Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Waking Up In Strange Rooms


  1. A wonderful little punishment ^_^ Now to resist the urge to seduce some married men ;)

  2. Dear Princess: A wonderful preview of your story, "The Affair"! "Mina" as Barbie...but her name also evokes the love of a certain nosferatu...and the unfortunate side-effects of waking up in a strange bed in that undead world.

    You know, I have to wonder: why IS this such a powerful meme/trope/idea? Seems to be the Number One fantasy over at SK: waking up in a strange place, either diapered and cuffed to a crib, or tied to a bed and sissified...what dark part of our psyche does this fantasy play to? Hmmmm...[wanders off, thinking about how he can wind up like Mina...]