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Dollies - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Daddy's Home

Phoebe had a strange dream that night. She dreamt a strange, tickling feeling woke her in the middle of the night, after a few closed-eye attempts at batting the offending sensation away. It was a struggle to open her eyes, but somehow, she managed it, getting a view of a footed sleeper on her body. Or, rather, half of one, as it looked like it was in the midst of being made around her. Confused, she followed the string from the unfinished side with her eyes, looking up at the side of her bed.

There, in the faint light of her nightlight, was perched what looked like a huge spider, at least as big as a chihuahua, facing away from her. She gasped, eyes widened as she felt her diaper grow warm. Even that noise was enough to alert the thing, and it scampered around to face her. It was then that she saw that, while the bottom half had eight legs and a spinneret, sure, the top half was actually, as far as she could tell, the teddy bear she'd had since she really was a toddler. In its furry arms, it held one of her old blazers, all ripped up now, its mouth - which had never opened before - halfway through chewing a bite of it.

Her bladder continued to empty as she screamed, and the teddy-bear-spider crawled quickly away. Her heart pounded as she laid there, feeling helpless, fighting to keep her eyes from closing again, knowing that, once she was asleep, it could just come back, but in a matter of moments, her eyelids had slammed shut again.

It had to be a dream, of course, though she supposed it wasn't that much crazier than anything else that had happened to her since she'd gotten that doll. But when she woke back up, as the mother lifted the rail off her bed, the lights on, making her plastic face all the more visible, she was still in just her diaper, which, like in her dream, was quite wet. "I should have known," the mother chuckled as she carried Phoebe to the changing table. "Your big sister had a dry night, but there was no way both of you could do that in one night, is there?"

"Big... sister?" Phoebe blinked, confused. Was she talking about the cheerleader? She had never gotten the impression that they thought she was their daughter... She shook her head, just having to stare up at the thing in the midst of changing her diaper to remind herself that it didn't think anything. It was a doll, just like her Christmas present, except bigger. It wasn't even trying to hide it now, probably because she had already figured it out.

"Yes! You should be proud of her! If she keeps it up, she'll be completely out of Pull-Ups in no time! She won't even need them for bedtime!" Phoebe blushed at that, wanting to say that she didn't need them even for bedtime, but, frankly, after the past couple nights, she wouldn't have believed it, either. The mother taped the diaper snugly in place and picked her up, carrying her to the kitchen, where the cheerleader and the dolly were both sitting at the table, eating.

Phoebe knew right away that it hadn't been the cheerleader the mother was talking about. She gulped as she looked at the dolly sitting there, in a real seat, holding a fork and feeding herself, wearing a cutesy white dress dotted with pink hearts, a pink sweater over top of it. As Phoebe herself was set into the high chair, she had no doubt that it was the doll now that was the "big sister". Phoebe wrinkled her nose as another bowl of oatmeal was plopped down on the tray, this time with a bottle instead of a sippy cup.

"Oh, I wanna help! I'll feed her!"

Phoebe looked over at the doll in shock, surprised to not only hear it say more than "Wet, mama," but to hear it in what seemed like her own voice. It was always hard to identify, since it sounded different in her head than on a recording, but she had a bad feeling that was just what it was.

"What a good girl!" the mother patted the doll on the head as it popped up and scurried over to the high chair. "Helping with your baby sister! Your daddy will be so proud!"

"Daddy's coming home?!" the dolly squealed.

"Of course, silly," the cheerleader chimed in. "It's Christmas Eve!"

Was that right? Phoebe tried to think, her sense of time all messed up from everything that had happened, her concentration not helped by the doll's attempts to shove overly-full spoon-loads of oatmeal into her mouth, which resulted in her having what seemed like just as much of the gunk on her as in her belly, which was just as well, frankly. It seemed like the transformation that not only she, but the apartment, had gone through should have taken far longer than the couple days between opening the box and Christmas Eve, though, when she thought about it, it really had been just earlier that week that she had been a normal adult, moving into her new place, working, not even thinking about diapers, or dolls. Now she was captive to both those things, in some strange, nightmare version of reality.

And who in the world was "Daddy"? Another of the giant dolls? She'd already met more than enough of those, and she had yet to like any of them; she doubted this one would be any different. That feeling was compounded as the doll giggled, "Daddy isn't going to be happy with the baby, is he?" as she jammed the baby bottle into Phoebe's oatmeal-ringed mouth. Phoebe wasn't a big fan of milk to begin with, and this bottle was lukewarm, making it all the more disgusting, though there wasn't much she could do about it at the moment.

"She has been very naughty," the mother noted, stepping in front of the high chair to watch the bottle feeding, adjusting the doll's hold on the bottle slightly and then nodding. "Earning not one, but two, punishments from Santa! I just don't know what we're going to do with her! But I'm sure he'll know what to do!"

The doll nodded, finally loosening her grip on the bottle now that Phoebe had been forced to drain it. She reached under the tray, patting the crotch of Phoebe's diaper. "Wet baby," she commented, staring into Phoebe's eyes. Those words, so close to the first thing she had said, had completely changed now, transforming yet again into a command that Phoebe almost found herself obeying automatically, a few drops of urine dripping their way into her diaper before she could stop herself. It was only then that she realized that the doll's painted eyes were gone now, replaced with glass ones - or whatever the other dolls had, that would have looked just real enough in dim light, though now, with the lights on, they were clearly not.

"Is she already?" the mother tsked, stepping forward and slipping a pair of fingers into the legband of the diaper. She wasn't wearing her gloves now, Phoebe realized as she felt the thing's cool plastic "flesh" on her skin. She shivered, wondering how she had ever mistaken these things for real people. "It's just a little... She'll be okay for now."

"Okay," the doll pouted, obviously disappointed. "I wanted to help change her!"

"I'm sure you'll have plenty of chances for that," the mother consoled her, walking over to the sink to get a washcloth and start cleaning Phoebe up from her breakfast.

"Yeah, she's a real fountain," the cheerleader chimed in. "Do you think she'll ever get out of diapers?"

"Now, now," the mother admonished her, running the cloth over Phoebe's face and chest, "you used to wet yourself just as much." Phoebe found herself feeling a little impressed as she watched the teen's fake cheeks turn red, surprised to see how real whoever had made them was able to get it to look. "Come on, dear, you can at least help get her dressed for Daddy."

The doll clapped her hands excitedly, then, as the mother put Phoebe on the floor, hurried over to grab her hand, following after the mother obediently and pulling her "sister" behind. It wasn't even particularly surprising anymore when the mother took a dress that matched the doll's out of her closet, even though Phoebe knew she owned nothing like it. The doll mostly "helped" by standing back and watching, though the mother did let her put Phoebe's socks on and fetch the ribbons for her hair from the dresser. Phoebe's dress was, of course, shorter than the doll's, leaving her diaper at least halfway exposed.

"Now, you two play nice together until your Daddy gets home," the mother instructed, leaving them to their own devices once Phoebe was dressed. Phoebe eyed the doll nervously, feeling suddenly nervous to be left alone with it. She had noticed it on the trip to her room, of course, but it hadn't really sunk in until now that the doll had somehow become the same size as her. In its Mary-Jane shoes, in fact, it was a little taller, since she was in soft-soled crib shoes herself. And, just like the other dolls, it was probably stronger than her. Phoebe gulped as she stared up at it, taking a tentative step backward, recalling how mean she had been to the doll when she'd first gotten it, and recognizing the position she was now in.

"I-I'm sorry I was mean to you!" she squeaked as the doll advanced on her.

"You said that the first night, too," the doll pouted. "Then you still ignored my bedtime, and left me in a messy diaper... I don't think you're sorry at all."

"I am!" Phoebe nodded. "Please, I'll be so nice to you from now on! I'll buy you pretty clothes, and change you the minute you use your diaper! I swear!" She winced as the doll grabbed her hands, forcing them up above her head and pinning them to the wall behind her. "Please don't hurt me!"

"Hurt you?" the doll laughed. "I don't want to hurt you! If it hadn't been for you breaking all the rules, I wouldn't be like this, not so soon. I want to thank you."

She turned her head to look at the closet. When Phoebe followed her eyes, her heart began to pound as she saw something walking out on four legs, sure it was one of those huge rats, or whatever they were, she had been seeing. She felt rather silly when it turned out to be what looked like a stuffed unicorn toy. It wasn't hers, though she had a feeling it had probably belonged to someone in the building at one time, because it looked very much like a regular toy that had somehow come to life - she suspected it might even be from My Little Pony, though she didn't know that for sure. It was certainly strange that it was walking around, but, frankly, it could have been so much worse.

And then she noticed its horn. There was something odd about the very end of it. It was rounded, rather than a point, though that could have just been for safety. The very tip, however, was separated from the rest by a small blue rod. There was something about it that looked very familiar, but it wasn't until the thing reached her, and pressed the tip of its horn into the slightly damp crotch of her diaper, that she recognized it, just a moment before it began to buzz. She gasped, squirming against the doll's hands as, even through the diaper's padding, the vibrator sent a wave of bliss through her body. She didn't know for sure that it was her Hitachi, specifically - she hoped so, though it probably didn't matter that much with the diaper there - but even if it wasn't, it worked just as well.

Despite her humiliating position, despite everything she had been through the past couple days - or perhaps because of it, as she hadn't had a chance to have any fun with it for quite a while, in between moving and all this - she felt her breath quickening, her nether regions getting wet in a very different way than they already were after her accident. "Stop it," she whined, cheeks bright red as she stared into a duplicate, grinning, plastic version of her face.

"I'm giving you a reward," the doll told her, smiling wider as Phoebe squeaked when the vibrator began going even faster. "You've had nothing but punishments the past couple days... Don't you think it's time for something else?"

"I... I..." Phoebe panted, interrupting herself with a half-muted moan.

"Don't you like it? I think you do..." the doll inquired, full of fake innocence.

"I-I do," Phoebe had to admit. "B-But..."

"'B-But' what?" the doll mocked, signaling the unicorn to speed up yet again. Phoebe's eyes rolled back in her head slightly even as she tried to dance away from the vibrator, followed by the unicorn with every little squirm she could manage while the doll held her in place. "'B-But' you don't want to cum in your diapies? Is that it?" Phoebe could only manage a small whine now, her head swimming with delight, her knees starting to feel weak. "Well, that's the only place you'll be doing that from now on, baby. So I think you'd better get used to it!"

With that, the unicorn kicked it horn up to the highest speed. Phoebe gave one more shuddering gasp before her back arched and her whole body quivered, then exploded with pleasure. The doll let go of her, and she fell to her knees, the unicorn prancing desperately to get out of her way. It was the most powerful orgasm she'd felt in a long time, and she wasn't sure how long it took for her to snap back into reality after it, though by the time she did, she had to wipe a line of drool from her mouth.

She was too embarrassed to look the doll in the eye after that, but it turned out not to be a problem. As she stared at the doll's knees, she could see its head, way up above them, tilt just slightly before she exclaimed, "Daddy's home!" and hurried out of the room.

Phoebe's knees still felt weak, although she wasn't sure what she would have done even if she trusted herself to walk. Would she try to escape while she was alone? Would she go see who this "Daddy" was? It didn't wind up mattering, either, because just a few moments later, she heard footsteps coming toward her door, and the doll's voice chattering, "I don't know what she was doing! She made me leave, and she was being all weird, rubbing her diaper... It looked kind of naughty!" Phoebe looked around the room desperately, already embarrassed, knowing she was about to get caught by Daddy, whatever that wound up being.

"I'm glad you told me," said an unfamiliar male voice. "You're even more mature than I thought! You're such a good girl, even if your sister isn't!"

Phoebe couldn't help but gasp as he stepped into the room, followed closely by the tattletale who had just set her up. She was expecting another doll, but this person was just as human as her. He was a tall, wiry man with glasses and disheveled hair, someone rather unremarkable. She could have passed him on the street a thousand times and never noticed him.

"Who are you?" Phoebe managed to say after a few moments, trying to crawl away as the man advanced on her, only to remember she was already against a wall.

"That's Daddy, silly!" the doll told her. "Aren't you going to say hello?"

"She's just being silly because she knows she was being naughty," the man said as he bent down, echoing the mother's actions from earlier and pushing a pair of fingers into her diaper. Only this time, Phoebe knew there was something inside, and her cheeks burned bright red as this stranger found it. "And you were, weren't you? What a sticky baby you are... Looks like I chose correctly after all. I'm glad you're enjoying your new life, baby, but this is not acceptable."

"N-No, I didn't!" she wailed, shivering as he ran his fingers along the inside of her diaper to find a clean spot to wipe them off before pulling them out. He smiled condescendingly at her, pulling a small tablet, a sticker that read "Peltzer Industries" on the back, out of his coat pocket and pressing a few things on the screen. A moment later, Phoebe let out a shriek as she saw the teddy-spider from her dream skittering out of her closet along the ceiling before dropping down right in front of her. In its bear hands, it was holding a pair of her socks, which it began to eat as it crawled onto her. "Get off!" she screamed, trying in vain to fling it off, eyes widening as she watched it climb onto her arm, turning around as it began to produce thread from its backside, the last set of its legs grabbing it and weaving it around her wrist, forming a tight, stiff mitten as she watched in horror. She tried to reach over and pull the monster off of her, just in time for another one of its kind to hop onto that arm and start its work there, this one made out of a stuffed bunny her first boyfriend had given to her.

"Wet baby," the doll giggled. Phoebe looked up at it, then down at her diaper in horror, realizing only then that she was, indeed, in the midst of wetting herself.

"Yes, she is," the man confirmed, pressing his hand to the outside of Phoebe's diaper. "Now that you can do all you want, baby doll."

"I-I'm not a baby!" Phoebe whimpered. "You can't do this to me!"

"Aren't you?" the man asked, looking around. "You've progressed much further than I ever would have expected in so short a time! I wasn't expecting this phase to finish this early, but I guess it's an early Christmas present for me."

"I'm not anybody's present!" Phoebe glared at him, shivering as the spider toys crawled off of her, their job done.

"Oh, but you are," he countered. "I knew the moment I saw you walk into this building that you would be perfect for the first of my dolls. That little bottom of yours looked just right for diapers, and for the many spankings I've been told you already earned yourself. Honestly, you can't tell me you weren't trying to get those, not with as many as you've gotten! Especially after I just caught you masturbating in your diapers! And just think about how fast you broke the rules!"

"The rules?" Phoebe blinked.

"Yes, the rules! The ones that came with your little dolly! If you had just followed them, I would have known that you were a responsible, mature adult like you were trying to act like, but you broke them all in the first day! Frankly, I was surprised that everything was able to respond so quickly! I didn't expect my little helpers to have to build the dollhouse for you so soon, but they've done a fantastic job, haven't they?"

"D-Dollhouse?" Phoebe looked around at the place that used to be her apartment, remembering how drastically everything else on this floor, at least, had been changed. "You did all this?"

"Not me," the man laughed, hitting something else on his tablet. A moment later, she heard a quiet buzzing, and suddenly a hole opened near the floor of her wall. A toy robot on tank treads rolled in, stopping in front of the man. "Good boy," he told it, then pressed another button, sending it back into the wall, which it quickly patched up, as if the hole had never been there. "They're very good, aren't they? Not to toot my own horn, of course, but they work even better than I imagined."

"But how?" Phoebe shook her head.

"It was all you. I moved the big dolls in next door once I found out where you were living. I seeded your dolly with the materials to build all my other little helpers, though, but you were the one who had to break the rules for her to be able to release them, to make sure they didn't get out of control and tip you off that something was wrong before you were ready. And you did that splendidly! Really, I couldn't ask for a better test case!"

"No, I'm not!" Phoebe whined. "I don't want to be here! Let me go!"

"Look, I know this whole thing is scary, but I promise, it will be okay. The big dolls are a little creepy, I know, but I'm working on them. And if I could find the perfect baby doll, I know I'll be able to find a cheerleader and a mother, and then I'll bring them here to keep you company!" He knelt down in front of her again, tapping her nose. "Won't that be fun?"

"You didn't make this place for me," Phoebe realized with disgust. "This is for you! You're making some kind of... creepy, private harem or something. Ugh, how do you even think you'll get away with this? What is wrong with you?!"

He bent a little closer to her, just as she'd hoped. "You know, I had hoped I'd have a little more time to develop the big dolls, but I think yours will work for now. After Christmas, she can call your boss and explain that she's developed chronic migraines. She can tele-commute for a little while, and stay out of harsh light, until I get everything perfected." He caught Phoebe's hand as it tried to reach into his coat pocket, smiling as she attempted to yank it free, pushing it aside and taking it out himself. "What did you think you were going to accomplish? Did you forget about your nice, new mittens? Even if you didn't have those, sweetie, the execute command is locked to my fingerprint. You are mine, little baby!"

"You're not going to get away with this!" Phoebe fumed. "Nobody is going to believe that stupid doll is me!"

"Not yet," the man nodded, "but that's easy enough to fix! All we have to do is finish the link between the two of you, and she'll have access to your memories. On the other side of a phone, or a video chat, I think she'll do the trick. What do you think?"

The man stepped aside, giving Phoebe a clear view of the doll. The spider toys were making their way down its legs, weaving a set of pantyhose and heels as they went, before scurrying back into the closet, leaving behind... her. It looked just like she had, back before this whole mess had begun, in a tight skirt and matching blazer, her hair in a tight ponytail. If it weren't for the plastic skin, the too-stiff fingers, the not-quite-right eyes, Phoebe could have believed she was looking into a mirror, albeit one that showed the past.

"It looks like you're the dolly now," it said, giving her wet diaper a squeeze. "Wet baby!"


  1. Oooooh what fun! :)

  2. Oh Yeah! I love forced orgasm in a nice, thick diaper. It is so bitter-sweat!
    I hope she gets more treats like this. Maybe even in a messy diaper. Daddy will think she is totally perverted when he finds her with a messy behind and a sticky front.

    I also love the fact that “Wet Baby” starting to be a trigger-word, this way no matter how hard she try to be a big girl a simple phrase force her to feel like baby again.

    I could write more and more about what I love in this story, but allow me one last point.
    The toys that eat and “destroy” her old stuff (life) to make the new humiliating stuff. Like the spider that ate her blazer.
    You had a blazer, now a jumper.
    You had a bed, now a crib.
    You had a favorite sex toy, now a demonic thing that has its own will.
    Maybe you had a belt, now a paddle.
    Where hung a plastic flower in the bathroom you find an enema kit

    Merry X-Mas!

  3. What I love best about this chapter is two things:

    1) The comments on Chapter 3 ended with a conjecture, by Master X and myself, that this was perhaps one big surreal dream. And then you, clever author, open Chapter 4 with the line: "Phoebe had a strange dream…" Nice playing with the readers' expectations, PPP!

    2) Perhaps it is only me…but I sense a mini-tribute each chapter to not only holiday tropes and diaper themes (a pure, potent and distilled "Alisa's Adventures" anyone? Or the "Flex Mentallo" to "The Doom Patrol?" Oh, never mind…that last obscure Grant Morrison reference was more for the Princess' benefit…) but also to classic horror themes and films as well…."evil Santa," "Puppet-Master," "The Twilight Zone," and now, YES! "Daddy" could be a substitute for both "Doctor Cyclops" and one of my favorites, "Dis" from the original Ira Levin novel, THE STEPFORD WIVES (and the original 1970s film…not the atrocious remake with Nicole Kidman). Or, in the meta-fictional spirit of the Princess Pottypants "multiverse," Daddy is Dr. Bremer in another incarnation.

    I know a magician should never reveal their tricks…but am I right, Princess? (Send me a note if you do not want to disclose all of your tricks here…)

    Looking forward to the next installment of "The Perils of Phoebe."

  4. P.S. Spiders….love it! Fondly remembering Mirkwood…and ARACHNOPHOBIA and SIX-LEGGED FREAKS…and, of course, the spider/mutant/baby toy in TOY STORY….

  5. P.P.S. Hah…one more thing before I head out of the Christmas holidays:

    Re: the unicorn's ability to pleasure…."My Little Pony" does not stand a chance against that toy!