Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Parent-Teacher Conference


  1. Oooh this was one really good too! I hope there will be many more :) *waves*

  2. It is so very important for parents to become involved with their child's education and develop a rapport with the teacher. Especially if that teacher needs to learn a lesson themselves ;)

  3. Where did you get this picture?

    1. I think I saw it on Tumblr first, but it was also posted over on Babes in Diapers not too long ago. As for the original source, I have no clue.

  4. I would love to see you make a caption of this >>>>>>>

    and please do a sequel to Christmas Shopping

    You are amazing keep up the good work


    1. I do enjoy those pictures, and I think I have another couple from the set somewhere, I just haven't gotten around to finding the right story for them.

      And as for Christmas Shopping... I have a couple pages of a sequel done, but it's also a sequel to a few other stories, so it's a big-ish job that I've been too lazy to plan through yet.

    2. That's great news can't wait for part 2 :)

      I have some possible suggestions for the story:

      1.Maybe Mrs. Patterson takes Jordan to the company creche when she is naughty

      2.Dirty diaper spanking over Mrs. Patterson office desk(in front of a co-worker)

      3.A diaper cahnge on Mrs. Patterson office desk

      4.At one point in the story Jordan has to go number 2 and poops herself in front of the whole office (and everytime she walks past a co-worker thay cover their nose after she walks past)

      5.Getting fed lunch by Mrs. Patterson at the company cafeteria (with Jordan wearing baby's bib)

      6.Mrs. Patterson (or her Mother)could give Jordan Dirty diaper knee bounce (horsey ride)

      7.Since Jordan is a short girl maybe Mrs. Patterson(or her mother)could take her to the park(or Mall) in a stroller or a Pram

      (My favorite sentence from your first story was this:

      When she turned just slightly, she could see a patch of red peeking out from beneath the white plastic of the diaper - her diaper, she thought with a sinking feeling in her stomach - from her spanking, and when Mrs. Patterson gave the back of the snug diaper a pat, she saw a small mist of powder puff out of the back. )

      P.S.don't put yourself under an pressure to get these stories out just enjoy them if you can ;)

  5. In the sequel to christmas shopping, can she be back in normal clothes and then be tricked back into diapers by the twins again