Saturday, September 6, 2014

Detention - Audio Version

Sorry for the lack of content! I just haven't had much time lately, but luckily our voice actress has stepped in to help make up for that a little. She also liked the suggestion made by Jamison Quanchilli in the last audio, and told me she planned to do this caption next, so I sent her a couple new lines to throw in there with the old text. Enjoy!


  1. YAY! You are ALIVE! We were getting worried about you, Princess. And thank you for this Saturday treat....sigh...fondly remembering my days of Saturday morning high school detention way back when.

  2. Come on, folks! More comments! Let's show the Princess some love on this dreary September morning....

  3. These are Always reAlly good

  4. These audio cappies bring back fond memories of when I wrote, produced, directed and hosted a Radio Comedy show. It is a form of media that needs a come back.

  5. @UncleAI666: We need to talk. Years ago (more than twenty), I was a radio disc jockey, news reader and film critic. Today, I'm starting back in the voice-over business after a a bit of a hiatus. You ever involved with LA's "Thrilling Adventure Hour"?

    1. I worked from 1986-1991 at KOTR 93.3FM in SanLuisObispo CA. Small market, but lots of freedom to do what I wanted.

  6. Hey PP, Ever thought of doing a caption when someone is turned into a diaper? I would really like to see that.

    Also another great audio.