Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Halloween Story

Look, this is a really long story, and really embarrassing. I wish you would just... Well, okay, if you have time, I guess I do, too. I don't have much of a choice right now, do I?

If you really want to get back to the beginning, that was a few months ago. It was just this huge misunderstanding, but it ended with me being demoted back to a schoolgirl at this really strict boarding school... Yeah, Saint Mary's, that's right. Like I told you, I just turned 23 a few weeks ago, so I'm sure you can imagine how humiliating that was. Those girls I was with, they were the ones who did it to me - my little sister Adriana, and her friend, Paula.

What? Well, yes, that does mean I was in school not that long ago, but Saint Mary's doesn't have cheerleaders. I told you, this is just a costume! Ouch! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sass at you, I'm just trying to explain!

Anyway, I wasn't even there all that long. I mean, it was long enough, all things considered, but Adriana and Paula could only fool the school and my parents for so long. Of course, by then I'd already spent a couple weeks in dia... uh... dire distress. I have to admit, my grades weren't very good, because I was being distracted by... other things... and Saint Mary's is very strict about trying to prevent their students from getting bad grades. I, uh, found myself in this position quite a bit then, but they used a paddle instead of a hairbrush.

My parents didn't even punish Adriana for what she did! Can you believe that?! They got mad at her for lying to them about where I was, but they had the nerve to tell me that I deserved what I had gotten for letting her trick me the way she had! It was infuriating! They told me I wasn't allowed to try to get even with her, either, which is why I've waited so long to try.

N-No, ma'am, I don't usually advocate revenge, but you don't know what she did to me! Well, yes, I did just tell you, but it was a little more complicated than that... No, I didn't lie! I just left a few details out! I told you, this is a long story! Ohh, please don't make me say it... Ow! Okay, sorry! I'll tell you! Paula convinced the school that I needed diapers, so I spent the whole time there in thick diapers and locking plastic pants! It's not funny! Y-Yes, I'm sure I'm 23! Ow! Ow! Sorry!

You can't imagine how humiliating it is to be almost 23 and sitting outside a principal's office, in a school uniform and thick diaper, waiting for your mother, then having to go with her to the nurse's office to apologize for something that wasn't even your fault and beg for the key to be allowed out of your diapers. The school even offered to keep me on, because I "so obviously" needed more education! I have to tell you, my heart stopped for a second when they said that, and when my mom looked over at me... I could tell she was thinking about it. Then she checked my diaper - she told me later that if I had been wet, she would have taken them up on it. I have to say, that was the first time I was glad that the school had me on a strict diaper changing schedule, because I'd just gotten a fresh diaper maybe fifteen minutes before. She still holds that over me if she wants me to do something. "Be a good girl, or I'll send you back to Saint Mary's!"

Anyway, I'm sure you can imagine the fun Adriana has had with that. Paula took plenty of pictures of me at school, and sent them all to my sister, so she has plenty of blackmail material make me do whatever she wants. She's made me into her personal chauffer, even though she can drive herself now, and if she doesn't want me around, she'll make me let her borrow my car. And sometimes she takes babysitting jobs, then makes me do them for her... in diapers. She pops in at random times to make sure I wear them, too, and she's not shy about checking in front of the kids, which makes it awfully hard to get them to listen to me after, let me tell you.

So I'm sure you can understand now why I wanted to play a little trick on her. It isn't even revenge, because it doesn't come close to making up for all she's done. But I wanted to even the scales a little, you know?

My sister has been trying to get onto the cheerleading squad this year. She said they liked her, but there just wasn't a spot for her. I know I should have been supportive of her, because she was really upset, but... Well, it was the best chance I was going to get. The first chance I got, I went to the store on my own and picked up a cheap little prepaid phone, and the next morning I started to text Adriana with it, saying I was the head cheerleader.

"If you mention this to anyone, including me, I will deny it, and I'll make sure you never make the squad," I told her. "You are to do everything I tell you, and then maybe I'll consider letting you join."

She was skeptical, of course. In fact, as soon as she got the first text, she stormed into my room, hair still wet from her shower, where I was pretending to reply to an e-mail in my pajamas. "How stupid do you think I am, you big baby?" she asked, spinning me around in my desk chair to face her, looming over me. "I ought to post those pictures all over Facebook!"

"What are you talking about?" I asked innocently. "I'm just sitting here!"

Adriana just glared at me for a moment, then pulled out her phone and wrote a reply, pressing send with a triumphant smile. Luckily, I had already predicted she would try that at some point, and I had that phone on silent. That still didn't satisfy her, however. "Show me your phone," she demanded.

"What is going on?" I did my best to sound annoyed.

"Give me your phone, pipsqueak," she ordered again, "unless you want to spend the rest of the day in diapers."

"Fine," I sighed, handing it over to her, letting her flip through it, confused at the lack of notifications. She shoved me out of my chair, then, looking through all my browser tabs and even my history, searching for some sign that I had sent the message from there, coming away completely frustrated. "What are you doing, Adriana?" I asked finally.

"Strip," she snapped.

"But I let you see my phone! I didn't do anything!" I wailed.

"Strip, now," she repeated, crossing her arms and watching as I got out of my PJ bottoms and panties, then walking over to my closet, where she kept the diapers she made me buy for myself with my babysitting money. She took out three of them, slicing the covers of the first two so she could triple diaper me, then taped me into all three. With each layer, she drew a squiggly line across both of the tapes with a marker from my desk, taking a picture of them with her phone. Unfortunately, I was all too aware of what that meant - I wasn't allowed to change until she got home, and she would know if I did.

"You can put your PJs back on," she told me, and even though I knew it wouldn't help much, I took her up on the offer - sometimes, she told me to leave my diapers exposed all day, though of course I covered them up as much as I could once she was gone. I wriggled my way back into the bottoms, which barely went over my thickly padded butt. It was very obvious what I was wearing, and the whole outfit made me look like a bedwetting little toddler, which I'm sure was the idea. "Come on, let's get your breakfast ready before your big sissy has to go to school," she told me, holding out her hand.

Part of me was incredibly thankful that my parents work all the time, so they weren't in the kitchen, though if they were around more, I doubt Adriana would dare do half the things she does. She was all too happy to march me into the kitchen, ordering me to sit on the floor "like a good girl" while she cooked up a big batch of oatmeal and stewed prunes, which she sat down in front of me in a huge bowl with a smug little grin. "Eat it all up, sweetie! Maybe it will make you big and strong one day... But I wouldn't count on it." I was hardly enthusiastic, since I hate both oatmeal and prunes, not to mention what I knew they would do to my digestive tract, but when she turned around from putting a Pop Tart into the toaster for herself and saw I hadn't touched my food, she told me, "You're going to finish that by the time we leave, young lady, or you're coming in with me."

"In where?" I asked nervously. There wasn't anywhere I wanted to go dressed like this, but especially not where I was pretty sure she meant.

"School, silly!" she confirmed my fears. "You're driving me! Hurry up!"

"Can I at least get a spoon?" I sighed. When she shook her head, I reached into the warm, gooey mess with a pout and began to scoop it into my mouth, blushing as some of it dribbled through my fingers onto my pajamas. Adriana giggled, taking every opportunity to remind me of what a messy baby I was, and to tell me to hurry up, while she munched lazily on her pastry.

I have to admit, I was feeling pretty nervous... I wasn't sure if she saw through me after all, and was punishing me for trying to trick her, or if she was feeling nervous about what the "head cheerleader" would want her to do, and was trying to calm herself by reminding herself there was one person she had complete control over, or so she thought. Either way, it was my fault, and I had to hope that it would all be worth it.

She took another picture of me as I ate, then checked her text messages. "It's interesting that I haven't gotten a reply yet," she said.

"A reply to what? What is this about?" I asked, trying to sound just as ignorant as I could. She gave me a dirty look, but didn't say anything else. By the time I'd finished the oatmeal, I was feeling bloated and miserable, and I could tell Adriana was starting to doubt herself.

"Just admit it, baby," she told me. "Admit it, and I'll let you stay home, and even put on your big girl panties."

It was tempting, as my stomach felt like it was bulging against my tight, thick diapers after all I'd eaten, but I wasn't going to let her win that easily. "Admit what?" I pouted instead.

"Go get your keys," she huffed, stomping off to grab her backpack. I went to my room and grabbed both of the phones and my keys, slipping the "head cheerleader's" phone inside the outermost layer of my diaper, sure that Adriana would search my pockets for it, which she did, while I continued to complain about the unfairness of this. Still unconvinced, she dragged me back through the house and outside to my car, making me drive her across town to her school, stomach churning the whole way. I worried she was going to make me go in after all, but once we got there, she just stared at me for a minute, then got out of the car without a word.

Quickly, I slipped my hand inside my diaper and pulled out the phone, tapping out a quick message of, "Hold it. You can't come into the school until I say so," before driving off, only hitting the send button when the car was already in motion, and Adriana was looking back at me. I would have loved to stay and watch, but that was far too risky, so instead I just drove a few blocks away and pulled into an empty driveway to look at the phone, pleased to see Adriana had replied.

"Okay, what do you want me to do?" she'd asked.

To be honest, I wasn't sure. Even though I felt pretty certain I had convinced her it wasn't me, if I took things too quickly, that might tip my hand. Not to mention I didn't want to humiliate her TOO badly... She is my little sister, after all. After a few moments, I responded with, "Duck behind the bushes and put your shirt on inside out. You can change it back after gym. If anyone mentions it to you before then, you have to pretend you didn't notice."

There was a long pause, long enough to make me wonder if something had gone wrong, if maybe the real head cheerleader had wandered past at the wrong moment, but finally she replied, "Okay."

"Tie your hair into pigtails," I added. "Those are going to stay in all day."

She said, "Okay," again, and I instructed her to step out of the bushes, then waited for a few seconds before telling her, "Try again." It was a risk, but I figured I knew my sister well enough that it was a pretty safe guess that she hadn't done what she had been told, or at least not all of it.

Indeed, her next text was, "That better?"

"Yes," I said. "Remember, we'll be watching... And I didn't tell you to do this."

Okay, yes, you're right, it was a little immature of me. And I did feel bad about it, until the afternoon when that oatmeal hit full force, and I filled my diaper, and then I got a text on my regular phone that said I had to drive back to Adriana's school like that to pick her up. I had changed into some sweatpants, but nothing I owned would fully hide the bulge, so sitting there, waiting for her to come out, praying none of my old teachers saw me and decided to come over and say hi, was still completely humiliating. Not to mention how horrible it is just to be stuck in a messy diaper for any length of time.

"Nice hair," I teased her when she got into the car, secretly pleased to see that she still had it in pigtails.

"Nice diaper," she countered, giving the crotch of it a hard pat. "Did somebody have an accident?"

I blushed and didn't answer, already planning my move for the next day. I started out earlier, sending her a text telling her to dress in a short plaid skirt, just long enough to avoid getting in trouble with the school, and a white button up shirt with a tie, along with a pair of fake glasses, if she had them, which I knew she did. I pretended to be asleep, hiding the phone under my mattress for when she stormed in to see if it was me.

"What are you doing?" I asked sleepily as she ripped my blankets away, fuming as she found nothing.

"I'm just making sure you didn't wet the bed," she told me snottily, reaching down and giving the diaper she'd put on me the night before a pat. "Hmm, that feels a little damp... Do you have something to tell me?"

"You made me go to bed at 8!" I said defensively. "And you didn't let me use the bathroom beforehand!"

"And so you wet the bed like a naughty little toddler," she shook her head. "I think you'd better stay in bed and think about what you did. You can get up and clean yourself up at ten, but you're to put on another diaper, and you're going to send me a picture of it. Understand?"

"Yes," I sighed, but really, I was thrilled, because I knew the real reason she didn't want me to leave my room. Sure enough, I snuck to my window when I heard her leave, pleased to see her all dressed up like a geek. Partway through the day, I sent her a text telling her to roll her skirt up around the waistband once, and then again a little later on, knowing that she'd get the attention of the stricter teachers that way. Indeed, I got a text a bit later... I was too pleased with how things were going to recognize the trouble brewing.

"We got sent to the principal's office," the text told me. After all the times I'd had to visit the headmistress at Saint Mary's, I was quite happy to hear that, even if I knew the principal there wouldn't spank her. A good talking to was enough for me, though.

"What did you tell them?" I asked her.

"Nothing," she replied. "I just pretended I didn't realize how short my skirt was."

"Good girl. There may be hope for you yet."

Then I got the fateful text, the one that made me realize things had already gotten out of my hands. "Both of us?"

I wasn't sure what to say to that. Who else could she be talking about? Had she dragged another cheerleading hopeful along with her into this, in the hopes that they would both get on the team? I didn't have any idea who it could be, and asking would only give away the fact that I couldn't really see what was going on. Finally, I just asked, "What did she say? Tell me the truth," as if I'd already gotten the other girl's side of the story and wanted to confirm it.

"She didn't say anything, I swear! Not while I was in there! But they kept her in the office alone... Apparently she was already in trouble to begin with."

That made me feel kind of bad. I had no idea who this other girl was, so I hated getting her into trouble for no real reason. "She isn't cut out for the squad," I told Adriana. "You should never have brought her into this. Don't speak to her about this again." I knew I couldn't have her doing this again, but I knew I had to be careful, or I'd tip my hand about being a fake. At the same time, I had to make sure she didn't try this with anyone else - the more people that were involved, the bigger the chance that one of them would ruin it for me.

"Don't do this again," I warned her. "I only went along with it this time because she was our next choice after you, but you aren't to tell anyone, understand?"

"I'm sorry," she replied back meekly.

It was wrong of me, I know, but school was over by then, and I was sure most of the students would be gone, and it wasn't like she hadn't done the same to me before. "Leave," I ordered her. "Once you're outside the building, I want you to pee your pants." She was quiet for a minute, so I continued with, "This is your punishment for telling somebody else about this. If you don't do it, this whole thing ends now."

She didn't answer. I didn't want to tell her to do it again if she already had, or she wasn't outside yet, and I didn't want to congratulate her if she hadn't, so I just stayed quiet, too, and listened for her car outside, hoping to catch a glimpse of her as she came inside. Unfortunately, I didn't, because as soon as she got home, she ran straight to her room, which I took as a good sign, along with her rushing out to my car to scrub the seat.

We continued on like that for a couple weeks, but of course I knew that it couldn't last forever. Eventually, I would slip up, or she would get tired of this and go talk to the girl she thought was the source, no matter what I'd told her about that. But I had to admit, the power was intoxicating. Whatever I told her to do, as far as I knew, she did. After being held under her thumb for so long, it was quite fun being able to turn the tables on her, even if I had to be a little more subtle with my games, since she was actually at school.

Or she was most of the time, anyway. One weekend, after she had been particularly bratty to me, I decided she needed a little extracurricular activity. I'd been setting her up for it for a while, making her suck her thumb sometimes, or answer a teacher's questions in a lisp - that was a tough one, but I told her that even if "I" wasn't watching, I had someone who was - and finally, one Saturday, I took the plunge. "Go to the mall," I told her. "Wear your little plaid skirt and your hair in pigtails... and a diaper."

"Where am I supposed to get that?!" she asked.

"That's your problem," I replied. "If you want to be our newest little baby cheerleader, you have to be resourceful."

Of course, Adriana is quite a bit bigger than me - I can fit baby diapers, but she definitely can't - so she would have to stop and get some, which I knew she wouldn't want to do with me in the car. Part of me was glad, because I knew that if she took me along, she'd be certain that my diapers were much thicker than hers, to draw as much attention from herself as she could, but at the same time, after all she'd done to me, I wouldn't have minded seeing her be subjected to a little embarrassment. Then, just to add to it, I said, "You will stay for an hour and a half at least. Each half hour, you will roll your skirt up once. If anyone says anything to you about your diaper, you will tell them you had an accident, and suck your thumb the rest of your time there. Oh, and no bathrooms, of course."

She didn't answer. A minute or two later, she came to my room and demanded my car keys, and a key minutes after that, I heard the front door slam, and when I rushed to my window, I could see her wearing the skirt. I considered calling up a friend and asking for a ride to the mall, wanting to see if she was really going to do it, but if she had seen me, it would have been too suspicious. The next Monday, however, I snuck into her room while she was at school, and sure enough, there was a package of diapers in her closet, bigger than mine.

I want you to know, it took all of my strength as a good big sister not to make her wear them to school. I think she was afraid I would find out about them, because a couple days later, she brought them into my room, and put me into the thickest set of diapers yet, using one of them as the top layer. When she saw me trying to walk in them, she just laughed and smacked my butt - I could barely feel it through all the layers - and told me I had to crawl for the rest of the day, like the little baby I was. She made me stay in them all day while she was at school, then, when she got home, she plopped me down in front of the TV in the living room with Sesame Street blaring, and didn't let me move until mom's car pulled into the driveway, so I was crawling like mad to try to get into my room before she could see me like that.

And still, I resisted. I did make her go to the mall again the next Saturday, though, this time for two and a half hours, and with a pacifier, which she took from my room while she was getting my keys, though I guess she kept a few of her diapers in her own room for just such an occasion. For her part, she slipped a trio of suppositories into me and double diapered me, and told me not to change until she got home, without telling me how long that would be. I was so used to her not suspecting me anymore, I almost complained about how long it would be - not that I hadn't been in messy diapers longer thanks to her - but I stayed quiet, and halfway through her time at the mall, with the mess in my pants already cold and even more icky than usual, I told her to start sucking the pacifier, and not stop until she got home.

Haven't you been listening? Of course I sound proud of myself! Didn't you hear what she was doing to me? Compared to that, my little jokes were nothing!

Anyway, that pretty much brings us to tonight... Halloween. I have to admit, I've been dreading tonight for a long time. This is the one night Adriana could take me out, all diapered up, and not have to risk too many stares or questions. I was sure she'd take advantage of it, maybe stick me in my old Saint Mary's uniform and a few diapers and parade me around town. Or leave me behind to pass out candy like that while she had fun. Instead... Well, you can see. She didn't even make me wear one diaper under this cheerleading uniform; in fact, she moved all my baby stuff out of my room, so I guess maybe she's gotten tired of all this. I have to say, this costume does look pretty authentic - I'm not sure where she got it.

I was also pretty surprised that she let me - well, made me - tag along with her friends. They all barely dressed up, just wearing cat ears and painting whiskers on their faces, or wearing those t-shirt "costumes" or whatever, but they weren't planning on trick or treating. We hit the principal's house first, egging it and smashing some jack-o-lanterns, then went on to some teacher's house. And then we came here.

O-Oh, when I say "we" did those things, I mean they did them. I-I mean, I was there, but I didn't actually do anything, I swear! I swear! I didn't touch a single roll of toilet paper, and I would never touch your pumpkins! I'm sure you worked really hard on them! And I don't even go to that school, like I said, so honestly, I don't even know why they came here in the first place...

Someone rang your doorbell? That's strange... No, that wasn't me. I was just standing back until you came out, and then in the chaos of trying to get away, I tripped over something and fell, and you caught me. I did wonder if someone had tripped me, but I didn't...

Umm... No, sorry, I don't know your daughter. I told you, I'm not really a cheerleader, I don't go to that school. Anything the cheerleaders did to tease her or whatever, I'm sorry about, but I had nothing to do with it! Ow! I'm telling the truth! Stop! Ow! Stooop! Weren't you listening?! No, don't take down my panties! No! Ouch! Stop! I-I'll give you my sister's number, and you can go get her and punish her! It's her fault! Just stop spanking me! Ow!

Y-Yes ma'am... Y-Yes, I'll stand over here and be good... Wh-What? Oh... Umm... Th-Thank you for spanking me, ma'am... No, I promise, I won't go anywhere... You can go do whatever you're going to do, I'll be a good girl...

Why are you taking my phone? Oh, please don't call my mom! Wh-What? But that's not fair! I told you I didn't do anything! Why are you doing this to me?! I'm sorry! I didn't meant to turn around! I was just... Who is this? No, I don't know! Oh, your daughter? I told you I didn't know her... She got suspended, huh? What for?

Br-Breaking dress code, huh? Her skirt was too short? Well, that's... umm... A-Adriana was trying to help her get onto the cheerleading squad? I-I told you, I didn't mean for anyone else to get involved! It's not my fault, it's Adriana's! No, don't give her the hairbrush! I already got one spanking! I'm sorry! I didn't mean for this to happen!

Wh-Where are you going now? Don't leave me alone with her! N-No, I didn't know you had another daughter... She's not going to spank me, too, is she? Oh, thank God... Wait, no! Don't get one of her Huggies! No, please, you can't! Y-Yes, I did say I could fit baby diapers, but... No, please don't diaper me! It's not my fault your daughter got tangled up in this! It's not! Why won't you believe me?!

Y-You do? Then why are you..? Well, yes, I am the older sister, but... But I told you, Adriana has... Ow! I'm sorry! S-So, you... You're punishing me because you DO believe me? But that's not fair! This isn't - ow!

There she goes... Listen, kid, I promise, I never meant to get you suspended. You don't have to do this! I just... Wait, what?! Adriana got onto the squad three weeks ago?! But... But she... Oh, that little bitch. I'm going... Ouch! What? No, I don't care what she promised you, she doesn't have a car! She's been using mine, and she can't let you use that! W-Well, because it's mine! N-No, I don't guess I'd need it at Saint Mary's, but... But I don't...

Oh, God, that's her plan, isn't it? She's going to get me sent back to Saint Mary's! I just told your mom everything, and now she's calling mine... Oh, shit...  Adriana moved all my baby stuff... Mom is going to think I was lying about what she did to me, but I bet Adriana has the diapers she bought out in her room... Mom is going to kill me! She's going to drive over here and find me in a cheerleading uniform and a Huggie, and she's going to take me straight to Saint Mary's! Please, you have to help me! Just... put the hairbrush down, and let me go! Please! You don't understand!

Ouch! No, please, stop! Stop! I am twenty three, I can't go back to school again! I don't belong in diapers! Please, just let me go! Stop! Ow! Please, please! You don't understand! Before my mom came to pick me up there, they told me they were going to demote me back to kindergarten! I'm an adult, I can't go back to learning my letters and numbers and fingerpainting and naptime... Especially not in diapers! I wasn't even in diapers the first time I was in kindergarten! Please, you can't let them do this to me! Just put down the brush and let me...


Author's Note: Well, this kind of unintentionally turned into "Revenge-Gone-Wrong Halloween" for me. I hadn't really intended for both of my stories to have such similar themes, but I guess that's just how it goes sometimes. Hope you enjoyed them anyway, and Happy Halloween!


  1. *hugs and waves* That was lots of fun! Happy Halloween!

  2. My favorite bit in the story:

    I want you to know, it took all of my strength as a good big sister not to make her wear them to school. I think she was afraid I would find out about them, because a couple days later, she brought them into my room, and put me into the thickest set of diapers yet, using one of them as the top layer. When she saw me trying to walk in them, she just laughed and smacked my butt - I could barely feel it through all the layers - and told me I had to crawl for the rest of the day, like the little baby I was. She made me stay in them all day while she was at school, then, when she got home, she plopped me down in front of the TV in the living room with Sesame Street blaring, and didn't let me move until mom's car pulled into the driveway, so I was crawling like mad to try to get into my room before she could see me like that.

    I really wish her mother saw her like that,I wonder what would have happened if she had ;)

    Great story please do a prologue