone in the world is an asshole... thats not exactly a good plotdevice... instead, punish her becuase she proves she needs to be punished... how hard is that?

  8. Heh, I suspected quite some time ago that they knew who she was, though didn't expect Holly to be the instigator.

    Gubaguy - while I'm normally (or have previously) been inclined to go for the "brat who deserves it" angle, you have to remember that for the author, this is a self-fantasy, as she is writing a character of her own gender - do we really consider ourselves brats in need of punishment, or as innocent everyday people who just happen to want terrible things to happen to us? ;)

    In the end I've decided that I think that the "everyday person" fantasy is much more fun. It's all meant in ridiculousness anyway, off in an alternate universe where this somehow isn't cruel, only hot.

  9. Gubaguy: You just said it yourself -- you're not into "unfairness." The author, however, is. It's not a plot device, it's just an aspect of her fetish. For the millionth time, if you don't like it, find another author.