Monday, March 12, 2012

Customer Service

This story started out as an RP on DailyDiapers, which sadly seems to have been abandoned by my partner. However, I decided I liked the set-up, so I thought I would adapt it into a short story that went in a completely different direction as the RP.

It was not one of Kaylee's better days.

It had started out with her alarm clock dying on her, several hours before she realized it had done so. She'd been having a nightmare, rolled over, and looked at her clock, then assumed that she was still sleeping. However, as she lay there it began to slowly dawn on her that she was wrong. She jumped out of bed and hurriedly ran to the bathroom to jump in the shower.

She had just enough time to get a bit damp before she had to get back out and quickly dry herself off before rushing back to her bedroom, throwing on the first things she grabbed as she furiously struggled to get dressed so she could get down to her car and get to work. And, even then, she was still five minutes late, which earned her a scolding from her boss, which went on for at least another five minutes, though she forced herself not to point out that he was making her even more late in getting out to do her job.

She happened to notice, during the lecture, that her boss seemed to be looking at her strangely. Once she was alone, she dared to take a look at herself in the mirror of the break room, praying she hadn't grabbed something inappropriate. Her outer clothes were fine, as it turned out, but instead of the rather heavily padded bras she usually wore out, she had accidentally chosen one of her regular ones - practically a training bra, if she was going to be honest with herself - and, in her hurry, had failed to notice. She also hadn't had time to put on her makeup, which she knew about, of course, but hadn't realized just how much of a difference it made. The person staring back at her from the mirror did not look even remotely like she had just turned nineteen a few weeks ago. Instead, she looked like someone who was, at best, still struggling her way through middle school, and likely getting bullied most every day.

She considered going back home, but, after the dressing down she'd just gotten she thought better of it. It was a fairly short shift that day, anyway, so she'd just struggle through it. She trudged to her locker, where she kept her name badge - technically, she wasn't supposed to, but that had always seemed stupid to her - and dug in the pocket of her khakis for the key. She had, of course, not picked it up from her nightstand. She thought again about the nice, warm bed waiting for her back at home, standing right beside the table with the key on it.

Instead, she begrudgingly wandered out onto the sales floor to get her assignment for the day, though she knew her shift leader was going to give her grief over her missing name tag. He did, but she was glad when she got assigned to a far corner of the store, where, hopefully, she'd be able to avoid any human contact for the rest of the workday, and just concentrate on straightening up the merchandise until she could go home. She was in no mood to deal with her other co-workers if she could avoid it... None of them really seemed to like her, as they all thought she felt she was too good to be working there. Which, to be fair, was pretty true.

The store sold normal medical supplies, and that was where nearly all of their revenue came from. However, off in that one little corner they stocked somewhat more specialized supplies. Mostly, it looked to Kaylee like what would be sold in a baby store, but scaled up, and, sometimes, more scary. For instance, they had what looked like a normal, if slightly oversized, crib, but they also had one made of stainless steel, with a top that could be attached and latched on, and restraints. There were a few other more extreme items as well, even straight jackets and enema hanging poles, though Kaylee tried not to think about them too much. There was even a small selection of paddles, which didn't seem like they had any place in any sort of medical situation. In general, she didn't much care for that part of the store, but it was nice on days like today, since it was quite rare for anyone to come back there.

So she was rather surprised, partway through her shift, to hear the shuffling of feet behind her. She spun around, but there was nobody there. Telling herself she'd just imagined it, she went back to work. It happened again, though this time, she heard a light giggling afterwards. Rolling her eyes, she went towards it, feeling sure now of what was going on, and feeling silly for getting so worked up about it. Sure enough, in the next aisle over crouched a little girl, still smiling, pleased with herself. She didn't see Kaylee, so Kaylee quickly ducked back into her own aisle, waiting for the girl to pop back out.

As soon as she did, Kaylee said a loud, "Boo!" startling the little girl, making her jump, and, to Kaylee's shock and disgust, wet herself, urine flowing down the legs of her jeans and pooling beneath the girl as she cried. "Oh, come on!" Kaylee groaned, staring at the mess the little girl had made, knowing she was going to have to clean that up now. She supposed she sort of deserved it, since she had scared her, but she'd been asking for it, hadn't she? "What's wrong with you?!" she demanded, her temper getting the better of her, the previous events of her day making her more irritable than she would normally be. "You're not a baby! What are you doing peeing yourself like that?! You should be in diapers if you can't control yourself any better!"

She knew she should feel bad for unloading on the little girl, but she couldn't help it. It felt nice to be able to yell at someone else for a change. She wasn't quite sure how old the kid was, if she was young enough that she could be fresh out of potty training or not. She was even smaller than Kaylee, though not as small as a toddler, even if she was dressed like one, and was acting like one. The more Kaylee looked at her, the more she doubted her first impression, that this was a little kid, though she began to wonder if she was special needs instead, which was just as bad. Or maybe she was tall for her age.

Unfortunately, that was when she heard someone clearing their throat, and she turned to see a woman. The little girl ran to her, sobbing, and clung to her leg. They didn't particularly look alike, so Kaylee wondered if it was just a babysitter, though the child did seem quite comfortable with her. Kaylee started to draw herself up to her full - rather unimpressive - height, but remembered the state she was in, with no nametag, nothing to prove she was anything but a mean older child picking on a little kid. She felt flustered for a moment, then blushed, unsure of what to say as she stared up into the woman's angry face.

"What exactly do you think you're doing, young lady?" the woman demanded sharply, one hand gently stroking the little girl's hair as she spoke. "How dare you speak to my daughter that way? I'll have you know, I saw the whole thing, and the only she even had an accident is because you thought it would be fun to scare a poor little girl! She's having enough problems with potty training as it is!"

"Well... I..." Kaylee sputtered, knowing she didn't have an explanation, much less a good one.

"If you don't have anything to say, maybe I should speak to your manager," the woman said coldly, folding her arms and fixing her with a glare that made Kaylee feel especially small.

After all the trouble she'd already had that day, a customer complaint was about the last thing she needed. Kaylee's mind raced, trying to come up with a way out, her mouth starting to work before her brain had finished thinking things through. "Umm... I'm really sorry, ma'am," she said, staring down at her shoes. "I didn't know she was having potty training trouble, she was just being kinda annoying, so I was just... It won't happen again. But, you see, I don't really work here. I had to run an errand for my grandmother. So, yeah, it won't do much good to get a manager." She giggled nervously, glad that one of the pieces of bad luck from earlier that day had changed into something good. She might be dressed like the other workers, in khakis and a blue shirt, but without her name tag, that didn't mean anything, necessarily. She just had to hope this woman bought it.

She knew almost instantly that it hadn't worked. "I'll tell you what," the woman said. "We'll go find your manager, and if he doesn't know who you are, then I guess I won't be able to get you fired. And if he does, he'll hear all about this, and I won't be leaving this store until he promises me that you're going to lose your job over this."

Kaylee gulped nervously, trying to edge away, only for the woman's hand to snap out and grab her wrist, tightening around it painfully, pulling her closer. "Please, don't," she whimpered, squirming ineffectively in the woman's grip. She hated begging to keep a job that she hated, but what could she do? She had a rent payment coming up, and while she'd been applying to other jobs, hoping to get out of there, none had called her back. "I'm sorry," she squeaked. "Please, I can't lose this job."

"Why should I care?" the woman asked. "Clearly, you aren't suited to be working with the public. I'll be doing this company a favor."

"Please," Kaylee tried again, sniffling. "I'll do anything, just..."

"You humiliated my daughter," the woman stopped her smoothly, as if she'd been planning this all along. "Because you scared her, and you made her wet herself, after she'd been doing so well today."

"I'm sorry," Kaylee repeated, feeling like a broken record.

"Prove it," the woman demanded. When Kaylee gave her a blank stare, the woman continued, "You made her humiliate herself, so you should do the same."

Kaylee still wasn't getting it. The woman rolled her eyes, her hand squeezing Kaylee's wrist tighter as she began to pull her through the store, heading straight for a display of wrist restraints, leather, though padded on the inside, then began to look around, taking only a moment before heading toward the institutional crib display. Kaylee let out an involuntary squeak as the woman tore open the restraint's package, wanting to tell her that she was going to have to pay for that, now that she'd opened it, but was silenced by another wordless look, the same one that kept her glued to the woman's side, even now that she'd let go of her.

"Give me your wrist," the woman instructed. Kaylee started to hold one of her arms out, then snapped it back to her side as she realized what the woman was holding.

"You can't do this," she complained. "I..."

The woman reached out and grabbed her wrist, looping the restraint around it and pulling it tight, locking it closed with a frightening click before winding the other end around one of the bars of the crib. "I'm going to clean my little girl up," the woman told her. "And when I get back, you better have thought of a way to prove just how sorry you are."

And with that, the woman was gone, leaving Kaylee helplessly strapped to the crib. She yanked on the restraint a few times, experimentally, but the padlock holding it closed was sturdy despite its small size, and locked tight. The crib itself was far too big for someone with her scrawny frame to displace. Her heart began to thump wildly in her chest as she realized she was stuck here, trapped until someone  came to free her. She could see a phone mounted on a column not fifteen feet away, but it was still much too far for her to reach to try to call someone else in the store for help. Her cell phone was even further away, in her car, after she'd gotten in trouble the week before for texting while at work.

What if she couldn't figure out what the woman wanted? Would she just leave her there, until her replacement came in later that afternoon to relieve her? Someone might come looking for her before then, or another customer might show up, but she didn't like her chances for either one. She was stuck. What if she had to go to the bathroom?!

Her eyes flicked over to the puddle, a few aisles over, where the accident that had started this was still sitting. Would she have to do the same? She shuddered at the thought, then blushed suddenly as she thought back to what the woman had said, realizing that was, most likely, just what the woman had been suggesting. But she couldn't do that! She was a grown woman, she couldn't pee her pants!

On the other hand, she was a grown woman, and she had bills to pay, which required her to keep her job. A complaint from this woman, and that seemed a lot less likely. She'd barely wanted to beg to keep the woman from complaining, so wetting herself seemed out of the question, at least at first, but the more she squirmed, the more she began to contemplate it. She'd gotten herself tied to a crib for this job already... It seemed silly to let go of it after going through that. Besides, she could wet herself just a little, then hide out in the bathroom for a little while as she dried out her pants. Like the rest of this section of the store, the bathroom rarely got any visitors, so she had a feeling she'd be safe.

She felt a little disgusted with herself, realizing she had actually talked herself into going through with it, but even being determined to do it wasn't really enough. After years of potty training, and using the toilet, the act of peeing in her panties was quite difficult to do, going against everything she knew, as it was. She tried to bare down, but got, at best, a couple drops of urine out into the crotch of her underwear before it stopped, and refused to restart.

She looked down at herself, hoping maybe that would be enough, but there wasn't even a damp spot on her pants. Sighing, she began to squat down a little pretending she was just going to the bathroom outside, on a camping trip or something, that she couldn't feel her clothes around her body, waiting to catch the results of her "accident", if she could ever have it. She managed another small spurt, but it wasn't enough either.

"Come on," she gritted her teeth, settling further down, closing her eyes. She knew the woman and the girl would be back soon, that she was running out of time. She just had to do it and get it over with. She bounced on her heels a few times, keeping her eyes closed tight, thinking of rivers, and waterfalls, and hoses spewing forth water onto brown, half-dead grass. Another rivulet of pee escaped, soaking into her panties, only, to her surprise, to be replaced by a much larger stream. It came gushing out suddenly, soaking through her underwear and the crotch of her pants, dripping onto the floor beside her.

She felt a mixture of pleasure, at finally getting it done, disgust at just what it was she had done, and fear as she realized it wasn't stopping. She'd really had to go, it turned out, and now that her bladder had realized it could let go here, it was taking advantage of it. Her eyes shot open and she stood up, but all that did was give the urine the inside of her legs to run down, drenching her thighs in its warm wetness before dripping down, forming an even larger puddle beneath her.

She heard a giggle, quickly turning to see that she wasn't alone anymore. The girl was staring at her gleefully, now wearing a pink skirt. "Look, mommy!" she exclaimed, pointing right at Kaylee, who blushed bright red, "she had an accident."

"Yes, she did," the woman nodded. "Just like you." She walked closer to Kaylee, stopping just outside the yellow puddle as she stared down at her. "You're not a baby! What are you doing peeing yourself like that?! You should be in diapers if you can't control yourself any better!"

Kaylee wriggled, recognizing, and regretting, her own words. "I'm sorry," she squeaked.

"I can tell," the woman agreed. "But you did wet yourself. And you clearly know what should be done with little girls who wet themselves." Kaylee gave her a blank look, at least until the woman glanced back at the girl, who lifted her skirt just enough to show Kaylee the prints that identified her new underwear as a pair of Goodnites.

"No!" Kaylee protested. "You told me to do this!"

"And you made my little girl wet herself," the woman reminded her. "She has to wear a diaper. So should you. It's only fair." She reached out, unlocking the restraint around Kaylee's wrist. "Now come on..."

"No!" Kaylee said again, pushing the woman away, turning to run off. Her shoe slipped in the wet spot and she fell to her knees, in the puddle of her own waste, unable to scramble back to her feet before she felt the woman's fingers curl around her ear. She let out a shriek of pain, quickly standing to keep her ear attached to her head.

"You don't push me," the woman told her, in no uncertain terms. "You're lucky I let you loose at all, but if that's how you're going to act, I guess we'll have to do something about those arms of yours."

Kaylee couldn't even argue, since she was already being pulled away, whimpering loudly as she stumbled through the store in her drenched pants, wet shoes squeaking beneath her. All she could manage to say was a low, "Lemme go!" in between wordless whines.

When the woman finally let her go, she was so grateful at first that she didn't realize where they were standing, didn't comprehend it for another few moments, not until the woman held a package against her and said, "I think this will work."

"Nooo," she shook her head unhappily. "Please..."

Again, the woman ripped open a package without paying for it, holding out the contents before the quivering Kaylee. "Hold out your arms," she ordered. Kaylee refused, for all the good it did her - the woman quickly, expertly grabbed her, forcing her arms up as she yanked her shirt off, turning her around to unhook her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Kaylee's cheeks burned as the woman turned her back around, her eyes fixed on her chest. Kaylee crossed her arms over it, both not wanting to be naked in the middle of the place she worked, and not wanting this woman specifically to see her, but the woman pried her arms away easily.

"Maybe I was wrong," the woman said, eyeing Kaylee in a way that made her squirm uncomfortably in her grip. "Maybe you are just a little girl on an errand. You certainly don't look like a big girl. You don't look old enough to be in junior high, much less working."

Kaylee felt about two feet tall, like she was back in the showers at school. She felt tears welling up in her eyes despite herself, and when the woman let her go, she moved to wipe them away. When she lowered them, the woman had the item from the package right in front of her, and before Kaylee could react, her arms were being forced inside. She tried to pull them back out of the sleeves, but the shock of what was happening dulled her response time, enough that, by the time she started, she had already been turned around, and she could feel the coat being fastened behind her, just moments before she felt her arms being jerked flat against her body as they, too, were locked down, leaving her helplessly embracing herself in a straight jacket.

"Come on, then," the woman told her, leading her back down the aisle by one restrained arm, not even stopping as she grabbed a paddle on her way into the bathroom. Kaylee whimpered as she saw this, but, she realized, she was even more helpless than before. The little girl looked positively ecstatic as she saw her, practically jumping up and down at the pitiful sight she made. "Why don't you get the rest of the supplies?" the woman suggested to her. "I'll get started."

"You can talk to my manager!" Kaylee offerred desperately, as she was dragged back into the bathroom. After everything she'd just been through, she hated to do it, but this was going too far.

"Oh, so you do work here?" the woman shook her head. "I think we'll have to add some extra spanks for lying."

"No, no spanks!" Kaylee struggled inside the straight jacket. "You can't..."

She was cut off by a sudden burst of pain across her backside as the woman let go of her arm and gave her a good smack with the paddle. She gasped, tears springing to her eyes. "Yes, you are getting a spanking," the woman told her. "Any more complaining will just make it longer, young lady. Do you understand?"

"Y-Yes," Kaylee sniffled, an awful feeling of inevitability washing over her. She was trapped in a bathroom with a crazy woman, and there wasn't anything she could do about it. Even if she tried to scream, she doubted she would be loud enough for anyone to hear. Maybe if she had, back when she'd been getting put in the straight jacket, but tucked away in the bathroom, it wasn't going to happen. She was going to be seeing this through to the end now, whether she liked it or not.

The woman laid the paddle across one of the sinks, turning Kaylee back around to face her. "What a bad little girl you are," she said, looking down at Kaylee's wet pants. "You're soaked, aren't you, little one? That's what happens when you wear big girl panties when you're so clearly not ready for them."

Her hand went to Kaylee's waist, unbuttoning her pants and sliding them down her legs, which began to flower with goosebumps as the cool air hit her wet skin. "Ruined, just as I thought," the woman shook her head, hooking a finger into the waistband of Kaylees panties. "What a naughty, naughty girl."

Kaylee's heart thumped in her chest, feeling the woman's hand curled around the top of her underwear, ready to pull them down, to render her half-naked, in the place where she worked. Not to mention what was going to happen after that. She felt a little sick to her stomach, even, hardly able to accept that this could seriously be happening to her.

"Just look at what a mess you made," the woman said, following it with a stricter, "Look!" that directed Kaylee's head downward, at her drenched panties. "Do you do this often at work? Wet yourself like a two year old?"

"N-No," Kaylee answered, unsure where this was going, but knowing she likely didn't want to know, either.

"I should think not! The only way they'd hire someone who did that here would be to demonstrate how to use all these wonderful products you sell! That's the only thing that makes sense, don't you think?" Kaylee opened her mouth once or twice, but the woman didn't force an answer this time. "Is that your job? Are you our little testing dummy?"

"N-N-No," Kaylee squeaked, getting more and more scared.

"Then why did you pee your pants? That's not what a big, grown-up regular employee would do, is it? Well, is it?!"

Kaylee flinched as the woman shoved her face into her own, staring her down. "N-No, b-but..."

"Then you deserve to be punished for doing it, don't you?"

"No!" Kaylee shook her head, thrashing weakly in the straight jacket.

"Oh?" The woman raised an eyebrow. "Do you think you should be rewarded, then, for pissing yourself in the middle of the store?"

"Well, no..." Kaylee began to bite nervously on the corner of her mouth, knowing she'd talked herself into a corner. The fact that there had probably never been any way out of it was of little comfort in the moment.

"And if you don't do it all the time, obviously it isn't normal, so we can't just treat it as such, can we? So if we can't do that, and you know you don't deserve a reward... I guess you deserve a punishment, don't you?" Kaylee's cheeks burned red as she squirmed, unable to say anything, even when prompted with, "I expect an answer, young lady." When that didn't work, the woman tried, "Well, if you aren't going to use your mouth, I guess I'll just have to find something to put in it. Hmm... How about these?" Her hand tightened around the waist of the panties, pulling them up sharply. "Tell me what you deserve, little girl, or I'll rip these off and use them to gag that pretty little mouth of yours."

The thought of that alone was nearly enough to make her gag, the idea of her mouth being stuffed with cloth, soaked with her own urine, so she forced herself to speak. "I-I deserve... I deserve to be p-punished."

"Then I'm happy to help," the woman chimed in, yanking down Kaylee's panties at last. She didn't have long to feel embarrassed about that, or cold at her sudden nudity, as it was mere seconds after that her bottom began to be warmed by the unforgiving wood of the paddle. Kaylee howled and wept as it slapped against her bare flesh, writhing in her straight jacket futiley. Every now and then, the woman threw in an extra-hard swing that brought a fresh supply of tears to Kaylee's eyes, just as she thought she was out, and buckled her knees, but she always caught her and pulled her back up before she could hit the floor.

Finally, the spanking stopped, and when Kaylee sank to her knees, still crying, wet pants and underwear still tangled around her ankles, the woman didn't stop her, or move to comfort her. Instead, she left her there, sniffling over her bruised, thoroughly warmed behind, unable to do anything to try to relieve the pain. It was only after several minutes, once she'd started to calm down, that she realized the girl was back, supplies on the floor next to her as the woman sorted through them approvingly, watching her, one hand beneath her skirt. Kaylee couldn't help but wonder how long she'd been back, how much she'd seen.

Then she found something worse to worry about, as her eyeline drifted over to the things she'd brought in with her, among them a large, pink package Kaylee remembered all too well. During her training, she'd been shown all the diapers, told all sorts of things about them that she was supposed to be able to recite to customers having a hard time choosing. Hardly any of it had stuck, and it didn't much matter, since usually people knew what they wanted, and preferred to take it and go home.

But there was one that had stuck in her mind, not just because it was one of the few adult diapers to provide gender-specific models, one a light, powder blue, one a pale pink. More importantly, it had looked far thicker than any of the others, the package dwarfing the rest, the diaper itself looking practically over-stuffed compared to the others. It practically looked like a pillow wrapped in plastic. At the time, she'd wondered, half-giggling, still finding the thought of what she was selling at her job amusing in a juvenile sort of way, who would possibly need anything like that. And, sure enough, she couldn't remember ever seeing anybody buy them.

And now, here she was, about to be put into them herself. About to feel that thick bulk between her legs, as if she were some invalid, or someone elderly... Or a baby.

"What a good job you did!" the woman gushed as she sorted through the supplies the girl had brought in. "Oh, and you got her your old punishment diapers! What a good idea! She's definitely being punished, isn't she? We used to leave you in these for almost a whole day, didn't we? That always reminded you that you were a good little girl, didn't it? And now look at you! You don't even need diapers! Well, not during the day, anyway. Maybe someday she'll be ready for that." Kaylee glared at the woman as she patted her head, squirming helplessly. "Or maybe not."

Kaylee wanted to tell them they couldn't do this, that they had no right, but her backside was still stinging quite painfully, reminding her that, right or not, they certainly could. And the panties around her feet reminded her of the woman's threat, and she didn't dare find out if she really meant it, even as she watched, anxiously, as the woman knelt down, opening the package of diapers and pulling one out, spreading it on the floor, patting the center of the mass of padding.

"Come on, dear," she said, her voice much gentler now. "This is yours."

"I don't want to," Kaylee sniffled, staring at the diaper, sure it was even bigger now than she remembered. "Please..."

"Oh, I know you don't," the woman smiled sadly at her. "But you have to. It's this, or another spanking and then this."

Kaylee felt tears returning to her eyes as she shuffled to the diaper, pants still wound around her ankles. She tried awkwardly to kneel down one she got to her destination, but without her arms, she felt nervous she was going to fall flat on her face, and kept standing back up, until the woman chuckled and helped her, laying her right on top of the monstrous diaper. Kaylee wasn't able to hold back an unhappy groan as she felt herself sink into it, heard it crinkling as the woman walked around to her feet, yanking the pants and panties free and tossing them aside.

"Now, before we get you all nice and securely taped up, there's one more thing we have to take care of," the woman said. Almost before she was done saying it, the girl was standing eagerly beside her with a sippy cup, sans lid, full of water, a can of shaving foam, and a razer. Kaylee whimpered as the woman unwrapped the latter two, pressing her legs together. The woman didn't even bother reacting until she had everything set up like she wanted it, then she calmly asked, "Would you come over here and help mommy, sweetie?"

The little girl was happy to oblige, not even needing instructions as she knelt down, grabbing Kaylee's legs and forcing them apart with her surprisingly strong grip. She held them down, giving the woman a clear view of her target, leaving Kaylee completely unable to do anything about it. The woman sent a shot of the foam into her hands, rubbing it around to work it into a lather before she started to massage it into Kaylee's pubic hair. "You'll thank me for this later," she promised. "It will make it so much easier to clean up and get you back to smelling like a fresh, sweet baby after you use your diapies."

She wiped her fingers off in the front of the diaper, then reached for the razer. Kaylee had time for a quick, "Please, don't!" and then the blade was running across her flesh, taking with it all signs of her maturity down there. Kaylee gulped, staring down as the woman continued to work, watching as, in a matter of seconds, she was rendered bald as a baby, though the backdrop of the pink diaper certainly helped in making her look that way.

"You really should say thank you," the woman instructed as she stood up, that job done. "She's not going to be able to use this sippy cup again until I give it a nice, thorough wash. And it was her favorite!"

Kaylee had no intention of doing any such thing, until the woman gave her a stern look upon turning back around from dumping the used water down the drain. "Th-Thank you," she sighed, defeated. The girl, still holding Kaylee's legs down, just giggled squirming slightly.

"Now it's time to get that cute little bottom of yours where it belongs - in a nice, big, thirsty diaper!" The woman, and the girl, seemed all too excited about that, as the woman brought over a new batch of supplies to begin applying to Kaylee's exposed, naked nether regions. The woman seemed to spend an especially long time with the baby oil, massaging far more than seemed necessary to Kaylee into her skin, taking special care in a few select spots that left Kaylee blushing and squirming. She also got a good dose of lotion, and more than a few shakes of baby powder before the front of the diaper was pulled up. The girl let go of her legs then, but it hardly mattered - the diaper kept them spread well apart anyway.

She felt like an infant, trapped on the floor, legs held wide by her diaper, arms useless. She didn't even think she could stand up on her own. She had been spanked, shaved, humiliated... She wasn't sure how it could get any worse, until she heard the rip of the tapes being undone, felt a tug as the diaper was pulled even snugger around her, then a very faint pressure as the tape was pressed into the front panel of the diaper. She started to cry again as it was repeated on the other side, that final rub sealing her in the padded prison. Without her hands, she had no prayer of getting out of the thing on her own - the diaper, in addition to its thickness, boasted extra strong tapes, guaranteed to come undone only when it was decided it was time for a change. She lay there, numb, as the bottom two tapes were affixed, only adding to her sense of entrapment.

"Upsy-daisy!" the woman announced, pulling Kaylee to her feet. She faltered for a moment, trying to keep her balance, forced to push her legs as close as they could go, forcing the mountain of padding up against her well-lubricated private parts, face flushing as the woman gave them another pat through the diaper, before reaching behind it and grabbing the crotch straps hanging down.

"B-But..." Kaylee protested half-heartedly at this new bit of overkill, but the woman didn't so much as pause as she pulled the straps tight, ensuring the diaper would stay tight against her, and wouldn't come off easily, as if that would happen anyway.

"It's lucky for you I brought along another sippy cup, just in case," the woman said, as she got it out and filled it up. She didn't bother with the lid, just brought it over and held it to Kaylee's lips, tippind it back before she could realize what was going on. She managed to shut her mouth before she could drink it all, sending some of it down her face and the front of her straight jacket, but some of it still made it down her throat. "You'd better be a good girl," the woman threatened. "This is for your own good! I don't want you to get dehydrated."

"Dehydrated?" Kaylee's brow raised, then, before she could say any more, another cup of water was being poured into her mouth, then down her front.

"All right, if you're going to be stubborn about it," the woman shook her head, and when she approached with the next cup, she reached out and pinched Kaylee's nose shut instead of taking the direct approach. Kaylee stared up at her desperately, holding her breath for as long as she could before having to open her mouth to gasp for air, allowing the woman to strike. After that, she stood by miserably as cup after cup was emptied into her, until she felt like she couldn't hold any more.

"That ought to do it," the woman decided at last, setting down the cup and going back over to her supplies, bringing back the last few things. "Here, you get this ready," she told the girl, handing her a package with a pacifier and a pink ribbon, which the girl gladly began to attach while the woman began opening a pair of bottles. "These are a wonderful choice," she told the girl, patting her head. "Do you know what these are?" she asked, turning back to Kaylee. "This one is sodium phosphate. This is what doctors use to clean out their patients before surgery. And this one is a nice sleeping pill." She walked back to the sink, where the girl followed, giving her the pacifier before returning to watch Kaylee, who was, in turn, trying to see what the woman was doing.

Kaylee heard the sink run, then the woman turned back around, approaching her with the pacifier, which, after a brief struggle and another round of nose pinching, was shoved into Kaylee's mouth, the ribbon tied behind her head. It would have been simple enough to remove, if she could use her hands. She could feel some liquid, bitter tasting and gritty, dripping into her mouth from it, making her wrinkle her nose at the taste.

It was only once it was in that Kaylee realized she was basically silenced now, too, in addition to everything else. She could manage a slight mumble from behind the pacifier, but little else. She whined softly, staring down at the pacifier, noticing only then that the front looked different from normal pacifiers, with something sticking out the front like a plunger or something.

"Do you see that?" the woman asked as she saw Kaylee's confusion. "This is to keep you from squirming around too much. That nice medicine she picked out for you is inside there. I bet you're getting some already, huh? Well, if you aren't careful, you could wind up pushing this," she gave the plunger a tap, sending a small rush of liquid into Kaylee's mouth, "and it'll all rush in at once. And then do you know what will happen? You'll wind up filling these little diapers, and taking a little nap, though maybe not in that order. Oh, that's going to happen anyway, but if you aren't good, it will happen a lot sooner."

Kaylee gave a muffled, horrified shout from behind the pacifier, shaking her head. This couldn't be happening! How dare they do this to her?! But the woman just smiled, taking her arm and leading her out of the bathroom. Kaylee tried to dig her feet in, but they were bare, and the linoleum gave her little purchase as she was dragged closer and closer to the door, to where anyone who happened to be in her little, disused corner of the store could see her, diaper quite prominently on display. She calmed down once they were outside, fully recognizing how screwed she was.

She was led back to the crib, which elicited another response from her, but all her thrashing and mumbled couldn't stop the woman from getting her inside, on her knees, staring out as the side was lifted and padlocked in place. The girl was following behind, loaded down with all the stuff from the bathroom. The items they'd bought, or the packaging for them, were left in a pile in front of her, as if she were a mannequin or something, showing off how well those things worked, and her wet panties and pants were draped over the top of the crib, showing why she'd ended up like this.

"Doesn't she look good there?" the woman asked the girl, who agreed quickly. "You know, maybe I'll talk to your manager after all. You're terrible at customer service, but you make a lovely demonstration model. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would enjoy trying all this stuff out on you. Or maybe I'll just keep you for myself. Or we could do both - you could work here, and stay with me, and between the two, you could have fun with all these toys 24/7. I saw a nice, big enema bag I'd love to use on you, but I'm sure lots of other people would love to see that, too. Oh well, I'll decide later. For now, we have some more shopping to do, and you have a nap to take, don't you?"

Kaylee moaned as the woman reached into the crib, patting her head before turning and walking away. The girl stayed behind for a moment, her hand sneaking up underneath her skirt again. Kaylee could see the crotch of her Goodnite, the padding looking a bit damp, though she had a feeling it wasn't from pee. "Don't worry," the girl told her, "I'm sure she'll end up taking you home. She had a lot of fun with you, and, after all, I really want a baby sister." Kaylee sniffled. "Aw, don't be sad. I went through the same thing - well, maybe not quite like this," she giggled, "and look at me! I'm all the way back up to Goodnites now! I'm sure you won't get there anytime soon - I mean, what fun is it to have a baby sister if she doesn't use her diapers? - but I might let you do it eventually."

With that, the girl - or the young woman, rather, Kaylee knew now for sure, just as she felt certain that "accident" that had started the whole thing had been anything but - reached out, pushing the plunger on the pacifier all the way in. Kaylee sputtered and gagged, a little of the mixture dripping down her face, but most of it wound up inside her as her eyes went wide at the implications of that.

"Now it's your naptime, baby sister," the girl giggled. "I'll see you later!"

She turned and skipped through the store, back to the woman. Kaylee moaned behind her pacifier, desperately, and uselessly, trying to free herself from the situation she'd found herself in, sure she could already feel her bowels churning, her eyelids drooping. She hoped the woman had been bluffing, that she hadn't really put that medicine into the pacifier, that she wasn't about to find herself asleep in a full diaper at work, but even if that didn't happen, she was still trapped here, diapered, locked in a crib and straight jacket.

She gasped as she felt her poor, overstretched bladder start to dribble into the thick padding between her legs, soaked in by the thirsty bulk much better than it had been by her panties. Her eyes darted over to those, in full display, almost unable to believe she'd been wearing those just minutes ago. Just minutes before that, they'd been dry, tucked safely away beneath her pants, away from view, not available for anyone to see like her diaper. Her bottom hadn't been spanked silly, her mouth hadn't been plugged up with a pacifier. She'd just been a regular girl.

Unable to squeeze her legs together, unable to move a hand to press between her legs, she could do little but wriggle and whimper, neither of which kept her body from letting out a few more bursts of urine. It was a far out of her control as what was going to happen next. She couldn't help but wonder what that would be. Would she fight a short and pitiful battle before feeling her diaper expand beneath her, filling up with her own waste, the humiliation of it all the only thing keeping her awake as she felt her bowels working to offload even more hot mush into her pants? Or would she fall asleep first and wake up in a bulging, stinky diaper, possibly surrounded by customers, or even her co-workers? Which would be worse?

Either way, she'd eventually be sleeping in a full diaper, even more helpless than she was now to keep anyone from seeing her, or it, and knowing just what she'd done. If they didn't believe it, they could walk up to her crib, pat her bulging behind, even peek in the leg of her diaper, and she couldn't even give an emphatic mumble at them from behind her pacifier, like she would do now. And what if somebody came by and took the key to the crib? She couldn't stop that, either, and then she'd have to wait for someone to come and cut the padlock open.

When she woke up from her nap, she'd have no idea how many people would have seen her this way, how many would have taken her picture, posted it to Facebook, even. That thought made her feel queasy. Sure, it might take a few days, but someone she knew was bound to stumble across it eventually, and then what was she going to tell them? Did she explain that she'd let herself get tricked into this in the name of customer service, or did she try to come up with some kind of compelling lie?

She yawned, feeling her frenzied thought grow more muddled, knowing the medicine had to be working. She could hear a grumbling in her gut as well, and her bladder leaked a few more drops. She felt an odd sense of graditude for the diaper, knowing that, in her regular panties, she'd have a wet spot on her pants by now after all these little accidents, though she had to remind herself that, normally, she'd never have drank all the water, so it wouldn't really be an issue.

What was she going to do when she got out? The thought came out of nowhere, striking fresh fear into her heart. Unless the woman returned, she had no hope of getting out without someone seeing her, and if it was a customer, chances were good they'd tell someone who worked there. Every day she'd come in and be known as the girl who got herself tied up and diapered on the job, and thoroughly used those diapers. She'd be ridiculed constantly, and that was even if the woman didn't talk to her manager after all, and she didn't become some living mannequin for this sort of thing. But after going through all of this to keep her job, it almost seemed worse to just walk out, like she'd let herself be put through all this for no reason.

Would she even have a choice? Or would the woman come back to claim her, then take over her life even more thoroughly than she already had that afternoon, swooping in and transforming her into a captive, helpless infant?

She groaned behind her pacifier as a cramp hit her, making her double over in pain. Her bladder released a longer stream as she squirmed and writhed uncomfortably, the padding of her diaper starting to feel damp between her legs now. Carefully, she lowered herself to the mattress, curling up and closing her eyes tight. Of her options, the sweet, temporary oblivion of dreamland seemed the better choice, at least for now. At least then, if it came on quickly and strongly enough, she wouldn't have to suffer through the actual using of her diaper, just the after-effects, which would be bad enough on their own. She could dream of her regular life, so thoroughly disrupted, and maybe even hope that was still reality, though the pain in her red, well-spanked bottom made it hard for her to buy into that theory now.

All she had to do was fall asleep. Just fall asleep before the next cramp hit, before the sleeping medicine made her too sleepy to fight back, before her body spasmed and jerked as her tummy contracted, began pumping a huge load out into her diaper, giving her another sensation to invade her dreams, and make sure there was no escape from the truth of what she'd become.

Unfortunately, she failed at even that.

The End


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