Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Affair - Chapter 7

Barbara was feeling quite miserable as she was half-pushed up the stairs, feeling bloated both in her stomach and diaper. The garment was quite thick on its own, but now, filled with her pee, it was giving her an even more bow-legged walk. She was also feeling quite wet, not just in her diaper, which squelched damply with her every step, moisture gathering at the legholes, desperate to leak out if she moved the wrong way, but all the way down her front, her shirt soaked in the same thick, fiber-filled drink she'd been forced to fill her belly with.

"And here you go!" Gail exclaimed as she threw open one of the doors along the second floor hallway. "Time to put you back in the toybox."

As big as the rest of the house was, Barbara was quite surprised to find just how small this one was. It was certainly no bigger than the bedroom of her own apartment, and possibly even smaller - it was hard to accurately judge, since this room contained a single piece of furniture, while her own room had a dresser, a bedside table, even a bookshelf crammed into it. This room was sparse, just a bed in one corner, a pile of mostly unopened diaper packages in another, and a small window. It still managed to look cheerful, though, in a slightly oppresive way, as the entire place was covered in pink.

The walls were painted pink, the floor - which Barbara found as she stepped onto it was covered in plastic - was pink, the bed - which was also coated in plastic - was pink, right down to the bedframe. It was strangely disorienting, suddenly stepping into this monochromatic wonderland, and realizing that she was dressed to fit in quite well.

That didn't last for long, however, as Gail quickly had her stripped to just her diaper, tossing the clothes into the hallway. They laid there, straddling the doorway, as if the color scheme of the room was somehow leaking out into the house as a whole. Barbara flushed as the woman finally stripped her of her padded bra, dangling it in front of her for a moment before throwing it aside as well.

Barbara's hands shot to her chest, mortified as the woman finally was able to see her body for what it really was. Staring up at Gail and her giant, heaving bosoms as she stood there in a thoroughly saturated diaper, Barbara couldn't help but feel truly inadequate.

"No need for that," Gail teased, gently pulling Barbara's hands away, fully revealing her underdeveloped chest to the woman's delight. "There really isn't, is there? What exactly were you trying to hide, Barbie? Because there's nothing there." Barbara's face darkened at the teasing - it was pretty standard, nothing she hadn't heard in school, yet the circumstances made the words sting all the more. Gail grinned sadistically down at her, seemingly soaking in her embarrassment. At last, she pushed Barbara back onto the bed, lifting her up onto its crinkling surface.

"Now, cute as you looked in your little outfit," Gail told her, "that's just for when I'm showing you off to your aunties. I don't want them to know just how adorable you are without it, or they'd probably try to steal you away. Besides, it's too much work to get you dressed and undressed if I just want to play with you here. So here's what you'll usually be wearing." Before Barbara could figure out what she was doing, Gail had lifted something pink from the bed and started shoving it over Barbara's hand. Barbara mumbled protests behind her pacifier, tried balling her fingers up into a fist, but the woman had moved too quickly, and Barbara's right hand was now useless. It was covered in a predictably pink leather mitt, each of her fingers encased in its own compartment, stiff enough to render them motionless despite her best efforts. The mitt ended in a soft, fur lined cuff, one that Gail quickly resized to fit Barbara's wrist exactly before fastening it into place with a small padlock.

Barbara's heart stopped for a moment as she saw the lock, then for another as it clicked into place, sealing her hand uselessly away from her. Her mouth quivered around the bulging pacifier, tears pricking at the corners of her eyes. "Pwease," she managed to mumble around the obstruction in her mouth. "Pwease, don't..."

If anything, that simply encouraged Gail more. Gleefully, she grabbed the second mitten, holding it up and cooing, "Now give me your other hand, Barbie!" When Barbara refused, shaking her head and trying to hide her free hand under her other arm, Gail attacked, pushing the girl onto her back with a vicious, merciless tickling, targeting the girl's over-full tummy.

Barbara did her very best not to laugh, but Gail wasn't giving up, and it didn't take long for the girl to give in, breaking into giggles. Gail didn't stop there; rather, she began tickling even harder and faster. Barbara's laughter grew more and more desperate as she fought not to lose herself to it entirely, praying she could hold out longer than Gail, though she knew it was likely a futile cause. And she was right. In a matter of minutes, her laughs turning into half-sobs, she felt her bladder giving way again, flowing out into her already overly saturated diaper.

She gave out a gasp, going limp as she fought to stop it, feeling the moisture start to leak  through the legholes, gathering in a puddle beneath her bottom. She was so consumed by it, and by trying to stop her laughter, that she barely even noticed Gail as she carefully pulled her hand away, fastening it into its prison, then moved on to her ankles, which had cuffs, but luckily without booties or anything attached.

"Look at you," Gail berated her, once she had calmed, her breaths short and shallow and only occasionally infected with a residual snicker. "Didn't you just try to tell me you were a grown-up, not a baby? And here you are, pissing all over your bed! What kind of an adult does that?"

"Y-You made me," Barbara protested.

Gail shook her head, grabbing Barbara's hand, pulling it over her head. "What a typical child," she said, "always blaming others for the things they do." Barbara stared up, trying to see what was going on, only to start to thrash desperately, trying to pull her hand away. She hadn't noticed the cuff attached to the headboard before then, nor the chain coming off of it, ending in a carabiner clip that Gail was maneuvering towards the metal loop on Barbara's mittens the lock was hung on.

"Stooop!" she whined.

The clip slid through the loop, snapping shut. Then, as if that wasn't enough, Gail locked the carabiner closed, a small piece of metal screwing into place to keep the arm securely in place. Positioned as she was, Barbara wasn't sure if she'd have been able to unscrew it anyway, but with the gloves denying her the use of her fingers, there was no way. She burst into tears, all the indignities of the day piling up on her at once, leaving Gail to easily fasten the rest of her limbs into place, locking her down, spread-eagled, to the bed. There was no use fighting, anyway, Barbara thought bitterly.

Gail vanished for a moment, only to return with the wet shirt Barbara had been wearing. "Come on, stop blubbering," she instructed as she lifted the girl's bottom off the bed. It couldn't go up too far, just enough for the woman to soak up the escaped pee with the shirt. "How disgusting," she commented, causing another sob to escape from Barbara. "Seriously, quiet down," she ordered, much sterner this time, "or I'll be stuffing this into your mouth instead of your paci."

Barbara calmed down as much as she could manage, not wanting to find out how much of the wet shirt the woman could force into her mouth. Gail held it over her for an extra few moments, which left Barbara fighting not to burst into fresh tears, sure Gail would do it anyway, before finally tossing it back towards the hall as she stepped to the other side of the room, pulling a diaper out of the package.

"Thank you," Barbara sniffled, glad to at least be getting out of her leaking diaper. She may not want to end up in another diaper, but it would at least be somewhat more comfortable than this one.

"Oh, of course," Gail nodded, sliding the diaper beneath Barbara's bottom. "I wouldn't want you completely soaking your bed." Barbara could hear a sound like plastic being ripped, though her view of what was going on was blocked - she could tell it wasn't the tapes of her diaper being undone, however. Then, to her horror, she saw Gail pulling the second diaper up and over the first.

"N-No!" she pouted. "You can't! I'm leaky!"

"You're right," Gail mused, pulling the diaper up, tightly taping it into place. "I should get another." Despite herself, Barbara began to wail again as the procedure was repeated yet again, leaving her with quite a bulging crotch, one that would have been very difficult to walk in, that would have made her keep her legs quite far apart, if they weren't already being held that way.

"I'll get a wash!" Barbara complained, squirming as much as she could manage, rubbing her bottom against the plastic-sheeted mattress as if trying to push the diapers off of herself, though they simply slid across the surface easily, unharmed.

"I know," Gail smiled. "And won't you look cute, walking around, trying to scratch your itchy little bottom with those mittens, through your nice, thick diapers?" When Barbara started crying yet again, the woman simply picked up the pacifier that had fallen from her mouth as she'd been getting fastened into place on her bed and forced it into her mouth. "Besides, you might need these," she said, patting the thick layers of padding fastened around Barbara's waist. "I'll come get you to play with sometime, but it might be a while. After all, it's my anniversary... We're going out to dinner tonight, and then we're coming back here and screwing our brains out. Which is what you came here to do, too, isn't it?" Gail giggled, watching Barbara's cheeks stain themselves red.

"I think I'm going to be much more successful at it than your were," Gail teased. "And you know what? Look there." She pointed up toward a black speck in the cieling, directly above the bed. "I'll be watching you. While I'm getting laid, I'm going to peek into my little toy box here, and I'll see my baby doll, all tied up in her thick diapers, just waiting for me." Gail moaned softly, reaching down to her crotch, under her dress, where Barbara could just see her pressing her fingers into her underwear, rocking them up inside herself as she spoke. "Oh, it's going to be so hot, Barbie!"

She removed her hand, wiping it off on Barbara's leg before moving her fingers across the crotch of her diapers. "Too bad you won't get to feel anything like that," she said. "Not even close. You can't even feel this, can you?" She pressed her fingers into the center of the diaper, but, sure enough, through all the diapers all Babara could feel was a slight pressure, nowhere near enough to stimulate her. "All your little pussy is good for now is wetting your diapers."

As Barbara cried softly behind her pacifier, Gail moved up to her head, stroking her hair for a moment before reaching down and holding her eyes open one at a time with one hand, carefully extracting the contacts from her red eyes with the other, leaving the world a pink blur around her. She couldn't even see where the camera was hidden anymore, but she knew it was there.

"Good night, Barbie," Gail told her. "I'll be seeing you later tonight. Be sure to put on a good show for me."

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