Thursday, September 15, 2011

Laura & Holly - Chapter 13

"Come on, Holly," Molly said, her voice starting to sound impatient. "Do you want me to tell everyone? All I have to do is say it here, and by the time you get to your next class, the whole school will know." I squirmed and whimpered, cheeks as pink as my outfit.

"Is it really that bad?" one of the other girls asked.

"Oh, it's bad," Molly assured her. "It would be bad even if she were in kindergarten..."

"You mean she isn't? That's what it looks like she's dressed for." The girls didn't even try to hide their laughter now, except for Molly, who still let out a smirk. More importantly, she didn't bother to stop them. It was obviously a message, meant to let me know this, and worse, was what I had waiting for me if I didn't do what they wanted.

"Actually, you know what?" Molly turned to one of the girls. "Lacey, your older sister still works at that daycare, doesn't she? Maybe we could go drop little Holly off there... That would be much more appropriate for her... It must be about naptime over there. We can drive her over and drop her off, and then she can spend the afternoon coloring and eating glue. Is that what you want, Holly? Or do you want to be a big girl and help your friends out?"

I wasn't sure if they were bluffing or not, but I could see Lacey getting her cell phone out and starting to dial. It was bad enough I'd spent the morning in high school, attached to some girl who was just pretending to be nice... I couldn't even imagine spending the rest of the day in daycare, much less what the nanny would have to say about that. At least if I helped these girls out, there was a chance I wouldn't get caught. But if I did...

"I'll do it," I whispered. I felt a little like throwing up as I said it, but I managed not to.

"What was that?" Molly asked, holding a finger up to stop Lacey.

"I'll do it," I repeated. "Just... Let's just get it done."

"See?" Molly shook her head. "That's all we wanted! Why did you have to make it so difficult?" She got up, gathering her trash and beckoning for a couple other girls to follow, leaving the rest behind. "Well?" She looked at me, raising an eyebrow. I gulped and climbed carefully off the seat, following them nervously as they dropped off their plates and silverware, then headed inside. Their pace significantly picked up once there, leaving me almost jogging to keep up as they made their way through the halls. I felt very much like the little sister now, struggling to keep up, shoes slapping against the tile, contrasting rather severely with their silent movement.

Finally, they stopped, one of the girls moving ahead to peek inside a closed classroom door. She turned back and nodded, leaving another girl to sidle up to the lock and begin fiddling with it. "All right," Molly said to me quietly. "You just need to go in there and go up to the desk. He keeps his tests in a folder in the middle drawer on the right side. Just grab one and get back out here. We'll keep a look out for you, and we'll give some kind of signal if we see him coming... Don't worry, you'll know it if you hear it. Understand?"

I nodded anxiously, hoping the teacher would show up before they got the door open so I wouldn't have to do anything. Just as Molly was finishing her instructions, however, the door swung open. "Go on," Molly urged me. "It'll take you two seconds if you don't think about it and just do it."

When I still hesitated, she gave me a gentle push towards the door, getting my feet working again. I trudged in, closing the door as I watched the other girls moving into a cluster and starting to talk, pretending they had no idea there was anything illicit going on just a few feet away. I, of course, didn't have that luxury.

The classroom looked impossibly big, stretching out what had to have been a football field's length from the door to the desk at the front of the room, and my legs had frozen up again. Maybe I could just wait there, I mused, and explain everything to the teacher when he came back. Except that would probably be even worse than just refusing to help in the first place. I'd be a tattletale, a coward, and a pants-wetting baby.

Taking a deep breath, I made myself take the first step forward, and then the next, legs shaking the whole time, getting worse the further I got from the door, the longer I'd have to run to abort this whole mission before I got myself caught. It was, I was a little embarrassed to realize, one of the most nerve-wracking, scary moments of my life. It was no surprise, then, that I felt a few more drops of urine dripping out into my panties, but they certainly didn't help my confidence any.

At last, I made it to the desk. Even as an adult, the thought of walking around to the far side of a teacher's desk was almost unthinkable. When I'd been in school for real, I'd always been horrified when the class clowns would do it if the teacher was late, launching into hackneyed impressions of them. It seemed like such a violation... We were students, we belonged on the other side. It was as simple as that.

But this person wasn't my teacher, I had to remind myself. And this wasn't really my school. It was just a desk, in a building, that happened to have a piece of paper I needed inside of it. The sight of the chalkboard behind the desk didn't help me with that delusion, but somehow, I managed to work through it, stepping around the desk and fumbling with the drawer. There was a folder inside, just as I'd been told. Clumsily, I flipped it open, grabbed the first piece of paper, and pushed the drawer shut, practically running back through the classroom and out.

I was panting, more from nerves than actual exhaustion, when I stepped outside and stumbled towards the girls. "Did you lock the door?" one of them asked me. I blushed, as that hadn't even occured to me.

"Hold up," Molly stopped the girl from correcting my mistake. "Holly, you were supposed to take one of the tests," she told me harshly.

"I did," I squeaked, pushing the paper towards her. "It was in the folder!"

"No, you took the answer key!" she chastised me.

"Isn't that even better, though?" I furrowed my eyebrows. "Because then..."

"No, it isn't," Molly sighed. "Because he's going to notice this is missing!" She shook her head, handing the paper to one of her cronies, who took a picture of the sheet with her phone before giving it back. "If I thought I could trust you to take a decent picture, I would have just had you do that," she told me, "but I thought just taking one of the tests would be easier for you. You may be a brainiac, but you just aren't very smart, are you?"

"I-I'm sorry," I sniffled, a little surprised at how much her disapproval stung.

"It's fine," Molly sighed again. "Just go put it back. And hurry."

My eyes widened. "Back?" She shoved the paper at me as her reply. "I can't go back in there," I whimpered.

"If he knows someone has the key, he'll just make a new test, and this will all have been for nothing," she explained. "So you have to put it back. Now." She crossed her arms, letting me know she wasn't about to change her mind, whether the tears building up in my eyes started to flow or not.

By the time I reached the door again, they had. The room felt even larger the second time around, but rather than taking it slow, I forced myself to run, to get it over with as fast as I could, having felt the effect the slow dread had on my underthings. I fumbled at the drawer and the folder, shoving the paper back inside and making it as straight as I could manage before dashing back out, making sure to lock the door behind me that time.

As the door clicked closed, I noticed three things at once. The first was a flow of warmth trickling down the inside of my legs, running down the insides of my shorts, collecting in my socks, one that, with some concentration, I managed to stop, though that did nothing to hide the wetness on my shorts, and my legs. The second was the fact that Molly and her friends were nowhere to be seen.

In light of the first, that second might have been a good thing, as it would have renderred Molly's promise not to tell my secret if I helped her moot, if it wasn't for the third thing. A man was walking down the hall, perhaps far enough away he hadn't seen me duck out of the room, perhaps not. He was just a year or two older than me, I estimated, and hot. My eyes went straight to his, and I could tell he had noticed me as well, meaning that running away would have been highly suspicious, if I could have even brought myself to do it. Instead, all I could do was stand there, clamping my wet legs together, hoping and praying that he would keep walking past me, that he wasn't going to stop at the door I'd just come out of.

"Hello, there," he said as he got closer. "Are you in my class?"

"Umm... No," I shook my head bashfully. A day ago, I'd be flirting up a storm with this man, but it was obvious he saw me as nothing more than a student now, a child. Even worse, I saw his nose twitch, making me rub my damp thighs together, sure he was smelling my accident. I didn't dare move, afraid he'd spot that wetness if I changed positions even slightly. "I was just a little... lost... I was looking for... umm..." My mind blanked, except for one word I didn't dare speak - bathroom. I stared down at my feet instead, cheeks burning, bracing myself in case he said it for me.

"It's okay," he said instead. "This place can be a little confusing. I'm sure I can help you find..."

"You don't have to," I told him quickly. "I have someone who's helping me out. She had to go get something from her locker, but she'll be back in a minute."

"All right," he said skeptically. "I'll be right in here if you need me." As he stuck the key in the door, I shuffled my feet slightly before hurriedly returning to my original stance, silently cursing my restlessness. I wasn't sure what I was going to do... The bell was sure to ring eventually, and I didn't want to still be standing there when it did. I didn't want to walk through school in wet pants, either, and if I just hid out in a bathroom or something, I was sure the nanny would find out somehow. The nurse might have some spare clothes or something, but she also had a diaper waiting for me, and I couldn't deny that I sort of deserved it after this accident. My face darkened as I thought about that. It was just stress, I knew that, but it didn't make me feel any less childish for having peed my pants.

I watched the teacher open the door, trying to remember where the nearest bathroom was, thinking maybe I could get in there, lock the door, and air out my clothes with the hand dryer at least enough to keep the wet spots from being noticeable. It was the best idea I could come up with, even if that didn't mean much. As soon as he went inside, and I could move my legs again without confirming this cute guy's suspicion that I was a silly teenager who'd had an accident, I'd make a break for it, and hope that I was finally in for a dash of good luck.

I barely had time to process that he was gone so I could start to move before he stepped back out, expression dark. "Excuse me," he said, "but can you explain this, young lady?"

"I-I don't know..." I stammered, unable to see what he was pointing to inside his classroom.

"Come over here right now," he ordered, and, despite everything, the authority in his voice did make me feel a little weak in the knees.

"I-I can't..." I whimpered, but when he demanded to know why not, I didn't have an answer. I shuffled over, trying to keep my thighs together as much as I could, and reluctantly looked inside, only to see a trail of wetness soaking into the thin carpet, leading, in tiny droplets, from his desk to the door. I let out a small squeak, and felt another trickle of warmth flow into, and out of, my now soaked panties, making its way down the inside of my tights. My hands shot to my crotch, and I clamped my legs back together, but I could tell it was already too late.

"I think we'd better get you to the nurse's office," he said, shaking his head slightly. "And on the way, you can tell me what you were doing in my office, so we can see whether or not you need to visit the principal afterwards."

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  1. This is the single greatest thing I have read. Laura having a genuine, non forced, non scripted, honest to God accident was simply a stroke of pure genius. Everything, including all 40 chapters of Alissa pales (spelling?) in comparison to this singular moment. The build up was superb, the execution was erotic and the follow up just completes it. Princess, you outdid yourself here and honestly, I have read so many of your stories without ever commenting on them... This is the fourth night I've read that sequence in a row, the delicious perfection just... It's too much. I could not remain silent. I highly doubtyou will see this, but I have to put it out there on the off chance you do that this it THE pinnacle of omo abdl erotica in my opinion. It is genuine, small, cute and sexy in just that perfect way that it cannot and maybe even should not be replicated.