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Dollies - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Hello, Nurse!

Phoebe gulped as she stared up at the doll, feeling especially small after everything the doll had done to her. The man had gone off to finish something, with the promise that he'd return before too long, leaving Phoebe alone with her dolly once again. She knew that the doll hadn't grown any since the last time they'd been together by themselves - though the heels did make her look a bit taller - but she still felt like the thing towered over her now.

"You are just soaked, aren't you?" the doll shook her head, patting Phoebe's diaper. "I guess you did change me a couple times, so I can return the favor." Phoebe gasped in surprise as the doll picked her up, setting her down on the changing table, making her realize that this was probably meant to demonstrate how much stronger the doll was than her, more than to get her into a dry diaper. As if to confirm her suspicion, the doll raised the hem of her skirt, showing off a pair of Phoebe's own underwear.

"I have to say, these feel so nice after being stuck in those diapers for so long. They're just so comfortable! I almost forget I'm wearing them! Just feel them!" She took Phoebe's wrist, then giggled in mock embarrassment as she "noticed" the mitten. "Oh, wait, you can't feel anything, can you? Because you were a naughty little girl!"

Phoebe blushed, still mortified at being caught like that, especially knowing what the man must have thought of her. He hadn't seemed to have any problems with it anyway, but that had probably sealed the deal for him, a sign that she was as much into this as he was, and he should continue with his creepy, perverted plan.

The doll untaped Phoebe's diaper and set about cleaning her up and rubbing baby oil in to her skin, taking her time, especially around the young woman's privates, taking obvious enjoyment in seeing her squirm. "What ugly hair," the doll commented as she grimaced at Phoebe's crotch. "The nurse will take care of that in a second! I can't wait! Maybe I'll see if she'll shave your head, too! Then you'd really look like a baby! And that would be really appropriate, wouldn't it?"

"I'm not a baby," Phoebe whimpered.

"Not yet," the doll half-sang. "But guess what? Once he finishes the link, I can do whatever I want with you! I can take all your memories for myself and keep you from being able to access them. I don't think that's quite what Daddy wants, but it would be so much fun to see you squirm around, head as empty as a newborn baby! Is that what you want?"

"No!" Phoebe squeaked in horror, not sure whether the doll was just teasing her or telling the truth. "No, please, you can't do that!"

"I can!" the doll countered sharply, sliding a fresh diaper beneath the girl. "I can do whatever I want! Because you're my toy! But don't worry, I won't do that... At least not right away. That's no fun at all! No, I want to make sure you know what's happening..." She grinned as she taped the diaper shut, then bent over the prone girl on the changing table. "I want you to know that you're just a messy baby!" Phoebe gasped as she felt her bowels contract and begin evacuating into the just-changed diaper. She clamped her mittened hands to the crotch of her diaper, trying to stop it, and managing it, though it was clearly just a temporary measure. "Very good," the doll nodded, "messy baby. Messy baby!"

Phoebe grunted, each repeat of the phrase calling up an image of the doll saying her own variant of it after "filling" its diaper. Even though she tried to deny it, part of her brain seemed to have accepted that she was now the dolly, and hearing those words made that part want to play along with her new role, and, no matter how hard she tried to stop it, each repetition caused the disaster to inch closer to becoming irreversible. Already, she could feel the mass pushing against her diaper, tenting it out slightly, only her great concentration managing to keep it as much in check as it was.

"You see? This just wouldn't be as much fun if you simply gave in and pooped your Pampers the first time! But knowing you're about to, and you're fighting your very hardest to stop it... Now that's entertainment! At least, for a little while. I'm sure I'll get bored of it eventually and just let you be an empty-minded little baby, but everyone gets tired of their toys eventually, don't they? Even a messy baby like you!"

Phoebe tried her best to hide the fact that the last trigger had been enough to send her over the edge, to force her body to start pushing the mess into her diaper faster than she could even try to contain it, but the accompanying sounds made that futile, and she suspected the doll would have known anyway. It was a far slower process than it had been the day before, and even more degrading, as there had been no enema to help her along. She knew she should be able to stop it, and, in fact, a time or two she did halt the mudslide's progress, but for no more than a second or two until it began again, somehow finding more space in her expanding diaper. But the worst part came when she finished and laid there, worn out from the trial, only to feel her mouth open, hear herself say, "Messy, mama!", just like the doll.

"And I just changed her, Daddy!" Phoebe wanted to sink through the changing table and into the floor as she realized the man had come back into the room sometime during her ordeal and seen at least some of that. "I'm not going to change her again!"

"That's okay," the man smiled deviously down at Phoebe. "I don't think she wants you to. Otherwise, why would she have waited until you had her in a fresh diaper? She is a naughty little girl, isn't she?"

"No!" Phoebe wrinkled her nose as her gave her full diaper a harsh pat. "Change me! It's not my fault!"

"I'm sure it isn't," the man nodded. "Well, don't worry... As much as I'm sure you'd love to play in your potty pants for a while longer, I don't think the nurse will let you. And she's ready to see you now." He chuckled at her confused, though mostly frightened, face. "Don't cry! We won't let that diaper go to waste!" Out came his blasted tablet again, and a moment later, a wooden rocking horse glided into the room, bobbing slightly. "She won't mind cleaning up a little more of a mess."

Before Phoebe could protest, she was lifted off the changing table and put across the horse's hard saddle, squelching her mess against her tender skin. The horse's rocking grew much more pronounced as soon as she was in place, then began sliding after the man as he led her and the doll out into the hall and through her apartment, out across the living room and into what had been only darkness the day before. Now, with nothing left to hide, the lights were on, revealing just how massive the living room truly was. It looked like it belonged in a castle, not in the middle of some nondescript apartment building. On the other side, toy robots were working tirelessly, tearing out walls from what had been the apartments across the hall and fashioning new ones. Through the half-built walls, she could see a ballet studio, a locker room, even a miniature grocery store. But the room she was taken to was already fully done, not even a crack to give her a hint of what lay behind the door until he opened it, revealing a pediatrician's office.

Its walls were brightly colored, and there was a large exam table in the middle, surrounded by various counters loaded with all sorts of medical equipment that Phoebe did not want used on her. There was another door, on the wall opposite of the one she'd come in by, and after she'd had enough time to look around, it opened, and another doll walked in. Phoebe turned to see what it was, only to have her mouth drop open.

It was dressed as a nurse, but just barely. It was in a white dress, but the belt around the waist was the only part of it that was fully closed. The top was split, showing off the red bra underneath, struggling to contain the doll's huge breasts, and the front of the skirt, leaving the red panties below exposed. It wore a nurse's hat on its head, and huge heels on its feet, along with a pair of white thigh high stockings, topped with red bows, a white cross in the center of each.

If Phoebe had any doubt this whole thing was cooked up out of the creepy man's disturbed mind, this would have eradicated them... And yet, though she'd never considered herself to have any real lesbian tendencies, she couldn't deny that this was one very sexy woman - or doll, rather. Looking up at her, Phoebe felt incredibly immature and inadequate in a way that didn't come entirely from the fact that she was on a rocking horse in a dirty diaper, though that definitely amplified it.

"Is this our patient?" the nurse asked, bending down to pull out the back of Phoebe's diaper. "Oh, my, she's had quite the accident, hasn't she? Well, we'd better get you cleaned up before your procedure!"

"I don't need a procedure!" Phoebe exclaimed as the nurse picked her up and put her onto the examination table. "Please, you can't do this!"

"She likes her messy diapie," the dolly chimed in. "But we told her she'd have to be changed eventually."

"Oh, does she?" the nurse smiled, pressing a hand to the loaded crotch of Phoebe's diaper, pushing the padding through the muck and against the girl's privates, rubbing them slightly, enough to get the girl squirming and blushing. "What a naughty girl! I don't think Santa is going to like that!" Phoebe squeaked and moaned as the nurse continued to rub, bending over Phoebe and giving her a good view of her ample bosom, feeling the eyes of everyone around her staring as she squirmed in her full diaper. After a minute or two, thankfully, the nurse stopped, shaking her head at Phoebe's flushed face before starting to change her diaper. "No wonder you have her in mittens," she commented.

With Phoebe clean, the nurse flipped her over onto her stomach, leaving her still red backside exposed, and Phoebe with very little idea of what was going on back there. She tried to kick blindly in the direction of the nurse, but that just earned her a smack on the bottom and a threatening, "Do you want me to tie you down?" that got her to stay still, even as she felt the nurse's plastic fingers running along her bare, red ass. "Do you think this is a good spot?"

"Maybe a little further down," the man commented, a second before Phoebe felt his hand on her as well, which disgusted her even more. "That way her diapers will definitely cover it most of the time."

"All right," the nurse replied, walking over to one of the cupboards and pulling out a long, metal implement. One side of it was wider, and as the nurse brought it closer, Phoebe could see that it had the design of a circuit-board on it, with a P in the middle. There was a small spike in the center that gave the whole thing an even more threatening look, though it would have accomplished that nicely anyway, as the wide end began to glow and dull red as the nurse showed it to her. "This is so everyone knows who made you," she commented, pushing the brand a little closer to Phoebe's face.

Phoebe gulped as she stared at the thing, wriggling helplessly on her belly. Even if she wasn't surrounded by bigger, stronger people - or things, really, in all but one case - her hands had been rendered useless, so she couldn't have escaped anyway, not without the ability to turn the doorknob. It was all almost over... Her adulthood, her brief stab at independence, everything. She was about to be some creep's playtoy, turned into an oversized little baby doll that really cried, screamed, and wet. And there was nothing she could do about it.

Or was there? For a split second, she stared at the brand, and that sharp point right at the center. She had just enough time to formulate a plan, and then she lashed out, trying to knock the thing out of the nurse's grip with her own mittened hand. She could feel the heat of the metal through the glove, but, more importantly, she could feel the slightest bit of cool, fresh air on her index finger, right before the man grabbed her arm and pulled it away, letting the nurse back up. The doll quickly stepped up to grab Phoebe's other hand, and the pair pulled her appendages forward, pulling straps from the surface of the table and fastening them into place before the man stepped behind her and locked one over her back as well.

"Would you care to do the honors?" he asked, though Phoebe wasn't sure who he was asking until the doll version of her grinned.

"Oh, yes," it said, walking past the girl's worried head and to her backside, where she delivered a dozen hard swats to her bottom. "I think she likes her spankings as much as her diapers," the doll mentioned once she was done. "Look at how many she's earned already!"

"I think you may be right," the man agreed. "She's just the perfect fit for the role, isn't she?"

"Feel free to cry, little one," the nurse told her. "This is going to hurt."

And she was right. For a moment, Phoebe felt nothing, and then there was a searing pain on one butt cheek, making her yelp, the overall pain distracting her as the metal bit at the center jabbed further into her flesh, depositing something inside before the whole thing retracted, and the nurse pulled it away. Instantly, she could feel something was wrong, as memories began to vanish and reappear at random, as if somebody was rifling through them, pulling them out to read them and then sticking them back in.

"Oh, this is fantastic!" the doll version of her crowed. "Look at all this!"

"Why don't you go process it all," the man suggested. "I'll take care of the little one."

The doll nodded, walking out as the man stepped back around to the front of the table. "Now you're all mine, baby doll."

Phoebe stared up at him, opening her mouth to tell him off, but all that tumbled from it was a string of unintelligible, "Goo-ga goo"s. She gave a look of confusion, feeling the nurse treat the wound she'd just made on Phoebe's rump, covering it up with something before unstrapping Phoebe and rolling her over onto a fresh diaper.

"What was that?" the man teased, staring down at her.

"Ga ga goo!" Phoebe tried again.

"How sweet!" the man laughed. "She must have taken away your language center. She's a little troublemaker, just like you! Maybe one day you'll grow up to be just like her!"

Phoebe glared at him, trying to send the message of, "I am her!" with her eyes, a moment before they unfocused, leaving a blank expression on her face. She brought one hand up to her mouth, but with the mittens, couldn't find her thumb to suck it, so she began to cry.

The man sighed, opening a drawer under the exam table and pulling out a pacifier. "Well, this is no fun," he pouted as he shoved the thing into the girl's mouth. "I guess she decided to try to take it all in at once." After a moment, Phoebe peed into the diaper as the nurse was pulling it up between her legs. "That stupid doll," the man sighed. "But I guess she'll be done with it faster this way."

The nurse got out another fresh diaper and cleaned Phoebe's privates with a wipe before taping her up, bending down to lift the girl into a sitting position. Phoebe clumsily tried to follow the woman as she straightened back up, reaching out for her chest. "I think she's hungry," the man commented, perking up a little at that. "Feed her."

The nurse sat down on the table beside Phoebe, letting the girl crawl into her lap before pushing her barely-there dress aside, exposing her plastic breast. Phoebe clamped right on, closing her eyes as she began to suck instinctively, letting the sweet, thick milk fill her mouth. It started out slightly cool, then slowly became warmer, like it should be, as the cooling mechanism inside her that kept it fresh shut down temporarily. Phoebe drank it down quickly, hungrily, not seeming to notice as she took too much and it wound up running down her cheeks, crying when the nurse took her off one breast to switch her to the other side.

"This should be fun when she's back to her old self," the man commented as he watched. "Just imagine how much she'll pout when she finds out she has her own, personal wet nurse. I bet she'll earn herself quite a few more spankings, refusing to drink... Then we can show her the video of this, of how eager she was this time, to prove what a big baby she really is, right before you make her suck anyway."

Her belly full, Phoebe pulled away, a little light-headed, then reached out for the man with a sniffle. "Da da!"

The man looked at her with a sigh, waving the nurse aside. She plopped Phoebe down beside her on the table and got down, heading out the door she'd come in by, her job done for now. The man sat down in her place, letting Phoebe crawl into his lap and curl up there. "I guess this isn't so bad, either," he mused, smoothing her hair down with one hand. He laughed as she clumsily tried to climb up his chest a couple times, giggling like an innocent baby before reaching out with her mittened hands and clamping one of his hands between them. He looked at her in confusion for just a moment, before she tugged his hand to her mouth, and she pushed his fingers inside.

He watched her nervously for a few moments, but when it became obvious that she didn't appear to be trying anything, he let her continue greedily sucking at them. "What a sweet little baby," he said with a laugh. "When you get a little more of your brain back, I'll give you something else to suck..." Phoebe reached up again, this time taking his hand back out of her mouth, pushing it back to the side and down toward the exam table's top as she sat up straighter, her other hand on his chest as she reached up and began to kiss him with everything she had.

For a few seconds after she finished, settling back down in his lap and smiling sweetly as she pulled his fingers back to her mouth, he was too stunned to say anything, and then, with a cocky grin, he told her, "Merry Christmas to you, too. I knew you liked this. We're going to have lots of fun together!"

Phoebe gave him one last moment of a smile, and then she bit down. The warm taste of copper filled her mouth, but she kept clamping down, glaring angrily up at him, before finally letting them go, pushing him backward as she hopped off the table. She pushed her hand through the hole she'd been widening in her mitten, ever since she'd started it with the brand, and grabbed his tablet, which she'd grabbed out of his pocket as she'd pretended to be climbing up his chest, and which she'd just pushed his finger over the "Exeute" button on while kissing him, and ran for the door, slipping the device under her arm as she turned the doorknob and slipped outside.

She pushed the door closed with her foot and kept running, grabbing the tablet as she went, hurling it at a wall as soon as she could, feeling a huge satisfaction as she watched the screen shatter on impact. She had to hop over and around what seemed like a legion of still robots, rendered powerless by the command she'd managed to find, while sitting on his lap, pretending to be a silly, mindless baby, praying that he'd be too distracted by her to notice her eyes keep darting off to the side, her free hand flicking through screen after screen on his device.

She could hear the door open behind her, which gave her the motivation to move faster, to try to ignore the diaper throwing off her balance, and the pain in her backside from the brand that would forever remind her of this insane little adventure, to go with the memories. She wasn't sure she'd ever be able to forget forcing herself to act like an infant, voluntarily breastfeeding, telling herself that she had to act like she really wanted it, that she wasn't fighting the urge to gag the whole time, if she wanted him to buy her performance.

She stopped for a second as she saw the looming figure of Santa in front of her, the memory of the day before flashing before her eyes as she stared up at the doll's girth, at the bare spot where she'd plucked part of his beard free. Between it and the man, she was sure she'd be caught, but as she tried to jump away from Santa, she realized that he wasn't moving. She breathed a sigh of relief, sure that this meant the emergency purse command had done what she'd hoped and shut down the whole "dollhouse" the man had been constructing, sure that she was safe.

Except, of course, for the man. She heard him just in time, spinning right as he came up behind her, rage in his eyes. Hardly thinking, she shoved the Santa doll over right into him, pinning him beneath the lifeless bulk. "Merry Christmas, asshole!" she panted, unable to resist the urge to kick him in the side before hurrying off toward the fireplace.

Epilogue - Christmas Presents

"It was complicated," was the best Phoebe could come up with as she sat on Joan's couch the next day, squirming in place, her rump still sore from everything it had been subjected to. "I lost my phone, and I got sick, and then there was this whole thing with the apartment... I should never have moved in there to begin with. The landlords were just crazy."

"I was just worried when I didn't hear anything from you," Joan told her with a hug. "I'm glad you're okay, though!"

"Yeah," Phoebe smiled weakly. She supposed she was okay... It had been pretty humiliating, running down the streets dressed as she was, trying to get a taxi to stop for her. She was lucky that her mother was going to visit her sister for the holidays, so she could go there and break in through the window in her old bedroom, the one she never bothered to lock, and which, thankfully, her mother hadn't checked before going on her trip. The taxi's fee had been enormous, and she would have a hard time explaining why she'd had to raid the money stash her mother kept hidden in the kitchen for a rainy day, but she was sure it would all work out in the end.

"Don't you 'yeah' me! You have no idea how freaked out I was when I went over there last night and saw all those police cars!"

Phoebe nodded absentmindedly, glad to hear that the police had responded to her anonymous tip, pausing as she wondered, "What were you doing there?"

"Well, you never got back to me, so I stopped by to get... you know what." Phoebe looked at her in confusion, and the other woman nodded over toward Trixie, sitting on the floor and tearing wrapping paper off of her last present, reaching into the box to pull out the dolly.

Phoebe's blood ran cold as the little girl ran up to her mother, spouting thanks as she gave her a hug, giving Phoebe a close up view of the doll, close enough that she could tell it was, indeed, hers. It was back to its smallest size, its eyes painted on again instead of glass, but that did very little to make it less creepy.

As soon as the girl had run off back to her box, Phoebe hissed, "Where did you get that?" to Joan.

"Where you left it for me," Joan answered, confused. "In the lobby with the doorman."

"But I didn't!" Phoebe shook her head. "Joan, you have to take that away from her!"

"What are you talking about?" Joan shook her head. "Look how much she likes it! You were right, it does look kinda like you, but I think it's cute, not creepy!"

"Joan, you don't understand!" Phoebe whispered. "That thing..." She looked down in surprise as she felt a warm wetness spreading through her panties, then looked up to see that Trixie already had the bottle out and was feeding the doll. "No," Phoebe whimpered. A few moments later, once Trixie had removed the bottle, she felt her mouth move to say, "Wet, mama!" in unison with the doll.

"You played with it before you gave it to me, didn't you?" Joan teased. "That's so cute! But you can't expect me to take it away from her now!"

"Well, I just... You..." Phoebe stammered, trying to come up with some way to get the doll away from the little girl without seeming like a bitch.

Before she could come up with something, Joan looked over at her with a gasp. "Phoebe, are you okay?" Phoebe blushed as she followed her friend's gaze down to her crotch, realizing her accident had been discovered.

"I-I said I was feeling sick," Phoebe blushed. "I'm sorry!"

"It's okay," Joan soothed her. "Don't worry about it! Just go get cleaned up!"

Phoebe stared over at the little girl playing with the infernal doll, watching as she pulled the bed, the bowl, and the food mixes out of the box. It looked like she was still linked to the doll, at least slightly, even with it back in its mostly harmless state, which should at least mean that Trixie was safe from its influence - anyway, the doll had been made for Phoebe in the first place, so even if there wasn't a connection, she wasn't sure the doll would work with Trixie anyway.

But, even so, she grabbed a pad of paper from the end table beside her, jotting down the three rules just to be safe. "I forgot about this. She needs these, too. I'm really sorry about your couch, I'm still feeling kinda sick. I think I should head home."

Joan told her goodbye worriedly, then Phoebe knelt down beside Trixie. "Did you have an accident?" Trixie asked with surprise. "So did my dolly!"

"I know," Phoebe blushed, too embarrassed to even try to ask the girl for the doll now, though she had a feeling it wouldn't have worked anyway, and there was no way she could just take it and run. She sighed, handing Trixie the paper with the rules on it. "Listen, I had a dolly just like that once, and there are some really important rules for taking care of it. And you want to be a good mommy, don't you?" The little girl nodded seriously. "Okay. Merry Christmas, Trixie."

As Phoebe walked out of the house, the little girl ran to her mother, asking her to read her the rules. "Okay, sweetie," Joan said, taking the paper. "Let's see... One, keep a close eye on her, because she can be a real troublemaker. That's good advice! Two, don't feed her too much, and make sure to change her right away when you do. And three, she has to be asleep by 7:45 pm every night. That's right before your bedtime! That works out well, huh?"

Phoebe tried hard not to think too hard about them, worried that the girl wouldn't follow the first part of the second rule as closely as she should - but she had to try, and forbidding it outright was certainly not going to work since the girl already knew the doll could use its diaper - and just as concerned that she would enforce the third rule. She stopped on the way home at a drugstore, thankful they were open on Christmas, and bought herself a package of diapers with more of her mother's rainy day fund, taping herself into one in the bathroom, very glad to have done so when, a few minutes from her mother's house, she felt it begin to fill as Trixie began to feed the doll. That was bad enough by itself, even if she hadn't found herself announcing, "Messy, mama!" when she was done.

Throughout the day, despite the rules, Phoebe wet herself quite a few times, able only to slightly muffle the declaration of her "accident" by clamping her hand over her mouth. She made herself get ready for bed at 7:30, then lay in wait, sure that any moment Trixie would be putting the doll to bed. And, sure enough, before the clock turned 7:45, she had fallen fast asleep. She really wished she could have set that bedtime for later, suspecting rightly that she was sentencing herself to the same one, but she wanted to make sure the doll was safely tucked in well before the actual time, to be sure it couldn't get up to no good.

She was glad that Trixie was following the rules, or at least the important parts of them, and that her connection would hopefully keep the girl safe, even if it meant she had become, by proxy, another one of Trixie's playthings, and that she was always at risk of wetting or messing herself and immediately shouting that fact to the world. She was even glad that the girl had liked the present, since she knew how much trouble Joan had been having, finding the perfect gift. And Trixie was sure to outgrow it eventually, and hopefully then she could convince Joan to give it back to her, so she could destroy it, or at least watch over it herself.

All kids outgrew their Christmas presents eventually, she knew. She coud only hope that this was one Christmas present Trixie outgrew very, very soon, because she had had more than enough of being somebody's baby doll.

The End


  1. Fanks for the christmastime story, it was lots of fun! :)

  2. Wow. A superb conclusion. I liked it for so many reasons, but here are just two: 1) the title (echoing the classic risqué comedy routine from many tears ago…"Heeeeelllllllo, Nurse!" indicated we were not going in the usual direction of your darker holiday story conclusions of late); and 2) Phoebe, even though she is still tied to Trixie's doll, emerges as a "victor." She has some control…and although she may be wearing diapers, her will has not been broken….again, not your usual conclusion (thinking of the plights of Sierra recently or Alisa). Phoebe gets to stick it to "the man" this Christmas…and it was fun. I enjoyed the variation of your usual style. Have a good holiday, Princess!

  3. its nice to see a character at least half way make it out relatively unscathed