Sunday, September 15, 2013

The New Girl


  1. What fun :) And some cute pjs, gosh :)

  2. Ah...women can be so cruel to one another. "The new girl" was never named...but why do I have a sneaky suspicion that we can call her "Princess"? In other news:

    * Image #7 was my favorite;
    * Nice idea with the "spiked" baby powder...and the totally appropriate and messy way to counter-act it's effects;
    * A full dipar leads to intense orgasms...I sense that this is a favorite theme of yours, Princess. Not that I am complaining...
    * And once again, we have the "magic realism" idea: magic can spring forth from the most everyday places or this case, two jealous (I assume) twenty-something witches.

    A fun story...albeit a little disjointed at the end.

    1. And once more: apologies for the typos: "its," "diaper," et al. You'd think as an editor, I'd catch my own typo gremlins. Alas.

      Once more...a very, very fun story!

  3. Oooh it's absolutely fantastic! Mindy and Margene really now how to great a new neighbor ^_^

  4. I do like transformed into lg clothes themes...

  5. I absolutely loved the 3rd piccy <3 and once again a very good story :) I really love the idea of the magic and the magical items that effect her ;) moar pweas!

  6. personally like it when theres dialogue with the captive but this is also pretty tight. keep it up

  7. Great, naughty story. I love the "mixed-feelings" she will have. The most humiliating orgasms I can imagine!

  8. I love this concept!!! Using sexual stimulation as a form of humiliating and yet desire is just outstanding!!