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Laura & Holly - Chapter 11

I couldn't help but feel like a little lost puppy, following Molly around. Like most of the other students I passed, the girl was taller, but younger, than me, and dressed as I was, it was hard sometimes to remind myself that I really was an adult.

It didn't help that when classmates asked things like, "Did your mommy pick that out for you?", it was always Molly who followed up with a harsh, "Buzz off," or an even colder comment on how their outfit hardly looked any more mature, as I stood by, dumb, and slowly looking up to her more and more. Despite me being nearly twice her age, I caught myself thinking of her as a big sister, almost, more than once. When she cheerfully pointed out, "Hey, our names rhyme! Molly and Holly!", her tone made it obvious she saw our relationship the same way.

She herded me through the crowded halls, helped me find the bathroom - where getting undressed was quite an ordeal, with all my layers, almost resulting in what would have been a horribly humiliating accident - even offered to help catch me up in class, though she was surprised to find that, after shaking some of the dust loose, I knew more about most of it than she did. I couldn't help but feel proud at her shock, at least until she said, "So you're one of those brainiac kids, aren't you? I thought you seemed pretty young. How many grades did you skip?"

Luckily, as I blushed and tried to figure out how to answer that, the bell rang. She paused and looked at my schedule again. "Well," she told me, "looks like this is where we split up. Your class is right over there," she pointed across the hall to a door that suddenly seemed quite ominous, "and I'm down there."

My heart began to beat faster as I stared up at her, frightened. I should have known we wouldn't have all the same classes, but nonetheless, the idea of being torn away from her and left on my own made me feel like crying, and throwing up, or both. I'd already seen that I froze up when teased... Without her there to defend me, it would be a free for all.

"Are you okay?" she asked, bending down next to me. "Hey, it's all right." She gave me a hug that actually did make me feel a little better, embarrassingly. "You know what? You're not going to be here for long, are you?" That was what the teacher had said... I didn't know what the nanny's plans were. Still, Holly's parents had to come back before long, and once they did, this would all be over, so I felt vaguely confident in my nod. "Well, why don't you come with me? I don't think Mrs. Kroft will mind, and if she asks, we'll say you're my little sister visiting me, okay?"

"Umm... All right..." I wasn't quite sure how to take this confirmation of my fears. I obviously was quite unqualified to be this girl's younger sister... But then, it felt kind of nice to hear her say it. As an only child, I'd never known what it was like to have an older sibling to look out for you. As it turned out, it felt quite pleasant.

Mrs. Kroft did not, in fact, mind, and she hardly seemed to notice as she droned on about World War 1. Since Molly had taken control of my schedule, and hadn't given it back, not that I really needed it with her to help me, I wasn't sure what I was missing for this, but I half expected the teacher to come bursting in to drag me out. I'd never skipped class when I was in high school the first time, and, even though I was in another class, so it hardly felt like I was doing anything wrong, it was a little thrilling to realize that's what I was doing this time around.

At least until it occurred to me that this might get back to the nanny. I hadn't even thought of that - after all, school was school, and I was still in it - but what if she found out? Would she believe the story of why I'd missed that class? Or would I land in trouble, just because I was too much of a chicken to face a class full of teenagers on my own? My eyes began to flick over towards the door more frequently now, half expecting to see the woman herself storm in to spank me in front of everyone. Not even Molly could stop that, I was sure. I squirmed in my seat, wondering if it would make things better or worse to go back to where I was supposed to be now.

"Hey, are you all right?" Molly whispered, leaning over closer to my desk. "You look a little pale." I just shrugged. How was I supposed to explain it to her? "Are you hungry? We're going to lunch next, so just hang on until then, okay? Can you do that?" I nodded, but didn't feel any less anxious.

My legs swung faster and faster as the class began to wind down, looking from the clock to the door. I don't know why - it wasn't like the possibility of being caught vanished as soon as the class I'd missed ended - but I felt compelled to do it all the same. The hands of the clock seemed to move slower the close they got to the hour, to releasing me. Everything else slowed down, too - Molly's pencil scratching over her notes, Mrs. Kroft's voice, the sound of my tight-clad legs rubbing against one another. The only thing that didn't feel as if it were caught in a batch of ever-thickening molasses was my heartbeat, which, instead, was speeding up.

Just when I thought it would never come, the bell trilled to life, making me jump despite having been staring at the clock, which should have made it obvious it was about to happen, and turned everything back to normal. As the rest of the class started to get up and gather their things, I sat at my desk, calming myself down. Nothing had happened after all. It was no big deal... I shouldn't have gotten so worked up about it in the first place.

Then the PA system crackled to life. "Holly Prescott, please report to the nurse's office," a tinny voice requested, the horrible sound quality making it hard to tell for certain if it even belonged to a man or a woman.

Not that it mattered. An icy hand wrapped around my insides and squeezed, making me feel a little faint as I sat there, stunned. Was the nanny there already, waiting for me? Or had she set this up in case I didn't show up for one of my classes? Either way, I knew there was nothing good waiting for me in that office.

"Do you take medicine of some kind?" Molly asked, shoving her notebook into her backpack.

"N-No," I shook my head, immediately regretting it, as I could see her expression turning more suspicious instantly. "I-I mean yes," I correctly quickly. "But nothing important. It's just for allergies, but they haven't really been bothering me for a while now, so we can just go to lunch."

Molly looked less than convinced. "I don't know..." she said. "I don't think we should take any chances. I'm kind of in charge of you, and I wouldn't want you to get sick or anything on my watch."

"I won't!" I promised. "I'm perfectly fine, I swear! Let's just go!"

Molly eyed me. The fact that I was still sitting made our height difference feel even greater as I fidgeted in my chair. "You still look a little pale," she pronounced finally. "Sorry, but I think you'd better go."

"I don't want to!" I pouted. "Molly, please..."

"I'm not arguing with you, Holly. We're going." When I made no move to do that, she grabbed my backpack, and then my arm, pulling me up and out of my seat.

"No!" I sniffled, plopping down on the floor, managing to break free of her grip as I sat, crossing my arms stubbornly.

"Holly, you're acting like a baby," she informed me, the words stinging like a slap after what I'd been through the night before. "What's the worst that can happen, a shot? I know they suck, but they're no reason to behave this way! You're in high school!"

I could hardly believe I was having my maturity questioned by a teenager, but I had to admit that, from the outside, it must seem like I was over-reacting. And there wasn't much I could say to disprove that, not that I had the guts to admit.

"Are you going to get up?" she asked. Sighing, I nodded and did so, taking my backpack when she offered it and trudging along beside her to the nurse's office. "Would it be better if I came in with you?" she offered.

I shook my head. "I'll be okay," I told her, then, with a blush, "I'm sorry."

She smiled and said, "It's all right, hon. I'll be right here when you come out."

I nodded, but couldn't help wondering if, when I came out, it would be with my hand firmly clasped in the nanny's as she dragged me out to her car, bottom sore from a fresh spanking, tears streaming down my cheeks. What was I walking into? With Molly standing there, watching, I had no choice but to find out. I swallowed nervously, then reached for the doorknob, turning it slowly before slipping inside, heart in my throat.

The woman there wasn't wearing a traditional nurse's uniform, but it seemed likely she was who I was meant to see, as there was nobody else in the room. I was glad to see this, since at least it meant the nanny wouldn't be punishing me in person. "Holly Prescott?" the nurse inquired, then, after I nodded, added, "Took you long enough."

"Sorry, I was... Sorry," I shrugged, hanging back toward the door. "Look, before you do anything, I just want to say, I didn't mean to... It just sort of happened, you know? I was just kind of nervous, and..."

The nurse shook her head, heading for a set of drawers along the back wall, kneeling down at the bottom one and digging through it. "Your caretaker told me it would probably happen, but I told her to just have a little faith in you..."

"But it doesn't really count!" I soldiered on valiantly. "I mean, it shouldn't... It wasn't really... It was just an accident!"

"That's the point," the nurse said, standing up. "Though if it wasn't, it would be even worse."

I was starting to feel a little confused until she turned around and I saw what she was holding. One hand was wrapped around a disposable diaper, her fingertips sinking into the thick padding. "No!" I wailed, hands shooting to my crotch, trying to hide the pink panties there, buried under layers of all my other pink clothing, trying to keep her from taking them. "You can't! It was only once!"

"Once is enough," the nurse countered. "Unless you want to have a bigger one and risk the whole school seeing."

"A bigger..." My cheeks flushed crimson as I finally put together what she was actually talking about. "No, I didn't pee myself!"

"Your caretaker told me you'd say that, too," the nurse said. "That's why you're here."


The nurse set the diaper down on the examination table and started to move closer. "You really are a frustrating young lady, aren't you? Do you think playing games is going to help you?" I could only shrug, not knowing how effective playing games might be since I wasn't sure what they were supposed to be helping me with. She stopped in front of me and stared down expectantly, waiting a moment before requesting, "Move your hands, please."

"What for?" I asked, starting to fidget.

Instead of answering, she pushed my hands aside and lifted the hem of my dress with one hand, starting to tug down my shorts with the other. "What are you doing?" I whined.

"I can't see through all this," she informed me. "Now, are you going to make yourself useful by holding your dress up, or are you going to continue to be a brat?"

"Y-You're checking my panties, aren't you?" It was so humiliating I almost couldn't say it. Here I was, an adult woman, having my underwear examined because I couldn't be trusted to tell the truth about their state.

She didn't deny it, but she didn't have to - as I felt my tights being pulled down, exposing my bare legs to the cool air in her office, making them sprout up with goosebumps, it was obvious. She knelt there, scrutinizing my panties while I stood before her, wanting to die of shame, reliving the little accidents I'd had from the shock of the first bell, to the frantic disrobing for the bathroom that hadn't been quite as successful as I would have liked. Neither had been much, but the memory of them felt incriminating as I squirmed and waited for her judgment. She frowned, then I felt her hand against the cotton fabric, pushing it up against me.

"Well," she said as she moved her hand away, "I guess that isn't too bad."

I sighed in relief, letting out a breath I hadn't realized I was holding. I wasn't going to be going through the rest of the school day diapered after all!

But she didn't pull my tights back up. "Don't get me wrong - if I had training pants your little bottom would be going straight into them. And I may change my mind about the diaper, too. So why don't you tell me what you were talking about?"

"Talking about?"

"You obviously think you did something wrong," she said. "And I don't think it was walking around with a little pee in your pants. A scared little girl like you is probably pretty used to that, aren't you? No, you did something else. And you're going to tell me what. Or," she added, off my hesitation, "That diaper's still waiting for you."

I swallowed, staring over at the diaper on the examination table. After spending the night in one, I couldn't imagine being stuck in one all afternoon. "I... I kinda cut class," I admitted, staring down at my feet and the pool of pink clothing lying crumpled there. "I mean, not really, because I was just in another class, but I wasn't where I was supposed to be, and... Please don't tell nanny."

I wasn't sure whether to take her chuckle as a good or bad sign until I saw her start to slide the tights back up my legs, letting them snap into place before patting my bottom gently. "Here I thought you'd gotten into some real trouble. You probably shouldn't do it again... But I don't think your nanny is going to mind too much."

"You're going to tell her?" I pouted as she replaced my shorts, then smoothed my skirt down over them. I looked down at myself, still unhappy at how childish I looked, but happy not to have a bulging, crinkling diaper beneath all that to make it ever worse.

"Of course I am," she said, as if it were the most ridiculous question she'd ever heard. "But I doubt she'll mind too much, as long as you keep your nose, and your panties, clean the rest of the day." She turned a little more serious as she continued, "And if you do have another accident, even a small one, come here and let me get you changed. They're just barely damp now, but I don't want you walking around in anything wetter than that, okay?"

"Okay," I nodded,  heading quickly out the door.

Knowing what I would be changed into if I did have to return, I had no intention to do so, but the woman's chipper, "I'll see you soon," made me worry that it might wind up happening anyway. And, as the thought had sent a shiver down my spine, one that had ended with another few drops of urine finding their way into my freshly inspected - and barely approved - panties, I knew that would not be a good thing.

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