Monday, October 1, 2012

The Brat in the Hat - Part 10

Part 10 - Oh, She Will Not Like It, To Find Us This Way!

"I guess it's time for me to go," Melody said quickly, eyeing the car sitting in the driveway for just a second before picking up the now empty box the outfit had been in and heading toward the kitchen.

"What? No!" Sarah toddled frantically after her. She'd been trying to get rid of the girl for most of the afternoon, but now she wasn't about to let her get away so easily, not with the house in the shape it was in. "You can't go!"

"We've had enough fun for one day," Melody countered, grabbing her box from the kitchen with the leftover s'more ingredients, setting it inside the other box. "Maybe we'll play some other games another day."

"No!" Sarah grabbed for Melody's arm, trying to hold her there, but missed. She decided to try another tactic. "You can't go yet! You haven't shown me the game with the marshmallows yet!" She scurried as fast as someone in a loaded double diaper could go to the freezer, but when she pulled it open, the bowl was gone. "Where are they?"

Melody wasn't able to resist walking over to her to answer, patting the girl's lower stomach as she said, "They're right here. Or, rather, they were for a little bit. Now they're here." She moved her hand to the back of Sarah's diaper.

Sarah looked up at her in shock. "That was you?! I didn't really have an accident?!" Her face flushed as she remembered Melody teasing her about it, how humiliated she'd felt. Of course, it wouldn't have helped much to know someone else was responsible as it was happening, but it might have made her feel a little better. Suddenly another thought hit her. "Marshmallows can do that?!"

"Well, you still pooped your diaper, and did quite a good job of it. That wasn't me. Now, ta-ta, baby girl!" She started to take her boxes and leave, then paused a final time to put Sarah's phone on the counter and flip her hoodie back over her head.

Sarah waddled over toward her, cursing herself for being too shocked to get ahold of Melody when she'd been right in front of her a moment later. She was sure Melody could overpower her, but if she could just keep her there for long enough for her mom to see her, that might help with the explanation of what had gone on that day. She was too slow, however, reaching the door just as the girl, boxes, cat ears, and all, exited.

There was no way she'd catch up with her outside, she knew, not barefoot and in diapers, so she spun back around, taking in the disaster area the kitchen now was. Her mother would be at the door any moment now - she was probably just gathering up all her stuff from the car so she wouldn't have to make another trip out in the rain. Maybe Sarah would have enough time to fix something. But what should she do? Should she work on the kitchen, the dining room, the living room? Should she go start cleaning her mother's room? Should she change her diaper and hope that somehow her mom didn't notice the smell? She should do something, to show she was trying to help, but what?

Then she heard the front door open. Her heart thudded to a stop as she heard a thump from her mother setting her things down on the floor, knowing any second she'd look around and start noticing the devastation. Sure enough, the next thing she heard was, "What happened in here, Sarah?!"

Sarah considered calling out to her mom, letting her know right away that this wasn't as bad as it looked, nor was it her fault, but her voice froze in her throat. She didn't want her mother to see her like this! So she stood helplessly in place, listening to her mother's footsteps retreat down the hall. "Where are you, Sarah? Did you have a problem getting your diaper on?" her mother asked. Sarah opened her mouth again, hoping to at least stop her before she saw her own room, but again, nothing came out.

And, sure enough, a few seconds later, her mother's voice came again, sounding much angrier this time. "Sarah, what did you do to my make-up?!" Sarah started to cower away from the kitchen door, already imagining the look on her mother's face when she came storming in. But it was even more frightening than Sarah had imagined, and as soon as her mother saw what shape the kitchen was in, it got even worse. "What in the name of God have you been up to, young lady?!" she demanded, advancing on her shaking daughter.

"N-No... It wasn't me..." Sarah shook her head, backing away. "I was just minding my business, and... And that girl from next door, Melody, you know, the one I used to babysit? She came over to wish me happy birthday, and then she made this whole big mess because she was mad at me and..."

Her voice vanished again as she saw her mother sniff the air. "Young lady, did you mess your diaper?!"

"No!" Sarah squeaked automatically, not expecting her mother to march straight over to her faster than she could move away, one pat of Sarah's drooping diaper telling her all she needed to know. "It's not my fault!" Sarah tried to explain. "It was Melody! She did something with marshmallows, and I couldn't help it, and..." She noticed her mother smelling something again as she spoke, before marching over to a cupboard and pulling it open, taking out a half-empty bottle.

"Did you get into my alcohol, too?" Sarah shook her head, confused for a moment before remembering how tipsy she'd felt earlier, how strange that cider had tasted. She'd never had alcohol before, but she had a sudden sinking feeling that was no longer true. "I suppose Melody did that, too?"

"She did!" Sarah exclaimed. "You have to believe me!"

"Are you sure you were just mad at me for making you put on a diaper - one you clearly needed, by the way - and decided to get back at me? This is all incredibly immature, young lady. I thought I could trust you on your own for an afternoon, but clearly I'm not dealing with a young adult here, am I?"

"No!" Sarah stomped her foot in frustration. "This isn't my fault! I tried to make her leave so I could clean up, but.."

"Did you at least get some other laundry done when you washed your wet training pants?" her mother asked, ignoring her outburst. Sarah bit her bottom lip, having forgotten all about that, which was enough of an answer to send her mother heading off to the clothes hamper. Sarah followed at her own pace; by the time she arrived, her mother had found not only the cupcake-dotted undergarments, but the rest of Sarah's outfit from earlier that day, still soaked, thrown on top of the rest of the clothes waiting to be washed.

Sarah really knew she was in trouble when her mother finally spoke up again, voice quiet, but strained. "Did I not tell you to put on a diaper if you had an accident?"

"I-I did," Sarah stammered.

"No, you decided you were too old to wear diapers during the day, so you put on your regular panties, then had an accident in them, too. You finally decided to do what I told you to begin with, and you go and poop yourself! I don't know if you were trying to teach me a lesson for rightfully 'making' you wear your diapers, or if you genuinely had an accident, but either way, I think you'd better get used to wearing them during the day, too, because you're going to be spending the summer in them."

Sarah gasped, stunned. "No..."

"Don't even start, little missy. I don't want to hear a word out of you. You are in big trouble right now. And don't think the diapers are your punishment - that's a necessity for someone who can't control themselves any better than this. No, your punishment is going to start now." Sarah's mother grabbed the girl's arm and dragged her to the bathroom, stopping there just long enough to grab her wooden hairbrush before pulling the now frantic girl into the living room.

"No, no, no!" Sarah pouted. "This isn't fair! It's not my fault!"

"If you'd just take responsibility, I would take it a little easier on you. You'd still be getting a spanking, but I might consider letting you spend some time alone this summer. But since you're continuing to act like a naughty child, I just don't think I can trust you on your own anymore."

"What does that..?" Sarah started to ask, only to be pulled over her mother's lap, the too-short skirt of the jumper pushed up to reveal the lumpy backside of her diaper. "Mom, no, you can't do this!" She squirmed, trying to escape from her mother's lap, only to be held firmly in place. "I'm too old for this!"

"Are you really going to try to tell me that right now?" She gave the diaper a quick, sharp spank with her hand, making Sarah squirm in discomfort. "Is someone wearing THIS too old for anything?" With that, she raised the hairbrush and began raining it down over Sarah's padded bottom. Through the pair of diapers, it didn't hurt too badly, but she found herself crying quickly anyway as the mess in her pants became even messier, until she felt like every inch of her hairless crotch was covered in it. After a few minutes, her mother stopped, letting her get back to her feet, rubbing her bottom and sniffling.

"Now, you're going to go wash yourself up. You can put on a nightshirt if you want so you can take the bathroom's garbage out so it doesn't stink up the place too much. Then you are going to come right back in here, and I am going to spank you silly right on your bare bottom. Then I'm going to diaper you so you can get right to bed."

"Bed?!" Sarah squeaked, looking over at the clock. It was barely 4:30 now. She didn't know how long her punishment would take, but it seemed unlikely it would last until even 6 pm.

"That's right," her mother said sternly. "And you'll be going to be that early for at least the rest of the week. You'll get to have supper those nights, but you'll still be in bed nice and early. And if you're a naughty girl, that will be your regular bedtime for the rest of the summer."

"This isn't fair! None of this is my fault! It was all Melody!" Sarah stomped her foot, on the verge of a tantrum at the injustice of the whole situation.

"Get moving, young lady." Her mother gave her one more smack across the diaper with the hairbrush. "I don't want to hear any more of your silly stories."

"It's true!" Sarah stomped again.

"Then prove it! Why should I think that sweet little girl would do any of this?" Sarah's mother stood, crossing her arms.

"She's not sweet! And she's not a little kid anymore, she's a teenager, and she's a monster! Where do you think I got these clothes?! They're hers!"

"What possible reason would she have for making you wear her clothes?" Sarah, of course, couldn't answer that. "I can't say I remember that outfit right off the bat, but I don't know every piece of clothing you own, especially not after you've been away at college. Now I'm going to count to three, and if you aren't on the way to the bathroom by the time I get there, you're getting another spanking on your diaper to go with the one on your bum. One."

"Not fair!" Sarah screamed, stamping her feet. "Not fair!"

Her mother didn't bother to count any higher, just sat back down, pulling her daughter back over her lap and getting to work until she stopped throwing her tantrum. When Sarah was let go that time, she sulkingly, but quickly, toddled to the bathroom. It was a relief to get out of her diaper, though it took what felt like hours in the shower to get cleaned up. While she was in there, however, she had a good idea, one she was so excited about she almost didn't throw on a nightshirt before going through with it.

"Look!" she exclaimed, lugging the bathroom's garbage can into the living room. "That mess wasn't all me, Melody put oatmeal in my diaper first! Why would I do that?"

"Don't be disgusting, Sarah, I'm not looking at your dirty diaper. Stop stalling and go empty it in the outside can."

"But..." Sarah pouted.

"Sarah, you are really making me question whether you're really mature enough to be off at college. You are going to have to really impress me over the next few weeks, or I'm pulling you out. Do you understand? If I have to, I'll find a preschool somewhere around here that will take you instead - I think that fits your maturity level much better than college, don't you?" Sarah shook her head frantically. "Then do as your told! That will be a start."

Reluctantly, but promptly, Sarah did as she was told, dragging the garbage can out the kitchen door. She was still damp from her shower, so she didn't bother with an umbrella. She hadn't taken the trash out herself since getting home from college - she wondered if offering to do it from then on would help prove she was mature, or if her mother would see through her. Or if she'd be assigned that as a chore, anyway, being forced to cart all her used diapers out back, then dragging the can full of them down to the curb every week, hoping nobody was nearby to smell it, or see them if, heaven forbid, the lid should happen to fall off.

As she pulled the bathroom trash can back inside, she noticed her phone sitting on the counter, light flashing. Deciding she at least had time to check her messages before going to get her spanking, she picked it up, saw that she had a voicemail from an unfamiliar number.

The first thing she heard was a strangely familiar voice, yet one she couldn't quite place at first, asking, "Will you please diaper me? Please tape my diaper up nice and tight!" She gasped and blushed as the realization washed over her just who the voice belonged to, right before the voicemail continued.

"Don't you just sound adorable?" Melody gushed. "Your mommy just called me. It sounds like she's awfully mad. I think the next time I see you, your little bottom is going to be bright red, isn't it? And I will be seeing you again, sweetie. She told me she'd forgotten just how old I must be getting now until you reminded, and asked if I would be interested in taking a babysitting job for the summer. She's paying me real well, since I'm going to have to deal with diapers, and a big, bratty baby. Apparently you threw a tantrum and wrecked the whole house, you naughty thing! Just so you know, if I think you're going to do anything like that, I have full authority to spank you. Won't that be fun?

"You know, the only reason I went over there today was to cuss you out, to tell you just how terrible a babysitter you were, and how bad you made me feel about myself. My sister told me that would make me feel better, and I wanted to - I couldn't help thinking about how fun it would be to tell you off to your face - but I was scared. Of you! Can you believe that? It took me ages to get the courage to come see you - my sister almost went over and did it for me - but it was all worth it. As soon as I saw you, I realized just how ridiculous it was to ever be afraid of you, or let you push me around. And now, I don't just have to tell you what a bully you were - you get to experience it first hand. I think you'd better get used to saying..." There was a brief pause, then Sarah's voice started to play again. "'Ohhhh no! No, no, no! I'm filling my diaper!'"

The phone beeped, signaling the end of the message, as Sarah stood there, cheeks beet red as she realized Melody had been recording her again while she'd been having her "accident". She hated the thought of that little brat having a record of that, something she could play back any time she wanted, for anyone. And then it dawned on her that, despite all that, Melody had just given her the best gift she could have asked for.

"Mom, you have to listen to this!" she yelled, running across the kitchen. "I told you it was all Melody's fault, just listen..."

Sarah yelped as she tripped over a stray pan. It hurt her toes, but that wasn't what caused the cry. As she fell, she saw her phone slide out of her flailing hand, flying upward as she headed for the ground, as if in slow motion. She watched the phone tumble up, up, up, and then back down, plummeting toward the hard, linoleum floor. She didn't have time to screech out a desperate, "No!" before it smashed against the floor, screen shattering, blinking into darkness. She scrambled to her feet, rushing over to it and picking it up, praying it would still work, somehow, just enough to replay the message.

When she looked up, her mother was standing over her, hairbrush in hand. "No!" Sarah shook her head, fumbling with the buttons, trying to bring the screen back to life. "I know what you're thinking, but I didn't break it on purpose! She really did leave me a message! This is all her fault!" She let the phone drop, giving up. "I just need another phone, and I can put my SIM card in there, and I think I'll be able to get the message again, and you can hear!"

"Living room. Now." She didn't have to say that Sarah would not be getting another phone, at least not anytime soon, nor that this latest attempt at trying to avoid the blame did not impress her one bit. Sarah could just tell, like she could tell that if she said one more word, her mother was prone to flip her over her knee right there and start spanking, and not stop until the sun went down. And, much as she disliked the idea of her new, early bedtime, she didn't want to extend it that way.

So, defeated, she put her head down and trudged back to the living room. Her mother stayed for a moment longer, staring down at the broken phone and shaking her head before following her daughter. A moment or two later, the house was filled with the sounds of wood smacking bare flesh and crying. And as it went on, and Sarah felt her bottom getting redder, and warmer, and more swollen, she could only hope her mother didn't find her grades from last semester. With Melody as her babysitter, reporting in on whether or not she was naughty, she had little enough of a shot of getting to go back to college at the end of the summer.

If either her mother or Melody found those grades, she had no doubt she'd be spending the next year in diapers, learning her ABCs all over again, no matter how well she behaved. Instead of spending the next school year on her own, debating philosophy with her peers, lugging around huge textbooks nearly as big as her, she'd be sitting around, playing with finger paint, waiting for story time, not expected to read anything that didn't have more pictures than words.

'Well,' she thought to herself, already resigning herself to the fact that, given her luck that day, it was almost inevitable that this would happen, 'it might not be all bad after all, going back to Play-Doh and Dr. Seuss. He's more interesting than calculus anyway.'

The End


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