Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Christmas Bedtime Story - Part 2

Since I wound up cropping his name off the picture, I'd like to mention that the image in the second picture was done by the talented OkayOkayOKOK.


  1. Ooooh what fun! *gigles* Fanks for da holiday pick-me-up of your caption story! Great story continuation and really nice piccies :) *huggles and a bottomy pat, and a baby bottle full obs festive baby eggynog*

  2. Some of the Melissa ones seem to be missing,

    just saying. :3

  3. Loved this! I was so excited to see this story continue. At first I thought she'd be checking in on the girl she forced to be a baby a year ago, but this was fun too.

    I especially love that everyone else sees her diaper as clean. Very devious and fun idea!

    PLEASE please do more captions with magic involved. I think those are the best ones because there's literally nothing the victim can do about it, no way they can fight back.

  4. Great continuation!


  5. Nice wedgie added too ;)

  6. I know you're busy with Dollies (which is GREAT, by the way) and that this ended with the girl who was doling out punishments getting punished herself, but I really REALLY hope you continue this series this year. It's probably my favorite of yours.


    1. Maybe... I have some pictures, and an idea of how to continue it, but right now I just don't know that I'll have time this year. But I guess you never know!